Chapter 187: Eerie Dream

No matter what, this night was destined to be restless. Even Lin Bai, who was originally sleeping, was not at ease.

He was obviously exhausted from the battle just now. Although he was fast asleep, he had many strange dreams.

It seemed to be related to the illusion that he had forgotten previously. He felt that he was in a state of chaos and could not figure out the path ahead. There was no one around him, but he could feel countless gazes on him. Lin Bai spent the long night under such gazes.

There was no path ahead, only darkness and chaos. Lin Bai walked forward aimlessly.

It was as if hundreds of years had pa.s.sed, but it was also as if only a moment had pa.s.sed. He was not clear about the pa.s.sage of time. It was as if a pair of invisible hands had covered his eyes, causing his perception of the outside world to become weaker and weaker.

Whispers were still coming from beside his ears. They were like demonic sounds that could not be dispelled. The voices became louder and louder, enveloping his entire body. It was also as if countless hands had reached out from the darkness, wanting to drag him into the depths of h.e.l.l.

Lin Bai’s five senses became weaker and weaker, but he could clearly sense that those unknown creatures were approaching step by step. They were almost sticking to his body. Meaningless moans as well as painful curses were intertwined together. They were about to engulf him completely.

He wanted to break free, but the deeper he sank, the heavier his eyelids became. In the dream, no spiritual power or cultivation was useful. Lin Bai knew that there was something wrong with this dream of his. It was clearly his dream but it was full of danger.

Even gooseb.u.mps appeared on his skin. He had a feeling that if he fell asleep in this dream, he would probably sleep for a long time in reality.

It was already the middle of the day. The sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly outside the window, but it was gloomy inside Lin Bai’s room. There was nothing to block the sunlight, but the sunlight could not get in.

It was as if there was something blocking the sunlight, and the temperature in the room was terrifyingly low. Lin Bai, who was laying on the bed, had purplish lips, as if he had been frozen to death.

He frowned. His forehead was covered in sweat, as if he had had a bad dream. He clearly wanted to wake up, but it was like a ghost pressing down on the bed, and he could not wake up no matter how hard he tried.

A weak light emitted from Lin Bai’s body, accompanied by an intense trembling. Lin Bai suddenly opened his eyes. He panted heavily, and his back was already soaked in sweat.

He could not help but rub his temples. He only felt some pain there, and his head felt like it had been hit by a blunt object. He was in a daze.

He could not recall the specific content of the dream, but it felt like he was in a state of chaos. This strange feeling was similar to yesterday. It was probably a sequela, and he could not get rid of it anyway.

Lin Bai’s face was a little ugly. He thought of the strange dream, as if he was haunted by countless vengeful souls. “I have obviously forced out all the black gas, but how could such a scene still happen?”

He simply could not understand. He had never had such a strange dream before. He could not even remember the specific content of the dream after he woke up.

It was just like the scene when he had fallen into the lost land. He could not remember what had happened after he woke up. As for what had happened, there were only bits and pieces of memory.

Lin Bai washed his cold face and only then did he wake up a little. He looked a little annoyed. If he could remember the content of the dream, he might even be able to find some clues.

But the key was that he couldn’t remember anything. This kind of thing was out of his control, and it gave Lin Bai an indescribable sense of danger because he didn’t know when danger would quietly come.

“It must be the work of that d.a.m.ned thing underground.”

Lin Bai felt that he had to explore the bottom of that thing underground again. He wasn’t sure if this nightmare was just a one-time occurrence or what, but it didn’t seem simple at the moment.

It was as if a mysterious force had pulled him into a dream that it had woven. If it happened a few more times, a normal person would probably be tormented into a lunatic.

“Forget it. It’s useless to think so much now. Perhaps only when I see that monster and see its appearance can I know its true face.”

When Lin Bai finished packing up and rushed to the Alchemy Hall, white smoke curled up. Everyone had already started refining enthusiastically. There were even a few furnaces of refined pills placed beside them. Moreover, looking at the time and state, they were probably here the entire night.

Chen Yan had also not slept for almost the entire night. His eyes were a little black and blue. Seeing Lin Bai’s arrival, he felt a little strange. “I saw that you slept quite well last night. I called you for a long time, but you didn’t wake up. Why do you look a little unwell now?”

Rather than saying that he slept, it was more appropriate to say that he had been tormented by a strange dream for the entire night. Lin Bai said vaguely, “I had a nightmare and didn’t sleep well.”

Chen Yan found it even stranger when he heard that. After all, he went to call Lin Bai again yesterday. However, no matter how hard he knocked on the door, the person in the room was in a deep sleep. Seeing that Lin Bai was sleeping soundly and had no intention of waking up, he did not disturb him anymore.

“You can still sleep soundly even if you have a nightmare?” Chen Yan could not help but mutter, but he did not take it to heart.

Lin Bai knew that these people were here because of the commotion yesterday, but he still asked despite knowing the answer, “Oh right, what exactly happened last night? And why are you all here so early?”

Seeing that he had changed the topic, Chen Yan did not ask Lin Bai what kind of nightmare he had, and spoke with a helpless expression.

“What do you mean by appearing here early in the morning? We did not sleep at all the whole night. My master said that the City Lord’s condition has worsened, and he needs a large number of pills to suppress it.”

When they couldn’t refine a real pill, Yan Hua and the others thought of another method, which was to settle for refining other pills. Although the effect wasn’t as good as a real antidote, it could still suppress it. However, the demand was extremely high.

As the City Lord’s condition worsened, the demand also became greater and greater, like a whale swallowing its prey. That was why so many people stayed up all night refining pills here..

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