Chapter Eight Hundred and Four – Victory

Nie Chen was stunned dumb by the terrifying figure in his sight!

Suddenly, he understood why Eldest Shixiong Lin Qian had always said that Mo Cloud Sea would become their greatest enemy! Everyone in Kun Lun had disagreed. Everyone had not said anything, and they had simply dismissed the words.

Based on what?

With what could Mo Cloud Sea rival Kun Lun? How could that poor and rural sect challenge they who were geniuses?

Only today when he saw that figure which was like a god in the sky and that ball of light that contained astounding power did he suddenly understand.

Mo Cloud Sea would definitely become a great enemy of Kun Lun!

This vicious figure would become the nightmare of Kun Lun!

He had never heard of such an attack with such presence. He had never seen such a terrifying xiuzhe. Even the strongest disciples in the sect would not give him such a great impact.

It was not just strength, but that presence, that presence that was completely different from them!

Zuo Mo was like an inhuman monster. On him, all conventions were defied.

Such a terrifying person!

The air around Nie Chen was turbulent. The flow of strong currents of air caused everything he saw to be twisted. He had an understanding that under this blow, he would be reduced to dust.

His expression became calm and grave on his upraised face. Through his twisted vision, he saw that vicious dominance. In this moment, countless thoughts spun through his mind … …

The sect did not place enough attention on Mo Cloud Sea … …

Zuo Mo was the strongest of Mo Cloud Sea … …

To destroy Mo Cloud Sea, they had to first kill Zuo Mo … …

It was a pity … … there was no time … …

He sighed inside. Through his twisted vision, he still could clearly see that the attack he had channeled all of his power into powerlessly smash onto the other’s axe energy. It didn’t even cause a ripple as though it had encountered an unshakable mountain.

The destructive golden axe energy immediately took over his entire field of view.

He was unable to communicate what had happened here back to the sect … … it really was regretful … …

“Kun Lun.”

Nie Chen sighed out the two words. Before he finished, he was drowned by the enormous wave of axe energy.

The light dissipated.

Zuo Mo panted. His entire body was soaked by sweat as though he had just climbed out of a river. Sweat streamed off his body like little streams.

He motionlessly maintained his extended swinging posture.

His bellowing panting could be heard everywhere.

In front of him, a enormous gully five li wide started from under his feet and reached into the distance. A rough estimate would be at least fifty li! The scene was startling to see as though an enormous wound had been torn open on the ground.

The gully was so deep the bottom could not be seen. The two sides of the gully flashed with the light as it reflected off the glass like surface and many places were still giving off smoke.

Everyone was stunned by this blow.

The Ghost Mist Child’s mouth was wide open but he wasn’t able to make a sound. This was the Totem Coliseum … … when was the last time the Totem Coliseum had been damaged?

His mind was completely blank and he couldn’t remember anything. However, he knew that it had been many many many years since he had seen it.

A long time later, he recovered from his daze.

Suddenly, he realized that this young master of his was definitely something.


Zuo Mo’s astounding blow attracted everyone’s attention, even Tenth Grade and Zhen Ling Meng in the middle of their fight.

When they saw Zuo Mo’s terrifying presence like that of a god, Tenth Grade and Zhen Ling Meng unconsciously stopped fighting.

Tenth Grade felt his blood heat up as he watched. That dominance, that ferocity, that unstoppable presence, wasn’t that what he had been pursuing?

That was a fight! That was a truly strong person!

Tenth Grade’s morale suddenly increased, his fighting spirit rising. The domineering and unstoppable figure was deeply imprinted in his mind.

Tenth Grade!

Only that domineering presence was suitable for the name Tenth Grade!

Tenth Grade suddenly howled, his shen power rippling as his [Hundred Sacrificial Soul Killing Sword] came out again!

Stimulated, Tenth Grade became even more mad and excited. The power of the [Hundred Sacrificial Soul Killing Sword] suddenly grew!

Zhen Ling Meng’s mind was thrown into disarray by the scene that she had just seen. Especially when she saw that Nie Chen Shixiong’s last attack was ineffective against the other’s vicious axe energy. Nie Chen Shixiong died where he was standing, and the blood drained completely from her face.

That figure like that of a god continued to appear in her mind. She felt her heart was dead.

The other was so strong it surpassed the limits of humans!

With victory decided in that battle, the deadlock between the two sides was immediately changed.

Tenth Grade did not have any thoughts of showing mercy to females. He was vicious, one move coming faster than the last. Once a vicious sword scripture like the [Hundred Sacrificial Soul Killing Sword] gained the upper hand, the enemy would feel that the pressure was slowly suffocating them.

In an excited battle frenzy, Tenth Grade felt that something in his mind broke and an unprecedented feeling of pleasure rose.

His mind turned, and Tenth Grade used his killing move again!

[Hundred Sacrificial Soul Killing Sword]!

The dark red howled as it flew towards Zhen Ling Meng whose mind was not focused.

The bloody figure that was as light as silk disappeared, and shadows appeared and disappeared on the dark red surface of the crescent.

With the appearance of every shadow, the killing energy of the crescent would increase!

Seven shadows!

The killing energy of the crescent had reached an astounding level. Zhen Ling Meng’s sword energies would crumble when they touched the crescent!

A spray of blood into the air.

Zhen Ling Meng lost all signs of life!

When Zhen Ling Meng fell to the ground, Silly Bird slowly withdrew the Phoenix Flame. Where the Phoenix Flame had been, there was nothing, not even a speck of dust.

Silly Bird walked her bird walk with her head high and looking to the side as though nothing had happened.


In the Sword Guard Hall, there were countless jade swords hanging. Each jade sword was about the width of a hand had the name of a disciple written on it. The hilt of the swords were tied with red rope to the beams of the hall.

There were countless jade swords hanging in the hall.

Suddenly, pop pop pop, three jade swords shattered without warning.

The disciple standing guard in the hall changed expression. This meant that there were three Kun Lun disciples who had been killed. He hurriedly picked up the fragments. When he saw the three names, his expression turned ashen.

Three Children of Kun Lun!

Three of the Children Kun Lun had been killed!

How was it possible?

Who was able to kill three Children of Kun Lun at once?

There were only fifty Children of Kun Lun in all of Kun Lun. Each child of Kun Lun had glorious status in the sect. They were astoundingly powerful and any one of them could cause a storm on the outside world.

But … …

Three Children of Kun Lun had died at the same time!

This was the first time ever since Kun Lun had been founded. Realizing the severity of the problem, the disciple on duty sprinted out madly.

Not long after, the news that three Children of Kun Lun had been killed spread through all of Kun Lun!

Kun Lun shook!


Zuo Mo fell down to the ground on his behind, his arms spread as he fell back. He ignored the flow of sweat and panted like a parched fish.

All of his power had been used up. The exhaustion that came along caused his mind to turn blank.

A long time later, he finally focused.

His accumulated emotions had been vented and his mind was clear. He would always remember the grudge of his sect yet he was not as simple and direct with his emotions as Wei Sheng. Shixiong’s personality was simple and direct, he had used a sword oath to understand his heart. For Zuo Mo who repressed these feelings. after a long time, it became an obstacle affecting his mental progress.

When he used this method to vent all the matters that had accumulated his mind, his mind became clear, and his strength took another step forward.

His body that was void of power, a clear mind, this strange yet beautiful feeling made him feel comfortable.

He knew that after this battle, his strength would go up another level!


There were constantly people coming out of the five halls. But anyone that were not on their side were immediately killed!

A Gui was like a ghost. Usually, just as the enemy came out, she would appear like a ghost behind the other’s back and with a snap she would break the other’s neck.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier was not willing to show weakness, especially after he saw Tenth Grade’s display. His mind at disequilibrium, he fought even harder.

The Ghost Mist Child would occasionally participate to remind people he was there.

However, the strongest member of the great Ghost Mist Tribe, the hall master of Mist Hall, now was in a situation where he had to remind people of his existence. It really was a pitiful matter!

However, whenever he saw that Silly Bird out of the corner of his eyes that seemed to be napping, he immediately felt that it would be better to not be too attention-catching … …

Why had he ended up on a team with his natural enemy … …

He cried inside.

Most of the experts were killed. Those that were coming out were average in strength. Facing A Gui and the Black Gold Seal Soldier’s powerful attacks, they usually were killed within one move.

Both of these people were vicious people who killed like cutting grass. It made the good child Sunshine unable to look, unable to look … … and was still unable to look … …

When Wei Sheng, Luo Li, Zong Ru and the others came out of the five halls, their strength immediately grew.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier and A Gui were even more reckless and vicious in their attacks. In any case, if they failed there were still others that would follow-up with another attack.

However, when every person came out, they would first go to look at Zuo Mo’s fifty li long gully created by his axe swing. They all gasped in shock.

The guards looked reverently at Zuo Mo who had collapsed onto the ground. At the side, the Ghost Mist Child occasionally spoke of Master’s heroic bearing, spittle flying as he talked excitedly.

As expected of Daren!

He usually did not act, but once he did, the results were always astounding!

It was a pity that these people staring reverently at Zuo Mo did not know the inner conflict of their idol.

“The gazes of these people … … so good … … now you know your boss is great and bright … …”

“Oh no, my arm seems to be dislocated … … should I tell them this … … that is so embarrassing … … oh … … let me first enjoy this and then say … …”

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