Chapter 248: All Divine Beasts Rolling Out

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However, what was strange was that as the flames intensified, the cauldron did not undergo any change at all. Even Little Red was a little tired. It continuously spat out the purest flames, resulting in its own spiritual power decreasing. This caused the flames later on to not be as hot as before.

Even its originally flowing and colorful feathers appeared much dimmer. It spat out a ring of smoke. The small flames fluttered and fell into the cauldron. They were swaying on the verge of collapse before slowly dissipating.

Looking at the situation, Lin Bai estimated that even if he squeezed Little Red dry, the cauldron would not change at all. “Could it be that I was wrong and fire attacks are not enough?”

He fell into deep thought. Then, he waved at Little Red, indicating for it to rest for a moment. “Since fire attacks are not enough, then let’s test water.”


With a dragon roar, Little Green’s body instantly became more than a thousand feet tall. Its body circled around the small cauldron. Its dragon eyes were bright and spirited, as if it was embedded with the most precious pearl of the Eastern Sea. It was filled with the purest water element.

Under the contrast of such a huge body, the small cauldron was really too small. It was like a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning at all. In addition, its gray body was dusty. There was nothing worth paying attention to.

However, it was this kind of cauldron that Little Red had used all of its strength on. No matter how many flames it spat out, it could not do anything to it. Now that Little Green let out a dragon roar, it was unknown if it could change the situation just now.

Countless water pillars descended from the sky. It was as if there was a huge hole in the sky. The water from the heavenly river rolled over. In an instant, the earth shook and the mountains shook. The water smashed towards the cauldron which was swallowed by the torrential flood within a few breaths.

Originally, it would have been washed away by the huge current. However, unexpectedly, it seemed to have taken root on this piece of land and remained unmoving. Huge waves that were half the height of a person rolled up in the surroundings. The sound of the waves was incessant, and each wave was

higher than the previous one. They slammed fiercely onto the small cauldron.

A m.u.f.fled sound could be heard. Originally, he thought that the small cauldron would be swallowed very quickly. However, in the next second, it appeared in front of his eyes in perfect condition. It was as if no matter how terrible the surrounding environment was, it would not be impacted.

It was like the embodiment of the will of this solid land. As long as this world existed, it would never be destroyed.

The most surprising thing was that if it could not be submerged, the cauldron should already be filled with water. It should overflow very soon. Lin Bai waited for a moment, but there was no reaction. “Strange.”

He walked forward. The water of the nine heavens surged endlessly. He had thought that it would not even take half a breath to fill it up, but when he focused his mind, he saw that the small cauldron was like a bottomless pit. It also seemed to be connected to some alternate dimension. There was only a

shallow layer.

It was as if the s.p.a.ce around it had become a world of its own, completely isolated from other places and was unaffected.

The s.h.i.+mmering waves could even clearly reflect Lin Bai’s appearance. It was truly amazing.

Lin Bai changed his train of thought. Since water was not effective, he would try another form. “Ice.”

The temperature in the surroundings suddenly became extremely low. The originally surging river water instantly condensed into a thin layer of crystal and spread out rapidly with Little Green at the center.

Unknowingly, a layer of faint white fog appeared in the surroundings. Little Green’s body shuttled through it. The head and tail of the dragon could not be seen. One could vaguely see a pair of dragon eyes, which appeared even more powerful and mysterious.

It soared through the clouds and rode the fog, as though it was really the most respected race in ancient times, the dragon race. It lightly exhaled, and the temperature in the air became even lower. The condensed frost wrapped around the small cauldron.

The originally black cauldron looked like it was wrapped in a light blue coc.o.o.n from afar. It became thicker and thicker, but unfortunately, there was no reaction still.

No matter how much Little Green tried, there was no reaction. Lin Bai had no choice but to ask it to stand down and let Little Black take the stage.


A series of earth-shaking sounds could be heard as black mountain rocks rose from the ground. It was as if some ancient existence had been awakened. Traces of time and history were all over the surface, and countless patterns crisscrossed, scattered all over the place. It was as if the stars in the sky were

scattered among them.

Each pattern had an indescribable rhythm that made people want to explore and pursue it. From here, it seemed to be a miniature of the mountains and earth. However, upon closer inspection, there were slight differences and discrepancies.

This was simply a turtle sh.e.l.l and yet it was so huge that it could even stand shoulder to shoulder with the mountains and earth. How astonis.h.i.+ng would its original body be?

As expected, what appeared in front of him was just the tip of the iceberg. This black turtle was no lesser than the Azure Dragon just now. It was none other than Little Black.

Who would have thought that it was just an unremarkable little turtle in the Crystal Lake before? It was even bullied to the point of being covered in injuries because its home was destroyed. In the end, it was discovered by Lin Bai, and he had no difficulty in taking it in as a pet beast.

Now that it had transformed and activated the Divine Beast Black Tortoise bloodline in its body, it had grown into a huge creature. People could not help but sigh at the impermanence of the world. One should never underestimate the potential of anything, because one would never know how high it

would grow in the future.

Little Black did not hesitate either. It directly pressed down with its huge body.

This press seemed to change the color of heaven and earth. Even the thick and solid earth could not bear its weight.

One had to know that the black turtle was three hundred meters tall. Its weight could no longer be measured by numbers. The defense on its body was even harder to break. Not to mention mid-grade magic treasures, even high-grade magic treasures would find it hard to withstand it.

Moreover, it did not hold back any of its strength in this strike. This was also Lin Bai’s order. Those magic treasures would probably be turned into dust in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Lin Bai subconsciously held his breath..

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