Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Two – A Battle of Charges

The fighting method of the mo was to gather all the power of the battalion onto the battle general and then have it activated by the battle generals. As a result, mo fighting methods had strict requirements for battle generals. Other than combat sense and a grasp of the battlefield, one had to be strong as an individual. Otherwise, they would not be able to tolerate the concentrated power from the entire battalion.

Hai Jin Yun had been an unknown before but after cultivating shen power, his strength had skyrocketed and he quickly became one of the three major battle generals for the Mo Marshal Alliance.

His combat method followed the style of mo battle generals. His body which had been refined with shen power allowed him to tolerate more power. Also, his own shen power allowed him to easily manipulate the great power he gathered from the battalion.


The power of the entire battalion gathered towards him as if attracted to a magnet, causing a release of blade energies.

Each blade energy was several li long, like enormous sickles that cleaved through the entire battlefield.

Howls and wails filled the battlefield.

A normal battle general would probably fall apart facing such an astounding attack, and be robbed of all of their spirit.

Yet Hai Jin Yun’s enemy was Bie Han, a top battle general that could enter the top ten of the xiuzhe world. It was not easy to shake him with such an attack.

The members of Sin Battalion silently changed position. Some people disappeared into space and then appeared in another place in the same moment.

In a blink, a battle formation formed.


A spiraling Dhyana chant was unusually clear among the waves of wails and howls, reaching directly into the mind.

Mo that were slightly weaker heard this and the golden lights on their body trembled. Their minds almost went out of control.

Sin Battalion originated from Xuan Kong Temple. Even now, it was possible to see many traces of Xuan Kong Temple’s influence.

Dark red light bloomed from beneath the feet of Sin Battalion. The red light flowed and flew up into the sky. Enormous dark red seals formed in the sky.

Boom boom boom!

The intimidating blade energies struck the red seals. Enormous explosions drowned every person on the battlefield.

When the light dissipated, the red seals were mostly dim. There was only one red seal that had been destroyed. What had also disappeared at the same time were ten Sin Battalion members. However, all the blade energies had disappeared from the sky.

Bie Han was expressionless. His face seemed to be carved from stone, and did not show any ripples from the intense fighting in front of him.

However, defense was never Bie Han’s style.

For Bie Han who was said to “attack like fire,” how could he only fight a defensive battle?

Sin Battalion once again shifted and finished a transition from the [Ghost King Seal Formation] to the [Skanda Demon Defeating Formation], an offensive formation!

The red energy coming off Sin Battalion grew even brighter. Their grey-white eyes were still unaffected and lifeless which gave people a strange feeling of pressure.

Countless threads of red light wrapped around the fighters of Sin Battalion. The Sin Battalion soldiers slowly floated into the sky.

Under their feet, red sutra characters appeared.

The sutra characters moved, and it felt as though the sounds of numerous people were chanting in synchrony. Thousands of sutra characters spun and a terrifying presence gathered above the formation.

In the span of three short breaths, an enormous figure formed from nothingness.

A vast mountainous figure floated above the combat formation. The Skanda was authoritative and a terrifying presence spread from him in waves.

The skanda’s eyes were a faint gold and emotionless. His gaze covered all of Hai Jin Yun’s battalion. He reached out his enormous hand and slapped down on Hai Jin Yun!


Like waves crashing into the short, like a furious tide receding!

An astounding wave of air gusted in all directions.

“Good move!”

An angry shout spread through the sky. Hai Jin Yun’s excited voice was filled with spirit. Nothing would make him more excited than such a direct battle.

The skanda’s mountainous body gave off a heavy feeling of pressure. All of Hai Jin Yun Battalion was covered in the shadow of this figure. Hai Jin Yun did not feel any fear. He held the large black blade, and his eyes burned with fighting spirit. He suddenly jumped and shot towards the enormous hand coming down with a stroke of his blade!

Blinding golden light glimmered from his blade. Countless golden lights immediately gathered on his great blade. The entire blade seemed to flow with golden liquid and gave off light.

Shen technique—[Golden Split Chop]!

The shen power inside his body was furiously channeled into the large blade in his hand. The furious power that came from the battalion quickly was tamed by his shen power.

A blade light that seemed able to tear apart the sky lit up.

The skanda’s enormous hand immediately shattered into pieces. The skanda roared angrily, and its other hand came down.

Yet in front of this world-shocking blade of light, the skanda’s enormous hands seemed to be paper mache and easily crumbled.

The blade light hit the skanda’s body with its remaining power. The skanda suddenly froze and then disappeared into the sky.

Hai Jin Yun’s fighting spirit almost reached a peak. There was nothing that made him more excited than destroying Bie Han’s move!

Bie Han’s skill was just so!

The last bit of fear in his mind disappeared along with this strike.

Yet at this time, he detected something, and his expression changed slightly.

At some unknown time, a red seal formation that spun endlessly appeared under the feet of his battalion. In a blink, the mo soldiers that were covered by the red seal formation quickly turned into bloody puddles of liquid.

[Death Whirlpool]!

This was an unique and obscure combat formation. It had to start from death, it would activate quickly and with great power. This battle tactic was one of Sin Battalion’s common tactics. However, in Xuan Kong Temple’s book, the life of a Sin Battalion member or multiple members were used to initiate this formation. However, Bie Han took an original approach and first used a combat formation to summon a skanda buddha and then used the life of the skanda buddha to activate this formation!

The skanda buddha was very powerful. With it as the starting material, the [Death Whirlpool] was unprecedentedly powerful.

In an instantly, more than three hundred mo soldiers turned to bloody puddles of goop without time to even wail in pain.

Hai Jin Yun’s eyes turned red. He hadn’t thought that he would fall for Bie Han’s trap!

“Go die!”

He shouted, the great blade in his hand slicing towards Bie Han’s position!

[Golden Split Chop – Angry Wave]!


A golden wave roared towards Bie Han.

The range of this move was so great it made people feel it was unable to be avoided. Bie Han’s expression changed slightly. He could clearly feel the terrifying strength of this move.

However, was Bie Han someone that feared battle?

His face became expressionless again and his figure suddenly disappeared from his spot.

Almost at the same time, it seemed that there were no people left in front of the golden wave.

[Hundred Ghost Thread Shadow Formation]!

Sin Battalion was special. There were countless jinzhi on their bodies. These jinzhi could increase their strength, bring them endless pain, and also restrain their souls.

These jinzhi were not a secret of Xuan Kong Temple, but obscure techniques that Xuan Kong Temple had gathered over thousands of years. The [Hundred Ghost Thread Shadow Formation] was one of those. It could allow Sin Battalion to quickly move through space much faster than normal methods!

A thread of a smile flashed on Hai Jin Yun’s lips. While Bie Han had all kinds of moves, in his eyes, this supported the fact that Bie Han was just a paper tiger.

A true battle general did not need to use these low grade moves!

He suddenly spun the blade in his hand. That golden wave suddenly exploded, turning into bolts of golden light that entered the Sin Battalion battle formation.

Before Sin Battalion that just came out of the void could react, they were drowned by the golden light.

Bie Han was expressionless and was not moved by the deaths.

The fighting was growing more intense, and in a full frontal assault like this, the difference between the two sides would decrease. Both sides were experienced battle generals and charging into the enemy formation was a tactic that every battle general was familiar with.

It was not possible to make a mistake with battle formations of this level.

Both sides were battle generals that were stronger offensively. As the battle quickly moved from intense to horrific, the fatalities piled up.


Shang Yu Sheng carefully observed the battlefield. No detail escaped his eyes.

Hai Jin Yun was the strongest offensive battle general of the Mo Marshal Alliance. Full-on charges like this was the best for him. He hadn’t expected that Bie Han was able to suppress Hai Jin Yun and still have the upper hand.

While the advantage was not so great it surpassed the limits of imagination, he did have the upper hand. Charges were a basic technique for every battle general, they could not make mistakes. This meant that Bie Han’s fundamental skills were higher than Hai Jin Yun.

However … …

This advantage was not so great that he could fight one-on-two. Yet why had Bie Han turned the situation into this? Bie Han had been the one to create the present situation.

Why had Bie Han done this?

Shang Yu Sheng could only think of one explanation: Bie Han believed that, even one-on-two, he could win.

Did Bie Han have some great move up his sleeve?

Shang Yu Sheng was puzzled. He did not start fighting immediately. The more intense the fighting, the more beneficial it was for them. A hard battle would greatly decrease Bie Han’s strength. Hai Jin Yun could afford to do it because he had Shang Yu Sheng but Bie Han could not afford it as he did not have reinforcements.

The battle continued, and the slaughter still continued.

Shang Yu Sheng could not help but feel a thread of respect. As expected of Bie Han who came from Xuan Kong Temple. His tactics were exquisite, and he used all kinds of battle and seal formations expertly. He did not have any delay when he changed formations, and many of the variations were almost wondrous.

However, while he admired the other, Shang Yu Sheng felt more assured.

While Bie Han’s upper hand on the battlefield against Hai Jin Yun grew larger, Shan Yu Sheng knew that victory was growing closer for himself.

Hai Jin Yun’s battalion only had half of its members left after these exchanges, but these high losses were worth it because they were in exchange for the death of one-third of Sin Battalion.

If a normal battalion lost one-third of its members, the battalion would not be far from collapsing. [1]

Yet the two battalions were unusually hardy.

Hai Jin Yun was almost mad from the fight, while Bie Han was cold-blooded in his coolness.

Shang Yu Sheng sighed inside. Such a powerful battle general was about to fall today.

A cold light flashed through his eyes. It was time to attack!

Editor’s notes: I find these numbers odd. Most traditional accounts of medieval battles place casualties in battle at about 14-15% losses for a defeated army during the battle. The majority of deaths came after due to cavalry chasing down a routed army’s infantry and infections from wounds. I find the high losses odd here, because previously FX would normally have an enemy army route before being slaughtered to this extent.

Translator Ramblings: Your translator has no thoughts due to a great deficit of sleep.

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