Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Five – Act!

The fleet quickly flew next to the big octopus under Zuo Mo’s orders.

“Hey, is this guy asleep?” Zuo Mo pretended to be curious and drooled as he came close.

A hint of dislike flashed through the eyes of He Zi and the others. They were from large sects, and instinctively disliked the common presence that Zuo Mo had.

Xiao Ru Jian did not show any of disdain and said with a smile, “We have stunned it, and its senses are blocked. However, this guy has thick skin, please help us. We will thank you well after this. We, Kun Lun, are honest, do not worry!”

“Stunned?” Zuo Mo’s expression was curious but slightly worried. “Will it suddenly wake up? Such a big guy, if it wakes up, none of us will be able to escape.”

Xiao Ru Hai felt pressed for time, but did not show it. He knew that he had to ease these people’s worries for them to work hard. He explained, “Our sect’s Soul Luring Fragrance can seal the senses any monster no matter how strong it is, much less this octopus. We have at least four more hours. In these four hours, it definitely will not wake up.”

“So powerful!” Zuo Mo had a shocked expression.

“It’s Soul Luring Fragrance!” Pu Yao was familiar with his past opponent. “Maybe not four hours, but definitely two.”

Receiving the information he wanted, Zuo Mo’s smile became even warmer. “Alright, let’s start!’

Xiao Ru Jian was overjoyed and said loudly “Everyone, let’s go together. After this, no one will leave with empty hands!”

Zuo Mo pushed up his sleeves, and raised his arms as he shouted like a hoodlum, “Brother, it’s our honor that a large sect like Kun Lun is paying attention to us. If we don’t work our hardest, we will disappoint these friends from Kun Lun!”

Xiao Ru Jian and the others had small smiles. This person had a low-class presence, but he was perceptive and knew his own measure. He was filled with respect towards Kun Lun!

Xiao Ru Jian elegantly bowed. “This one will first thank you brothers. If you need our aid in the future, please speak!”

Zuo Mo laughed. “Haha! Kun Lun friends give us so much face, we cannot falter! Brothers! Start!”

Xiao Ru Jian finally sighed in relief. They were finally going to start.

Yet before he could react, a sharp coldness locked him in place without any warning.

What was going on?

He was astounded. The sharp killing intent burned as though he was within a smelting cauldron.

The person who had looked like a low-class hoodlum seemed to completely change. His hand flashed with a golden energy that brimmed with murderousness!

Damn it!

They had been fooled!

His head rang, but he reacted quickly. He was furious, “You dare!”

The flying sword in his hand stabbed towards the other like lightning.

In such an emergency, he did not spare any energy. A green sword energy lit up, and the space around him rippled and twisted.

Shen power!

The green sword energy contained pure shen power. The Kun Lun sword essence with shen power was even more powerful, more varied, and harder to predict!

Xiao Ru Jian was like an unpredictable shadow that almost broke free of Zuo Mo’s presence lock.

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up with threads of golden scripts. His sun shen power erupted, and the shen technique was immediately completed in his hand!

[Sun Shen Thorn]!

A blinding spike of light like a ray of the sun flew out of his hand and shot at Xiao Ru Jian.

The golden light accurately collided with Xiao Ru Jian’s sword energy.


The green sword energy was shattered like glass and turned into blue fragments. The fine fragments formed a little twister in the air, but did not affect the spike of light at all.

The light spike was a bit dimmer but it still flew at an astounding pace towards Xiao Ru Jian.

Xiao Ru Jian paled. How was it possible?

How was it possible!

Everyone that happened in front of him made him almost unable to believe his eyes. His sword energy had been so easily shattered by the enemy. In Kun Lun that was full of geniuses, Xiao Ru Jian had always been one of the top. He had a glorious history in the sect competitions.

But … …

There was no time to think in this situation. He was a decisive person. He knew that this was a time of life and death, and bit into his tongue.

Blood that contained shen power spread through his mouth.

His eye flashed with a layer of green energy. The sword scripture he cultivated was Kun Lun’s [Three Pure Sword Scripture]. This sword scripture had not been important in the past, but in the process of being adapted for shen power, the elders found to their shock that this minor sword scripture was actually very suited to shen power.

The status of [Three Pure Sword Scripture] rose. Many of Kun Lun’s disciples now cultivated this sword scripture.

Xiao Ru Hai was one of the leaders. He spent large amounts of time and energy on cultivating this sword scripture. He became the disciple that was publicly thought of having the most skill with [Three Pure Sword Scripture].

Vast shen power flooded through his body. He felt he was unprecedentedly powerful.

This technique risked his life but was able to increase his power in the short term, but the harm would be significant. Even if he won, he would have to rest and recuperate for at least half a year. Xiao Ru Jian had learned this move long ago, but had never used it.

Resting for half a year versus losing his life, without needing to think, he knew what to choose.

His mind was unprecedentedly focused. He pushed away all stray thoughts. He did not ask who these people really were, or why they had suddenly attacked. There was only that golden thorn in his eyes, the Sun Shen Thorn.

The lightning-fast Sun Shen Thorn became extremely slow in his eyes. He could see every detail.

The Sun Shen Thorn was unlike their sword energies. It was so dense it was tangible, seeming to be made from gold. The thorn was covered in fine exquisite patterns, and the ancient sun diagrams could be seen.

The clearer he saw it, the more he could feel the great power it contained!

How was the other able to do this?

He lost some of his focus. Making shen power tangible was one of the more common skills right now, but this Sun Shen Thorn that seemed to be masterfully carved showed that the enemy’s level at manifestation was far greater than he could imagine!

His mind was clear. In just an instant, he knew that there was an uncrossable gap between himself and the enemy.

Yet the vast power in his body broke free like a vicious beast!

Strong fighting spirit rose from deep within. His death would not be a waste if he fought such a strong opponent!

The terror deep in his eyes disappeared. Xiao Ru Jian suddenly shouted angrily. He released his restraint over the shen power in his body. The unrestrained shen power rampaged left and right in his body, like a caged tiger.

Xiao Ru Jian’s body seemed to be on fire.

The shen power that existed in every inch of his body was ignited and furiously burned.

A layer of angry green energy appeared on the flying sword on his hand. It flickered like a green flame. Xiao Ru Jian’s eyes were deep like the ocean. He raised the flying sword covered in green flames and stabbed!

The green shen power flaring around the sword undulated in ripples as it travelled from the hilt to the tip of the sword!

When the flames reached the tip of the sword, the green energy that had finished preparing reached its greatest strength. It broke free of the sword tip, and at an astounding speed, flew towards Zuo Mo. Snap, the flying sword in Xiao Ru Jian’s hand cracked.

Xiao Ru Jian’s killing move had not finished, a stab! Another stab!

His movements were peerlessly fast!

In a blink, three successive stabs were completed!

The killing move of the [Three Pure Sword Scripture], [One Sword Transforming to Three Pure]!


The three green sword energies flew towards Zuo Mo in a straight line. The flying sword in Xiao Ru Jian’s hand lost all of its light. When the last stroke was finished, the sword shattered into countless pieces.

The first green sword energy crashed onto the Sun Shen Thorn. Bam, a burst of gold and green energies appeared in the air.

Zuo Mo’s expression became serious. A beast fought the hardest when it was trapped. Even with his strength, he did not dare to be careless.

At this time, the sword energies changed again. The third sword energy suddenly sped up and thrust into the second sword energy. The two sword energies merged into one.

If Xiao Ru Jian’s sword energies could be described as crystal-like before, then the sword energies now were like a furious wave of green sword essence!

Countless sword essences were gathered within in layers that moved restlessly in waves. With every wave, it became stronger. What surprised Zuo Mo was the rate it rose in power was very high.

In a blink, this sword energy had multiplied in strength like a monster revealing its figure.

Compared to Xiao Ru Jian’s previous sword energy, this was tens of times stronger!

Zuo Mo shouted, his sun shen power vibrating. His expression was serious, golden scripts rising off his body and making him appear domineering.

When the golden scripts appeared, Zuo Mo’s presence suddenly changed. A vicious and primitive presence covered the entire battlefield as though there was an ancient monster descending to the mortal realm.

Xiao Ru Jian looked in disbelief at Zuo Mo.

This was … …

A skill from the ancient era!

The ancient’s way of fighting had simple moves without too many flourishes. Their bodies were even stronger than those wasteland beasts. They had endless power, they could pluck suns and moons from the sky, they were the strongest of that era!

That was an era which was like a riddle, one that countless people yearned for.

Zuo Mo was like a hero walking straight out of an ancient myth, like the totem warrior that the Sun Tribe worshiped. An irresistible dominance, and a masculine and strong energy that was like the light of the sun which people could not avoid.

Zuo Mo’s right hand flashed with bright golden energy. The golden scripts on his body slowly circulated, the light on his right hand flickering, and forming a simple axe.

Zuo Mo raised the golden axe of light high up. His entire body leaned forward slightly. He seemed to channel all of his strength into the simple axe he had raised. His eyes were wide, every muscle in his body was tense.

A power to uproot mountains and an unrivalled presence!

Just like the Sun Tribe totem warrior of tens of thousands of years ago swinging the [Sun Shen Axe]! Just as domineering like the Sun Tribe totem warrior of tens of thousands of years ago! Looking down on all beings like the Sun Tribe totem warrior of tens of thousands of years ago!

The only difference was that this was his era!

Strong belief and furious power was channeled into the [Sun Shen Axe] in his hand.

It swung downward!

Translator Ramblings: Getting backstabbed when planning to backstab others might be worse than just getting backstabbed alone. Also, Pu makes an appearance for the first time in … … 10 chapters?

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