Chapter 281 Give A Big Gift

“City Lord, feel free to instruct us!”

Bai Xi and the other two respectfully replied.

“Mm, actually, it’s nothing much. I’m just telling you…”

The City Lord’s voice turned from calm to cold, and then it was filled with a sense of jealousy, disgust, and maliciousness.

Bai Xi and the other two were greatly shocked!

Demonic qi rose from the City Lord’s body. Before Bai Xi and the other two could figure out what had happened, they were enveloped by the dense demonic qi. Their eyes went from shock to hesitation, and finally lost their light.

“This is the safest way. Hehe, Lin Bai, you have your little tricks, but I also have my methods. Let me see what secrets these three are hiding.”

A sinister smile appeared on the City Lord’s face,

“Thin man, let me ask you, what exactly happened last night?” The City Lord’s voice was cold, not allowing anyone to question him. “Fatty and I were monitoring Bai Xi last night. Lin Bai first discovered him, and then I wanted to ask for reinforcements, but was stopped by fatty. Our cultivation levels…”

The thin man gave a slightly different version. His voice was mechanical and emotionless, like a marionette.

“After I was injured by Lin Bai, I quickly distanced myself from him. That was when I saw Chu Shan stab He Qingyuan again. I felt that things were not looking good, so I ran away to discuss with fatty whether I should run away or report to the City Lord. In the end, we decided to report to the City Lord…”

The City Lord frowned when he heard the thin man’s words. “A cowardly, short-sighted fellow, tras.h.!.+”

After that, he interrogated fatty and Bai Xi, but only heard different details. However, the overall situation did not change.

“d.a.m.n Chu Shan! He was actually seduced by Lin Bai. Then what exactly is the secret that He Qingyuan is hiding? Now He Qingyuan is gone as well…”

The City Lord stood where he was and pondered for a long time. Then, with a wave of his hand, the three of them returned to normal.

“Alright, the three of you can go your separate ways. Remember, if Lin Bai appears, report to me immediately. Don’t attack alone!”

The City Lord added another sentence and dismissed the three of them.

Bai Xi and the skinny man came out of the forest. The three of them rushed towards the city district in a row, each of them filled with fear. After experiencing the City Lord’s disguise, they finally realized what demonic nature was…

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” The thin man was about to continue speaking when he looked back and said with a relieved heart, “If it wasn’t for the medicine that we swallowed in advance, we would have become the City Lord’s puppets.”

“City Lord… Demon, I only felt that it was terrifying after experiencing it for real. Just now, I almost couldn’t continue acting!” Fatty’s clothes were completely drenched, and his eyes were wandering and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Bai Xi calmed down and said, “I wonder how things are with Lin Bai?”

“Who is it? Outsiders are not allowed to enter the City Lord’s Estate!”

Two guards saw that someone was about to enter the City Lord’s Estate, and they crossed their spears, stopping the person.

“The City Lord wants to see me, I’m here!”

That person’s voice was very calm, but the two guards could not help but be on guard.

“The City Lord isn’t here, and we haven’t heard that the City Lord has someone to meet today. Please leave! Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the consequences!”

The two guards weren’t willing to give in in the slightest. If they let someone into the City Lord’s Estate for no reason, the two of them wouldn’t be able to continue being guards here.

“Wait, I remember that he is…”

Right at this moment, another guard also walked out from the City Lord’s Estate’s main gate. The moment he saw the person who was stopped, his expression was filled with shock.

“That’s right, I’m Lin Bai!”

Lin Bai chuckled and revealed his ident.i.ty.

“You, demon, what do you want from the City Lord now, come…”

However, the three guards had just reacted when they were sent flying by Little Green’s crus.h.i.+ng attack. They crashed heavily onto the City Lord’s Estate’s door and fainted.

“Who is it?! How dare you act so impudently in the City Lord’s Estate!”

“Not good, this person is the demon Lin Bai. Brothers, the opportunity to kill the demon and rid the people of evil is here!”

“Demon, I didn’t expect you to be so arrogant and despotic. You actually dared to come to the City Lord’s Estate alone in broad daylight, courting death!”

A large group of people rushed out of the City Lord’s Estate. When they saw Lin Bai, everyone had different expressions on their faces. “Heh!” Facing dozens of people, Lin Bai didn’t look nervous at all. On the contrary, he slowly walked forward as if he was strolling around his own home.

However, with every step he took, dozens of people would take a step back. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to kill the “demon”, but Lin Bai was imposing even when he wasn’t angry!

“Don’t look down on people!”

At this moment, a person cursed and charged forward. With the first person charging forward, there would be a second and third person! Lin Bai instantly summoned all of his spirit beasts and similarly charged towards the crowd. However, in the face of this surging tide of enemies, Lin Bai’s footsteps were leisurely and casual. He easily dodged every attack and reappeared in every unexpected place!

His spirit beasts launched their own attacks and all sorts of skills smashed into the crowd.

Not long after, in front of the City Lord’s Estate’s main gate, it was a complete mess. Even half of the majestic and bustling main gate had collapsed to the ground!

The people who had fought with Lin Bai before all fell to the ground. They didn’t even make a sound as they fainted from their heavy injuries.

“Not bad, not bad!” Lin Bai patted the head of the Spirit Beast dotingly. “Next, we will give a big gift to the City Lord!”

When the City Lord returned to the City Lord’s Estate, it was already afternoon. When he looked in the direction of the City Lord’s Estate from afar, the entrance was filled with a vast crowd.

Among them, there were ordinary people who came to watch the show and discuss animatedly. There were also people from the City Lord’s Estate who had nervous expressions on their faces as they discussed countermeasures. There were also people who were heavily injured who were carried out of the crowd.

The City Lord secretly cried out that something was wrong. A gust of wind rose under his feet, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the City Lord’s Estate.

“City Lord, you’re finally here!”

When the City Lord’s Estate members in the crowd saw that the City Lord had returned, they all cried out in excitement.

“The City Lord is here, the City Lord is here! Hehe, I wonder what the City Lord will do to Lin Bai!”

“What are you talking about? Lin Bai is a great demon, everyone should kill him. Otherwise, we will all have to live in fear in the future!”

“Is it really that simple? Look at those words, look at these people. Not a single one of them died, they were all heavily injured. This is not something a demon would do, could it be that the city…”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Do you want to die?!”

The crowd began to discuss animatedly.

The City Lord saw his heavily injured subordinates being carried away one by one. When he saw the people with different expressions staring at him, he turned his gaze towards the City Lord’s Estate.

One side of the City Lord’s Mansion’s main door collapsed to the ground. On the other half of the door, a few large words were written in blood.

“City Lord Demon, I, Lin Bai, gave you this gift today. Are you satisfied?!”

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