Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Four – Alliance with Xi Xuan

Jian Jun seemed to be speaking of a common everyday matter, and smiled naturally. He said, “Before we left, Zhong Daren said that Xi Xuan is weak now. Kun Lun and Tian Huan are greedily watching from the sides. The nine great dhyana sects look numerous, but they are divided and their power is scattered, only appearing strong but will scatter when they face pressure. Only Mo Cloud Sea is a viable ally, while they do not have many soldiers they have strong commanders. They do not have a great amount of land, but they are wealthy, their potential can be anticipated and are a possible ally.”

“Zhong Daren is too complimentary,” Zuo Mo politely responded.

Jian Jun smiled slightly. “My Xi Xuan has been weak for a long time, our elite have left us. If there is no help from outside forces, then we will not be able to fight off Kun Lun and Tian Huan. Mo Cloud Sea is in a remote location. With the nine great dhyana sects as barrier, there are no worries in the short term. Yet once Kun Lun and Tian Huan swallow Xi Xuan, each will possess almost two realms of power and be unstoppable. Daren predicted that if it gets to that point, with the two sects sending soldiers, the nine great dhyana sects will collapse with little resistance. At that time, Mo Cloud Sea will have no place to retreat. The nine great dhyana sects can surrender, but Mo Cloud Sea cannot.”

Zuo Mo changed expression. He had to admit that Zhong De’s prediction was accurate. The nine great dhyana sects were a group of rabble if they could not unify under one banner. If Kun Lun and Tian Huan had just average abilities, they might try to fight back. If the two big sects really ate Xi Xuan, just their presence would be enough for the nine great dhyana sects to surrender without even fighting.

The hate between Mo Cloud Sea and Kun Lun had been spread far and wide a long time ago. Everyone knew of the great hate between Mo Cloud Sea and Kun Lun.

The crux to stopping Kun Lun and Tian Huan was not the nine great dhyana sects but Xi Xuan!

Zuo Mo had thought of this before, but that that time, there was no hope to be seen in Xi Xuan. The sudden appearance of Zhong De had given new blood to the rotting Xi Xuan.

Jian Jun continued to speak, “I heard some things about Mister Zuo’s birth. Daren feels great sympathy and has executed everyone involved in that incident. Also, Daren has given me the duty of returning this item to Mister Zuo. This item that belongs to the Zuo Family is today returned to Mister Zuo, to its owner!”

As he spoke, he took out a strangely shaped item.

This item was extremely unique in shape. It was about the height of a person, and was like a tree branch cut off from a tree. The main trunk was curved and there were five forks that criss-crossed. The item was made completely from metal. Even after a few decades, it was still shiny like it was new.

“This is the part that we obtained in the past. The other three are in the hands of Kun Lun, Tian Huan, and Xuan Kong Temple. While returning this cannot undo the past, we have already taken care off the elders involved in the matter. However, we do not hope to receive your forgiveness with this, we only wish to sincerely express our apologies, and to show that Xi Xuan is willing to take responsibility for this matter.”

Jian Jun’s expression was stern and his tone solemn.

Zuo Mo looked at this shen device part and was in a daze. Xi Xuan had not faked this item. When Jian Jun had taken this out, Zuo Mo had felt the presence of a shen device.

In his few memories, this strangely shaped thing had appeared a few times.

“Thank Zhong De Daren for me!” Zuo Mo refocused, his expression normal. The scenes that had flashed through his mind caused his emotions to shift but he quickly calmed his mind. As the leader of the entire Mo Cloud Sea, every decision could influence the future development of Mo Cloud Sea.

“There are no problems about the alliance and ordering shen equipment. But both understanding your shen power and designing shen equipment will take time,” Zuo Mo said.

A hint of joy flashed across Jian Jun’s eyes. He unhesitatingly took out a jade scroll. “This is the shen power of our sect, I will give this to you now!”

Zuo Mo speedily read through it. After thinking for a moment, he had a general grasp of their method. “The work to design the shen equipment will take about two months. The price will only be known after the first ones are made.”

Jian Jun then asked, “Is it possible to finish thirty thousand shen equipment before the eighth month of next year?”

Zuo Mo said after a moment of thought. “It is difficult to produce thirty thousand in one year, but there should be no problems for twenty thousand!”

Jian Jun said unhesitatingly, “Good! At least twenty thousand, no matter how many you will produce, we will take all of them!”

“No problem!” Zuo Mo said crisply.

This was a very profitable transaction. If they had twenty thousand shen equipment, Xi Xuan’s power would increase greatly. Zuo Mo was happy to see this. Also, such a large order would cause Mo Cloud Sea’s forging skills to go up another level.

This was killing multiple birds with one stone.

Jian Jun suddenly spoke, “There is one matter we will request of Mister Zuo.”

“Please speak.” Zuo Mo had to admit that while Jian Jun was not strong, but his style and his way of speech made people feel pleased.

“Ah.” Jian Jun sighed lightly. “We want to ask Mister Zuo to pass on a message.”

“A message?” Zuo Mo stilled and then understood. Gu Liang Dao!

“Yes, Mister Zuo, please give this letter to Gu Liang Dao. This letter was personally written by Zhong De Daren.” Jian Jun passed over a jade scroll, but his expression was slightly awkward.

Zuo Mo seriously received the jade scroll. He said with a nod, “I will definitely give this to Brother Gu.”

“Thank you, Mister Zuo.” Jian Jun’s smile was slightly forced. A talent of the sect had betrayed and left the sect due to being forced by the sect, this was not something to be proud of.

“Mister Jian is too polite,” Zuo Mo said.

The two then discussed the problem of setting up transportation formations.

After setting up transportation formations, they would be able to travel freely. While it was expensive to move large volumes, it was the safest method at present.

Both of them knew this.

Once they opened the transportation formations, the wards of Mo Cloud Sea would flood into Xi Xuan. This would affect Xi Xuan greatly but the present Xi Xuan had no power to manage this. What was in front of them was an even more dangerous and cruel future. Organizing their combat forces was their most urgent need at this moment.

Before leaving Jian Jun said with a serious expression, “Mister Zuo, you need to pay attention to Kun Lun and Tian Huan. While Mo Cloud Sea is the best at forging, Kun Lun and Tian Huan are not lacking. Recently, Kun Lun and Tian Huan having been seeking ancient ruins and Kun Lun found the remnants of an ancient shen device. They have started to plan forging a new shen device.”

This information immediately attracted Zuo Mo’s attention. “Is there anything more specific?”

“No.” Jian Jun shook his head. “We only know that for this device piece, three of Kun Lun’s elders lost their lives and the sect leader was heavily wounded.”

Zuo Mo was startled. This price was great even for Kun Lun.

“Shen devices have developed quickly. Maybe in a year or two, everyone will have distanced themselves again,” Jian Jun said concernedly. “Taking from the past is better than closing the doors and creating from within. You will need to pay more attention. If we have information of ancient ruins, we will notify you.”

‘’Alright!” Zuo Mo nodded. Jian Jun’s words made him have nothing to say.

The beginning of a new era was usually when development occurred the fastest. Slacking off for a time meant that some people might be forever pulled down. Unlike the completeness and maturity of the ling power system, shen power had just been reborn. While the general picture could be seen, the details were still crude.

Kun Lun was willing to spend such an astounding price. This meant that what they obtained surpassed this price.

Zuo Mo felt strong danger.


Gu Liang Dao was silent after reading the letter.

“Big Brother, did that old man Zhong De say something ugly?” Shuang Yu couldn’t resist asking.

Gu Liang Dao shook his head and handed the jade scroll to Shuang Yu. “Read.”

Shuang Yu took the jade scroll. His expression was spectacular after he finished reading and then he handed the jade scroll to Xiao.

Gu Liang Dao laughed self-mocking. “He’s inviting us back, he will give up his position, and will clean out all opposing factions.”

“Is … … is this fake?” Shuang Yu hesitated to say. No matter what, the contents of the letter were not something he could believe.

“It’s true.” Gu Liang Dao’s gaze was slightly dazed. The internal conflict and pain appeared in his eyes.

“Then should we return?” Shuang Yu asked excitedly. He believed that if Big Brother returned to Xi Xuan to take power, Xi Xuan will definitely come back from the dead!

“A Xiao, what do you think?” Gu Liang Dao suddenly asked.

Xiao was silent for a moment and then said, “It is hard to say. Zhong De says he only has three years left, it probably is not a lie. It is also not a lie that he will abdicate the power because only we can save Xi Xuan. So up until now, he killed so many people but didn’t touch any of those close to us.”

Gu Liang Dao continued to be silent.

“But after?” Xiao said calmly, “Once Zhong De is dead, Big Brother has the power, and then? The sect leader can tolerate Zhong De, but can he tolerate Big Brother?”

Shuang Yu’s expression froze. He became silent.

“The sect leader is skilled in enduring. The elders have held power and controlled Xi Xuan for so many years yet the sect leader did not make a sound. Looking back now, the sect leader may have let them. The sect leader might have moved in the shadows for Big Brother to be forced out of the sect.”

“No way?” Shuang Yu’s eyes were wide, his expression disbelieving.

Xiao smiled coldly, “The sect leader was young when he took the position, and could not stand up to the elders. He was forced by the situation. Think of what the sect leader has done all these years, free and taking pleasure, not asking about the matters of the sect. Look at what the sect leader did this time. While he is not a murderous person, he is a cunning one. Zhong De was gone for more than fifty years, yet he was able to uproot the elders and their support in the span of one night. This cannot be accomplished by just killing people.”

“You mean to say … …” Shuang Yu was not stupid and understood.

“Without someone familiar with the situation, he definitely could not have done it. The sect leader had probably started to investigate the elders from a long time ago. Supposedly, half of the sect leader’s guards were killed. It is terrifying that he managed to endure for so long!”

Xiao’s voice was cold and emotionless. “It would be fine if this letter came from the sect leader, but it came from Zhong De! Zhong De has great power, and the sect leader will go along with him. What about after Zhong De is dead, what do we have that will let us fight against the sect leader?”

“So what, we aren’t afraid of him,” Shuang Yu muttered.

Xiao smiled. “Why should we? Right now, our situation is not bad. Our land is not large but our foundation is not bad, why should we go back to endure?”

“Xiao is right!” The shadows in Gu Liang Dao’s eyes were swept away. “We only knew freedom after coming out. I am not willing to turn back! How can we believe him? But our relatives are in Zhong De’s hands, how can we get them back?”

When they had fled, the relatives of most of his subordinates had been arrested. Getting these relatives back was a great problem that was related to their foundation.

Xiao smiled confidently. “This matter is not difficult. Zhong De has not killed them so he will not make things difficult for us by using them as hostages. However, we need to ask Brother Zuo for help on this.”

“Brother Zuo?” Gu Liang Dao’s eyes lit up and then his praise left his mouth. “Yes!”

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