Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Eight – Threats

The young mo god and the old man simultaneously stopped and turned to look in the direction of the Grave Ghost Mound.

“It seems that someone wants to get there ahead of us,” the old man shook his head and said.

“Let’s go, let’s go, our warm up is finished after fighting for so long, we cannot let the yao come to the mo territories and reap the benefits!” the young mo god said lazily.

The old man shook his head rapidly. “Your Mo Shen Temple is great and bright, those old yao have many people, only I am alone.”

“Who are you trying to fool? You clearly are on the same side as Xiao Mo Ge’s group.” The young mo god rolled his eyes. “Are you in or out?”

“Oh, alright, those that try to steal benefits ahead of others are the worst!” The old man thought to himself for a moment and then immediately put on a murderous expression.

The young mo god clapped his hands and said righteously in agreement, “Exactly!”

The two immediately disappeared.

The frightened people of Bu Zhou City sighed in relief but then some of the experts who were sensitive immediately discovered the noise far away.

“Grave Ghost Mound!”

“It’s the Grave Ghost Mound!”

The crowd shifted. Some of the more daring people immediately flew into the sky towards the Grave Ghost Mound.


The bone spike spear immediately created a great suction force like a whirlpool that gathered the blue fish-like energy fragments! Ripples radiated from the tip of the spear. The ripples had sharp thorny edges.

The blue energy followed the ripples and gathered at the tip of the spear.

The tip of the spear became so bright that people were unable to look directly at it. Those that saw the blue energy felt their soul shake.

Hiss hiss hiss!

A tsunami of hissing, each ripple with a frequency higher than the last. The blue energies seemed to be alive as they followed towards the lit up spearpoint.

Elder Xu’s expression changed. His gaze was focused on that bit of blue light.

Earth mo weapon!

The other actually wielded an earth mo weapon. Suddenly, he recalled that Xiao Mo Ge had also forged four earth mo weapons in addition to the [Angel Device Raiment].

If this was in the past, the creation of new earth mo weapons would attract much attention. But for the yao elders that had successfully reached the doorway to shen power, they had unconsciously dismissed the value of the four earth mo weapons and set their sights on the pseudo-shen device.

Yet when they directly faced the soul stealing bright blue energy, a strong feeling of danger rose.

Elder Xu suddenly woke up, an earth mo weapon was still enough to be a threat to him!

His clothing swayed despite the lack of wind. Elder Xu’s face suddenly flushed as though he was drunk. His hands pressed down, and his shout was like thunder, “Set!”

The ocean that had been full of ferocious waves suddenly became clear. The surface of the water was motionless crystal clear like a sapphire.

Within the enormous jewel, that blue light moved unusually slow.

The pressure coming from all directions increased dramatically. Kuai An almost suffocated. His strong mo physique was cracking under such pressure. He was experienced in battle, and had fought his way from the border of life and death innumerable times. He knew that this was the crucial moment.

He unexpectedly closed his eyes, his mind completely serene. His right hand that gripped the bone spike spear now slid along the shaft to the end of the spear and then abruptly twisted!


The bone spike spear suddenly exploded. The furiously spinning bone spikes were full of destructive power.

Boom boom boom!

The explosion of bone spikes tore a gap in the ocean water.

A flow of blood came from Kuai An’s mouth. He opened his eyes which were unusually calm and bright.

That bit of blue light had flown out through the opening created by the explosion.

There was a thread of amusement at the corner of his mouth. Ever since he discovered the other cultivated shen power, he had gambled on [Blue Horsefly]. What he gambled on was that the other had not cultivated shen power for a long time! He gambled that [Blue Horsefly] was able to hurt the other!

A dot of blue light flew out of the ocean water, and Elder Xu’s face turned ashen white.

Pressed, he also used his full power!

Countless walls of water rose from the ocean to try to block this blue energy. However, this blue energy did not seem to be tangible and was not obstructed at all.

The blue light flashed and arrived in front of Elder Xu.

Elder Xu’s gaze met the blue light, and found a great suction come from the blue energy. He was unable to move, shocked and hopeless he shouted, “Save me!”

Before he finished speaking, the blue energy pierced Elder Xu’s forehead.

Countless blue lights exploded from Elder Xu’s head. Elder Xu’s body melted like snow.


[Blue Horsefly] resumed its original appearance. Its light was dim and the body was covered in cracks. It fell from the sky and smashed to the ground into countless pieces.

Kuai An also fell from the sky, his face paper white, and his breathing almost undetectable.

A shout suddenly sounded in the air. A thread of fire suddenly flew out from the group of the yao elders targeting the unconscious Kuai An.


The thread of fire suddenly exploded midair.

A long sleeve wrapped around Kuai An.

Ceng Lian’er’s serene voice sounded in everyone’s ears. “It’s the first time I have seen a honoured elder of the yao this shameless.”

“You dare! You girl … …” an elder pointed at Ceng Lian’er and shouted angry.

Before he finished speaking, a crescent moon suddenly lit up behind his head. The crescent moon spun and his head separated from his body, and dropped down with a roll.

Ceng Lian’er said serenely, “You are so old, yet your temper is so fiery, why?”

Ceng Lian’ers attack came without any warning. Her attack intimidated all those present. Everyone felt a cold wind at their necks, and were shocked inside. Ceng Lian’er’s moves surpassed their imagination. Ever since they stepped into shen power, everyone’s power had grown immensely and all of them had been confident. They looked down on normal sky yao, marshals, and fanxu. The only people they were wary of were the three mo gods of the Mo Shen Temple.

Who would have thought that a marshal with an earth mo weapon would take Elder Xu’s life.

Ceng Lian’er’s moves were even more uncanny and unpredictable. Elder Wang had died where he was. None of them had confidence that they would be able to dodge this move.

Ming Yue Ye’s expression was grave as her shen power rippled. Her presence continued to rise. She was like a blinding sun in the sky, giving off light that no one could look directly at. Her eyes were frosty as she said coldly, “This is how Xiao Mo Ge treats his guests?”

Ceng Lian’er’s expression was composed but her heart sank slightly. That move just now had been a shen technique she had comprehended not long ago, it was called the [First Moon Strike]. She saw the other’s overbearing attitude and had wanted to intimidate them so she had used this move. The [First Moon Strike] was powerful, but it also expended a great amount of shen power. More than half of her shen power was gone.

What she had not expected was that while the other elders showed fear, Ming Yue Ye did not have any fear at all.

Ceng Lian’er was surprised by the shen power vibrations that Ming Yue Ye gave off. It was much stronger than that Elder Xu. If she was at full power, she was confident she would be a match, but right now, if she fought, her bluff would be exposed.

Qinghua Xue had improved greatly, but hadn’t cultivated shen power. She was lacking too much compared to these elders, and could not help.

Just as Ceng Lian’er was becoming panicked, a cool voice sounded in the sky.

“This is how I treat my guests!”

Ming Yue Ye’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Just as the words sounded, a golden flame suddenly shot out of the ground and rapidly spread between Ceng Lian’er and Ming Yue Ye.

A ruler-straight golden thread of fire was like a sharp knife that completely separated the two.

“All those that cross the line will be killed!”

The cool voice was like a murderous autumn wind that blew into the hearts of the elders. Each of them felt a chill.

Yet no one dared to take the words as a joke. This golden line of fire burned silently yet the purity of the shen power it contained shocked them!

There was such pure shen power in the world!

Even Ming Yue Ye stopped breathing for a moment. She was intimidated. Her expression changed slightly. She knew now that she had underestimated Xiao Mo Ge. The other’s skill in shen power far surpassed her predictions.

In a moment, her expression recovered. Xiao Mo Ge was stronger than she had imagined, but she had the absolute advantage in terms of numbers.

All of the elder around her cultivated shen power. While each one individually was not as strong as Xiao Mo Ge, their collective power meant they had the upper hand.

In a few moments, she considered the gains and losses.

She secretly added Xiao Mo Ge’s shen power inheritance to their goals this time, other than the [Angel Device Raiment]. If they could obtain Xiao Mo Ge’s shen power inheritance, she could completely perfect the elder council’s shen power.

“Xiao Mo Ge, you want to become enemies with the Council of Elders?” Ming Yue Ye didn’t give up an inch and asked in a cold voice.

Behind the line of fire, it was completely silent. At some unknown time, Ceng Lian’er and Qinghua Xue had disappeared.

“Xiao Mo Ge, while you are of unknown origins, you must have the blood of a yao.” Ming Yue Ye was not demotivated, her tone determined and firm. “Right now is the time of great change in the world. Don’t you want to accomplish something? The Council of Elders desires those with skill, and you are one that we need! If you are willing to enter the Council of Elders, I am willing to give up my own position, and be your second in command! The Council of Elders has numerous corps, resources, and people. The help they can give you is unimaginable. The faction that you have now will be completely in your command, and the Council of Elders will not interfere!”

The other elders heard this and all changed expression. Their gazes as they looked at Ming Yue Ye were filled with shock and admiration!

Inside the Grave Ghost Mound, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but admire Ming Yue Ye as well. This woman was strong! If this was any other person, they would be moved by hearing these conditions. The power of the Council of Elders was so enormous it could not be matched. All of the yao were under its rule. The only one that might be comparable was Kun Lun. Tian Huan and the others were lacking slightly, and as for the mo that were divided under the rule of warlords, no one could compare.

Clap clap clap!

Clapping suddenly sounded in appropriate at this time. A handsome and upright youth slowly entered people’s view. It was the young mo god, Youxi Ya Ke.

He glanced at the line of fire on the ground, and his heart jumped. He did not show anything on his face except a lazy smile. “I have heard long ago that Miss Ming is a great woman and a rarity among the yao. You are just as the rumours say! So great! However, how can us mo endure you yao coming to our territory and allow you to dig at our foundations?”

“Are you Mo God Youxi Ya Ke? It is an honor to meet you!” A light flashed through Ming Yue Ye’s eyes as she elegantly gave a bow.

“Aiyaya, I would rather not meet such a powerful woman as you.” Youxi Ya Ke said impolitely and immediately caused anger to appear on the faces of the elders around Ming Yue Ye.

“Hey, Xiao Mo Ge, how about coming to the Mo Shen Temple? I’ll give my position to you. Oh, right, our Mo Shen Temple doesn’t have those rules, you can do whatever you want, come whenever you want. It is such a good place to waste away the time and wait for death, there’s no other place like this!”

Qinghua Xue and Ceng Lian’er looked strangely at Zuo Mo. Kuai An who had just woken up gaped with shock on his face.

Translator Ramblings: Not a lot of plot progression and a whole load of action.

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