Chapter Seven Hundred and Ten – Explosive Weapon Style (Three)

The mountain of materials that was worth a substantial amount was piled outside the heaven tier mo weapon pool. The light that they gave off illuminated the entire Underground Nether River. Every person who saw this spectacular scene would unconsciously stop breathing.

All of Bu Zhou City was left stunned!

Countless people fought to enter the Underground Nether River to see this rare sight. The Underground Nether River that was usually quiet and sparsely populated was filled with people.

The light given off by two billion mobei caused gasps.

There were also those that tried to sneak their way in among the chaotic crowds but the three hundred guards of Rare Artifacts Hall were on their guard. These guards had cold expressions, and gave off dangerous auras. Those with some experience were all able to see that they were all elite forces. Also, when Tang Chen heard the news, he also sent a troop out to help with security.

Facing such a tight guard, those with greedy desires could only stare.

News of this event quickly spread, and caused a heated discussion in the mo territories.

The great majority of people saw this and treated it as a joke. In the eyes of the majority, Xiao Yun Hai announcing in a flamboyant manner that he was going to forge a new earth mo weapon was because he didn’t know his own limits. Now, he had made such a great ruckus. Many people who had been neutral before didn’t have a good impression of him now.

Yet no one had expected that the participation of two people caused the matter to reach a new climax!

Mo Weapon Grandmaster Bo Qing An, Mo Weapon Grandmaster Yan Man!

Unlike Xiao Yun Hai who had just become famous, these two grandmasters had a great amount of experience. They were some of the top grandmasters of the present era, and the idols of countless mo weapon masters, especially Grandmaster Bo Qing An. He was one of the only three grandmasters who had forged two earth mo weapons among all the mo weapon grandmasters!

He had absolute authority in the field of mo weapon forging. The two grandmasters were the founders of the Mo Weapon Master Association, and their statuses were high.

“I have never thought that there would be a mo weapon grandmaster that would dare claim something so shocking. Yes, he forged an earth mo weapon. When considering his age, this is a proud accomplishment, but I want to say that young people have to keep their feet on the ground. Earth mo weapons are the pinnacle of mo weapons, their worth far surpasses your imagination. Do not think that just because you were lucky to forge one earth mo weapon that you have reached the end of that world. Also, as a mo weapon master, you are clownish in your actions to attract attention, and humiliate the prestige of mo weapon master.”

Grandmaster Yan Man’s tone was strong, his expression filled with dislike, and his words were not polite.

Grandmaster Bo Qing An’s tone was much calmer, but his words were also more careful.

“I saw this list of materials he requested, and there are many materials that are unexpected to me. He may have some novel ideas, but I have to say that with just these materials, he cannot forge an earth mo weapon. A skilled mo weapon grandmaster can turn normal materials into great mo weapons, but this does not mean that all materials can be used to forge earth mo weapons.”

The words of the two mo weapon masters quickly spread.

There had been arguments but it immediately became one-sided. In the attacks, Xiao Yun Hai was like a clown. The only result would be humiliating himself.

People even started to suspect that the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike was not an earth mo weapon. That was just a con that Rare Artifacts Hall and Xiao Yun Hai had made up.


“The situation is not very good.” The manager’s expression was calm, but his eyes were panicked.

“Oh.” The middle-aged mo idly savored his tea with a calm expression. “How bad is it?”

“There are many guests that have sent messages inquiring about this matter. There were a few large orders about to be confirmed, but the customers have stopped. They clearly are doubtful,” the manager reported in a small voice.

“Oh, what else is there, report it all together,” the middle-aged mo said with a small smile.

“As of last night, fifteen mo weapon masters have quit. The Mo Weapon Master Association has called them into question.” The manager’s tone started to turn panicked.

The smile on the middle-aged mo’s face disappeared. He straightened and said in a deep voice, “Why is the Mo Weapon Master Association interfering?”

“It probably due to Bo Qing An and Yan Man’s attitudes. The other mo weapon masters are not resolute, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we treated them well over the years, more of them would have left.” The manager looked carefully at the middle-aged mo.

The middle-aged mo was silent.

In their infancy, the Mo Weapon Master Association had just been a loose network that was started by a few mo weapon grandmasters. With grandmasters leading the way, they constructed a complete and detailed categorization system for weapons and provided numerous services. They would exchange ideas at regular intervals and hold classes. They would provide members with a variety of materials at low prices, help the members sell the mo weapons they had forged and so on.

With these actions, the Mo Weapon Master Association quickly grew and recruited more members. The evaluations of the association were highly trusted and accepted by all factions. The association quickly grew into a powerful organization. They now controlled almost half of the high level mo weapon market.

This was a terrifying number, and even more terrifying was their unparalleled influence on mo weapon masters.

For a business, the loss of a few orders wasn’t a big problem. However, the loss of large numbers of mo weapon masters was enough to hurt their foundation. If a business did not have a steady source of wares, it would greatly affect their reputation and credit.

So the middle-aged mo was unable to sit still when he heard about the loss of the mo weapon masters.

The middle-aged mo’s expression changed. He hadn’t thought the Mo Weapon Master Association would interfere. The departure of these mo weapon masters was clearly due to the machinations of the Mo Weapon Master Association.

He knew why this was.

They attacked Xiao Yun Hai because Xiao Yun Hai wasn’t a member of the Mo Weapon Master Association. The way that the Mo Weapon Master Association acted now was different than at the beginning. Because of the great profits they enjoyed, they tried to do all they could to recruit more mo weapon masters, and the mo weapon masters with talent but were not willing to enter the association would be suppressed both openly and in secret. This wasn’t news.

All the factions were increasingly wary of the Mo Weapon Master Association. However, those with power would nurture their own mo weapon masters. However, not every faction had a mo weapon grandmaster.

If Xiao Yun Hai really could forge a new earth mo weapon, he would immediately enter the ranks of the greatest mo weapon masters. If one considered his age, his potential was unlimited!

His fame would immediately surpass the grandmasters of the association.

It had been many years since a new mo weapon grandmaster had appeared. This Xiao Yun Hai who suddenly came out probably caused the grandmasters of the Mo Weapon Master Association to feel threatened.

A cold smirk rose on the middle-aged mo’s lips.

Rare Artifacts Hall never skimped on their dues to the Mo Weapon Master Association, and he hadn’t thought that the association wouldn’t even speak to them before directly attacking them!

Those grandmasters have fallen due to the temptation of the mobei!

In just a few moments, the middle-aged mo calculated the losses and gains. If he submitted to the Mo Weapon Master Association, while he could gain some short-time benefit, but he would be controlled by the other in the future.

Rather than so, it was better to gamble on Xiao Yun Hai!

“Go, send another portion of items on that list to Xiao Yun Hai,” the middle-aged mo said coldly.

The manager jumped. “But Grandmaster Xiao probably doesn’t need … …”

“Then just add it to the pile there!” The middle-aged mo said coldly, “Go tell the child that Grandmaster Xiao took in, he’s called Bean Sprout, have him tell Grandmaster to request whatever materials he needs. If our Rare Artifacts Hall have them, then we will give them to him!”

The manager just prepared to acknowledge with a wildly beating heart when the middle-aged mo’s tone changed. “No, wait!”

The manager relaxed slightly. Daren had not lost his mind yet!

“Also tell the branch stores. Every store will pick three of their top materials and send it with their best guards. When they arrive, pile them in front of the heaven tier mo weapon pool! Tell Grandmaster he can use them as he pleases. I only have one request, he has to forge an earth mo weapon!”

The middle-aged mo gritted his teeth. That composed face was filled with murderousness!


Due to the matters of Rare Artifacts Hall, the rumors about Gongzi Xi in Bu Zhou City cooled down.

“Old Zhong! Old Qin!” Tang Chen was overjoyed when he saw the people who had come.

“You are still like before!” Zhong Wen Tian looked at Tang Chen and a hint of excitement flashed through his eyes. No one knew that they had met each other in youth, travelled together and fought together. They had formed a close relationship.

Qing Min was also smiling as he said happily, “Other than Marshal Di, everyone is here.” His voice was soft, and he was also very handsome.

The reunion of old friends stirred emotions and nostalgia.

Moments later, they sat down. Gongzi Xi respectfully sat at the end. Zhong Wen Tian and Qin Ming were subordinates of Marshal Di but Marshal Di treated them like brothers. Gongzi Xi also grew up under their eyes, and they were even closer than normal uncles and nephews.

Suddenly, the chief steward of the Tang Family walked hurriedly in and whispered at Tang Chen’s ear.

A look flashed across Tang Chen’s face. Seeing the other people look at him, he explained, “Rare Artifacts Hall and the Mo Weapon Master Association have started to fight.”

“Mo Weapon Master Association!” Qin Ming’s eyes turned icy, and his soft voice was murderousness. “They aren’t good.”

Tang Chen stilled. “What? Did you have a fight with them?”

“It isn’t anything major.” Qin Ming waved his hand and said unconcernedly. “Once, we urgently needed some mo weapons. They asked for a great price, and wanted us to trade using mo weapon masters. We naturally were not willing. Then they tried to sabotage us in secret forcing no other families to dare to sell to us.”

“And then?” Tang Chen asked curiously.

“Haha. Then Old Zhong went to them and killed twelve general levels before they were frightened and sold the mo weapons to us,” Qin Ming said with a smile.

Zhong Wen Tian laughed.

Tang Chen’s expression changed.

At this time, there was a ruckus outside.

Translator Ramblings: The obligatory “he can’t do it” set up along with the “he’s too young” and “it’s just luck” along with a heaping of “disapproving elder” and politics.

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