Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Nine – Shen Crystal

In truth, Zuo Mo did not find the things these people had particularly valuable. What he wanted was to re-experience that feeling from his days at Wu Kong Mountain. Of course, he had to pretentiously sigh over the passing of time. He had once been satisfied for a long time by a few jingshi. That pure joy had become a beautiful memory long ago.

Zuo Mo prepared to leave but someone called him.

“Daren, is that Blood Fiend Axe for sale?”

A man stepped out of the crowd and looked heatedly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo stopped walking and turned around. He examined the other and immediately understood. This person was a brigadier and was perfectly suited for the mo weapon. The mo weapons that Zuo Mo had were mostly taken from the elite members under Marshal Yu’s command. They were mostly mo weapons that the general levels had wielded and were of extraordinary quality for brigadier level mo weapons.

Zuo Mo did not have much use for these brigadier level mo weapons but he also had lots of mobei. Therefore, he said, “Trade only.”

The other immediately had an expression of difficulty, but when he saw the rock in Zuo Mo’s hand, he was inspired. Maybe this daren liked strange things?

He had went to been to places. While he didn’t have treasures, he had several strange articles.

He took out everything he had and put them in front of him. He said respectfully, “Daren, all this one has is here.”

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised by the other’s briskness. This person’s reaction was quick.

While he admired the other, with Little Mo Ge’s caution in doing business, he naturally examined the articles in front of him seriously.

The man was not rich and the pile of items were almost all fragments of things. There wasn’t one complete mo weapon. Zuo Mo’s eyes, however, suddenly it up.

A piece of broken sword that was rusted all over.

When he touched the broken sword fragment, the shen power inside was stimulated.

An ancient item!

Zuo Mo immediately understood. He picked up the broken sword. Unexpectedly, the sword was light as though it was a feather. There was something here! No wonder the man had kept it with him. The man had not recognize the origins of this item, but just the weight of the item would have been enough to pique his curiosity.

“I’ll trade for this.”

Zuo Mo did not hesitate. He waved his hand. The Blood Fiend Axe turned into a streak of red light that embedded itself in the ground in front of the man.

The man was overjoyed. “Many thanks, Daren!”

After saying this, he was afraid Zuo Mo would regret the trade. He hurriedly picked up the Blood Fiend Axe, put away everything, and disappeared. He had picked up the broken sword by chance. Other than being unexpectedly light, it wasn’t special at all. In the beginning, he had searched for people to examine it, but other than marveling at its light weight, no one was able to identify it.

It really was worth it to use a useless broken sword to him to trade for a brigadier mo weapon!

With this mo weapon, his power would skyrocket!

The other people saw the man had used a rusty broken sword to trade for a fine brigadier level mo weapon. Their eyes turned red.

“Daren, Daren, please look here, do you have anything you want?”

“Daren, look here!”

They took out what they had and hoped that Zuo Mo would trade for one of their items. Then they could also trade for a brigadier level mo weapon. There wasn’t another place with bargains like this!

An unknown stone, a rusty broken sword, these were actually traded for two high quality brigadier level mo weapons.

The other passengers on the Sky Shark heard the news and all ran in this direction.

How could they miss such a good event?

Such a noisy affair naturally disturbed the guards on the Sky Shark. The price of riding the Sky Shark wasn’t low so there was a full guard on board for security on the trip.

But when they arrived, they coincidentally saw the heated scene.

The price to travel on a sky shark was high and consequently, the guests here definitely had some wealth. They quickly found that this daren was not interested in the things that they thought were pretty good. It was usually a knick-knack of unknown origins that easily attracted his favor.

After some more people successfully traded for mo weapons, the crowd immediately became even more restless.

It seemed that this daren had strange taste.

Zuo Mo had a whole bunch of brigadier level mo weapons on him. Since he had no use for them, it was worth it to trade them for useful things. Also, Little Mo Ge had good eyes, and knew the ways of doing business. Of course he only profited and did not lose.

When the leader of the guards walked over, he saw the scene of the trades. There seemed to be an endless number of mo weapons behind that guest, each was of extraordinary quality.

Even though he had entered general level a long time ago and brigadier level mo weapons were not of great use to him, he still pondered if he should trade for one or two. It would be a great present to give to his juniors. The next few mo weapons traded away were all of outstanding quality. No wonder even the guards were moved.

Fortunately the leader of the guards did not forget his duties. He forced down his impulse. What he needed to do was to maintain order and prevent chaos.

“Boss, there!” a subordinate suddenly shouted.

The leader of the guards stilled and turned his face. Following the finger of his subordinate, he saw the almost naked people lying on the ground. Wait, wasn’t that Young Master Ji?

The leader of the guards broke out in a cold sweat.

It was over!

He had a deep understanding of Young Master Ji’s arrogance. However, the Ji Family of the Horizontal Jie was powerful and protective. Other people did not dare to resist. But Young Master Ji was stripped so cleanly … …

The leader of the guard did not plan on thinking further about what would happen next. Inside, he grimaced. This had occurred on his sky shark and he would most likely be affected as well.

However, he did not immediately try to get justice for Young Master Ji. He was experienced and he knew that if the person who dared to act so against Young Master Ji of Horizontal Jie and his people was either powerful or had his own backing. No matter which, they would not be someone he could offend.

But it was not good for Young Master Ji’s group to be left lying naked in the street. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Put clothing over them.”

Some shark guards took off their outer robe and put them over the bodies of the Ji Family members.

Seeing no one step out, the leader of the guards sighed in relief. Putting clothes on Young Master Ji was a test of this daren’s intentions. No one stopped him so he said, “Help them back to their own rooms.”

No one paid attention to the movements of the shark guards. Everyone was excitedly attempting to trade with Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo of course detected it, but he ignored it. For him, this was just a small punishment. If the other still did not recognize what was good for him and came back to look for trouble, he did not mind giving that Horizontal Jie Ji Family a memorable lesson.

The shark guard leader quickly learned of what had happened and his gaze as he looked at Zuo Mo became respectful and awed.

Zuo Mo’s business was quickly finished.

His eyes were skilled and his consciousness swept across the items almost as soon as other people took them out. He immediately spotted if there was anything he was interested in.

Today, he had obtained some good things. He was in a good mood.

However, it was not worth it to waste his cultivation time for these things. He stopped his transactions and returned to his yard, ignoring the calls of the other passengers behind him.

The shark guard leader opened his mouth but did not say anything in the end.

Returning to the yard, Zuo Mo immediately set up a large number of jinzhi.

Then he took out the stone streaked with blood. He raised his head and said to Ceng Lian’er who was looking at him with a curious expression, “Give me the Green Carp Tongue Sword to use.”

Ceng Liane’r handed over the Green Carp Sword.

Zuo Mo held the Green Carp Tongue Sword and started to strike at the surface of the stone.

The stone was cut piece by piece like a piece of dough. Ceng Lian’er had a shocked expression. As the stone became smaller, her surprise increased. A Gui felt shen power and unconsciously moved closer to inspect the stone.

Shen power!

This stone actually contained shen power!

Zuo Mo’s cutting movements became slower, and it was evident that it was taking effort to wield the Green Carp Sword in his hand. As he continued to slice off layers, the concentration of shen power contained in the rock layers became denser. The stone also became stronger. Zuo Mo had to channel shen power in order to continue to slice off layers.

As he cut deeper, the blood color became more apparent.

Zuo Mo cut off the last piece of the surface. A pure and clear red cube appeared in front of the trio.

Shen crystal!

In that moment, Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er stopped breathing at the same time.

The shen crystal was about the size of a walnut. It was completely red, clear and glowing, beautiful. What was even more enchanting was that the wave of shen power it exuded was pure and gentle. It filled the entire yard. If not for the jinzhi that Zuo Mo had cast before, everyone on the Sky Shark would have been alerted to this wave of shen power.

“There are actually shen crystals in this world … …” Zuo Mo murmured to himself. His expression was grave. He naturally knew what this meant.

In the xiuzhe world, jingshi mines were the core of the income for every sect. It was the most important resource of all resources, and the life of every sect.

A crack had been opened in the gates to the shen power era. At the time, the value in the discovery of shen crystals was peerless!

Holding the shen crystal in his hand, Zuo Mo’s shen power seemed to be simulated. It became unprecedentedly active. Almost as his mind moved, a thread of shen power came out of the shen crystal and burrowed into Zuo Mo’s body along his palm.

When this shen power entered Zuo Mo’s body, it immediately merged with the shen power inside Zuo Mo’s body. Zuo Mo felt refreshed and comfortable.

The light of the shen crystal in his hand dimmed slightly.

As expected, then shen crystal could help him cultivate shen power!

Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes, the light in his eyes bright. He handed the shen crystal to Ceng Lian’er. Moments later, Ceng Lian’er’s expression changed.

Ceng Lian’er’s shen power was of a completely opposite attribute to his but she could also use the shen crystal. This showed that the shen crystal’s shen power did not have any attribute.

This would be of great aid to shen power cultivation of any kind.

If he had the help of shen crystals, his cultivation would be even faster. If he could find enough shen crystals, then his cultivation speed would multiply!

This meant that the time he needed to advance would be greatly decreased.

A Gui’s Undying Shen Power!

Almost without hesitation, Zuo Mo made his decision.

“We need to go to the abyss of Hundred Energy Jie!”

Translator Ramblings: A rival for Zuo Mo’s love of jingshi!

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