Chapter 359: Waiting For An Opportunity To Act

“You have to think this through carefully.”

The City Lord’s smile was cold and sinister, revealing an expression that he had everything under control.

Shan sat cross-legged not far behind the City Lord. White mist was rising from his body, and the b.l.o.o.d.y injuries on his body were mostly healed. It would not take long for him to join hands with the City Lord.

Now that Bai Xi and the thin man were both injured, if Shan and the City Lord were to join hands…

Lin Bai’s heart sank.

Bai Xi was recuperating under the protection of Little Black and had already lost the ability to fight. Thin man was also heavily injured, and his strength had been greatly reduced.

If he chose to cover them while escaping from here, it would be the worst option. The City Lord would definitely stop him in every way possible. At that time, Lin Bai would be mult.i.tasking, and he would definitely expose a flaw.


A faint sound of air being torn apart could be heard!

Lin Bai subconsciously looked in the direction of the City Lord, but the City Lord still stood where he was and did not move at all!

Lin Bai only felt his scalp go numb. His body leaned forward, and without turning his head, he rolled. Then, he suddenly exerted strength under his feet and jumped to the other side of the altar.

Only then did he clearly see that where he was standing, there was a figure covered in darkness.

That figure’s shape and posture were 90% similar to the City Lord’s…

“F * ck!”

The skinny man hiding in the darkness could not help but look behind him when he saw this scene.

At the same time, Little Black only felt an attack coming from behind him. He suddenly leaned back and waved his sharp claws. A ball of pitch-black City Lord turned into a sticky, stinky liquid that fused with the demon qi that enveloped the altar.

Little Black looked pleased and waved his claws at Lin Bai. “How is it? Hehe, not bad, right? I don’t care if he’s human or demon, bring it on!”

Seeing that Little Black had succeeded, Little Blue praised it from the bottom of its heart. It jumped up and down, making Little Black look even more pleased.

When Lin Bai and the skinny man saw this scene, they felt nervous. Their worries were instantly turned into ashes by the two funny little beasts.


“Be careful!” Lin Bai shouted.

The pitch-black version of the City Lord, which had been destroyed by Little Black, showed up again. It held a strange-shaped longsword in its hand and stabbed directly in the direction of Bai Xi.

Seeing this, Little Black could only clench its teeth and use its body to take this attack head-on.


The pitch-black longsword, which had a strange-shaped shape, shattered bit by bit when it collided with Little Black. It turned into a sticky, stinky liquid and merged with the demon qi on the altar.


Blacky wiped the sweat off its forehead in a human-like manner, not daring to be the slightest bit careless. If not for Lin Bai’s timely reminder, that black shadow might have really killed Bai Xi!

“What a headache!”

Lin Bai quickly turned around. Not far behind him, two City Lord clones had already appeared.

Lin Bai brandished the sword in his hand and took the lead in launching an attack, causing the two clones to dissipate and disappear.

“But this isn’t a solution... even if we destroy them once, they’ll recover a second time and a third time. Only by destroying the source can we solve it!”

Lin Bai muttered in his heart.

The source was the City Lord who stood in the middle of the altar and had everything under control. He was also looking at everyone with an enjoyable mood.


But right at this moment, the thing that Lin Bai didn’t want to happen the most happened.

Shan let out a breath of turbid air and opened his eyes. There was a piercing red light blossoming in his eyes. He slowly stood up and stretched his muscles and bones.

Crack! Crack!

A series of ear-splitting explosions sounded!

“Useless thing. Once you wake up, quickly get rid of them with me. We must catch Lin Bai alive. He still has many secrets on him...”

“Useless thing!” The City Lord shouted coldly.

Shan’s face was dark, and his body was slightly hunched as he stood behind the City Lord.

At this moment, the City Lord looked at Lin Bai coldly. He stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked his thin lips.

“Yes, Sir!” Shan said in a deep voice.

In the darkness outside the altar.

One was fat, and the other was strong. The two of them were lying behind a huge rock, stuck out their heads, and held their breaths as they looked down.

“F * ck! This indestructible ghost technique can create clones?!”

Fatty’s face was full of shock, and his face was slightly pale.

“Although these clones aren’t as strong as the main body, they have the advantage of numbers and can’t be destroyed...” Fu Hu a.n.a.lyzed calmly.

“Shan is going to make a move now. When are we going to help them?!”

Fatty’s heart was filled with impatience.

Earlier, he had seen Bai Xi and skinny being injured one after another. If not for Fu Hu pressing down on his shoulders, Fatty would have already charged forward.

“It’s still not the time.” Fu Hu shook his head.

“It’s still not the time?” Fatty gritted his teeth.

“If you want to help them and not give yourself over for free, then listen to me!” Fu Hu’s voice became serious.

“The City Lord hasn’t discovered us yet. We’re in the dark, and he’s in the open. This is a huge advantage for us. We must find the right time to make him suffer!”

Fatty gritted his teeth and suppressed his emotions.

“Leave those two ants to me!”

Shan looked at the pitch-black empty s.p.a.ce, then at Little Black and Bai Xi.

“F * ck!”

The skinny man cursed. He thought that he had disguised himself to the extreme and had completely blended into the darkness. However, Shan stood up and saw through his position with just a glance.

Little Black’s eyes were like torches as he stared at Shan, not daring to be the slightest bit careless.

The City Lord did not say anything, which meant that he had agreed to Shan’s plan.

Shan’s black fur began to flutter as he threw a fierce punch towards Little Black!

Behind Little Black was Bai Xi, so he could only brace himself and strike out with his claw!


Little Black took two steps back, while Shan took one step back!

Shan’s fist smashed out with a loud bang, and dense white bones broke out of its skin. His little finger was only connected by the skin, and it was already a b.l.o.o.d.y mess!

Shan looked at the injured fist in surprise, but there was no painful expression on his face. “Haha! This spirit beast is interesting, interesting. Can I keep this little beast’s life?”

The City Lord said indifferently, “As you wish.”

Shan used his other hand to caress the injured fist. Accompanied by a scalp-numbing cracking sound, the thick white bones on the fist were reset. The little finger that was only connected by the skin began to grow pink tender flesh…

Shan suddenly turned around, his face full of disdain. His elbow smashed into the darkness. “Ants in the darkness should rot in there and never come out!”


A crisp sound of metal was heard!

The dagger in the thin man’s hand shattered, and scarlet blood oozed out from between his thumb and forefinger!

The thin man was just about to escape into the darkness when two City Lord clones attacked him from both sides. He could only brace himself and enter another bitter battle.

On the other side, the City Lords’ clones appeared behind Little Black and Bai Xi respectively. Little Black could only turn his head and accept the battle.

Shan naturally would not let go of this opportunity. His feet suddenly swayed, and sharp claws waved out, attacking the thin man from the bottom up!

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