Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Three – Explanations of Shen Power

Ceng Lian’er had stared at the ball of light in Zuo Mo’s hand for a long time before she couldn’t resist speaking, “Why do you cultivate spells?”

Since a few days ago, Zuo Mo suddenly started to cultivate spells. While Ceng Lian’er did not know much about spells, but she knew that with Zuo Mo’s personality that he would not do useless things.

To go from cultivating shen power to suddenly cultivating ling power, she found this very strange.

Zuo Mo was sweating and it seemed that it took him great effort. However, he did not stop and spoke as he worked, “The three powers are each branches of shen power. Cultivating the three powers can help us advance our shen power.”

Ceng Lian’ers expression was puzzled.

She had the inheritance from the Moon Tribe and her understanding of shen power was completely different than Zuo Mo’s.

Zuo Mo did not explain how he arrived at this conclusion but Pu Yao and Wei had found that there was evidence to support this conclusion. It could not be explained in a sentence or two.

But he still added, “The disappearance of shen power should have another cause other than just the loss of the inheritances.”

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes suddenly it up. “What other reason?”

The disappearance of shen power had always been a mystery. Up until now, no one had been able to explain it. That era was too distant in the past, and there were few records on the matter that had survived the march of time. Most of these were not specific in their wording. The shen power was stronger than the three powers. A Gui, Zuo Mo, and Ceng Lian’er were only in the early stages of mortal level and, when they coordinated, could kill fanxu xiuzhe. The advantages could be seen.

But the powerful shen power had still disappeared and the three powers which were not as powerful had developed and their use had spread until it became the mainstream method. This was something hard for people to understand. No matter if it was xiuzhe, yao, or mo, their pursuit of power was the same.

When Ceng Lian’er heard that Zuo Mo might have found the reason, she became alert.

“Belief.” Zuo Mo said. He didn’t mess up the spell on his hand.

“Belief … … “Ceng Lian’er stilled.

“The warriors of the ancient tribes have another identity. They are the totems of their tribes, they are thought of as the gods of their tribes. They are entities that the tribes sacrifice to and worship. That is why ancient tribes have temples. And now, no matter if it is xiuzhe, or yaomo, we do not have totems nor temples.”

Ceng Lian’er contemplated this idea.

“In other words, cultivating shen power now is not the same as in the past. We have the inheritances, but we cannot be like the entities of the past and become totem warriors. We cannot receive the belief and ceremonial sacrifices of other people. However, we can work on the three powers. The three powers are not as strong as shen power but their cultivation systems are stricter and they developed from shen power so they are of great help to cultivating shen power.”

As Zuo Mo spoke, the light on his hand showed signs of instability and he hurriedly shifted his focus back.

Ceng Lian’er was intelligent and the inheritance she received from the Moon Tribe was complete. After some thought, she understood that what Zuo Mo said was correct. In the Moon Shen Power inheritance she had, much of the content was related to temples. In the past, she had not thought of this. Now, when she thought of Zuo Mo’s explanation, she realized.

The temple was for gathering belief.

“Can you teach me yao arts and spells?” Ceng Lian’er suddenly said.

Zuo Mo stopped. He hadn’t thought that Ceng Lian’er would ask this. It had to be said that for an actual mo, it was a difficult matter to learn spells and yao arts from the start.

He looked at Ceng Lian’er. “It is slightly difficult to start from the beginning.”

Ceng Lian’er smiled. “At the very least, it won’t be as difficult as cultivating shen power.”

Zuo Mo was left speechless. Yes, she was right. The cultivation of the three powers would not be as difficult as cultivating shen power. He did not refuse her. After some thought, he took out two jade scrolls. “Your mo physique is very good. This [Jade Bone Spell] uses ling power to refine the bones and will be of help to your mo physique. This [Nether Jail Bone Sacrificial Art] is also suited to you. You might try to practice this.”

Previously, Pu Yao had given Zuo Mo all of the spells and yao arts he had collected. Wei’s previous master had been a battle maniac and challenged numerous people when she had been young leading Wei to have a deep understanding in mo skills, and all kinds of mo skill styles. Wei had not held anything back.

Those skills that could attract Pu Yao and Wei’s interest were not average things. Other than cultivation, Zuo Mo had spent these days reading the spells, yao arts, and mo skills. While they were lacking greatly compared to shen techniques, because they were not as powerful as shen pechniques, their demands on the control and use of power was finer.

Start from the three powers. This was the result of Zuo Mo, Pu Yao and Wei’s discussion on reconstruction.

They all thought that the path the present shen power had to take was completely different than in the era of the ancient tribes.

Once this direction was confirmed, Zuo Mo burrowed into the “Pu Wei Record Pavilion”, something that could rival those record halls of the four great sects.

He only slept for four hours each day and spent the rest of his time reading or cultivating. Pu Yao and Wei had helped him design an extremely intense cultivation plan. This cultivation plan detailed everything down to ten minute blocks, and was so strict it was like a forging report.

Zuo Mo was perfectly carrying out this cultivation plan.

Whenever he was so tired he wanted to die Zuo Mo’s would look towards A Gui, sitting silently beside him, and he would be filled with strength.

He had never been so focused or worked so hard.

Even Pu Yao and Wei were secretly surprised inside. The cultivation plan they had designed only existed in theory. When they had designed it, they had not thought that Zuo Mo would manage to carry it out.

But when Zuo Mo had perfectly finished the first phase, it gave them a scare.

The Little Mo Ge they saw before them was so unfamiliar they were astounded.

Day after day, Zuo Mo’s cultivation still diligently followed the cultivation plan designed by the two.

Even though Pu Yao and Wei were left shocked to the point they didn’t know what to say, this was still not enough in Zuo Mo’s eyes.

The progress was too slow!

Pu Yao and Wei both thought that the present rate of improvement was at the limit unless there was outside simulation. They were definitely at the forefront when it came to the study of shen power.

If regular methods were useless, then he would use extreme methods.

For example, fighting.

Zuo Mo was waiting for the other people in Xuan Kong Temple to arrive. The enormous Xuan Kong Temple would not give up on such a good chance to obtain shen power. From how Xuan Kong Temple was willing to send out two fanxu, it could be seen that Xuan Kong Temple wanted to capture them.

Zuo Mo suddenly stopped the spell and his expression changed slightly.

They had come!

One, two, three … …

Thirty people, each of them yuanying!

Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. Xuan Kong Temple had such a high opinion of him!

Such a grand and enormous group did not scare him. He felt his blood boil, fighting spirit filling his chest. He wanted to immediately have a fight against the crowd of thieving baldies.

He quickly calmed down. A strategy was required to win against thirty Xuan Kong Temple yuanying.

A moment later, Ceng Lian’er stopped cultivating and looked at Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo did not speak and nodded at her. Ceng Lian’er understood and moved into the air. Zuo Mo grabbed A Gui and also jumped to fly.

“They are over there!”

The elders of Xuan Kong Temple immediately spotted the trio and pursed them.

But the Xuan Kong Temple eldest found quickly that the three were even faster than they were. In a blink, there was only an extremely thin white mark in the sky and no sign of the trio.

“Such speed!”

Many elders praised. Such speed. It could even compare to the Kun Lun sword xiu.

A widely-read elder had an astounded expression. “This is [Sky Mark]!”

“[Sky Mark]!”

Many elders stilled. They seemed to have heard this name before but they did not remember it clearly.

“It is from before the thousand year battle, the secret skill of Air Travel Sect!”

This elder’s explanation immediately stirred people’s memories. However, not every elder had an interest in the sects from before the thousand year war. One elder said, “Old Lin, explain in more detail.”

Old Lin did not refuse and said, “The Air Travel Sect was an intermediate sect before the thousand year war. They had two powerful spells, one called the [Air Kill Spell] the other [Sky Mark]. [Sky Mark] was the top flying spell at the time. When one flies using it, there will be an extremely thin mark left in the sky so it is called Sky mark. When it was used together with the treacherous [Air Kill Spell], it became famous. However, all of Air Travel Sect had died in the thousand year war. Is this Xiao Mo Ge a descendant of Air Travel Sect?”

When he reached the end, Old Lin was slightly puzzled.

“This boy’s history is strange. Elder Dai Tao said that he cultivates all three ways, that appears to be true. However, we do not need to waste effort on this. When he capture him, all will be revealed,” an elder said with a snort.

“Elder Pang is right!”

The other elders nodded.

It could be seen that Elder Pang held authority among the elders. He turned his head and said, “Elder Xu, Elder Wu, Elder Hao, you three are the fastest in the sect. Please go first. Once you catch up to him, do not fight him head on, just follow behind him and message us the position. This boy is cunning. Be careful.”

The three elders nodded. They did not speak more and moved into the air.

As expected of the three who were skilled in flying spells, with their flying talismans, they immediately turned into three different colored lights and disappeared into the horizon.

The other elders put out their flying talismans, lotuses, lucky clouds, or ling beasts, each using something different.

Xuan Kong Temple was not skilled in flying but as one of the four greats, all of the elders were wealthy. The talismans and ling beasts they used were extraordinary, lights flashing and astounding in presence.

Zuo Mo’s spell really had been [Sky Mark].

When he had first came up with the plan, he had planned every detail. His gamble meant his growth had to be quick in order to survive the fighting, the risk did not need to be stated. If he lost, there would not be a chance to regret it.

What was crucial to this battle was speed. If Xuan Kong Temple’s elders surrounded him, he was dead.

The flying talismans he had were greatly lacking compared to the elders of Xuan Kong Temple. Therefore, when he found [Sky Mark] among the spells that Pu Yao collected, he immediately started to practice it.

[Sky Mark] was peerlessly quick, as expected of a flying spell that was at the top three thousand years ago.

Enjoying the pleasure of high speed flying, Zuo Mo had started the next step in his plan.

Thieving baldies, enjoy ge’s welcome!

Translator Ramblings: Same name, different thing, I can’t see Zuo Mo being worshiped. He’ll rather worship jingshi.

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