Chapter 362: Power of The Prison

Inside the Netherworld prison, Lin Bai injected a thread of spirit energy into the small cauldron. With a buzz, the small cauldron emitted a dazzling golden light. A quarter of the prison area was illuminated.

After Lin Bai’s previous attempts, he found that if he injected only a little bit of spirit energy, the small cauldron would only emit a dazzling golden light. It could be used as a lamp. If he needed to use the small cauldron to illuminate for a long time, it would not consume too much spiritual power.

However, if someone heard that Lin Bai used such a small cauldron as a lamp, many people would probably spit out blood and die.

“As expected!”

Lin Bai looked at the ground. There were tiny protrusions that were expanding and growing at a rapid speed. This was just as he had guessed.

In the Netherworld prison, every time the City Lord’s clone was defeated, it would split up. Its strength would not decrease too much, but the number would increase exponentially.

Little Blue had a troubled expression on its face. How could these people not die!!

Lin Bai saw Little Blue’s expression and could not help but laugh. “Little Blue, don’t worry, we will find a way!”

Little Blue heard this and heaved a sigh of relief. Its expression also eased up somewhat.

Little Blue had complete trust in Lin Bai’s words and actions. If Lin Bai said that he could live forever and become a deity... Little Blue would not hesitate to believe him.

After handing over the City Lord’s clones to Little Blue, Lin Bai quietly came to the edge of the prison and reached out a hand toward the darkness.

Because his vision was blurry, Lin Bai could only use his physical body to experience the boundaries of the prison.

Not long after, Lin Bai touched the ice-cold, solid barrier.

Lin Bai drew his long sword and stabbed forward with all his strength.

However, along with the sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng, the barrier of the prison and the long sword in Lin Bai’s hand remained unharmed.

After that, Lin Bai tried a few more methods. He even tried to touch it with a small cauldron, but he did not leave a single mark on the barrier.


A sinister and cold laughter sounded from outside the prison.

“It’s useless. With your cultivation, you won’t be able to escape from the prison with brute force. Give up!”

The voice belonged to the City Lord.

Lin Bai silently took a few steps back and tried his best to stay as far away from the prison walls as possible.


At this moment, a faint sound of air being torn apart could be heard.

Following that, Lin Bai’s five senses told him that there was something that had pa.s.sed through the prison walls and was attacking at lightning speed.

Lin Bai did not hesitate to take out his small cauldron to protect himself. He then brandished the longsword in his right hand and stabbed at the approaching figure.


The ear-piercing sound of metal colliding was heard, accompanied by sparks.

With the weak light from the sparks, Lin Bai saw a familiar face. It was the City Lord.


Lin Bai had clearly felt with his hands that there was an invincible barrier in the prison.

Then, why could the City Lord ignore the barrier and use his physical body to pa.s.s through the barrier?!

“Haha!” The City Lord was quite happy when he saw the expression on Lin Bai’s face. “Do you know that when you set up a prison, the prison can be divided into two parts: you can only enter, you can only leave, and you can do neither?”

So that was the case!

Lin Bai suddenly understood.

The City Lord’s Netherworld prison prevented the people inside from escaping to a great extent, but it also allowed outsiders to enter to a great extent. From this, the walls of this prison could be considered to be indestructible. At the same time, it allowed the City Lord to pa.s.s through every prison without any hindrance…

Within the prison, there were clones that could not be killed and the number of clones increased exponentially.

Outside the prison, there was the City Lord who was constantly wandering around, waiting for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Fortunately, Shan had already been heavily injured by Fatty.

When Lin Bai thought of this, he let out a sigh of relief. If the City Lord and Shan were to use this prison together, then Lin Bai and the others would definitely not be able to retaliate.

Losing Shan could be said to have reduced the difficulty from extremely difficult to difficult.

As Lin Bai’s thoughts drifted, he exchanged blows with the City Lord several times.

Even though the City Lord had a great advantage in terms of cultivation, he would always wait for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack after giving it his all.

This method seemed very stupid, but in reality, it could drain Lin Bai’s energy bit by bit, erode Lin Bai’s confidence, and even increase Lin Bai’s burden.

It could be said to be the method with the highest success rate.

“Lin Bai, it seems that you already have some understanding of how terrifying it is to be in the Netherworld prison... Not bad, I like your troubled expression.”

The City Lord’s voice came from the darkness.

But in the next second, the City Lord’s voice sounded from another place:

“Hehehe... I gave you a chance long ago, I gave you a chance to throw yourself onto the ground and beg for mercy. But when the opportunity is right in front of you, you don’t even know how to grasp it, so you can only...”


A piercing sound was heard!

Lin Bai twisted his feet, and his right hand turned into a claw, clawing at his back. At the same time, he held the small cauldron in his left hand in front of him to protect himself.

In the previous few battles, Lin Bai had already lost too much of his spirit energy to the small cauldron. Now, he only had a little bit of spirit energy left, so unless it was an emergency, he could only use the small cauldron as a s.h.i.+eld for now.


The sound of collision rang out!

Lin Bai stood steadily on the spot, but the area between the thumb and forefinger of his sword was slightly numb.

“Not bad, not bad. It’s just that you can hold on for a few more rounds. Let’s take a look at your spirit beast.”

Lin Bai looked in the direction of Little Blue when he heard the sound.

Little Blue had thirty to forty City Lord clones around it. At first, Little Blue was quite relaxed, but now it had to fight with all its might. Fortunately Little Blue’s physical body was strong and st.u.r.dy. Even if he was accidentally hit by the City Lord clone.., it would only be a small injury.

But if the number of these clones continued to increase…

He had to find a way to break it!

“Haha, Lin Bai, you will feel a little bit of what is called despair and what is called helplessness. I look forward to your helpless screams, cries, and pleas after you fall into despair! Just imagining it makes me feel unbearable!”

The City Lord’s voice came from all directions. It was difficult for Lin Bai to control the other party’s position.



The sound of air being torn apart was accompanied by the sound of a battle!

This was how the City Lord constantly used his words and the direction of the sound to deceive Lin Bai’s ears and wait for an opportunity to take action.

However... Instead of taking action, Lin Bai felt that the City Lord was enjoying the feeling of toying with his prey, enjoying the process of making his prey fall into despair.

A moment later, the City Lord once again approached Lin Bai. Just like the previous battles, he sent a palm strike towards Lin Bai’s left shoulder, and Lin Bai also sent a palm strike out.

But right at this moment...

Lin Bai felt a City Lord at his back waving a palm strike towards him.

It was as easy as crus.h.i.+ng dry weeds and rotten wood, cold and sinister, brutal and savage!

Lin Bai could only abruptly retract the palm strike that he had sent out. Instead, he leaped up high and stepped on the palm of the City Lord. When the palms and feet collided, Lin Bai took advantage of the situation to attack behind him. He punched out, dispersing the palm force of the City Lord behind him.

Although the City Lord’s attack had been dissolved by Lin Bai.

But just now, the City Lord’s frontal attack had been split into two, and the power contained within was not much different, causing a thin layer of sweat to form on Lin Bai’s forehead.

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