Chapter Six Hundred and Eighty Two – God-Killing Blood Sword

Wei Sheng walked along the street as the people around him gazed on in awe. Wei Sheng was famed in the mo territories. Up until now, he had not lost once.

There had been over twenty experts that had fallen to his sword.

Many of them were famous and were lords of an area. After his successive victories, Wei Sheng had become famous.

He has started by challenging others but was now challenged by others. This change had only taken him a few months.

The mo did not have too much of a negative attitude towards Wei Sheng. He was quiet, speaking few words, and determined. He also was not pretentious and was frugal. He was obsessed with the pursuit of power, and his passion and devotion to the sword was admirable. Also, he was an honest person. While he had defeated more than twenty experts, it was rare that people died by his sword.

In the eyes of the proud mo, Wei Sheng had almost all the attributes that mo revered.

Even the mo found it difficult to feel dislike for such a person. Many mo sighed inside. It would be wonderful if such a person was born a mo.

He was also so strong!

Having defeated twenty general level experts, many people speculated that he would not have a match below marshal level.

Would it really take a marshal to beat him?

However, many people felt that this was not interesting. Which marshal did not have great power and authority? They were each busy fighting to expanding their holdings. Who had the free time to fight against a sword xiu?

Maybe Wei Sheng’s strength was almost close to marshal level, but even if it was just a sliver away, this kind of difference was unable to be crossed.

The gazes of the leaders were mostly looking at the battle between Jiang Zhe and Xiao Mo Ge. In their view, an expert like Wei Sheng was worthy of praise. But as long as he did not become a fanxu, he would not have any true influence on the state of affairs. However, the results of Xiao Mo Ge’s battle would directly affect the state of the world.

If Xiao Mo Ge won, his reputation would grow, and he would become the first among the new generation of mo generals. Additionally, the decline of Xuan Kong Temple would not be able to be prevented.

If Xuan Kong Temple won, the mo would suffer another loss on the battlefield. Jiang Zhe’s reputation would grow, Xuan Kong Temple would become even stronger, and Xiao Mo Ge would not have any place to hide.

The attention this battle received was far greater than Wei Sheng’s matches.

Wei Sheng was not affected. These factors were never ones that he paid attention to. He stepped onto the battle stage like usual and waited for the arrival of his opponents.

He sat down in lotus position with the black sword floating next to him.

He did not know who his opponent today was. He had never searched for information on any of his opponents. That was meaningless for him. He was trying to refine his sword essence, and was not fighting to win. Pure victory was not of value to him.

His mind was like a void and a little black sword was within it. If one looked closely, they would find that it was a miniature black sword. However, unlike the savagery and bloodthirst of the black sword, this little black sword had the beginnings of majesty.

The sword was like the endless void!

Vast, deep, and boundless!

Void sword sesence!

His void sword essence had already surpassed any of Wu Kong Sword Sect’s forebearers, and reached an unprecedented height. The sixth-grade sword scripture was transforming in his hands.

Suddenly, the little black sword shook lightly.

A faint, almost imperceptible, void sword essence rippled into the surroundings.

Everything nearby appeared in Wei Sheng’s mind.

Among the densely packed crowd, one person was extremely clear.

This person was spying on him!

The little black sword was connected to Wei Sheng’s mind. It seemed to detect something and shook urgently.

Sword essence!

This person was a sword xiu and also a Kun Lun sword xiu!

This person’s eyes were filled with imperceptible enmity but what caused the little black sword to react so was the faint Kun Lun sword presence that he carried. It could not be detected with the naked eye, but in the void of the sword, it was eye-catching.

Wei Sheng knew long ago that Kun Lun would not give up.

But Kun Lun probably had not expected that he would also not give up.

Wei Sheng suddenly opened his eyes. A harsh light flashed across his determined eyes.

Since they had come, then they should not think of leaving!

Wei Sheng stood. The black sword seemed to respond and flashed into his hand.

The mo below the stage were all astounded. It was the first time that they had seen Wei Sheng perform any other actions before a fight. In the past matches, before the opponent came, Wei Sheng would sit motionlessly like a rock with his eyes closed.

What did he want to do?

The mo all showed puzzled expressions.

At this time, they heard Wei Sheng’s clear shout ring in their ears.

“Kun Lun sword xiu, when did you become people that hide in the shadows?”

Wei Sheng’s black sword pointed towards the Kun Lun sword xiu in the crowd.

Kun Lun sword xiu!

The mo below the stage were astounded.

The two words Kun Lun had brought endless pain towards the mo in thousands of years.

In the direction Wei Sheng was pointing people parted like the tide, revealing the Kun Lun sword xiu among the crowd.

His figure was average and so was his appearance. He did not show any differences compared to the average mo and if he was a part of the crowd, he would quickly fade away.

The Kun Lun sword xiu did not move. Wei Sheng’s sword essence had locked onto him.

“I’m very curious how you found me?”

His voice was dry, hoarse, and ugly to hear. There wasn’t any presence on him as though he was a normal person. However, his words confirmed his identity.

“My sword recognizes you.”

Wei Sheng said coolly.

Just as he finished speaking, the space between him and the Kun Lun sword xiu had turned into a patch of endless void.

“They say that Wu Kong Sword Sect had a sixth-grade sword scripture called the Void Sword Scripture. I hadn’t expected that you are able to elevate it. If your sect leader and shishu heard of this in the grave, they would feel gratified,” the Kun Lun sword xiu smiled and said to himself.

Wei Sheng’s body shook.

His steely gaze gradually became pained. He grip on the black sword tightened, his knuckles turned white and trembled slightly.

The endless void shook and showed signs of instability.

There was a faint smile on the face of the Kun Lun sword xiu. He slowly walked forward as though he was taking a stroll.

“It is a pity that you were not able to see them one last time. Even your fellow disciples ended up in the hands of mo and become their prisoners. It really causes one to feel pity that Wu Kong Sword Sect was destroyed after existing for several hundred years.”

Wei Sheng was silent. However, the blood in his face retreated as the other spoke.

The Kun Lun sword xiu looked wryly at Wei Sheng. In the intelligence report, Wei Sheng had a resilient and hardy personality but he cared greatly for his sect, this was his greatest weakness!

Sword essence was eternal and could exist for thousands of lifetimes. Emotions were just common things. If one’s sword essence was infected by their emotions, they would never be able to reach the peak.

Such a pity for this good man!

There was still a smile on the Kun Lun sword xiu’s face. However, his eyes were filled with ice and emotionlessness.

A transparent little sword that was as thin as a cicada’s wings appeared in his hands.

Just as he was about to act, he suddenly became alarmed. His icy eyes suddenly changed.

In front of him, Wei Sheng’s presence suddenly changed.

An ancient and desolate presence filled with deep grief flooded from the endless void and turned into threads that entered the black sword in his hand.

The black sword suddenly hummed!

It was like the howl of ancient wasteland beasts. The savagery and vicious presence filled the air. The thick tang of blood came from the sword and merged into the black void in the surroundings.

Almost in a flash, the dark void became tinged with dark red.

Wei Sheng’s body trembled violently. His face was ashen as though all the blood in his body had been drained. But his hand that held the black sword was like rock and didn’t move a sliver.

The Kun Lun sword xiu suddenly raised his head. He saw an mountainous blood coloured sword floating behind Wei Sheng.

Streams of blood dripped. The savage and bloody presence caused his sword heart to instinctively tremble.

This was … …

Wei Sheng’s slightly red eyes became deep red, then dark red until they became black.

The same deep black like the previous void.

The killing essence and the tang of blood seemed to disappear. The enormous blood sword behind Wei Sheng also disappeared as if it was just a mirage.

However, the blood tinged void in the surroundings informed people that the scene just now had not been an illusion.

The Kun Lun sword xiu’s mouth was wide as he looked behind Wei Sheng. It was as though he had seen a ghost.

“God-Killing Blood Sword … … how is it possible … …”

He murmured to himself with an ashen expression.

Wei Sheng’s expression returned to normal. The black sword in his mind was completely red, and the surrounding void was also dyed red. In the void was a little tiny infant sitting in lotus position on the blood sword. It seemed to be similar to Wei Sheng in features.


At this time, he broke through to yuanying!

Wei Sheng’s sword essence level was always above his cultivation level. Even the mo that he had defeated enver had thought that the person they faced was just a jindan sword xiu.

Today, when he suddenly heard the terrible news about the sect leader and the shishu, he had felt grief and fury. This caused a resonance with the black sword in his soul. The vast killing essence in the black sword had instantly broke through the barrier inside his body.

Previously, he had had a bad feeling about the sect, but there had not been any actual news about the sect leader and the others. He had held some hope. But now that the other had confirmed his suspicions, in great grief Wei Sheng lost the last restraints and calm that he had. The last barrier between him and the black sword was also broken.

The long accumulation and the comprehensions he gained at the border of life and death allowed him to have a successful breakthrough.

The Kun Lun sword xiu wanted Wei Sheng’s mind to show weakness but he had never thought that this would become an opportunity for Wei Sheng to break through.

“God-Killing Blood Sword, so that is what you are called.”

Wei Sheng lightly caressed the black sword in his hand and murmured to himself. The black sword felt the sorrow inside Wei Sheng and the killing essence grew. It violently trembled, the sword producing threads of blood that ran along the blade. In a few moments, the sword was streaked with blood.

The blood on the sword seemed to have an unique presence.

If Zuo Mo was here, he would instantly recognize this presence was shen power! Pure shen power!

The threads of blood were the blood of totem warriors. The blood that the sword had drank tens of thousands of years ago!

The Kun Lun sword xiu’s mind finally cleared up but his face became even paler. He was being completely suppressed by Wei Sheng!

The red void in the surroundings was like an enormous clamp that gripped him.


Even if it was the God-Killing Blood Sword, it could not be so powerful!

Was it … …

A terrifying thought flashed through his mind.

At this time, Wei Sheng raised his head.

In this moment, the Kun Lun sword xiu, Wei Sheng, and the red void in the surroundings had merged into one.

As expected … … he had a breakthrough!

“Master and the Shishu in Heaven, under my Void Sword Domain, this disciple Wei Sheng offers the blood of Kun Lun as tribute!”

These were the last words that the Kun Lun sword xiu heard.

Translator Ramblings: Wei Sheng’s a vampire.

The thing with the heaven/celestial and the morthal typos were all me. WanderingGummiOfDoom finished editing, I was reading it over, and then I realized “person” didn’t sound as good as mortal and heaven was weird and celestial fit bitter.

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