Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Seven – Seeds of Conspiracy

Shui Yue was nervous.

He had hunted beasts for a living since his youth and his mind had been trained, but at this moment, his heart could not help but beat furiously.

He was many times as stronger than before but this did not give him any assurances because what he faced was authority, intangible but powerful!

“Who are you?” The guard looked warily at him. The fingers of the other guard were spread. If Shui Yue showed any enmity, he would be killed immediately on the spot.

Shui Yue’s experience was completely displayed. His furiously beating heart slowed. His expression appeared calm and reassured. He reached out a hand. “I come from Silver Catalpa Cavern, this is the token, please report my arrival.”

The guard examined Shui Yue with a suspicious glance. The guard did not feel any untruth from Shui Yue’s calm and delicate appearance. He took the token and inspected it. When he felt there was no danger, he nodded at Shui Yue. “Wait here.”

Finishing, he turned and entered the hall.

Shui Yue was extremely nervous. He knew that the so-called token was just faked and had been made from a piece of silver thread wood. While Daren’s plan was intricate and detailed, there were too many places that were fantastical.

Shui Yue did not doubt Daren. The blood summons could explain everything. He himself was one of the fantastical parts, specifically it was the vast power in his body and the sea of knowledge in his mind. The knowledge was vast and varied, including many ancient secrets. However, what it contained the most of were techniques used to interact with people.

This was the wealth that the ancestors had left.

The blood summon represented an enormous plan. This plan was so great that even he, having grown in power and knowledge, needed to spend a large amount of time to understand it.

When he read the plan from beginning to end, he was completely won over by this daring and unorthodox plan.

Large numbers of techniques used for scheming had been shoved into his mind. But compared to the plan laid out in front of him those great tales of conspiracies were not worth a mention.

A grandmaster schemer!

This was definitely a plan made by a great schemer!

This enormity of the plan exposed the great ambitions of the daren that he served. He suddenly recalled how his grandfather had always liked to mention things like “the past glory of the family.” Maybe Grandfather’s wish could be realized.

This thought flashed through Shui Yue’s mind.

An innately calm person, Shui Yue started to examine this plan in more detail. The more he studied, the more he felt that the great schemer in the shadows was unfathomable. He found that many parts of the plan were related to the knowledge that was provided to him. That grandmaster schemer clearly had considered every aspect.

He repeatedly pondered every detail and memorized the entire plan. He speculated on all the accidents that could occur and how he should respond.

Closing his eyes, Shui Yue tried to erase the nervousness inside. He told himself that with his present strength, even if a problem occurred, he could fight his way out.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were once again completely calm.

A while later, the guard jogged back with an expression that was more respectful. “Please come in, Daren is waiting in the main hall for you!”

The main hall meant the greatest of receptions.

Shui Yue politely nodded in acknowledgement and followed the guard towards the main hall.

It seemed that this mo general did have a connection to the Silver Catalpa Cavern. Otherwise, he would not be so nervous. The Silver Catalpa Calver was an ancient inheritance ground. As time passed, there were very few that knew of it.

Shui Yue had secretly investigated this mo general but the information he had gathered was not clear. But in the plan, the mo skill the mo general practiced and even his daily habits were listed in detail.

Shui Yue increasingly felt the great power of the daren behind him. If he did not have great power, how could he do all this?


“Investigate this person.” Hard at work, Wei threw a name over to Pu Yao.

Unusually Pu Yao did not protest. He took a glance and turned to enter the Ten Finger Prison.

Entering the Ten Finger Prison, Pu Yao familiarly entered the tenth prison with a few hops. The core of the Ten Finger Prison, the restricted lands of the elders!

This was an area that was restricted to elders. The elders that were scattered across the major yao jie would come here to regularly meet and discuss all kinds of problems. The orders that decided the fate of all yao would frequently be made here and then be sent to the major yao jie.

Pu Yao seemed to not see the numerous and varied jinzhi; he floated past them like a wisp of smoke.

He quickly entered a black restricted area.

The black restricted area was covered with terrifying jinzhi.

This was the location of the intelligence division, the Shadow Pavilion, that was under the direct command of the Council of Elders. There was an astounding amount of intelligence gathered here. Every day, the Shadow Pavilion members that were scattered all over would send the intelligence they thought was valuable to this place. The intelligence would then be filtered, categorized, and archived.

Pu Yao strolled through the corridors as though he was wandering through his own backyard.

He quickly sneaked into a storage. After taking a few glances, he quickly found the intelligence he needed.

The Dark Pavilion had eyes everywhere. The intelligence here was not limited to the yao but contained dossiers on the mo and xiuzhe. Any person famous from the three races would have a file here.

Without wasting any effort, Pu Yao found the intelligence he needed and disappeared.

Returning to the sea of consciousness, he gave the intelligence he obtained to Wei.

The two then had a heated discussion.

“This is too dangerous … …”

“But if we place our bets right, the profit would be unimaginable … …”

Shui Yue’s speculation about the mastermind was generally correct but his only mistake was that the daring plan was not made by one but two grandmaster schemers.


Fei Lei travelled over mountains and water. His face was weathered. There were more than one hundred young people behind him dressed in worn clothing.

In comparison ot the others, his mission was much simpler. He received a list with some clans and their general living location.

The mission the blood summon had given him was very simple. He was to find these clans and convince them to join him and form a battalion. The battalion’s name would be the King’s Horn!

The name of this battalion caused Fei Lei’s heart to beat wildly. Was the daren who sent the blood summons a king?

The King’s Horn!

Fei Lei was not as clever as Shui Yue but he was a reliable person. The inheritance he received included mo skills and knowledge on battle generals. He also had experience in training battalions and this was why Pu Yao and Wei had given him this mission.

He went searching based on the list and the surprise he felt increased.

He didn’t know how the daren behind him had found these clans. These clans all had terrible living conditions. Some of the clans only had twenty to thirty people left. After coming into contact with them, Fei Lei was even more astonished. All of these clans possessed a long history and had been great once upon a time.

Fei Lei knew what this meant.

Noble bloodlines!

While these clans mostly had declined due to losing their mo skill inheritances, the blood that flowed within them had not changed. If they could find their mo skill inheritances, they could once again step onto the world’s stage.

Thinking about this. Fei Lei’s heart moved again because the blood summons had also given him countless mo skills inheritances!

The King’s Horn!

Fei Lei’s turned towards the young people that were dressed in varied attired, some looked like beggars. He suddenly felt great anticipation.

Under their dirty and young appearances, the awakening of the noble bloodlines … …

The King’s Horn would blow away the dust of time, and the past glory of their bloodlines would come once again!


“What? You’re crazy!” Youqing Lie’s rebellious face was full of fury as he pointed at Pu Yao’s nose and cursed. “Ye just got out of the jail, and you want ye to go back? Ye tells you, ye won’t do it!”

Just as he finished speaking, Youqing Lie’s body suddenly tightened and he was unable to move.

Youqing Lie strained his neck upwards and continued to curse loudly, “If you have skill, kill ye! Don’t think ye will go back to the jail!”

“Kill you?” An eerie light flashed across Pu Yao’s bloody pupil. His thin blade-like lips curved slightly. “How can I let you off so easily? You know, I have many ways that to make you unable to live and unable to die.”

Youqing Lie stopped talking.

He knew this.

He had inherited all kinds of eerie yao arts related to stealth, concealment, and assassination. Among these yao arts were many torture methods that could make people beg for death. Even he could do them now.

Pu Yao looked down at him coldly. “Your personality is really not suited to moving in the dark. It is a pity that you are the only yao left so the benefits fall to you. That’s fine with me, but if you ruin my plan, I will take back what I have given you -with interest.”

Pu Yao’s icy words caused Youqing Lie to tremble. He knew what the interest was—his life.

Having received the inheritance, he knew just how cruel and ruthless the people that moved in the darkness were.

“What’s the benefit in going to a crappy place like jail?” Youqing Lie’s throat felt dry. He retreated.

“You have to change your way of thinking.” Pu Yao’s bloody pupil was bottomless. He said in a slightly mocking tone, “For a commander of the dark, jail is where talented individuals gather. There are conmen, schemers, butchers, swindlers, cheats, each full of talent!”

“Those are bad people!” Youqing Lie couldn’t help but say.

“Are you a good person? You were also in jail. It is not important if they are good or bad. What is most important is that they are all enemies of the Council of Elders.” Pu Yao tone was cold. “You better familiarize yourself with the rules of darkness as soon as possible. What I need is a commander of the darkness. If you cannot do it, I will switch to someone else. As regretful as the lost time would be, I lack patience.”

“You want me to recruit them?” Youqing Lie was not stupid and quickly reacted.

“Recruit? Haha!” Pu Yao seemed to have heard something humorous and laughed loudly.

“What’s there to laugh at?” Youqing Lie was angry and embarrassed.

“Those people cannot be recruited.” Pu Yao’s bloody pupil narrowed and he looked at Youqing Lie. He said meaningfully, “This is a test for you, good luck!”

Finishing, Youqing Lie felt his vision turn dark and he was forcibly ejected from the Ten Finger Prison.

He just wanted to curse aloud when the door was suddenly kicked open. A group of people rushed in and forced him to the floor.

“Stay still! You have been captured!”

In Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s expression was displeased. He murmured to himself, “Calling yourself ye in front of me, you don’t want to live!”

He couldn’t help but think of another person that frequently did this but he was one who he could not do anything against. His displeasure increased. He immediately decided to increase the tasks related to Youqing Lie’s mission.

Editor’s note: I know you. Ya you. The one reading this. Don’t even comment “Who are those people again?” I know you.

Fei Lei – First appears in chapter 560, he leaves his home to respond to the Wei’s blood summons. He is described as an older uncle-like figure, he is teaching children in a village when he receives the blood summons.

Shui Yue – Mo from the Water Moon Family. First appearing in chapter 559, he receives a blood summons from Wei. He is an experienced hunter, but has lived an impoverished life.

Youqin Lie – The sole surviving member of the Youqin Family. First appearing in chapter 565, he responds to Pu Yao’s summons. He is described as having an irregular blue crystal on his forehead, eyes long and narrow, and fiery red hair. He escapes a yao prison, A Bei Ge Jail, with Pu’s technique and decides to repay Pu.

Translator Ramblings: WanderingGummiOfDoom is very considerate, I just let people puzzle it out. This chapter is a casual reminder that Pu Yao and Wei have their own lives … …

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