Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Six – Cunning Killing Move

Gongsun Cha looked at the battalion in the distance and smiled like usual. Beside him, the gazes of the other commanders were not as friendly and their expressions were murderous.

Jiang Zhe!

This name had become famed in the world. If this was any other person, they would be nervous and intimidated as though it was a great enemy. But Gongsun Cha did not feel very much. The only thought that Gongsun Cha could connect to Jiang Zhe was Feng Yue’s battalion, that Xuan Kong battalion they had killed many battles ago.

In his eyes, Xuan Kong Temple had been their enemy since long ago. The difference of facing Feng Yue or Jiang Zhe was not large. In any case, they were people he had to defeat. Even though he knew that the enemy would be hard to defeat, he was not nervous.

Unlike other battle generals his journey of growth was marred in blood and death, a cruel history of battle!

Little Miss who had created a path of survival with slaughter had a steel will under that bashful appearance.

There was only excitement.

That excitement of being able to find a equal to fight with rippled through his body.

In this fight, what kind of surprise will his opponent give him?

In the eyes that were as clear as that of a neighbor’s boy, a eerie light that was called insanity flashed.

The defense line that Jiang Zhe had set up was almost perfect. While some places appeared rush, the entire defensive line had been established. Even the incomplete parts looked more like traps than openings. They did not affect the overall state at all.

Of course, absolute perfection did not really exist in the world.

Both Jiang Zhe and Gongsun Cha knew this.

Gongsun Cha knew his advantages and disadvantages. They had low manpower but their mobility was high. Vermillion Bird Camp’s equipment had always been the best of all those under Zuo Mo’s command.

Jiang Zhe had more people and a secure defense line, but the defense line was vast. This meant that their forces were spread thin and that Gongsun Cha had many places to target for an attack.

Jiang Zhe was strong but the battle generals under him were likely less capable. How well they could follow Jiang Zhe’s plan was something that had to be tested.

Also, Jiang Zhe had a great disadvantage. They were fighting on enemy territory. The unfamiliar environment and the rebellious mo were all factors that were enough to be fatal.

The hidden road to Cold Mountain Jie was just example of this!

Gongsun Cha did not object to using the same advantage twice.

He did not hurry to attack but started to search for guides that were familiar with the local terrain.


Jiang Zhe listened to the reports from his subordinates with an unchanging expression.

Ever since the enemy had orchestrated the wave of attacks from the shadows, Jiang Zhe knew that this fight would be harder than he had imagined. The mastermind had caught their greatest weakness, and it was a weakness that could not be avoided.

If there was ten more years, this weakness would not exist.

But there was no maybes in war.

He did not agree with the enmity Xuan Kong Temple held towards the mo but he did not have any power to speak against this. While he had status in the sect, his status was not enough for him to influence the decision of the sect on a question like this.

What he could do was fulfill his duties.

“Send the order down, every battalion has to hold their position and not act without orders.” Jiang Zhe ordered without hesitation.

Regardless of whether if the other was purposefully misleading them or if things were really as they appeared, Jiang Zhe would not change because he had confidence in the defense line he had set up.

When Jiang Zhe had been setting up the defense line, many of Xuan Kong Temple had opposed it. It was hard for them to accept acting defensively. what did the great Xuan Kong Temple acting defensively against a little mo faction? While they had Bie Han and Sin Battalion, Jiang Zhe and the Jiangzi Battalion should still be stronger.

But Jiang Zhe still persisted in setting up a defense line.

Fortunately, Jiang Zhe had a reputation and status that was unrivaled here on the frontline. No one would disobey his orders. While they did not understand, all of the battalions had complied with Jiang Zhe’s orders to the letter.

Gongsun Cha publicly recruiting guides did not cause them any shock and panic.

When planning this defense line, they had gone over the plans repeatedly any areas that could be problematic had been reinforced. They didn’t miss any hidden places.

They believed that this defense line did not have any weakness.

This battle that attracted the attention of all did not begin with a fierce collision like people had expected and was slightly silent.


Zuo Mo repeatedly teased the two fanxu experts. He was low, cunning, shameless and not polite in the slightest.

After a few times, Ji Zheng and Dai Tao realized that the other had detected their intentions.

The two discussed and then still continued to follow the three. But they had given up on their thoughts of comprehending shen power through battle and were waiting for the reinforcements from the sect.

Once the sect experts arrived, they would be enough to capture these three damned people at once!

The two decided that if the trio landed in their hands, they would retaliate for this humiliation by giving these three the internal injuries. The same ones that they had almost suffered these past days, especially that thrice-damned Xiao Mo Ge!

They did not focus on sparring and started to slack off on responding to Zuo Mo’s teasing.

Yet what hey didn’t know was that Zuo Mo had already started to scheme against them.

Fanxu were terrifying but two injuried fanxu, in the eyes of a toad like Zuo Mo, were swans with broken wings. After teasing them repeatedly, he had gotten a general understanding of the two.

Toads that did not want to eat swans were not good toads. A toad that would pass on a swan with broken wings was not a toad but an idiot.

Zuo Mo had been scheming inside all this time.

If they could kill one, the other one would definitely flee. The danger would be resolved and Zuo Mo was moved just thinking about the riches one fanxu would have.

Zuo Mo’s teasing was also intentional. He was like an experienced hunter repeating his actions that were not dangerous to numb the other.

His plan had been successful up until now. Ji Zheng and Dai Tao were clearly not as wary as they had been.

Just like usual, Zuo Mo started his daily teasing.

The one that responded to fight was Ji Zheng. However, he was not motivated as he had been a few days ago. Because he had been acting as a sparring partner in these recent days, his injuries had been suppressed but he hadn’t recovered.

Ji Zheng was just going along. As long as Xiao Mo Ge did not use shen power, the other three powers were not of any danger to him.

Would Xiao Mo Ge use shen power?


He had given up a long time ago.

Once they fought, Ji Zheng’s mind shook. His dull eyes suddenly lit up. Shen power!

Having been tormented greatly, Ji Zheng almost cried from joy!

The heavens had eyes!

Overjoyed, Ji Zheng focused. He did not keep anything back. Changing from his slacking attitude, he attacked first.

Shen power as expected!

Xiao Mo Ge seemed to be fighting at full power and brimmed with shen power.

Ji Zheng did not feel fear and was overjoyed. He only paid attention to Xiao Mo Ge’s powerful talisman. If Xiao Mo Ge would take out that powerful talisman, he would immediately move far away.

He was wary of Zuo Mo’s Little Mo Treasure Cup. Without the little Mo Treasure Cup, Xiao Mo Ge was just a tiger without claws and not a threat.

The fighting was intense.

One side had fanxu cultivation. He was wounded but his movements were still imbued with power. The other side had domineering shen power. While his cultivation was lower, but with the wondrously powerful shen power, he was evenly matched to Ji Zheng.

Dai Tao was both shocked and happy.

He was shocked that Xiao Mo Ge had changed what he usually did. Was there something else going on? He was joyed because if Xiao Mo Ge used shen power, then their previous plans could possibly succeed!

But before he could think, an eerie figure flashed. Dai Tao was startled and got on his guard.

A Gui!

Dai Tao could recognize danger. This ugly woman had a strange shen power and was also a target of the sect. Dai Tao’s mind moved. If he could capture her … …

Xiao Mo Ge had a powerful talisman. Dai Tao did not feel he had any hopes of capturing him. This woman had a strange shen power, but she did not show any powerful talismans. Dai Tao felt that he had some chance of success!

His thoughts moving, he unhesitatingly moved towards her.

The two immediately felt into a fierce fight.

A Gui’s shen power was eerie and hard to predict. Unfamiliar with this, Dai Tao almost suffered a great loss in the first clash but using the Five Element Manifestation Wheel, he quickly steadied himself. As he became familiar with this strange shen power, the power of the Five Element Manifestation Wheel started to show.

He started to gain the advantage.

At the beginning, Dai Tao kept a part of his attention focused on Ceng Lian’er but as the battle progressed, he had to focus all his attention on facing A Gui. Otherwise, if he was the least bit careless, danger could appear.

While A Gui’s shen power was strange, he could still gain understanding from it.

Ji Zheng had completely forgotten himself in the fight. After anticipating for so many days, he finally saw value in battle. The excitement and joy he felt could be imagined. His desire towards shen power caused him to focus.

He didn’t even detect that A Gui and Dai Tao were fighting.

His attention was focused on each of Zuo Mo’s blows.

Every collision with shen power would increase his understanding. How long has it been since he had a feeling of a new comprehension since he had stepped into fanxu?

He didn’t remember!

But this beautiful feeling was so intoxicating that he did not want to stop and he forgot himself in the ecstasy.

He wanted this battle to never end.

Yet at this time, a feeling of extreme danger suddenly rose. In this moment, all the hairs on his body stood at end!

A streak of silver light flew to his nose. He wasn’t able to react at all.

He could clearly feel the intimidating presence of that silver light. It was like a pin had pierced his nose and created pain!

The silver light filled his vision!

An extremely thin wound appeared on Ji Zheng’s forehead.

And then exploding lightning covered his entire head.

Nearby, Ceng Lian’er head the Little Mo Treasure Cup. Her face was ashen, her body wavering, her shen power used up.

Translator Ramblings: Enjoying yourself in a battle and on the verge of an epiphany … … dead.

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