Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Four – Wei Sheng’s Sword Oath

“Shidi!” Ji Zheng’s shout was like spring thunder. He used a secret Xuan Kong Temple technique, [Nirvana Shout]. Ji Zheng had seen something was not right. Dai Tao was not originally from Xuan Kong Temple and his foundation was much weaker compared to Ji Zheng. His dhyana heart was not as stable, and if Ji Zheng had allowed him to lose control any further, his mind would be damaged. It would definitely cause a permanent weakness and he would have greater difficulty progressing in his cultivation in the future.

The enraged Dai Tao’s figure suddenly stilled. His bloodshot eyes recovered some clarity.

Moments later, Dai Tao became completely calm and the blood in his eyes retreated.

“Many thanks, Shixiong!” Dai Tao said gratefully. If he had fallen to his mental demon then, then it would cause great trouble in the future.

Ji Zheng shook his head. “We are of the same sect, there’s no need to be polite.”

His gaze turned in the direction the three had disappeared into. His tone was unprecedentedly grave. “These three are powerful and each of them is almost comparable to a fanxu. They work together well, are cunning, and also have a great treasure. They will not be easy to deal with.”

Dai Tao felt fear. “That talisman Xiao Mo Ge had was very powerful! My Five Element Manifestation Wheel could not stop it at all!”

That turtle coin had passed through his body, disappeared into the distance, and returned to the treasure cup.

Dai Tao was an unlucky one. With his history as a roaming xiu, his Five Element Manifestation Wheel was based in the five elements. If he had encountered another talisman, it would definitely not have been this unfavorable.The seven turtle coins had been made using the Black-heart Treasure Coins, which already had the ability to reverse yinyang and the five elements and was a bane of the Five Element Manifestation Wheel, a natural counter.

Ji Zheng nodded. “It really is a great treasure.”

Dai Tao grimaced. “Our boat upturned in shallow water this time. We have been pushed so far by these three younger ones.”

Ji Zheng did not feel anything and said solemnly, “It is just the strength of shen power. I have gained some understanding of shen power after fighting these few days.”

Dai Tao paused and then he pondered it. He said, “After Shixiong mentioned this, I feel that shen power is not as incomprehensible as before but I still lacks understanding about several key parts. If we can solve them, then it will naturally come.”

Dai Tao’s tone was slightly excited. The fight these past days had allowed him to experience the power of shen power. It was stronger than ling power.

Those that could enter fanxu were all extremely intelligent. The four great sects had studied shen power for thousands of years, and they had accumulated far more than what normal sect disciples could imagine.

After fighting with Zuo Mo several times, both had begun to grasp a few things.

Their low morale suddenly rose. If they could comprehend shen power, any price was worth it. They had spent a long time at the fanxu level and every bit of progression was difficult. If they could comprehend shen power, their strength would skyrocket.

There was nothing more attractive than this.

“But we are both wounded and our power is hampered.” JI Zheng’s tone was calm.

Dai Tao gritted, “Those three are too cunning! However, after all the sect elders arrive, they won’t be able to escape!”

“There may not be enough time.” A hint of worry flashed across Ji Zheng’s eyes.

“Why does Shixiong say this?” Dai Tao stilled.

“The effects of that past incident was significant and the other three sects will not ignore this incident,” Ji Zheng said gravely. “I’m afraid that their people have already started to move.”

“Then … …” Dai Tao was astounded. If the other three also came in, the situation would immediately become complex.

“We cannot wait for the sect elders,” Ji Zheng said decisively. “Even if our cultivations will be affected, we cannot let these three escape.”

Dai Tao thought for a moment and then suddenly said, “I have an idea.”

Seeing Ji Zheng turn to look at him, Dai Tao said, “These three are troublesome, but if we are careful, they will not be able to injure us.”

Dai Tao’s words were right. Ji Zheng did not speak and waited for his next words.

“What we want is just the method of shen power cultivation. If that’s the case, then why don’t we spar with them?” Dai Tao said what he thought.

“Spar?” Ji Zheng stilled.

“Every day we challenge them to battle, do not aim to win or lose. Using fighting to comprehend shen power and comprehend it before the other sects arrive. That way, even if our sect is not the winner in the end, we will already understand the mysteries of shen power.” Dai Tao had an excited expression.

When he thought about comprehending shen power, his heart burned hotter.

Ji Zheng was silent for a moment before raising his head. “Good!”

Dai Tao’s suggestion was plausible.

The two were both people that were extremely confident in themselves. They were confident they could comprehend shen power.

The two exchanged a look and chased in the direction that Zuo Mo and the others had disappeared in.


Almost all the people of the mo territories were interested in the xuizhe-mo battle that was about to occur. The attention that Wei Sheng received was reduced compared to before.

However, Wei Sheng seemed to not have heard the news. He still cultivated diligently everyday and in his spare time, he would continue to challenge mo experts.

While the mo did not like Wei Sheng and everyone wanted a mo expert to tear him to pieces, he was not harassed in any way.

Wei Sheng used his sword to win the respect of mo.

In the eyes of mo, only a honest victory would be a victory against such a honorable and respected opponent.

Many businesses even came forward. They were willing to provide Wei Sheng with the best rooms and the best food. Every place that Wei Sheng stayed would quickly become famous. This was all about mobei!

If Little Mo Ge was here, he would definitely take the chance to make it rich. Was it so easy to win Eldest Shixiong’s patronage? There should be a few auctions so that he could wring out every last mobei!

Of course, Wei Sheng did not have such entrepreneurial abilities. In truth, if it was not for the convenience, he would have rather stayed in the empty and vast mountain valleys.

The evening came. There was a challenge in three days. His opponent was a famed expert in this jie.

Wei Sheng was meditating with his legs folded up in the lotus position, the black sword by his side. There was no joy or sorrow on his face. He almost never relaxed. Almost every drip and drop of time was used on his cultivation as though he was a diligent dhyana xiu.

Suddenly, Wei Sheng opened his eyes in the dark.

“Since you have come, why hide?” Wei Sheng said coolly.

“As expected of Brother Wei Sheng that even Eldest Shixiong praises!” A figure appeared in a ripple from the space in front of Wei Sheng.

The newcomer was a woman dressed in silk and feathers. Her eyes were bright, her teeth white but Wei Sheng’s gaze landed on a little row of swords at her waist.

Wei Sheng’s gaze focused. “Kun Lun!”

The female bowed. “Kun Lun’s Da Ling Feng greets Brother Wei Sheng! Brother Wei Sheng is peerless in courage and this female admires you for entering the mo territories and winning.”

Wei Sheng’ expression became normal. “Why has Miss Da come to see me?”

There was a small smile on Da Ling Feng’s face. “Your sect is related to the fall of Bright Wave Jie. Brother Wei, please come with me to explain the misunderstanding.”

Bright Wave Jie had fallen!

Wei Sheng’s heart shook but after all the fighting in this recent while, his sword heart had become even stronger. There was no expression on his face. “Oh, you should speak to the sect leader regarding matters of the sect. Why did Miss Da come so far to ask Wei?”

When he said this, Wei Sheng realized, his eyes lit up and became as sharp as a sword. He looked directly at Da Ling Feng, “Are the sect leader and the shishu no longer present?”

Da Ling Feng shook her head. “This female does not know of that. Brother Wei will naturally know when you return to the sect with me.”

Wei Sheng was not as cunning as Zuo Mo but he was not stupid. He was not sure about Wu Kong Sword Sect but in a few seconds, he had completely understood why Da Ling Feng was here. There was only one possibility when Kun Lun would come to the mo territories to “invite” him back!

The sect had split from Kun Lun!

Thinking about what Da Ling Feng had just said, Bright Wave Jie had fallen, was it … …

Sect Leader, Shibo, Shishu … … they most likely … …

Wei Sheng’s body shook. A wave of sorrow and grief rose. His eyes immediately turned red.

What did their sect have to do with the fall of Bright Wave Jie? These words gave off a thick scent of conspiracy. Kun Lun’s enmity was evident! Wei Sheng understood that Da Ling Feng had not come to “invite” him but capture him.

Wei Sheng slowly stood. His reddened eyes stared at Da Ling Feng. His voice was hoarse as he said, emphasizing each word.

“If my sect’s elders met misfortune because of Kun Lun then I, Wei Sheng, swear by the sword to destroy Kun Lun!”

The great sorrow mixed with hatred hit Da Ling Feng’s mind like a hammer. Da Ling Feng’s presence was stolen, her face paled, and she reflexively took a step back.

But she immediately reacted and raged, “Wei Sheng, you dare! Dare to slight my Kun Lun! It seems that you have been secretly colluding with the yao!”

Colluding with the yaomo!

That was Kun Lun’s excuse … …

Wei Sheng’s sorrow increased.

Da Ling Feng’s eyes were dismissive as she said proudly, “My Kun Lun is a rightrous and good sect, is it one that a lowly fighter like you can slander? Hmph! Don’t think that because you can show off in the mo territories that you can challenge my Kun Lun. Today, I will let you see why my Kun Lun … …”

Da Ling Feng’s words suddenly stopped.

Because the edge of Wei Sheng’s sword was against her throat.

While she was speaking, Wei Sheng’s void sword essence had permeated the entire room. Every inch of space was under the control of his void sword essence.

Da Ling Feng’s body was paralyzed and her face was ashen. There was only one thought in her mind.

He actually attacked her!

He dared to actually attack!

He dared to attack Kun Lun!

The iciness and brutality of the black sword caused her hairs to stand on end and fear to move.

“I usually do not like to fight women.” Wei Sheng’s deep voice echoed in the room.

Da Ling Feng relaxed slightly. A hand suddenly removed the row of little swords at her waist.

“For people like you to use the sword, it is a humiliation to the sword.”

The bone-aching coldness at her neck disappeared. Da Ling Feng relaxed. Before she could speak, an extremely thin sword essence burrowed into her body. This sword essence was extremely strange. Once it entered her body, it disappeared.

Her face suddenly turned white. Her ling power seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

Her mind blanked.

Her cultivation had been destroyed!

“Return and tell Lin Qian that I will come find him.”

In the darkness, Da Ling Feng could not see Wei Sheng’s face but every one of Wei Sheng’s words were clear on her mind as though they were carved by his sword.

Da Ling Feng stumbled into the darkness.

In the room, Wei Sheng gripped the black sword until his fingers turned white.

The tears could not be suppressed and continued to flow.

Translator Ramblings: Wei Sheng finally learns about Wu Kong Sword Sect. I can’t believe he left without any contact method, but he’s been progressing well on his own path.

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