Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Three – Do Not Touch

Ceng Lian’er was the first to act against the quick Five Element Manifestation Wheel.

With one toss, she threw out three Gold Star Silver Thread Beads!

The thumb-sized Golden Star Silver Thread Beads transformed into balls of blood when they left her hand. The sticky blood twisted as it flew through the air and a strong tang of blood immediately filled the area. Inside the each ball of blood, there was blood coloured lightning that floated and flickered and little golden flame lotuses.

Dai Tai snorted coldly and his eyes became more murderous.

In his eyes, he wouldn’t need any power to deal with a few Blood Thunder Beads.

Dhyana spells were the natural bane of blood type mo skills. While Dai Tao was not a traditionally trained Xuan Kong Temple disciple, but he had been with the temple very long and almost all the temple records in the were available to him. How could he not know dhyana spells?

He chanted solemnly as his hands moved to activate a dhyana spell.

The shadowy figure of a buddha flew out of the Five Element Manifestation Wheel and took form. She was dressed in white robes, a red mole between her brows, and held a willow branch, as she descended her feet landed on a white lotus. She smiled and lifted the willow branch in her hand. Several drops of dew from the willow branch flew into a ball of blood.

The blood ball roiled violently like a furious wild beast and continued flying forward.

Dai Tao was slightly shocked. It had not been defeated?

The white buddha raised the willow branch in her hand again. Several more drops of dew flowed along the tender branch and shot off towards the balls of blood.


The balls of blood hadn’t dissolved like Dai Tao had expected, instead the three balls of blood in the air exploded!

Caught off guard, Dai Tao was immediately swallowed by the bloody mist.

Boom boom boom!

The lightning balls that floated inside the wave of blood flew towards Dai Tao like sharks that had smelled blood. The lightning balls exploded in the air and formed an electrical net that went to envelope him. Those nondescript little golden flames were masked by the blinding light of the lightning.

The fast beating of thunder in the blood mist sounded like fireworks.

Dai Tao was left extremely disheveled.

But lightning of this degree was unable to harm him. But the sheer amount of plasma lightning had surprised him. He hurriedly moved, the Five Element Manifestation Wheel and released a light that covered him. While the lightning caused the light shield to shake, it was unable to cause him actual harm.

Such an embarrassment!

Dai Tao’s face was flushed red. A fanxu was forced to such a degree by a general level, such a humiliation! And the other hadn’t even used shen power!

The angry Dai Tao directed the white-robed Buddha to deflect the lightning.

Counter-attack! He had to retaliate!

He decided that he would not hold back and immediately use a killing move, not giving them any chance at all!

Yet Dai Tao did not notice those hidden little lotus flowers of flame until the flowers of fire had actually burned through the light shield cast by the Five Element Manifestation Wheel!

Dai Tao’s expression froze on his face.

How was it possible?

The Five Element Manifestation Wheel was an eighth-grade talisman! What kind of fire was this?

Gritting his teeth, the Five Element Manifestation Wheel above Dai Tao’s head moved again. A dignifiedly figure of a buddha appeared, this time they were sitting on a red lotus. The red lotus Buddha pointed, and all of the gold flames flew towards the red lotus under him like birds returning to the nest.

In a blink, the red lotus was covered in the gold flames.

Such a malicious flame!

Dai Tao immediately discovered that these gold flames were difficult to absorb. His red lotus buddha had the ability to absorb all kinds of fire but this time, it was unable to absorb the gold flames.

Was this … … shen fire?

When the thought appeared in his mind, his pupils contracted. These silent gold flames should be shen fire!

Dai Tao felt as though he was going to go crazy soon!

The two buddhas summoned by the Five Element Manifestation Wheel were unable to defeat the other’s blood thunder beads.

The enemy was more difficult to handle than he had imagined. Dai Tao calmed down after encountering such a hindrance. It seemed that Ji Zheng Shixiong’s injury had not been an accident. These three were stronger than he had expected. If he was careless, he might actually lose.

He held his hand up into the air.

The Five Element Manifestation Wheel slowly spun and under the five colored light, the flames and lightning lights suddenly stilled. The five colored light flowed, the flames and lightning immediately divided, one into two, two into four … …

They became smaller and smaller until they shattered and disappeared.

Zuo Mo had not hoped that he could defeat Dai Tao with three Gold Star Silver Thread Beads. While Dai Tao was still feeling troubled by the Sun Shen Fire, the second wave of attack by the trio arrived!

The second to attack was A Gui. Purple energy flashed through her eyes and she slammed her hand towards Dai Tao.

At this time, the five colored light of the Five Element Manifestation Wheel was covering Dai Tao.

The five colored lights moved constantly. A Gui’s blow which never had never missed was deflected and brushed against the five colored pillar of light. It shot off and entered the ground below Dai Tao, silently creating a ten zhang hole.

Dai Tao’s expression was calm but he was astounded inside. While A Gui’s blow had been deflected, his Five Element Manifestation Realm still shook.

At this time, he did not dare to be careless. His Five Element Manifestation Wheel was being pushed to its limits. Within the five colored pillar of light, five buddhas of different colors gradually appeared and slowly moved with the pillar of light.

The trio felt a strong suction force come from the Five Element Manifestation Wheel. A sticky power was furiously pulling them towards the five colored light.

The air seemed to become solidified and the three seemed to be trapped in a bog.

When a fanxu xiuzhe attacked at full power, the trio immediately felt the pressure increase, pressure that came from all directions and was unable to be blocked.

That time they had fought Ji Zheng, Ji Zheng had been the reactive party the entire time and was suppressed by the three. Ji Zheng’s attention had been focused on how to resolve the three’s attacks.

But Dai Tao had rapidly calmed down from his rage and attacked at full power, the three immediately felt the difference.

Terrifying pressure came from all directions and caused them to feel it was inescapable.

Absolute power!

Zuo Mo quickly reacted and knew that this could not continue. The power in the air around them was increasing. If they did not act, in the end, just the twisting power in the air would tear them to pieces!

Taking a deep breath, Zuo Mo brought out the Little Mo Treasure Cup.

His expression was solemn and when he was about to attempt to activate it, the shen power inside his body suddenly flooded uncontrollably into the Little Mo Treasure Cup. Zuo Mo’s mind went blank from surprise.


A turtle coin on the shell suddenly became bright.

It jumped off the water’s surface, turned into a silver light, and flew towards Dai Tao’s figure inside the five colored pillar of light.

“Good attack!” Dai Tao’s hairs suddenly stood on end. Without even thinking, he shouted and channeled the ling power in his body to its limits.

The Five Element Manifestation Wheel above his head suddenly accelerated in its rotation. The space within ten li of this place started to twist!

The buddhas within the pillar were all chanting, each took up different positions and expressions: glaring angrily, smiling, dignified, or solemn … …

Numerous bright sutra characters floated on the surface of the pillar of light.

The silver light was like a silver arrow.

The silver arrow did not seem to be affected by the twisting of space. In the moment it touched the surface of the pillar, all of the sutra characters turned bright. The five buddhas acted at the same time and singing rang out over the land!

Yet this silver light seemed to have shot into glass.


The clear sound was unusually dissonant when heard with the buddhist song.

The song suddenly stopped.

The silver light that entered the pillar seemed to have entered sticky glue and drastically slowed down.

Dai Tao finally saw that this silver light was a treasure coin that was round on the outside, and square on the inside, covered in silver etchings.

Sparks would come out of the treasure coin and then extinguish within the pillar of light.


Dai Tao’s expression changed. The sparks were being destroyed but the pillar of light from the Five Element Manifestation Wheel was also dimming. At this time, the clear water inside the cup that Zuo Mo held shook slightly and it rippled.

As the ripple travelled through the air it caused the five colored pillar of light rippled as though it was water. The buddhas within the pillar of light wavered and showed signs of instability.

Dai Tao’s heart jumped!

In an instant, the ripples had caused their positions to be reversed.

What kind of talisman was this?

A hint of terror flashed through Dai Tao’s eyes.

Ji Zheng who had been at the back changed expression. Not good!

If terror rose in Dai Tao’s mind it would disrupt his dhyana heart, and would create a weakness in the pillar of light. Ji Zheng had not thought that the power of these three would have increased so much in just ten days. He finally realized that they had still underestimated the three!

Ji Zheng disregarded the wounds on his body. A gold colour rose on his face. His fingers flickered and pointed towards the turtle coin in the pillar of light.


This minute action caused a great thunderous sound!

[Dhyana Sound Thunder Finger]!

Yet the moment a weakness appeared in Dai Tao’s mind, the turtle coin in the pillar of light disappeared.

Dai Tao’s right arm suddenly exploded.

The bright lightning immediately covered Dai Tao.

Almost at the same time that the terrifying power brushed against Dai Tao’s body it had collided with a nearby mountain peak. The little mountain exploded.

Zuo Mo woke up from his stupor. The shen power inside his body had all been wrung out. He suddenly thought of an object and shoved a Sun seed into his mouth. Immediately, the pure and burning shen power turned into a flow into his body.

Zuo Mo was overjoyed. The Sun Fruit seed was as powerful as expected!

He was about to activate the Little Mo Treasure Cup when his expression changed drastically and he shouted, “Run!”

The three were in sync and before he finished shouting, A Gui and Ceng Lian’er had retreated dozens of zhang.

“I will kill you! I will kill you!”

Dai Tao shouted madly. What came from behind them was a tsunami of terrifying ling power vibrations!

Rocks and rivers floated up into the air, leaving gravity and ground behind.

Zuo Mo sprinted as he glanced back. Dai Tai’s entire body was burnt black and gave off black smoke. His hair was loose and his right shoulder was a mangled mess of blood and flesh. But at this time, Dai Tai’s eyes were full of murderousness!

He raised his left hand. Astounding ling power continued to gather towards his left hand!

The terrifying ling power vibrations were like a wall of wind. The terrifying power that induced hopelessness continued to gather.

Zuo Mo’s scalp felt numb .He hated that he didn’t have two more legs. All the power he had, including his shen power, was used to flee for his life!

A Gui and Ceng Lian’er also recognized the danger and furiously flew forward!

Zuo Mo flew so hard that his tendons bulged and his face was twisted.

The behind of a fanxu should not be touched! Should not be touched!

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