Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy Two – Return and Kill

Ji Zheng opened his eyes. His pale face had finally recovered some colour. The power of the lingdan circulated in his body. He had not wasted these few days of rest. However, he knew that the injury would not heal in this little time. The destructive ability of the shen techniques surpassed his imagination. Even when he thought of it now, he felt a thread of fear. If it wasn’t for the Buddha Relic, it was very likely he would have died.

Shen power, as expected of shen power!

The events of the past suddenly floated into his mind. He couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

But his dhyana heart was strong and knew of the importance of this information to the sect so the stray thoughts disappeared.

He turned and asked Hui Bao, “Can we catch them?”

Hui Bao said cautiously, “This one will try!”

The fight from ten days ago had frightened him half to death. He had not thought the fanxu level shishizu would be wounded. The power of the enemy was this unimaginable. He did not understand why such a powerful expert would still spend time and effort on learning unorthodox skills like concealment and fleeing.

Ji Zheng knew that Hui Bao did not have a full grasp of the situation and did not lecture him. He nodded. “Try your best.”

After the elders of the sect came, even if Xiao Mo Ge could run to the ends of the world, they would have ways of finding him.

At this time, the black clouds that were gathering in the distance disturbed them.

“Someone is forging talismans?” Dai Tao looked at the inky black clouds in the distance and the dancing lightning with shock. Such a powerful presence meant that this talisman would be extraordinary.

Ji Zheng raised his head to look. “It’s them!”

Having fought against Zuo Mo, Ji Zheng immediately detected that familiar presence.

The direction where the black clouds were gathering was the same as where Xiao Mo Ge and the others had fled.

“This guy is so daring!” Dai Tao showed anger. He hadn’t thought that Xiao Mo Ge hadn’t just stayed rather than fled, and even had the gall to forge talismans near them!

So daring!

So daring!

Dai Tao was so angry he was trembling. It was the first time he had seen someone so arrogant. He didn’t even try to flee when being chased by two fanxu and was publicly forging talismans nearby.


Under the pressure of absolute power, even the top talismans were of no use, much less talismans that were forged in a hurry. In his eyes, this was Xiao Mo Ge underestimating them!

Dai Tao turned to look at Ji Zheng.

Ji Zheng could see the Dai Tao’s fury. His face was still as unaffected as granite. “Let’s go see.”

Dai Tao flew off first without another word.

Ji Zheng did not speak and followed closely behind. The two were wary of the trio but not afraid. In their view, Xiao Mo Ge and his group were able to wound Ji Zheng was just because the two of them had been careless.

If they were serious, Xiao Mo Ge’s group wouldn’t have had any chance at all!

Dai Tao held a low opinion of Ji Zheng requesting more support from the sect. He did not think that Xiao Mo Ge could escape from their hands. Ji Zheng was wounded but Dai Tao who thought that he had seen what Xiao Mo Ge’s group could do, he did not fear them.

If it wasn’t that this was a great matter … …

Dai Tao actually did not want to attract too much attention. He was in fanxu but he wasn’t from Xuan Kong Temple. The people in the sect could have their own thoughts about him. But, Xiao Mo Ge’s dismissive attitude completely infuriated him.


If Little Mo Ge knew Dai Tao’s thoughts, he would feel he was unjustly blamed.

When the last bolt of lightning entered the turtle coin, the clouds in the sky dissipated. The blue sky was clear and was left without any of the killing energy from just moments ago.

The turtle coin flew back into the pond. The seven turtle coins floated and moved on the surface of the water, creating sparks.

Having seen the shocking forging process, Ceng Lian’er looked curiously at the turtle coin talisman in Zuo Mo’s hand and asked, “What talisman is this?”

Zuo Mo remembered that he hadn’t given it a name. After some thought, he decided. “Oh, it’s called the Little Mo Treasure Cup!”

He did not have to expend any effort to give such a simple and descriptive name. It could also satisfy his little sense of pride.

Ceng Lian’er’s surprise and anticipation was completely destroyed by this name.

Neither Zuo Mo or Ceng Lian’er would think of how much amazement [Xiao Mo Treasure Cup] would cause the world. Few people would ever learn of this name, its true name of [Little Mo Treasure Cup.]

The cheerful Zuo Mo did not know that the name he had just given the talisman would be changed by people in the future.

At this time, he was filled with joy and confidence. While he had not tested the power of the Little Mo Treasure Cup, he knew it would be extraordinary. However, the feeling of being connected to Little Mo Treasure Cup caused him to think of Lil’ Pagoda and lowered his mood.

But he quickly sorted out his emotions.

“Let’s go back and kill them!” Zuo Mo raised his head and said something frightening.

A Gui naturally would not object but unexpectedly, Ceng Lian’er did not object.

The cunning and clever Little Mo Ge naturally would not seek his own death. He had his own plans. While he had not seen the result of the battle that day, seeing that the enemy had not made a move these past few days, Zuo Mo immediately realized that Ji Zheng was wounded, and it was not a light injury.

Otherwise, they would not have remained silent in these last ten days.

Ji Zheng’s injury caused Zuo Mo’s thoughts to become active. The three of them had recovered, and a powerful talisman had been forged. It could be called their strongest moment. The enemy was at their weakest and this was a good chance.

While the result of the battle ten days ago was caused by the other underestimating them, it also showed that the three of them had a chance.

Zuo Mo knew as time went on and Ji Zheng’s wounds healed their situation would turn for the worse!

If they retaliated now, while it was risky, there was also an opportunity!

A Gui would listen to Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er did not object so the three turned back towards Ji Zheng to kill.

But after they had flown out only a short distance, they saw Dai Tao’s group.

Dai Tao’s eyes were keen. When he saw the trio, he first froze and then became furious. If he had felt that Xiao Mo Ge had dismissed them by forging talismans rather than fleeing, then Dai Tao was so angry he could only smile as he saw Xiao Mo Ge had returned!

When had fanxu xiuzhe been underestimated so?

Without a another word, he sped up and shot towards the trio. He was going to make the three understand the anger of a fanxu could burn anything!

The Five Element Manifestation Wheel came out!


“Xuan Kong Temple is still like this. They would make a fuss over any little matter.” Xue Dong’s tone was slightly mocking. In this time, Xuan Kong Temple had attracted the gaze of the entire xiuzhe world. The battle between Xiao Mo Ge and Jiang Zhe was also watched in the xiuzhe world.

However, what Xue Dong was talking about was not that.

Kun Lun’s spies were high in the ranks and Xuan Kong Temple did not intend to conceal the matter so Kun Lun had received the information quickly.

“I know a bit about this.” Lin Qian felt slightly heavy. He had previously reviewed the cases of ancient tribe descendants being exterminated in the last few hundred years, and knew more than Xue Dong.

Xue Dong turned in curiosity. Lin Qian was about to speak when a disciple sudden came in. “Eldest Shixiong, the sect leader is looking for you!”

Xue Dong immediately understood that the matter was not as simple as he thought.

Lin Qian nodded at Xue Dong before leaving with this disciple

When he stepped into the large hall, Lin Qian stopped breathing. Inside the large hall, almost all the sect elders were present. Even the elders that had not shown themselves for many years were in attendance.

It was the first time Lin Qian had seen a scene like this in his lifetime.

The gazes of the elders landed on Lin Qian’s person as he entered. Many elders gave small smiles of acknowledgement. Lin Qian was humble, talented, and well-liked by the elders. Everyone understood the next sect leader would definitely be Lin Qian.

These elders had great status, but their descendants and disciples would need to rely on Lin Qian’s care. No one was willing to be at odds with Lin Qian.

The sect leader seemed to know that Lin Qian had arrived though his eyes were closed. His strong eyebrows twitched and he opened his eyes. He said slowly, “Everyone knows the situation. I have called everyone here to discuss Kun Lun sect’s stance on this issue.”

The sect leader’s authority in Kun Lun was unquestionable.

In front of the sect leader, those rebellious elders didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

Moments later, an elder started the discussion, “In the past, our reputation was left in disgrace and we didn’t obtain a thing. Our development of shen power has been pretty good and if we spend some more time, we will definitely learn some mysteries of shen power … …”

An elder objected at this time, “Shen power has developed but it is not something we can complete in a day. Right now, we are searching blindly and only have limited examples. If we can obtain … …”

The two were like sparks that were thrown into a barrel of dynamite. The hall descended into noise.

The sect leader kept his eyes down and half-lidded. He allowed everyone to argue as though he had fallen asleep.

Gradually, the camps between the crowd became clear. The majority of elders supported interfering in Xuan Kong Temple’s affair.

Seeing the clear attitudes, they closed their mouths. The hall became silent again.

Only after the group finished did the sect leader seem to wake up and open his eyes. He said coolly, “Since you have reached a consensus , then do this. However, we cannot copy Xuan Kong Temple. We will only send one fanxu elder, and five yuanying elders. It would be good to bring along more disciples. If young people do not get experience, they cannot become accomplished.”

“By the sect leader’s order!’ The elders bowed.

The way the sect leader handled the discussion and made a decision today had broadened Lin Qian’s vision. The sect leader had only said two sentences today but no one was able to object.

Lin Qian seemed to understand.

After the meeting ended, the sect leader did not find Lin Qian for a private discussion. It looked like a minor meeting but Lin Qian had learned a lot. A sect leader needed to unite the benefits of the majority and not use his status to force others.

Having just walked out, Lin Qian saw a person hurry over.

Lin Qian stopped walking. The incomer was the vice hall master Zhong Bao of Listening Wind Hall. He definitely had news. Listening Wind Hall was the intelligence division of Kun Lun. It held a reputation and status in the xiuzhe world as one of the best intelligence groups. The number of tentacles it had in all areas of the three territories far surpassed people’s imaginations.

“What is it?” Lin Qian asked.

Zhong Bao respectfully reported, “It is about Wei Sheng.”

“Wei Sheng!” Lin Qian’s eyes flickered. A figure that was as determined and steely as a sword appeared in his mind. His eyes brightened!

Translator Ramblings: How to confuse the enemy, stop running when being chased and do something that appears to not be of any use. Also, Ku

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