Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Six – The World Stunned

“Really, what xiuzhe dares to be so arrogant? They have come to our mo territories to show off?”

“It is a sword xiu, a vicious one that has killed more than a thousand people?!”

“More than a thousand? They are just boasting, do you think that killing mo is like killing chickens?”

“You don’t understand. For an expert, it is easier to kill people than to kill chickens!”

“Che, even the strongest expert is nothing in front of a battalion.”

“True, but think about it. A sword xiu has come to our territories, if we have to mobilize a battalion to deal with just one sword xiu, tell me, isn’t it embarrassing?”

“Ah, a little bit. What about our mo experts? Have they all died? How can they let the xiuzhe show off on our land?”

“He won’t be able to do it for much longer. The kill order has been sent down. It is really a tragedy about that jie master. He had surrounded the other, yet the other had managed to flee, especially after his subordinates were mostly killed. This guy is a joke now!”

“Haha! He surrounded the other yet let the other run away? This bad? It really is embarrassing! Ha! That sword xiu better not come here, otherwise … …”

The mo that spoke suddenly stopped. He was looking straight ahead and stood motionless.

“What?” His partner was slightly puzzled and instinctively looked in that direction was well. He was immediately stunned.

A figure holding a sword slowly approached in the horizon.

Wei Sheng looked at the city in front of him. He gripped the black sword in his hand. There was no fear on his face. He ignored the gazes filled with hatred and enmity as he walked straight towards the city gates.


“Did you hear? That sword xiu has come here! He wants to challenge the experts of this jie in search of a defeat! Tsk tsk, look how dominant his words are, in search of a defeat!”

“Is this guy crazy!”

“Crazy? He’s very smart. He made a big fuss and will only fight with you in the open. What, you don’t dare to accept this? He has offended everyone with this action but who can swallow the anger if someone challenged them directly? If they cannot defeat this guy in honest open combat, they won’t have any face. It would be extremely shameful for anyone to do something from the shadows now. However, this sword xiu won’t be able to escape now. He can only keep winning. If he loses, he will die! His courage to force such a situation is admirable!”

“Tsk tsk, this is going to attract attention. I hadn’t thought that even xiuzhe would have heroes like this!”

The news that a sword xiu was challenging the mo experts spread like wildfire.

Those who heard it for the first time almost didn’t dare to believe the years. The history of hatred between xiuzhe and mo could not be narrated in ten whole days. Now a sword xiu had run into the mo territories and publicly challenged mo experts.

It wasn’t that xiuzhe never sneaked into the mo territories but that every person who did so would disguise themselves as mo and be careful in fear they would be discovered.

Something like a person publicly entering the mo territories along and challenging all experts had never happened before.

Mad, arrogant, doesn’t have a measure of himself … …

All kinds of judgments, the most evil curses, they came from the mouths of people. Everyone was waiting to mock him and see how the mo experts would tear this horrid sword xiu into pieces!

In the first match, the sword xiu won!

The mo watching were slightly shocked.

In the second match, the sword xiu won!

The mo almost didn’t believe their eyes.

In The third match. The sword xiu won!

The mo started to quiet.

Ten matches with no defeats. Wei Sheng stood on the stage and gazing down proudly as he gripped his sword. The mo that were below the stage had ashen faces. It was completely silent. No mo had the bravery to get onto the stage.

Wei Sheng became famous!

On the second day, the result of this battle spread into every corner of the Hundred Savage Realm as though it had wings.

Hundred Savage Realm was in a furor.

In the history of the mo, they had never appeared so disheveled.

Facing the gazes of enmity in the surroundings, Wei Sheng’s sword heart was unaffected. He knew that this was the start. The further he went, the stronger the experts would be.

However, he had finally escaped the endless pursuit of enemies. He had thought for a long time before deciding on his plan of action, publicly exposing himself in such an attention-catching manner. Wei Sheng was not cunning but he was not a stupid person. He knew that his arrogant actions would infuriate the mo but this was also his goal.

When all gazes of the Hundred Savage Realm gathered on him, those methods in the dark could not be used. The mo would not accept that. There was only one way that would not cause them to lose face, defeating him opening and fairly.

The more influence this matter had, the safer he was. But at the same time, his opponents would become stronger and he would be in more danger.

However, he did not fear it at all. In his view, the stronger the opponent, the more it could refine his sword essence.

He walked step by step towards Nether Springs Jie, and refined his sword essence.

No matter how far he walked, it was like he always had his back against a precipice.

A situation with no hope!

When Wei Sheng used this kind of decisiveness to challenge all of the mo territories!

How could the world not be stunned?


Zuo Mo, A Gui, and Ceng Lian’er were carefully hiding.

Pu Yao really was skilled in committing devious acts. He had given over several methods to hide and conceal their tracks. Along the way, he had occasionally pointed out to Zuo Mo what they needed to pay attention to. Pu Yao’s great experience was completely shown. Zuo Mo suspected that this guy had frequently done things that could not be seen in the light of day.

Zuo Mo and the others constantly changed directions and would purposefully leave behind some marks to confuse their pursuers along the way.

Dai Tao and Ji Zheng were to be pitied for the hardship they encountered. The two had high cultivation but they were not skilled in this field. Dai Tao was a roaming xiu to start but his luck had been good and he had entered an outer sect of Xuan Kong Temple very early on. He usually taught sect disciples. Ji Zheng’s experience in this area was almost zero. The number of times he had stepped outside of the gates of Xuan Kong Temple could be counted on the fingers. His experience with the world was almost nothing.

After Zuo Mo had led them in circles for three days, the two finally understood that cultivation strength could not solve all problems.

The two immediately sent a message back to the sect but the two had not discovered that Zuo Mo knew of their presence. Zuo Mo’s actions seemed very suspect but could also mean that he had some secret aim. If there wasn’t a secret goal, why would Zuo Mo leave the battalion at this time.

The news that the two of them had come was a well kept secret. Not many knew. In their minds, there was no possibility of this matter having leaked.

When Xuan Kong Temple received the information, they quickly acted.

A middle-aged person that was short and of a lowly appearance stood respectfully in front of the two and didn’t dare to even breathe. Behind the middle-aged person were five young disciples. However, these young disciple were slightly excited. These two in front of them were of ancestor level in Xuan Kong Temple. If they served the two well, the elder was happy and might bestow them something that would be enough for them to live off for their entire life.

This kind of chance was something that could not be found by chance!

“What are you called? Are you skilled in tracking?” Dai Tao asked.

“This one is called Hui Bao, and knows some tracking spells.” The middle-aged man answered nervously.

Dai Tao saw Hui Bao’s nervousness and nodded. “Do you know the mission this time?”

“This one does not know, the sect only said for this one to attend to the instructions of the two elders,” Hui Bao carefully answered.

“En, we are pursuing a great criminal of the sect. However, this person is extremely cunning. Your mission is to find him,” Dai Tao said.

“Yes!” Hui Bao hurried to acknowledge.

“This place has tracks he left behind. Start here.” Finishing, Dao Tai went to the side and closed his eyes to rest.

Hui Bao laid on the ground. He sniffed and then closed his eyes. His right hand suddenly lit up. The light quickly scanned the ground. He took a handful of powder from his Hundred Treasures Pouch. Moments later, the powder disappeared into the air and three pairs of faint footprints appeared on the previously blank ground.

Dai Tao was slightly surprised but he did not interrupt. Hui Bao who had been extremely subservient before seemed to be a completely different person now with a calm expression and confidence.

Hui Bao carefully inspected the footprints and concluded after a few moments, “There are three people, one is male, the other two are female.”

Dai Tao thought a moment, and the intelligence dossier the sect had given them before they came to mind. He quickly deduced who the other two women were.

Xiao Mo Ge had two women with him, one with an ugly appearance and one that was beautiful. The ugly one was of mysterious origins but the beautiful one was the daughter of a little jie master in a remote part of the territories.

Dai Tao nodded. This Hui Bao had some skill as expected.

“Do you know which direction then went in?” Dai Tao couldn’t resist asking.

“Daren, please wait for a moment.” Hui Bao beckoned at a disciple. The disciple hurried forward and handed over a beast service card.

This beast service card was just half the size of a palm and engraved with a small beast.

Moments later, a strange beast appeared, a fluffy furred puppy. What was most attention-catching was its pair of glass like eyes were unusually bright.

Dai Tao’s eyes lit up. “Is it a Glass Eyed Canine?”

Glass eyed Caines were just fourth-grade ling beast but it was not easy to raise them. What was most unique about the glass eyed canines were that its eyes were extremely powerful and it could see many things that normal people could not. It was also highly intelligent and liked by hunters. Dai Tao had seen it mentioned before in a record and so recognized it with a glance.

“Daren is wise!” Hui Bao hurriedly flattered.

The glass eyed canine just out of Hui Bao’s arms. The glass-like eyes suddenly lit up. It looked around and then suddenly shot in one direction.

“Daren, that direction!” Hui Bao hurriedly shouted. He then chased after the glass eyed canine.

Dai Tao was overjoyed and followed tightly after.

Ji Zheng followed expressionlessly but his movements were not slow.

The two only thought of one thing at this moment, obtaining the shen power inheritance!

Even though they did not communicate, both of them decided that they couldn’t have the shen power inheritance land in other people’s hands.

At this time, something suddenly happened.

Translator Ramblings: Sometimes I imagine Pu Yao and Wei getting stuck in Wei Sheng rather than Zuo Mo. Well, if Wei Sheng didn’t kill them or shut them in his mind. It would be hilarious.

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