Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Nine – Li Xian Er

“You have worked hard these past few years!” The sect leader’s voice was heard from above, the tone was filled with gratification and affection.

The disciples looked at their little shimei standing in the hall like a goddess. Many people had expressions of love but there was also a bit of respect and fear in this love.

Compared to her flighty and mischievousness attitude in the past, the present Li Xian Er looked much more steady and even more beautiful. Once she had only been a playful little girl, now there was maturity, and a presence that was hard to describe.

Looking at the calm and steady figure in the center, many of the disciples couldn’t help but feel emotional.

Their little shimei that had been favored for so many years had grown up to become a leader!

There was a faint friendly smile on her face that caused people to feel good. When people were not paying attention, she blinked her eyes playfully at the sect leader and the sect leader returned an affectionate smile from the corner of his mouth.

He was filled with pride. His granddaughter had lived up to his hopes!

However, he quickly hid away the mirth on his lips and said in a stern voice, “I have gathered you all here today to assign missions to each of you.”

“Yes!” the disciple said in unison.

“One month ago, Heavy Wood Jie was taken over by the mo. The mo were cunning and sealed off all methods of communication so we didn’t discover this until five days ago, when they had took over three nearby jie, including Bright Jing Jie!”

The disciples were astounded, their faces full of disbelief.

They didn’t know where Heavy Wood Jie was, but every disciple knew where Bright Jing Jie was located. Bright Jing Jie was only an intermediate-sized jie but it was an important producer of Tian Huan’s jingshi; Including a special kind of jingshi called bright jingshi which was only produced in Heavy Wood Jie. Bright Jing Jie provided large amounts of both jingshi and bright jingshi for Tian Huan, an important resource jie for Tian Huan.

But the noisy hall quickly quieted down.

Tian Huan was one of the four great sect and their disciples were all disciplined. After the initial shock, they quickly recovered their calm.

The sect leader was very satisfied with the performance of the disciples.

“The importance of Bright Jing Jie to us does not need to be stated, I believe that you all know,” the sect leader said coolly. “The elders in the sect all have important missions and cannot go. So the mission will be given to you this time. Tian Man!”

“This disciple is here!” Shi Tian Man stood out.

“Do you have the confidence if this matter is handed to you?” the sect leader said.

“I will not fail,” Shi Tian Man said seriously.

“En, you can select the personnel and battalions that you want. I only have one condition, take back Bright Jing Jie in a month,” the sect leader said coolly.

“This disciple understands!” Shi Tian Man responded with a calm expression and no panic at all.

The sect leader showed a satisfied expression.


“Grandfather!” Li Xian Er shook the sect leader’s arm with a pout.

“Alright, alright! If you keep shaking, Grandfather will break apart.” The sect leader said with a smile. His eyes were narrowed and he had a relaxed expression. “You have done well. Even your Gui Shishu praised you. Not bad, not bad!”

He said “not bad” twice which showed just how proud he was. Gui Shidi was a strict trainer who did not spare people due to their relationships. It was extremely difficult to earn praise from his mouth. He felt very proud that his granddaughter had received praises from Gui Shidi who was famed for his strictness.

“Haha, of course, look whose granddaughter I am!” Li Xian Er giggled.

The sect leader was very pleased by the flattery but he still pretended to be stern and coughed lightly. “But do not be too proud, you must know … …”

Seeing that her grandfather was about to start lecturing her again, Li Xian Er felt her head about to swell. She hurriedly changed the topic. “Grandfather, you summoned me back with such urgency, is there something important?”

The sect leader was distracted and the smile on his face disappeared. He showed slightly worry. “Your Xiao Rong Shixiong is not in a good situation!”

“What about Xiao Rong Shixiong?” The smile on Li Xian Er’s face disappeared and she asked urgently.

“He first suffered a loss to Mu Xi and then again to a person called Gongsun Cha. While his situation is not good, there is no danger temporarily.”

“Mu Xi of the Palace Lake Wood Clan?” Li Xian Er’s response was quick.

“Yes, I hadn’t thought that the Palace Lake Wood Clan would have such an outstanding member in their younger generation!” the sect leader said emotionally.

“Then who is Gongsun Cha?” Li Xian Er’s brow furrowed. She tilted her head and looked with an expression of curiosity. At this time, she finally looked as playful as she did in the past.

“This person is not well-known and it isn’t known where he came from but he is very strong.” The sect leader’s expression was grave. “It has been some time since the battle. Gongsun Cha is very mysterious and we only recently identified which faction he belonged to.”

“Which faction?” Li Xian Er blinked her eyes curiously. She was surprised that Mu Xi had defeated Xiao Rong Shixiong but that was within the range of normality. Palace Lake Wood Clan was one of the famed families in the yao world and had a long history of producing outstanding battle generals. But this something Cha was able to defeat Xiao Rong Shixiong as well. She was shocked.

She knew just how strong Xiao Rong Shixiong was. Among the younger disciples in the sect, only Tian Man Shixiong could rival him.

“Xiao Mo Ge!” the sect leader said three words.

Li Xian Er’s face was puzzled. “Who is he?”

“This person is very mysterious.” The sect leader’s expression was grave. “You have just returned and there are some things you do not know. First Xiao Mo Ge and Gu Liang Dao are good friends. Just a while ago, Gu Liang Dao suddenly left Xi Xuan! The cause of this was this Xiao Mo Ge!”

“Ah!” Li Xian Er exclaimed and wasn’t able to maintain her calm. Of course she knew who Gu Liang Dao was. Xi Xuan’s Tiger General, the undoubted top battle general of the younger generation! Such a person had betrayed their sect!

If it wasn’t that the person who was telling her this was her grandfather, she would have had a hard time believing it.

The sect leader seemed to not see his granddaughter’s shock and continued. “No one can say what Xiao Mo Ge’s background is. Even now, we are uncertain about whether he is a yao or a mo. He had gone into the Ten Finger Prison and activated a prison-breaking battle. This person isn’t just strong, he is an outstanding battle general. He defeated Corps Commander Yu Heng of the Regular Corps, a gold battle general!”

Li Xian Er’s mouth was open wide. Her face that was usually filled with smiles was full of shock.

The sect leader did not stop and continued, “Xiao Mo Ge then appeared in the mo’s Great Peace City.”

Li Xian Er recovered and hurriedly asked, “The Great Peace City with the Great Peace Mo Steles?”

“Yes.” The sect leader said sternly, “Do you know about the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?”

“I know.” Li Xian ER nodded obediently. “I have read about it in the records.”

The sect leader nodded. “We have always had our people in Great Peace City because of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. That is also why we know such much about what happened at Great Peace City.”

Li Xian Er did not interrupt and listened curiously.

“Xiao Mo Ge suddenly appeared at Great Peace City. When he appeared, he made a flamboyant appearance. He caused the worldly apparition Shifting Star Sands, killed Shen Yu who had comprehended the [Peacock King Plume]. The mo physique he cultivates is the pure [Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus]. When the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion appeared, we also sent people but we hadn’t expected Kun Lun to send Lin Qian!”

“Lin Qian!” Li Xian Er jumped in fright. Lin Qian was the eldest disciple of Kun Lun, and undoubtedly the first person of the younger generation!

“Lin Qian is really powerful and managed to intimidate all of the mo. He almost managed to achieve his aim, but at the most crucial moment, Xiao Mo Ge used the Anti Dragon Claw to block his sword strike!”

“Anti Dragon Claw!” Li Xian Er felt slightly dizzy. Each of the sky mo weapons of the mo were famed. Normal xiuzhe may not know of them but how could the core disciples of a major sect be ignorant?

Even the sect leader grimaced. “This boy can be called a freak! With power of a general level, he tamed the sky mo weapon. This has never happened before in the history of the mo. Then when Great Peace City was surrounded by Hundred Savage Realm’s strongest bandits, the Ming Bandits, he defeated them. Reports said fighting was extreme and that the battalion that defeated the Ming Bandits is one that you know!”

“A battalion that I know? Which one?” Li Xian Er asked dazedly.

“Xuan Kong Temple’s Sin Battalion!”

“Sin Battalion!” Li Xian Er’s eyes were dumbstruck. Of course she knew Sin Battalion. The four great sects had exchanges and knew each other very well. The famed Sin Battalion, how could she not know. She murmured, “Isn’t the commander of Sin Battalion someone called Bie Han … …”

“Yes.” The sect leader nodded. “You came back late and don’t know yet. The first time Bie Han was sent to fight, he took Sin Battalion and betrayed Xuan Kong Temple.”

Li Xian Er was completely stunned. Was this Xiao Mo Ge a specialist in getting people to leave and betray their factions? Xuan Kong Temple’s Bie Han left, Xi Xuan’s Tiger General Gu Liang Dao left, the disciples that betrayed their sects were all core disciples … …

What kind of power did this guy have?

A hint of curiosity suddenly rose. Once it formed, it couldn’t be erased.

Looking at his granddaughter’s wide mouth and stunned expression, the sect leader then said, “Then they encountered Marshal Yu who came with ten thousand Yu Frontier Guards. Marshal Yu wanted the Anti Dragon Claw that Xiao Mo Ge had. The two fought. Xiao Mo Ge’s group killed Marshal Yu and defeated the Yu Frontier Guards.

Li Xian Er felt that she was completely numb.

He had even killed a marshal. This person could not be described any longer as freakish … …

‘”When the battle finished, two battalions came to reinforce him. One was Gongsun Cha, the other was Gu Liang Dao.” The sect leader spoke meaningfully, “This was also the reason that Gu Liang Dao left Xi Xuan.”

Freak! A definite freak!

Li Xian Er swallowed hard. She had always felt that she was a mischievous person but, today, she discovered that she actually was very good!

This Xiao Mo Ge caused a storm of blood wherever he went. The people he met would betray their sects. Compared to him, she really was obedient and quiet!

She suddenly had an impulse to meet this person, this Xiao Mo Ge who could not settle down and always created a storm!

The sect leader glanced at his granddaughter and showed an imperceptible smile. However, he quickly resumed his solemn expression.

“This time, you have to go on behalf of Grandfather to the mo territories.”

Translator Ramblings: Another look at the outside world.

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