Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Five – Relations

Gu Liang Dao had not expected Bie Han to be so direct but he also felt puzzled. Put generously people like Bie Han were proud. They usually looked down on everyone and thought highly of themselves as the center of the world. Gu Liang Dao had only known that Bie Han had led Sin Battalion and left Xuan Kong Temple. But he still felt it incomprehensible that he had decided to follow this youth.

He then looked at Gongsun Cha standing at the side and Vermillion Bird Camp. Zuo Mo already had two top battalions. While this kind of strength could not rival the four great sects, it was much greater than the normal intermediate and small sects.

Puzzlement, shock, confusion, these emotions mixed in his mind.

“With the two of you here, there’s no need for me.” Gu Liang Dao said with disdain directed at himself. While this was just a courtesy response, it reflected Gu Liang Dao’s attitude. He did not know how big Zuo Mo’s factions was, but he had two top battle generals. If he joined them, he would only be gilding the lily and it would be difficult for him to earn a position in the inner circle.

His intelligence and cunning were greater than pure battle generals such as Gongsun Cha and Bie Han to have been able to gather such a group of people in such difficult circumstances.

While Bie Han was not skilled in scheming, he was perceptive. When he heard Gu Liang Dao say this, he did not try to persuade any further, and said coolly, “But in the future, Xi Xuan will not be tolerant of you.”

The words hit the sore spot in Gu Liang Dao’s heart.

While to outsiders he looked to have a great reputation in the xiuzhe world and he was the top battle general from Xi Xuan, the higher-ups from Xian Xuan would not support him. Ultimately he was someone who had been categorized as something to be abandoned. To them he was an eyesore.

The greater his reputation was, the more terrified the Xi Xuan higher-ups became of him.

While the higher-ups were spoke good words on the surface and appeared understanding, Gu Liang Dao knew that it was just to lull him into a false sense of security. Because of this, he was willing to fight in the mo territories which carried great danger rather than return to the sect.

It was most likely that if he returned to the sect, what awaited him was loss of his command.

Gu Liang Dao was someone who was pragmatic. After a moment of silence, he smiled freely and his expression was not disguised at all. He said openly, “The matters of the future will wait until the future. No one can have smooth sailing all the time. It is enough to have gained something from this trip!”

Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha couldn’t help but admire this. Even the icy look in Bie Han’s eyes melted slightly.

“This little brother heard that a marshal came, is he … …” Gu Liang Dao had a questioning look in his eyes.

“We accidentally killed him.” Zuo Mo tried to keep his face normal and said with slight embarrassment—actually, it had been A Gui that had killed him.

Gu Liang Dao was struck dumb by Zuo Mo’s expression and even more so by the words. He stammered out, “Accidentally ki … … killed … …”

He was not the only one affected, The commanders around him gaped as though they were seeing ghosts.

“En en en.” Zuo Mo nodded repeatedly.

Gu Liang Dao’s expression froze for a moment before he said, “Brother Xiao, as expected … … as expected … … the youth become heroes!”

He said “as expected” twice. He didn’t know what words to use to describe his mood right now. He couldn’t see any indications that the other was joking. He also knew that Xiao Mo Ge would not lie to him about this matter. The event would have just occurred and there were also many people present. He would only need to briefly investigate to find the truth of the matter.

And when he connected this to the scene of Bie Han had been slaughtering mo, this answer seemed reasonable. If it wasn’t that the marshal had been killed, would the marshal would have tolerated his battalion being culled like sheep?

All the evidence seemed to indicate that Xiao Mo Ge’s words were not false.

But that was a marshal, not a dog, a marshal!

He was equivalent to a fanxu xiuzhe!

Even in Xi Xuan, one of the four great sects of the xiuzhe world, fanxu xiuzhe were rare. They either spent their years in seclusion, or they were out travelling the world. But any fanxu xiuzhe was a strategic power for a sect.

Gu Liang Dao had fought against the mo and he had a deeper understanding of the mo than normal xiuzhe. In the mo world, the marshal level was the top power. They were the mo’s strongest battle generals and strongest experts. Each of them was a person that could affect the state of the Hundred Savage Realm.

The fall of any marshal would be news that would cause all of the mo world to shake. This was even more of a bomb than any jie getting taken over.

Zuo Mo suddenly became even more mysterious and unfathomable in his eyes.

Gu Liang Dao kept his calm but the commanders around him couldn’t help but become cautious. Up until now, while the four major sects had obtained some gains, the yaomo had not been seriously harmed.

For the mo, the fall of Marshal Yu would be greatest loss up until now!

Gu Liang Dao quickly recovered from his shock. He was filled with curiosity and puzzlement but he forced these feelings down. It would be impolite to pry so deeply. He changed the topic, “Where is everyone planning to go now?”

“To Nether Springs Jie.” Zuo Mo did not conceal this. The other had come to help. No matter what the reason for that was, it was a debt. Also, he could see that Gu Liang Dao was a open-minded and generous person.

“Nether Springs Jie?” Gu Liang Dao was slightly shocked but he did not ask why Zuo Mo and the others were going to Nether Springs Jie. He said after some thought, “Nether Springs Jie is in an extremely deep region of the Nether Realm. It is far away, and there are many powers along the way, it will not be an easy journey!”

Zuo Mo nodded, feeling the same. “Yes.”

Gu Liang Dao took something out of his ring and handed it to Zuo Mo. He said with a hint of self-mockery, “While I am just pretending to follow orders, this little brother has to still conquer a few jie in order to satisfy my sect. I cannot go with Brother Xiao. This jie map is something that this little brother gained as a spoil from a fight. It does not belong to my sect. The information about the Hundred Savage Nether Realms and all of its jie are marked on this map, I hope this will be of some help to Brother Xiao.”

Zuo Mo’s expression changed. The other’s expression was sincere. It was a small item but its value was several thousand jingshi and was even more valuable to Zuo Mo!

This person was cunning but open and generous in how he treated people, he really is a hero.

Zuo Mo’s expression became stern and he put away the mirth in his expression. He bowed towards Gu Liang Dao. “Many thanks, Big Brother Gu! This little brother’s true name is Zuo Mo and I have used the pseudonym Xiao Mo Ge while moving around in the mo territories! Big Brother Gu, call me Xiao Mo!”

Gu Liang Dao laughed and said, “Names are small matters and not worth a mention. Brother, be careful! The mo never lack for vicious people and have a deep seeded hatred for us xiuzhe. Brother Zuo has to be careful on this journey. You also killed a marshal and your identity as a xiuzhe will now most likely revealed. Now that you have become well known, the trip will no longer be a peaceful one.”

“Big Brother Gu is right.” Zuo Mo’s expression also became grave.

After the fight today, his identity as a xiuzhe would most likely be unable to be concealed. The interested could be detected from the gazes of the survivors of Great Peace City. Their gazes were complex, filled with hate and gratefulness, but the most common emotion was fear.

He suddenly said, “This little brother has a matter, please, Big Brother Gu, help.”

“What is it?” Gu Liang Dao asked directly.

“These mo have some relations to this little brother. Big Brother Gu, please allow them to live.” Zuo Mo said.

Gu Liang Dao nodded without thinking. “Alright!”

“Many thanks, Big Brother Gu!” Zuo Mo said gratefully.

Gu Liang Dao shook his head and said, “Do not think of this brother as a bloodthirsty person. Fighting wars is a matter for battalions, what does it have to do with civilians? This brother has not fallen to such a low level. Also, after this Sky-Splitting Calamity, the intermingling of xiuzhe, yao, and mo will not be able to be stopped. The heavens will it. There is no need for unnecessary killing.”

A hint of shock flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes. This Big Brother Gu of his was a very strong person as he had expected. It wasn’t that Zuo Mo hadn’t met people who recognized this, but it was not easy for the great four to admit this.

Then they started chatting about other matters.

Gu Liang Dao quickly found that while Zuo Mo was young, his vision of larger events was clear. Even though he had accomplished so much at such a young age, he did not let his ego interfere.

Gu Liang Dao’s judgment of the state of affairs was a keen and experienced, something that a beginner like Zuo Mo could not match. Just a few sentences would be enough to enlighten Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo finally understood why Big Brother Gu hadn’t died under the pressure of the sect and had grown even more powerful.

The two were very compatible and talked through the night.

When the first thread of sunlight rose from the horizon, they seemed to wake up from a dream.

Everyone knew that this was the time of separation. Zuo Mo and the others had to go to Nether Springs Jie, and Gu Liang Dao and his group had to return back to reinforce their battle lines. They received news that there were enemies harassing their front line.

But the two sides were not picky people. They exchanged methods of contact and bid farewell.

When he saw the figures of Gu Liang Dao and the others disappear, Zuo Mo finally turned his gaze away.

The departure of Gu Liang Dao’s group caused the mo survivors of Great Peace City to sigh in relief. When they heard that one of the newcomer battalions had been lead by Gu Liang Dao, they had been frightened half to death. In the eyes of many, Gu Liang Dao was a god of slaughter. They hadn’t expected Gu Liang Dao to leave without even looking at them.

Many people speculated that it had been Xiao Mo Ge who had spoken on their behalf.

Their emotions were more complex. Xiao Mo Ge, was a xiuzhe and was their enemy. But if it wasn’t for Xiao Mo Ge, the great majority of the people in Great Peace City would have died. Regardless of whether they admitted it aloud, they all knew this inside. Xiao Mo Ge had saved their lives.

But why was a person like this a xiuzhe?

Many people had this conflicted thought.

Zuo Mo did not care. He did not have any bias for or against the mo. He understood the hatred between the mo and the xiuzhe. He could also guess what they were feeling but he did not care.

It did not matter to him whether they felt grateful or hated him. He had done these things not for them, but to stay true to himself.

He did not pay attention to them, and ordered his subordinates to clean up the battlefield.

With Zuo Mo’s personality, he naturally would not watch and allow so many of the spoils to slip by him. That wasn’t Little Mo Ge’s style. Due to Xiao Mo Ge’s presence, no one had dared to scavenge the spoils in the night.

At this time, Princess Xia left the crowd.

Translator Ramblings: I feel that Fang Xiang set it up and then forgot the stuff about yao eating souls … … or was that just Pu Yao trying to scare Zuo Mo way back in the beginning? Anyways, while Zuo Mo is sending people to clean the battlefield, is he also taking the corpses? Because this isn’t like xiuzhe fights where the body parts aren’t valuable … … mo and yao body parts are expensive … … remember Zuo Mo going almost bankrupt way back to get a mo matrix inside himself?

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