Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Two – Struggle

Zuo Mo’s charge was sudden and Marshal Yu was caught off his guard.

Even if his strength had been affected by his injuries, he was still not someone that Xiao Mo Ge could defeat. Didn’t the exchange just now reveal that?

Or did Xiao Mo Ge think that he could be taken down with the aid of the Anti Dragon Claw?

A smile blossomed on Marshal Yu’s face. A hint of disdain and derision flashed through his eyes. The Anti Dragon Claw was powerful and the wounds he had received were not light, the power of any weapon was determined by the wielder. He was sure now that while the Anti Dragon Claw was in Xiao Mo Ge’s possession, he had not subdued it.

Since it was not subdued, the Anti Dragon Claw was ownerless!

A sharp light flashed through his eyes.

Seeing Zuo Mo and the others leap at him, he was not afraid. With a smirk he activated the Rain Domain of No Return again.

Under the peerless brutal energy of the Anti Dragon Claw, the Rain Domain of No Return was fragile. However, without the suppression of the Anti Dragon Claw, the Rain Domain of No Return was soft but fatal.

The thin strands of rain were gentle and lingered in the air.

Yet Marshal Yu who had focused almost all of his attention on Xiao Mo Ge did not notice that the purple light in A Gui’s eyes was much stronger than before.


No one noticed the change.

A Gui had been severely wounded. Her shen power had been suppressed by the Rain Domain of No Return. Then she had been caught in the conflict between the Anti Dragon Claw and the Ten Crow Celestial Domain.

Yet at this time, her expression seemed to suggest she was unaffected. Her snowy-white bare feet did not have a speck of dust on them.

She stood in the air like a ghost. The purple energy in her eyes was so thick it was almost tangible. If Zuo Mo saw this, he would be astounded. The purple light in A Gui’s eyes had an additional eerie light, its presence thicker than it had ever been before.

A Gui’s expression was indifferent. She glanced at Zuo Mo. In that moment, the indifference on her face melted like the snow.

She quickly turned away and her expression returned to indifference.

Her bare feet silently stepped on the empty air and her figure disappeared.


Zuo Mo did not know of A Gui’s transformation. At this time, he only focused on Marshal Yu!

There was not a stray thought in his mind!

Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

When the sky became dark red again, many people reflexively raised their heads. The Ten Crow Celestial Domain that the Sun Crystal Seed had created had been so powerful it frightened them to their core.

However, they quickly found that Zuo Mo’s Ten Crow Celestial Domain was not as powerful as it was previously.

In the midst of it all, Marshal Yu became even more confident that the one that had been fighting the Anti Dragon Claw was most likely another great treasure and not Xiao Mo Ge. Having thought this through, a disdainful smile rose on his lips. He did not need to be wary of this Ten Crow Celestial Domain, instead he was angered that Xiao Mo Ge dared to use a general level Ten Crow Celestial Domain against him!

It really was an offence!

The mo had strict ranks. In front of marshal levels, generals were like ants.

Marshal Yu had a great army and his strength as a marshal was enough for him to look down on others. Until now he had gone easy on Zuo Mo because of his fondness for talented individuals. But right now, his heart was filled with murderousness and he did not have any benevolence left!

The Ten Crow Celestial Domain moved.

A golden pillar came from the sky.

[Golden Crow Battering Ram]!

The disdain on Marshal Yu’s lips deepened. This Xiao Mo Ge just didn’t know what was good for him, he was as dumb as an ox!

This move clearly was not of any threat to him, yet Xiao Mo Ge dared to use this move. It was laughable.

The Green Carp Tongue Sword pointed into the sky. Rain suddenly gathered, spinning, and funneled to a point.

The strands of rain swam and twisted around the Golden Crow Battering Ram.


“Idiot!” Zuo Mo had a similar smile of disdain that flashed across his lips before his expression became focused again.

It was the [Golden Crow Battering Ram] and appeared the same as it did before.

When the swirling rain wrapped around the Golden Crow Battering Ram, a strange field of power surrounded the Golden Crow Battering ram. Immediately, the Golden Crow Battering Ram seemed to have sunk into a bog and slowed down.

There was no panic on Zuo Mo’s face, and his eyes lit up.

He huffed lightly and then shouted, “Scatter!”


The Golden Crow Battering Ram suddenly exploded!

Countless needle-like golden lights suddenly spread into the surroundings. The rain that had surrounded the Golden Crow Battering Ram evaporated, and the needles of golden light entered the rain.

Marshal Yu immediately grunted as his body wavered!

He had not expected that Zuo Mo was laying a trap. His expression was both shocked and irritated.

Zuo Mo had seen the entire process of how the Sun Crystal Seed setup the Ten Crow Celestial Domain. He had memorized all of the transformations of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain. This was something unimaginable to him in the past. No one could say that they understood the Ten Crow Celestial Domain well. Even Pu Yao and Wei did not know too much about the Ten Crow Celestial Domain, this had meant Zuo Mo needed to explore on his own.

He had not expected that the Sun Crystal Seed would borrow his Ten Crow Celestial Domain and reveal its secrets. The higher level power performed all the transformations of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain and helped even his mo matrix mature to its completion.

This was a benefit to Zuo Mo.

A mature and perfected Ten Crow Celestial Domain. After seeing all the transformations of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain, he knew which direction to cultivate to go up a level.

He still needed time to digest and practice what he had gained today, but undoubtedly, even without the Anti Dragon Claw, Zuo Mo’s strength had completely transformed.

He purposefully used the Golden Crow Battering Ram to trick Marshal Yu.

When he saw Marshal Yu’s figure sway, he knew he had succeeded! However, he did not feel any pride. This was a difficult battle that had just begun!

Would could a marshal be killed so easy?

If this was a different place and time, Zuo Mo definitely would not choose a such a suicidal course of action. But he knew that if he did not kill Marshal Yu, all that waited them was endless pursuit. Marshal Yu wasn’t just powerful individually, he possessed many powerful battalions. After he recovered, it would just be a matter of time before everyone’s died!

Once Zuo Mo made his decision, he did not hesitate one bit.

With the first attack having succeeded, he continued onwards!


Bie Han led Sin Battalion and charged into the enemy formation like a sharp knife.

In his eyes, the weaknesses in the Yu Frontier Guards formation were clear. His charge was determined. All in Sin Battalion were mo with incomplete souls. They did not know fear, did not have emotions. They would systematically carryout all of Bie Han’s orders. They were the true killing machines.

Bie Han who was usually reserved was like a fiery blade, boisterous and powerful.

The Yu Frontier Guards had not thought the enemy would dare to charge their formation!

They were caught off guard and immediately suffered a great number of casualties.

The Sin Battalion was like a bolt of lightning that split the Yu Frontier battle formation into two.

If one looked down from the sky right, they could clearly see that the route the Sin Battalion advanced was not straight, but zigzagged.

Bie Han’s path when he charged each time was precise. All the points he passed through were weaknesses he had detected!

The Yu Frontier Guards finally woke up from their shock.

Then they found their thick ranks had been divided in two by the enemy! Corpses were littered everywhere, their battle formation was disheveled mess, the usually proud Yu Frontier Guards were left furious!

When had someone dared to charge at the Yu Frontier Guards?

When had someone else dismissed the battle prowess of the Yu Frontier Guards so?

The foundation of the Yu Frontier Guards showed its depth now. Though Marshal Yu was not present, some general level battle generals started to direct the battalions. The lucky Yu Frontier elite that had survived the earlier battle quickly returned to the ranks. The experts that had been guarding the chariot flew to the very front in the hopes that they would buy some time for the main army to rally.

Yet they underestimated the skill level of battle general they were facing!

A snarl suddenly appeared on Bie Han’s icy face.

He felt that his blood was boiling, desire for battle filling his heart. He wanted to howl into the sky.


A shout thundered across the sky.

Sin Battalion attacked again!


Zuo Mo was extremely cautious about Marshal Yu’s Rain Domain of No Return. He chose close-quarter combat.

He was now familiar with the transformations of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain, but one, he had not mastered all of the transformations, and two, the general level Ten Crow Celestial Domain was not a match for the marshal level Rain Domain of No Return. He was not the Sun Crystal Seed and could not bring out such high level power.

Zuo Mo’s attitude of fighting to the death infuriated Marshal Yu.

Marshal Yu had been of high status for a long time. It had been many years since someone dared to offend him, and not give into his demands!

He was not afraid of close-quarter combat!

The Green Carp Tongue Sword disappeared from his hand. Without seeming to take a stance, his hand flipped and he made a grabbing motion towards Zuo Mo.


Like the hiss of a snake, an enormous clawed shadow left his hand and flew towards Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo felt his vision darken. The enormous clawed shadow covered his field of vision. A terrifying gust of wind rushed at him like a snake.

Fighting spirit roiled in Zuo Mo’s eyes. He did not dodge. His hands came together and his body straightened towards the clawed shadow.

A golden light shaped like a spike covered Zuo Mo’s entire body. Decisively he charged at Marshal Yu’s clawed shadow.

[Gold Thread Spike]!

One of the ten transformations of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus.

The two forces collided in a clash of brute force


Zuo Mo vision filled with a blinding light and his body shook. The backlash of power was like being struck by lightning. He couldn’t help but grunt. However, his hand was held steady and did not shift.

His vision cleared up. He had charged through the clawed shadow!

Zuo Mo’s confidence increased. The golden light brightened and its presence became sharper.

Yet at this time, the black gold seal soldier and A Gui had both sneaked near Marshal Yu.

They had surrounded him!

Marshal Yu did not reveal any panic on his face. He was unaffected as though he did not care about the destruction of his clawed shadow.

He stared at Zuo Mo and suddenly smiled.

Then Zuo Mo felt a strange and extremely powerful suction force pull his body to the side.

This was!

Zuo Mo was startled.

“You really think that a domain of a marshal only has such simple capabilities?”

Thirty zhang around Marshal Yu rain started to come down in a drizzle. Through the drizzling rain, Marshal Yu’s disdainful voice clearly passed into Zuo Mo’s ears.

The Rain Domain of No Return!

Translator Ramblings: I sometimes think things would be so easy if Zuo Mo hadn’t had an accident, came here, and then unlocked the stele. Then I remember Marshal Yu was trying to recruit Ceng Lian’er’s father, Qi Diao Yu and the other people still would have come to Great Peace City and well, Zuo Mo’s just the (un)lucky person who got dropped into this.

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