Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty – Rebirth

Zuo Mo’s intuition was accurate.

The grey mo matrix on his body flashed with an unusual light that seemed to flow and slide on the surface of his body. A strong wind formed in Zuo Mo’s surroundings, the fine gusts of wind were like blades that sheared everything around them. The ground, the stones, the pebbles in the vicinity were turned to dust by the gusts of wind!

In an instant, a hole more than fifty zhang deep appeared in the ground under Zuo Mo’s feet.

Zuo Mo’s body floated motionlessly in the air.

Then, a single deep roar seemed to come from within the ground.

The roars of the grey dragons previously had been a multitude of fine roars like a tide, and caused people’s hairs to stand on end and their scalp to prickle. This roar seemed to be a call from the ancient times, with the weight of time as it sounded from deep within the ground.

For the first time, Zuo Mo’s mind was overcome.

For some unknown reason, an indescribable emotion spread through his mind.

He was not the only one. Even Marshal Yu’s face shook and he entered a brief daze.

Just as everyone blanked, the mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s body quickly changed. A shadow silently floated out of the mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s body.

When this blurry shadow appeared, a brutal and vicious presence immediately filled the battlefield. The people who were still unfocused reacted in the most instinctive way, trembling!

Unconsciously trembling! Uncontrollably trembling!

Under this peerlessly brutal energy, their bodies were left cold and they trembled.


A wave of anger suddenly exploded and spread through the entire field. Everyone seemed to be hit hard.

The suns in the sky lit up in response to the roar of the shadow. The ten suns revolved in the sky at an extremely slow rate. A great and pure power formed from the revolving suns.

Zuo Mo was the first one to recover. He did not forget that he was dealing with a dangerous situation. If he was the least bit careless, he wouldn’t even get a chance to amend the situation.

Every detail of what was happening in his body clearly flashed across his mind. He knew that every detail had a chance of determining his fate, life or death. He needed to find that minuscule chance from all this.

There were many transformations that he had a hard time understanding. Both the Sun Crystal Seed and the Anti Dragon Claw represented power of a higher level, each beyond his knowledge. But he was still memorized it and did not give up.

The terrifying presence released by the blurry shadow caused his soul to tremble instinctively.

Suddenly, he saw a colossal beast. Its rampaging presence and its enormous shadow enveloped his minuscule figure. The strong pressure he felt left him suffocating.

This was … …

The shadow suddenly broke free of Zuo Mo’s body and flew into the sky.


A true dragon!

The blurry figure held the presence of a true dragon. In the moment it flew into the air, the presence of the king of all beasts rippled out wards like a pebble thrown into water.

No one knew that at this time, in this jie, all the animals were prostrated on the ground as they trembled!

But in Zuo Mo’s mind, what it gave off was not the energy of a dragon, but a cold and brutal killing essence. It was as though its sharp thick dragon claws dripped with black blood.

The purest of all killing essences!

In this moment, even the Three Thousand Strands of Worry decided to retreat. Other than the thickest few strands, the other strands of worry released the Anti Dragon Claw.

The Anti Dragon Claw that a portion of its restraints had been undone and unhesitatingly displayed its power and brutality!

This dragon shadow moved like a blur of grey lightning and Zuo Mo was unable to see its path clearly.

As the shadow blurred, a sun at it’s peak intensity fell from the sky. Streaking through the sky like a comet, it howled as it smashed towards the grey shadow!


The grey shadow suddenly roared, the killing energy reaching a peak. Rushing upwards, it fearlessly welcomed the sun’s incoming attack!

Pure killing essence was like the sharpest blade essence in the world.

Both sides were peerless in their speed.

Two lights, one gold and one grey, drew across the horizon and collided.


An deafening sound. The entire jie shuddered!

There was no explosion, no gust of air, just a terrifying sound of the collision.

Everyone felt the golden light brighten until it was blinding. Their vision went white. But the light quickly faded and their vision recovered. Then they found that flames were raining down.

Every thread of flame was a seed that had been caught in the wind and floated in the air.

But this was just the beginning.

The nine remaining suns in the sky suddenly fell one after another!

Dong dong dong!

With every sound, Zuo Mo’s body reflexively shook. Blood seeped out from his hose, eyes, and mouth. No matter if it was the Ten Crow Celestial Domain or the shadow of the dragon, they were connected to him. When the two were fighting like this without any regard the damage they suffered, Zuo Mo’s body was collateral damage.

If this was in the past, his body would have been unable to endure the backlash from the fight.

Fortunately, his body had been strengthened, but even so, with every impact, his body suffered a heavy blow. The power inside his body was not under his control but it still existed.

Every impact was soul-rattling, and the entire jie trembled in unison!

Ten times in succession, the Sun Crystal Seed and the Anti Dragon Claw clashed and did not leave anything behind. The magnitude of the backlash that Zuo Mo’s body endured reached a shocking intensity.

The grey mo matrix on the surface his body was twisted and tangled in on itself like metal wire.

The rain of fire gathered back into ten suns again. However, they were several times smaller and dimmer than before. They were like ten red beads that entered Zuo Mo’s body again.

The earth-shaking collisions surpassed Zuo Mo’s knowledge.

In front of such great power, Zuo Mo could not react at all.

However, the battle had not ended. The two, now wounded, returned to the old battlefield back in Zuo Mo’s body. The conflict was not as powerful as before but in terms of danger, it was even greater.

The Sun Crystal Seed was much dimmer but it still continued to release hot flows. Zuo Mo discovered that the hot flows released by the Sun Crystal Seed was weaker than before.

The Anti Dragon Claw’s presence was also weaker.

Once again, the battlefield was where the ten sun matrices were located.

The power of the two sides weakened as they continued to destroy each other. Zuo Mo found to his joy that the suppression of his power seemed to show signs of weakening.

But the damage his body endured became greater. As the two powers continued to weaken each other, they did not have any power to spare to heal Zuo Mo’s body. The Greenvine Mystical Water was still being suppressed. While there was signs of release, it was still unable to move.

Zuo Mo started to feel urgency. He knew that as the two powers weakened, he would regain control of his body, but he was afraid that his body would be damaged beyond repair by that point.

He could not wait until that moment!

As the suppression weakened, Zuo Mo’s mind recovered its usual nimbleness. He did not hesitate and made a decision.

He had to do something!

The only card he had left was the Soul Setting Divine Light. At this time, no matter what, he had to try. His body was pushed to the point where it was going to completely collapse.

His first target was one of the sun matrices, the sun matrix at his forehead.

The sun matrix was much dimmer than before, but there was still much of the hot flows of energy from the Sun Crystal Seed inside. The brutal energies of the Anti Dragon Claw outside were continuously attacking this sun matrix.

The power of the two sides collided and shifted as they fought of dominance.

The Soul Setting Divine Light suddenly appeared.

Without any warning, the two powers were suddenly frozen in place. No, set in place. The sun matrix that had been restless just now was strangely calm.

The following changes were out of Zuo Mo’s expectations.

Zuo Mo had observed that the two powers had been colliding and destroying each other. But now the situation seemed slightly different. When the power of the two apparent mortal enemies was set, Zuo Mo discovered that there was a novel power that glittered like the stars that was left around the sun matrix.

This power was not like any power that Zuo Mo knew of.

Compared to the brutality and dominance of the Anti Dragon Claw and the Sun Crystal Seed, these strange fragments of power were unusually peaceful and gentle. As Zuo Mo’s thoughts moved to examine the fragments, they entered Zuo Mo’s blood and flesh.

The next change brought joy to Zuo Mo.

These seemingly peaceful and harmless fragments had the strong ability to heal and regenerate. Once they entered Zuo Mo’s flesh, the flesh started to miraculously heal.

Yet the healed flesh seemed different than before.

There was no time for Zuo Mo to study it carefully now. There were nine other sun matrices where the battle was raged on.

With his confidence boosted, Zuo Mo urged the Soul Setting Divine Light towards another sun matrix.

The Soul Setting Divine Light was as powerful as expected. Anything that it shined on, regardless of the intensity of the battle, would be immediately set.

Zuo Mo furiously searched for the fragments of power that appeared after the two powers collided. He had them enter his flesh and the effects were great.

As three sun matrices were sealed by the Soul Setting Divine Light, both the Anti Dragon Claw and the Sun Crystal Seed seemed to have recognized that their control over the situation was quickly unravelling. The two powers immediately retreated.


Zuo Mo’s body suddenly shook. He once again had control over his body.

The joy at surviving this hardship rose. In this moment, he had an impulse to cry from joy.

But he quickly calmed his mind. At this time, there were more important things to do.

The strange new power that was floating around the sun matrices!

Zuo Mo greedily merged every drop of this newborn power into his body. He did not waste one bit of it. These dots and particles of power were not strong, and disappeared after being merged with his flesh.

Zuo Mo’s body was healing at a visible rate.

His nearly ruined body was restored in a short period of time. No, not as the same as before, but having changed again.

Shen power, ling power, mo skill, spiritual consciousness, these familiar powers once again returned to his body. Strong confidence rose. Power was the basis of confidence. Without power, his confidence was unrooted.

There was nothing more beautiful than this familiar confidence!

At this time, Zuo Mo suddenly noticed unusual movements in the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. From the beginning, the Three Thousand Threads of Worry seemed to have been neutral. It did not participate in the battle between the Anti Dragon Claw and the Sun Crystal Seed so its movements now were unusually eye-catching.


This was … …

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