Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Nine – Sun Crystal Seed’s Ten Crow Celestial Domain

This feeling of danger came without any warning and approached so fast that Marshal Yu wasn’t able to react. In truth, he was unable to react. The pressure that the Ten Crow Celestial Domain gave him was suffocating!

A strange unfamiliar feeling of suffocation!

How long had it been since he felt such pressure? He didn’t remember but he was shocked and intimidated by this strange feeling of pressure.

Zuo Mo did not know of Marshal Yu’s terror and really did not have the attention to spare. He was walking on a tightrope. If he wasn’t careful, one stumble and he would fall to his death. In front of the Anti Dragon Claw and the Sun Crystal Seed, Marshal Yu wasn’t worth a mention.

He truly felt this.

However, Zuo Mo felt surprised that the Sun Crystal Seed had activated the Ten Crow Celestial Domain but he quickly understood. The Sun Crystal Seed most likely had detected the threat of the Anti Dragon Claw and wanted to use the power of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain to fight against the Anti Dragon Claw!

The power level of the Sun Crystal Seed’s Ten Crow Celestial Domain far surpassed his own. The Ten Crow Celestial Domain it activated was far more powerful than normal! Every transformation of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain was activated, even the higher-level transformations were activated as the higher-level power filled it.

Zuo Mo watched the entire process and didn’t dare to divide his attention at all.

Even if he was in a dangerous situation right now, the scene in front of him attracted his attention. He could see every change in the Ten Crow Celestial Domain with his own eyes. He paid rapt attention to how the Sun Crystal Seed activated the Ten Crow Celestial Domain. If he paid close attention, then he would be able to know all the transformations of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain. The Sun Crystal Seed was even pointing out the path of progression for the Ten Crow Celestial Domain as well!

Zuo Mo greedily watched the changes of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain under the control of the Sun Crystal Seed.

At this time, the Sun Crystal Seed was the best teacher.

No matter if it was the Sun Crystal Seed or the Anti Dragon Claw, they seemed to have intelligence on level of a person.

The Anti Dragon Claw detected the Sun Crystal Seed’s intentions. A vast murderousness immediately filled the space.

The rain drizzle of the Rain Domain of No Return suddenly froze under such a heavy murderousness. The Rain Domain of No Return was as fragile was glass.

Countless little grey wisps of killing essence swam between the frozen raindrops.

Cold and vast, brutal and savage, like a vicious beast baring its fangs and glaring at its prey with its crimson red eyes. It easily tore apart the layers of defenses and charged into people’s minds with little to no resistance.

The people affected felt endless terror come as a wave sweeping their legs out from under them and immediately swallowed them.


A clear and pleasing shattering sound echoed.

The Rain Domain of No return only lasted for a few breaths under the attack of the Anti Dragon Claw before it collapsed.

Marshal Yu’s face paled. The Rain Domain of No Return had been defeated,and he had been wounded by the a backlash of power.

His eyes were filled with terror. He looked at the wave of murderousness that seemed to be a great grey monster howling and fell into a daze. Anti Dragon Claw! Was this the true power of the sky mo weapon, the Anti Dragon Claw?

Suddenly, he felt he was so minuscule, as tiny and insignificant as dust.

Ambition, pride, it was like a beautiful bubble that popped. His face was ashen and his eyes dim.

However, he was at marshal level. The murderousness had momentarily stunned him but he had the power to fight back. The mo skill in his body detected danger and started to circulate on its own. His body suddenly shook, his face paling even more, but his calm expression gradually fought its way back from terror. Though there was still shock on his face, his eyes had cleared up.

So risky!

The danger just now had been greater than any of his fights. Marshal Yu looked with lingering fear at Xiao Mo Ge, whose figure was shrouded in golden light in the sky. Inside that blinding ball of golden light was a grey pillar of energy that shot into the sky. That was the Anti Dragon Claw.

Anti Dragon Claw, a sky mo weapon!

Only now did he truly understand the meaning of these six words. He finally understood only those marshal level and above could tame the Anti Dragon Claw.

Marshal Yu suddenly smiled in self-disdain.

Previously, he had thought of how to subduing the Anti Dragon claw. Now, he finally understood how laughable his thoughts were. There were many sayings about the Anti Dragon Claw but everyone believed one: ‘only marshal level and above could subdue them’.

But after personally seeing the Anti Dragon Claw, Marshal Yu immediately understood that this saying was not complete.

It was not marshal level or above that could tame them, but above marshal level. Other than the power of a marshal, one also had to have the appropriate mo skill. Something as brutal as the Anti Dragon Claw would only be tamed by those bloodthirsty and battle-hungry.

Otherwise, even if one had the power of a marshal, they would be shattered by the killing essence of the Anti Dragon Claw.

Understanding this bewilderment flashed across Marshal Yu’s mind.

Even he was unable to withstand the killing essence of the Anti Dragon Claw. Theoretically, Xiao Mo Ge should have ground to dust. But Xiao Mo Ge was unharmed in the air. Also, the power contained in the golden light was different but terrifying in the same way. What was that?

Was that another sky mo weapon?

This thought flashed through Marshal Yu’s head but he immediately felt it was absurd. It was the greatest of fortunes to encounter one sky mo weapon like the Anti Dragon Claw. How unlikely would it be for someone to possess two at once?

Marshal Yu was the strongest person on the battlefield and his perception was also the strongest of all the people. He quickly found that the target of the Anti Dragon Claw’s attack as not him but seemed to be that ball of golden light and the Ten Crow Celestial Domain.

Marshal Yu felt curious and happy, and also a thread of lingering fear.

If the target of the Anti Dragon Claw had been him, then now … …

This guess caused him to shudder.


Boom boom boom!

The conflict between the Anti Dragon Claw and the Sun Crystal Seed became even more intense.

The Ten Crow Celestial Domain had reached its strongest state. The great power created by the revolution of the ten suns had formed a golden pillar of fire in the sky and shot at Zuo Mo and the Anti Dragon Claw.

The Anti Dragon Claw that had possession of nine-tenths of Zuo Mo’s body did not show weakness. The grey mo matrix appeared again on Zuo Mo’s body. A faint grey light suddenly appeared around Zuo Mo and shielded him.

The black shadow of a dragon flickered inside the grey shield of light.

When the pillar of fire came into contact with the grey shield, it struck the surface and was deflected off.

Sparks flew and rained down.


The ten suns in the air seemed to be infuriated and the light intensified. Countless streams of dark fire appeared in the dark red sky.

The sky was like a river, and the flames like water!

The golden pillar of light became even brighter. The thick pillar of light started to shrink and condense until it almost solidified!

The croaks of crows suddenly resounded in the sky and out of each sun came a crow shrouded in flame.

When the ten golden crows flew out, they turned into ten streams of light that entered the golden pillar!

It was as though cold water was suddenly poured onto the golden pillar and it froze. Ten golden crows appeared on the pillar in different lifelike positions.

From far away, Marshal Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

–[Golden Crow Battering Ram]!

He had personally experienced the power of Xiao Mo Ge’s move. This move was extremely powerful killing move, that surpassed the power of the general level.

But the golden pillar in front of him felt completely different than the one that Xiao Mo Ge had used.


Yes, it was pressure this time was a suffocating pressure!

The moment the pillar formed, the sky and earth seemed to moving, time seemed to stop, the dust in the air froze, everything seemed to still.

Marshal Yu knew that this was just a feeling. He knew that this was just a phenomenon that appeared because the power was great enough but uncontrolled shock still rose from the deepest part of his mind.


The Gold Crow Battering Ram heavily hit the grey shield.

Marshal Yu’s body shook from the impact. The sound seemed to explode inside his skull. His mind blanked for a brief moment. Those further away with weaker cultivation immediately sprayed out blood. They were seriously wounded.

Under such a strong attack, the grey shield was unable to withstand it, and exploded.

However, the grey shield did not dissipate immediately. It turned to dozens of grey figures that shot at the Golden Crow Battering Ram.

Howls sounded in the air.

Numerous wisps of grey mist suddenly came out of Zuo Mo’s body. When they appeared, they turned into grey shadows that charged towards the Golden Crow Battering Ram. These grey shadows turned into little grey dragons. They howled and roared as they moved along the body of the Golden Crow Battering Ram.

In a blink, many tiny cracks appeared on the surface of the Golden Crow Battering Ram.

The little grey dragons continued to fly out of the grey energy and join in the attack. These little dragons were vicious as they howled and roared. Their bodies were thin and long, they had four limbs, and their heads were triangular-shaped. There were two extremely short horns growing at their foreheads. What was most shocking was that half of their body was a gaping maw and two rows of white teeth that was like two rows of the sharpest knives and chilled people’s hearts.


The Golden Crow Battering Ram suddenly felt into pieces and released golden fragments of energy.

Under the dark red sky, the scattered dots of golden energy were beautiful to look at, like fireflies.

An extremely beautiful scene created within extreme danger!

The grey dragons that lost their target roared. Their voices were not loud but they contained a heart-rattling brutality and bloodthirst. Because of their great number, the sound was like a tide and caused listener’s scalps to prickle.

Smelling blood, the grey dragons jumped up like towards the ten suns in the air.

The streams of fire that rampaged in the dark red sky seemed to detect danger and headed for the grey dragons.

The sky immediately became the most vicious battlefield.

The flames and the grey dragons continued to collide and destroy each other. Neither side showed any signs of giving up. Grey dragons continued to fly out of the grey mist and the ten suns continued to send off streams of fire.

To the people watching the scene in front of them seemed like the apocalypse.

The Anti Dragon Claw seemed to be discontent with the fight that was at a deadlock. It suddenly shook and a vast and brutal energy flooded into Zuo Mo’s body. This brutal wave of energy was stronger than any of the previous surges! If Zuo Mo’s body had not been tempered by the Anti Dragon Claw, it would have been destroyed at this moment. But even after being modified by the Anti Dragon Claw’s energies, and having formed the grey mo matrix, the grey energy still caused stabbing pains in his body wherever it passed.

When this brutal energy entered Zuo Mo’s body, the grey mo matrix on the surface of Zuo Mo’s body suddenly brightened.

The mo matrix flashed a strange light and gave people a feeling it seemed to have come alive!

Zuo Mo endured the pain and did not dare to miss any detail.

He had a strong feeling.

Killing move!

The Anti Dragon Claw was about to use its killing move!

Translator Ramblings: If Zuo Mo could only control what is going on, this battle would be finished a long time ago.

Also, Pu Yao and Wei have been dethroned as the rulers of Zuo Mo’s body.

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