Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Six – Chained Together

It really was strange!

How long had it been since he had felt danger?

Danger, ever since he stepped into marshal level, this word seemed to be unconnected to him. When the presence of danger came at him, even he blanked for a moment.

However, Marshal Yu quickly reacted. With a high hum, a sharp green sword light penetrated the sea of flowers and flew into his hands.

The long green sword was narrow and carved with ancient scripts.

This was not a flying sword that xiuzhe used, but a mo weapon, a mo sword!

With the sword in his hand, all of Marshal Yu’s hesitation and uncertainty was swept away. The sword in his hand was called the Green Carp Tongue Sword, and was one of his mo weapons. It was ranked above the Black Heart Treasure Coins.

The Green Carp Tongue Sword had been obtained after he had killed an enemy back when he was a general. At the beginning, its quality was average, and paled in comparison from its power today. He had tried all the ways he could think off, refining it with all kinds of methods available to him. Its power continued to increase, and it jumped into the ranks of earth mo weapons to become one of the most famous mo weapons of the present era.

The Green Carp Tongue Sword was forged from the tongue of a rotten carp mo. The rotten carp mo was a kind of mo that lived deep in the sea. Their strongest organ was their green tongues which were hard and sharp, able to pierce through any object. After their death, the only part that would not rot was their green tongue. That was how the name of their clan came to be.

The Green Carp Tongue Sword slashed at the flower sea split into.

The sky full of red chains decayed when touched by the green light! The green light flashed, and a deep and black fissure appeared in the sky!

A sword that could rend space!

A dark and rotten presence came from the crack. The flora that still remained on the ground quickly withered.

The sea of flowers quickly wilted and withered. In a flash, the endless sea of flowers became dried and withered branches.

The most important reason the Green Carp Tongue Sword was able to rank among the earth mo weapons was that it could rend apart space. Marshal Yu had found an ancient jinzhi from the remnants of a record. It was able to rend space and connect to Rotten Jie, and the most important material to forge this jinzhi was the tongue of a rotten carp mo.

For an expert like Marshal Yu, once the crux was identified, everything else wasn’t a problem to figure out.

The Green Carp Tongue sword was forged according to this method.

The Rotten Jie was a strange land. It wasn’t large, but was filled with monsters. What was most famous was the unique miasma there, it had yin and corrosive properties. It was one of the greatest poisons in the world. It was even troublesome for marshals if they came into contact with it. If one was weaker than marshal level, they would be immediately killed.

As the corrosive miasma flooded out of the crack in space, Wo Li’s sword essence flower sea quickly withered. Those tiny red chain links quickly melted like snow under the sun.

Wo Li’s calm gaze didn’t change, as though what was happening was within her predictions.

She bent down to touch the withered flowers, and sang in a clear voice, “Life not life, death not death, my heart will not separate.”

The dried flower sea on the ground suddenly started to absorb the rotten miasma. In a flash, it seemed to have taken in nutrients and bloomed again. The flowers that had absorbed the corrosive miasma became even brighter and the red chains that had melted took form again, this time with rainbow colored marks scattered throughout.

A sweet taste filled the air.

“Interesting!” Marshal Yu said with a change in his expression. In his view, this astounding change was extraordinary.

As a marshal, he had better judgement than other experts. With a glance, he saw that Wo Li’s cultivation was a strange one related to life and death. This surprised him. Life and death was one of the most profound and eternal questions. A method with life and death as the core principle was always cryptic and difficult to cultivate. But any method that dared to use the principle of life and death was always a powerful one.

He recognized the danger and became cautious.

The other’s presence was very strange. She brimmed with life, but it seemed to have been drawn and transformed from death energy. There were two completely opposite presences, life and death, on her. This strange state meant that he was unable to accurately gauge the other’s strength.

Marshal Yu understood. The corrosive miasma would not threaten this mysterious woman, it would only become fertilizer for the sea of flowers. The corrosive miasma was a kind of death energy formed after decaying. The other had the ability to turn life to death, and change death to life.

The sea of flowers rippled and sword essence moved.

Suddenly, many slender chains appeared at Marshal Yu’s feet and wrapped tightly around him.

“Hm!” Marshal Yu snorted coldly. The chain around his legs immediately flew apart.

Yet at this time, the sea of flowers started to slowly spin with Wo Li as the center.

The sea of flowers was becoming an enormous whirlpool!


The sound of an enormous chain sounded. A great chain slowly rose from under her feet. With every movement upwards, there was the sound of the chain trembling.

The chain was thicker than an adult arm. It was completely black and covered with red mo matrices.

Marshal Yu’s expression was grave and he threw the Green Carp Tongue Sword into the air.

When the Green Carp Tongue Sword flew into the sky, it turned into a slender green carp. Suddenly, a burst of thunder sounded, and electrical snakes danced. Rain droplets poured down.

The curtain of rain covered the world as mist spread.

These droplets of rain seemed gentle, yet the sea of flowers suddenly slowed under the great rain.

Marshal Yu’s [Rain Domain of No Return]!

Each rain droplet contained great power, and was so sharp it could penetrate armor. The ground immediately became riddled in holes.

However, while the sea of flowers slowed in its spinning under the Rain Domain of No Return, it was still blooming brightly.

Wo Li looked indifferently at Marshal Yu as the chain slowly rose from behind her back.

If Marshal Yu could enter the sea of flowers, he would find that under Wo Li’s feet, at the other end of the sea of flowers, there was a transparent figure, Luo li. He was standing at the other end of the sea of flowers, the chain moving down from his back.

Chained Together.

This move was called [Chained Together]!


Zuo Mo didn’t have the time to pay attention to the fight. The situation inside his body was the strangest at this time.

That thread of hot flow from the Sun Crystal Seed immediately intimidated the shen power that had messed up his body like a king conquering the world. Yet when the dark and vicious energy of the Anti Dragon Claw also burrowed into Zuo Mo’s body, it was like a furious lion that leapt over.

The cold and vicious energy of the Anti Dragon Claw did not show weakness and welcomed the confrontation.

It was like a storm. The two powers were evenly matched as they fought.

The Zuo Mo’s body became the battlefield for these two presences. For a while, the left side of Zuo Mo’s body would be extremely cold while his right side was burning. These two powers were like two monsters inside Zuo Mo’s body. Zuo Mo’s shen power didn’t dare to move, like a frightened child.

Everywhere they passed, his body would be left extremely damaged. Fortunately, Zuo Mo still had the Greenvine Mystical Water. This droplet of Greenvine Mystical Water was intelligent and it continued to heal Zuo Mo’s body.

But the next event caused Zuo Mo’s soul to almost fly out of his body.

As though it was stimulated by the Anti Dragon Claw more hot flows came from the Sun Crystal Seed, and in response the Anti Dragon Claw, the peerless mo weapon, did not back off. Threads of cold and vicious energy continued to burrow into his body from his back.

The two sides started to fight intensely again.

Zuo Mo’s face was white!

Heavens, if they continued, ge wouldn’t have enough Greenvine Mystical Water no matter how much ge had!

If this continued, his body would definitely be ripped apart by these two presences.

But what Zuo Mo hadn’t expected was that the hot flows from the Sun Crystal seed quickly gained the upper hand. It clearly was stronger. Zuo Mo sighed in relief. If the two continued to fight, he would most likely die quickly.

But the following developments cause Zuo Mo to panic again.

The hot flows of the Sun Crystal Seed that had the upper hand left scorched dust behind in its path. Even the Greenvine Mystical Water was unable to repair it.

Zuo Mo understood. The hot flows from the Sun Crystal Seed were not something his body could tolerate right now. Compared to the present situation, the previous situation when the two sides had been evenly matched was much better.

Little Anti, give a bit more cold energy, a little bit more!

Zuo Mo furiously thought of ways to help. But the cold energy didn’t increase, and were being destroyed by the Sun Crystal Seed.

Zuo Mo who had been praying furiously saw this and was enraged.

Useless person!

You couldn’t even defeat an immature fireball, you sky mo weapon, sky mo weapon my ass!

Zuo Mo swore inside.

When he thought this, the Anti Dragon Claw on his back suddenly vibrated furiously. It seemed to have heard Zuo Mo’s curses. A vast vicious presence that was many times stronger than before furiously charged into Zuo Mo’s body as though it was furious!

The Three Thousand Threads Of Worry seemed to detect that this was a crucial time, and had loosened its restraint on the Anti Dragon Claw.

This burst of energy from the Anti Dragon Claw was extremely strong. When it charged into Zuo Mo’s body, it scattered the hot flows from the Sun Crystal Seed. Zuo Mo felt the Anti Dragon Claw continue to tremble on his back. Zuo Mo seemed to have a feeling that the Anti Dragon Claw was a brawny large man that was now roaring smugly with laughter.

But Zuo Mo didn’t cheer and almost wailed. The presence of the Anti Dragon Claw had scattered the hot flows of the Sun Crystal Seed and was now rampaging through his body.

The vicious killing intent was now also rapidly destroying his body!

Damn it!

Zuo Mo wanted to cry. Luckily, the Sun Crystal Seed was unable to tolerate defeat and another burning flow of heat came out of the crack and leap towards the vicious energies of the Anti Dragon Claw.

The two forces teetered back and forth. Zuo Mo’s body became the battlefield were the two forces fought a tug-of-war.

All kinds of great pain tortured Zuo Mo’s nerves but he was unable to move or cry out. In front of these two great vicious things, Zuo Mo was so minuscule he was an infant.

But he did not give up.

Even if it was painful to his bones, he gritted his teeth and maintained his calm to focus his attention.

He knew that if he was to find a way to survive the battle of these two great and viscous forces, he had to be calm!

He didn’t remember what time it was, just as Zuo Mo was becoming numb … …

A chance arrived!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo, oh, Zuo Mo, your body just doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Too many treasures is a bad thing.

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