Chapter 38

“Who, who did this?” The third boss roared loudly. Although he was injured, he still had his martial arts. Who was it who could kill someone under the numerous staring eyes.

“Puff.” Another mountain bandit fell down with his throat cut open. It was the first one to echo the third boss earlier, the one who said to cut Li Qingshan in a thousand pieces.

The dark forest seemed to be hiding a fearsome devil. A terrifying shadow shrouded around the mountain bandits in an instant. No one had clearly seen who it was that did it? How did they do it? They were even more ignorant whether the next one to die would be themselves. This kind of unknown fear was the most terrible kind.

The third and fourth bandits fell down amidst this panic, as if Death’s sickle was silently reaping their lives.

The night wind was chilly. A delicate hunting knife traveled among the tall like a poisonous snake, its blade covered in dark gra.s.s juices and not reflecting any light.

Tonight, there was no moon.

Li Qingshan stood on a mountain slope inside the dark dense forest and watched all of this. Only he could see Little An hold the hunting knife and linger among the mountain bandits, his expression filled with incomparable anger.

The words of those bandits had already thoroughly infuriated him. His mind that had been numb and withered for a long time emitted such intense emotions for the first time. He wanted to kill all those people.

Li Qingshan saw Little An try several times to go near the third boss, but he was blocked each and every time. The blood and energy of a third-grade master were already extremely exuberant, exercising restraint on ghosts. The reason Little An could go near him at all was because he had used his body’s life energy to nourish him every day.

“Ah!” “Ah!” Two screams, then two mountain bandits losing their lives. The third boss wasn’t a waste and bellowed: “Everyone gather here, lean against each others!” Every mountain bandits tightly gathered beside him, safeguarding his safety first.

Many lifebloods and life energies gathered together like a gigantic blaze. Little An couldn’t approach anymore.

Li Qingshan drank a mouthful of spiritual wine from the gourd. Speed wasn’t the ’s forte, and there wasn’t any so-called movement technique therein either. He had relied on his bull-like tenacity and the replenishment from the spiritual wine to forcibly catch up.

He refilled his yuan qi, lifted the Stone Rending Bow. Now, it’s my turn!

A “peng” shook the pitch darkness of the night. One could tell just from the sound that this was the explosion from an extremely powerful bowstring. It was clear and fleeting, carrying with it a keen strength that cut through the air.

The feather arrow attacked from the faraway darkness with a shrill whistle, perforating a bandit’s chest, then burrowed itself into the body of another bandit behind the first one. Two birds one arrow!

The bandits had already been pierced through when they heard the sound of the bowstring. The group of mountain bandits had also gone through quite a few battles, but not one of them could actually react in time. The third boss understood that the arrow had traveled even faster than sound. The archer was an expert in this field. In the whole of Suncheer, there was almost only one man and one bow who could fire out such arrows.

No, it wasn’t that man, otherwise he’d be dead already! The third boss glanced at his injured right shoulder and remembered the kid who’d forced him into such a situation. He originally believed that it was because of his own carelessness that he fell prey to a surprise attack, but he didn’t expect this kid’s archery would be so fearful.

In fact, Li Qingshan’s archery still couldn’t be said to be particularly accurate. Moreover he was suddenly using such a heavy bow like the Stone Rending Bow, and the distance between them was also so far away. But the mountain bandits were bunched together, so he had absolute no need to take the trouble to aim. He just needed to fire at the center, there was no reason it wouldn’t hit something.

“Third boss, it’s the kid from earlier, he caught up to us.”

“He… he wants to kill us to the last one!”

“From what direction did the arrow come, we’ll go all out with him!”

“No, we can’t, once we’re separated…”

The second arrow pierced through a bandit’s chest while they were debating. Every bandit’s face was twisted by dread, panicking like a herd of lambs waiting for slaughter.

The third boss ordered: “It’s that kid’s little tricks. Let’s rush together and kill him!” He led the mountain bandits and charged up the mountain while shouting murder.

Li Qingshan stood in his original spot without any apprehension as he fired arrow after arrow.

A feather arrow was catapulted out by a taut bowstring and spun inside the darkness, plunging into a bandit’s body, once again piercing through layers and layers of flesh. It only reluctantly stopped its spin after being stuck between bones.

The feather arrow’s giant pounding power didn’t even leave any time for the bandit to scream. Another bandit stopped his footsteps beside and watched with horror. His stricken look hadn’t vanished yet that he felt a sharp pain in his head, and then he didn’t know anything after that.

The interval between each arrow was unexpectedly short to such an extent. The power of the bandits’ dash was suddenly broken as they hurriedly searched for cover to hide behind. But they didn’t have time yet to sigh in relief that those weird blood marks once again befell upon their throats. It was far more accurate and terrifying than the sharp arrows.

Someone died every time. The morale that had been boosted by their terror suddenly leaked empty. They only discovered after coming back to their senses that the third boss had already ridden on the horse and was fast galloping toward the Black Wind Camp. They immediately scattered like birds and beasts.

Li Qingshan put the Stone Rending Bow on his back, feeling a faint ache in his arms. The strength of this Stone Rending Bow was indeed no small matter. He already had trouble enduring after firing a dozen arrows. He deeply inspired a mouthful of air and drank another mouthful of wine.

“Little An, we’re chasing them!”

Inside the Crouching Bull Village, the villagers were still restless with anxiety. Dragon Li was in the middle of commanding people to gather the corpses.

“Little Dragon, how did things become this way?” And old and august voice came from the darkness.

Dragon Li’s body shook: “Master, how did you come!” It was precisely the Iron Fist gate master renowned over all of Suncheer City, Iron Lion Liu Hong.

“I was afraid you couldn’t subjugate that group of bandits, so I came to take a look.” Liu Hong walked out of the darkness. His eyes were like rings, full of majesty. He wore a large flowery robe, and his presence was awe-inspiring like a mighty lion. He glanced at the bandits’ corpses: “We fell out with the Black Wind Camp… Eh, you’re not the one who did this, what a heavy strength. Do tell, what’s this about?”

Dragon Li had no choice but to narrate things in details. Liu Hong snorted when he heard about the third boss’ actions and conduct: “They actually dare not to put the Iron Fist Gate and this old fellow in their eyes. If this old fellow were here, I would certainly execute him in person and see if that bear dares to make faces at me.”

When he heard the process of Li Qingshan’s actions, he gave out a praise: “How daring, what good means. How old did you say this Li Qingshan was?”

“He’s probably fifteen years old.” Dragon Li was a little surprised himself. He only remembered that Li Qingshan was merely a youngster when those words left his mouth.

“What, only fifteen years old!” Liu Hong was astonished. He was an old hand of the martial world. Don’t mention a fifteen or sixteen years old third-grade master, he’d seen even first-grade masters. But behind the backs of those young heroes, weren’t there the shadows of great clans or great sects. There would be a master with unmatched martial arts at the very least.

Without a good master’s teachings, even with a genius piercing through the heavens you still wouldn’t go anywhere, “You were right to reconcile with him. This Li Qingshan could be a disciple raised by someone extraordinary from the martial world. Let’s go, we’ll follow them and take a look.”

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