Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Four – The Golden Crow Battering Ram

Bie Han had felt that the Yu Frontier Guards showed signs of relaxing and becoming disorganized, now with the rush of seemingly random individuals, the previously strong defense was starting to fall apart.

The elite Yu Frontier Guards that were stirred by Marshal Yu had started to fly out of the ranks.

Empty spaces appeared among the organized ranks. These spaces appeared random and did not seem to be of great weakness to the Yu Frontier Guard’s thick ranks. Even Marshal Yu dismissed it. For a troop that was ten thousand strong, the departure of several hundred people did not affect the overall strength of the battalion.

However, Bie Han did not think the same.

The Yu Frontier Guards that had charged out were the elite members. They were not great in number but they were all core members of their little teams. They had a direct effect on the overall combat abilities of the Yu Frontier Guards. This effects of this would be hard to detect normally, but if the troops encountered a strong opponent, it would show.

Looking at the Yu Frontier guards that were flying out, Bie Han suppressed his urges to fight.

The weakness was slowly appearing but there was no change in the core formation of Marshal Yu’s troops. Even if he charged in now, he would not be able to threaten the core formation.

He continued to wait patiently.


The Yu Frontier Guards who had been emboldened into battle were astoundingly strong in battle. Shu Long and the others immediately felt the pressure increase.

However, as A Gui and the black gold seal soldier joined the battle, the pressure on them decreased quickly. Experts like A Gui and the black gold seal soldier could be of great effect in small-scale battles like this.

The two did not have any match. Everywhere they passed, the elite Yu Frontier guards would fall from the sky. They were like ghosts and hard to catch, not giving the enemy a chance to surround them.

But the number of people in the sky increased.

The usually proud Yu Frontier Guards were truly angry now. They crazily flew out of their ranks, and entered the battlefield.

Beside the chariot, a subordinate could not resist urging, “Lord, we need to charge!”

“Charge?” Marshal Yu said slightly.

“Yes!” the subordinate said urgently, “Only one charge would be needed! If this continues, the fatalities will be too high!”

A piece of the sky suddenly became dark red with ten suns fixed at positions inside. They were slowly spinning at an indescribable and profound rhythm. They were like ten magnets that attracted and repelled each other.

Under the ten balls of flame, a figure carrying a dragon claw stood proudly.

Zuo Mo’s face was cold and golden scripts flickered through his eyes. A serene gold light lit up from the sun script at his forehead and he appeared like a god descending to mortal realms.


The voice was like thunder and rang over the entire battlefield.

The dark red sky suddenly expanded and quickly spread outwards from Zuo Mo.

This transformation came so quickly that more than a hundred of the Yu Frontier Guards were unable to react before they were sucked in. The ten suns suddenly released a powerful golden light that criss-crossed on the dark red sky, and flames flowed on the ground below.

Among the golden flows of fire, the brigadier level Yu Frontier Guard wailed and started to burn with a boom. They burned to ashes like dry wood in an instant.

Inside the dark red Ten Crow Celestial Domain, the ten suns started to revolve slowly again.

“Such a powerful Ten Crow Celestial Domain!” Zhu Ke couldn’t resist saying in shock.

The [Soul Mo Lure] that he cultivated was one of the top mo skills in the mo world but it focused more on being unpredictable. He could not kill one hundred brigadiers like this.

Ten Crow Celestial Domain, as expected of the first domain in general level!

Unparalleled in its dominance!

This move astounded the entire field!

A brief pause even appeared on the heated battlefield. Everyone was shocked by such a dominating blow.

The Yu Frontier Guards changed expression and unconsciously showed a thread of fear.

Even though there was an enormous gap between brigadier and general, every one of the general levels present were silent and shocked at seeing one move kill a hundred brigadiers.

Zhu Ke and the others were even more astonished. They knew that Zuo Mo’s Ten Crow Celestial Domain had been at an elementary level at the start of battle. But now Ten Crow Celestial Domain was domineering and held a vast presence!

Many people were also puzzled. The [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] was very rare and most of them had never seen it before but Xiao Mo Ge’s [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] seemed even more powerful than the records of [Ten Crow Celestial Domain]!

Shock and uncertainty mixed on people’s faces.

With a long shout, Zuo Mo shot up. When he was several hundred zhang in the air, he suddenly turned and like a spear, he dove down.

The light of the sun shone at his brow. The air rushed past his face and his hair rippled in the wind. But his face was as hard as stone and did not change. The dark red space around him flickered like a flame. However, it spread across the sky like it did before but was closely held against Zuo Mo’s body. Those ten domineering and burning suns turned to ten fist-sized golden balls of flame that revolved rhythmically around Zuo Mo’s body.

Having just killed Wu Yu, Zuo Mo was at his peak. His mind was completely clear, the [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] seemed to be a part of his body and moved to his thoughts.

Looking at the fierce battlefield under him, fighting spirit burned inside Zuo Mo and rampaged.

The Anti Dragon Claw on his back seemed to detect his raised spirits and vibrated lightly.

A layer of gold overlaid over Zuo Mo’s vision.

The air rushing past him cut like knives but he was unaffected.

Looking at the ground coming towards him, he suddenly spread his arms wide!


The ten suns revolving around his body sounded at the same time!

They spun rapidly and increased in speed. The dark red space expanded outwards, pulled by the revolutions of the ten suns. In a blink, Zuo Mo seemed to be smashing towards the ground like a ball of furious dark red flames.

The Yu Frontier Guards paled!

Xiao Mo Ge’s target was the Yu Frontier Guard ranks!

“Protect the Lord!”

Panicked voices sounded in waves. The Yu Frontier Guards immediately panicked.

The boom in the air seemed to sound inside their minds. The ground under their feet shook. They looked over in shock. The dark red flow that roared had rushed towards them seeming to increase in size.

They almost suffocated from the pressure!


A faint sound came from the chariot and a tall figure appeared in front of the Yu Frontier Guards. No one knew how he came to appear there, but when this figure entered the field of view, everyone had the same two words appear on their minds.

Marshal Yu!

Marshal Yu was finally personally taking action!

Faint blue long hair swayed in the wind. His features seemed to be carved from stone. His eyes were a faint blue. There was a faint smile on his lips and he seemed to exude a strange charisma.

This was Marshal Yu!

Having already reached marshal level, he was one of the strongest in the Hundred Savage Realm, someone that countless people revered and respected!

Marshal Yu raised his head and his expression was normal as though that terrifying dark red ball of flame did not exist.

Just as everyone’s attention was focused on this great battle, no one noticed that Luo Li who had been lying beside Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng had silently stood up.

There was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

Then his figure started to fade as though he was disappearing into the void.

Beside him, a beautiful figure seemed to materialize.

A peerlessly beautiful face slowly became clear.

She opened her eyes.


Marshal Yu!

Zuo Mo’s pupils contracted but at this time, he was at his peak. He did not feel any terror. That great and motionless figure below stimulated his fighting spirit to burn brighter.


The ten suns moved even faster and Zuo Mo’s mind became even clearer.

His eyes were tightly locked onto Marshal Yu and did not move away.

As the distance between them closed, an imperceptible look of shock flashed through Marshal Yu’s eyes.

Now was the time!

Zuo Mo’s figure seemed to oppose the rules of the world and suddenly came to a complete halt in the air. There was no buffer between the extreme high speed movement and the extreme stillness. His position was extremely strange, his chest and abdomen sucked in, his body bowed like a bow. His spread arms were brought together in front of his body.


His forehead suddenly lit up. A golden energy rippled across his face.

The golden flames suddenly shrunk into the center like they were grabbed by an invisible hand!

A golden pillar that was about seven zhang thick smashed towards Marshal Yu at an astounding speed. The ten golden crows on the pillar were all at different positions.

The [Golden Crow Battering Ram]!

Unlike the loud noise just now, the golden pillar was silent when it moved as though it was intangible.

Marshal Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted. A thread of a smile appeared on his lips. “Good attack!”

He reached out with his right hand and pushed towards the golden pillar descending from the sky!


A strange howl filled the air.

The people on the ground feel a strong suction force come from the sky that caused them to almost trip and fall. All of them jumped in fright and steadied themselves. Air flashed across their bodies and gathered in the sky. They almost thought they were inside a windstorm.

If they were watching from the sky, they could see it more clearly.

The air from a radius of one hundred li around Marshal Yu’s raised right hand was gathering. If one looked from afar, they would see it was a great funnel.

The power of one marshal level attack was this powerful!

Zhu Ke and the others had pale faces. They had been shocked by Lin Qian’s sword strike but right now, they found that the distance between general and marshal level was unable to be crossed! Compared to Marshal Yu’s blow, Lin Qian’s sword strike was like a firefly compared to the moon.

There was an innate difference between the two’s power!

Those that were less brave felt their knees weaken and almost sank to the ground.

Zuo Mo did not know what other people were thinking. At this moment, his mind was completely clear and unaffected. He also saw the power of Marshal Yu’s attack but he wasn’t afraid at all. He felt excited! Unusually excited!

Marshal level!

So this was marshal level!

His calm eyes was filled with the light of excitement and determination.

His hands pressed together and mo matrices lit up on the golden pillar. The ten golden crows became even brighter in color and the golden pillar seemed to slow down as though it was moving through water.

Marshal Yu had not thought that Zuo Mo would have transformation to the attack at this time!

He could not disguise his shock this time!

Zuo Mo could not maintain his calm. This was his strongest move. His mind was excited and he could not help but shout soundlessly.

Go, Golden Crow Battering Ram!

Translator Ramblings: WanderingGummiofDoom thinks that Zuo Mo is performing Kamehameha. I really admire the laziness of author some time. Have a character, make a name representing a thing for them, give them traits relating to that name and you’ve made a character.

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