Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Three – Deadlock

Wu Yu could not see the smile when it appeared on Zuo Mo’s face but for some reason, he had a feeling. His heart jumped. Did Xiao Mo Ge have something up his sleeve?

Yet his wings had already moved at full power. He did not hold anything back in this blow! His pair of wings almost disappeared into the air. Even the howl of movement could not catch up! Even if there was a mountain in front of him, he had the confidence he could cut through it.

Suddenly, great pain came from his wings.

Blood suddenly sprayed from Wu Yu’s pair of indestructible wings!

An indescribable pain came from his wings. Wu Yu immediately changed color.

The wings seemed to have been cut up by very thin knives and fell into dozens of pieces in the air!

In the air, dozens of strands that were as thin as hair flickered in and out of view. If it wasn’t that there was blood on some of them, Wu Yu would not have detected them at all.

What was this?

Wu Yu felt terror.

But before he could react, his body suddenly became restrained. Countless invisible threads tightly wrapped around him. These invisible thin threads were extremely strong. They started to tighten. Because they were very thin and strong, they were as sharp as knives! Wu Yu’s strong mo physique was forcibly cut open by these tiny strands.


Tiny sprays of blood seeped out from all parts of Wu Yu’s body. The thin strands sank deeply and terrifyingly into his flesh.

Three Thousand Threads of Worry!

The Three Thousand Threads of Worry could restrain even the Anti Dragon Claw. Wu Yu didn’t have the power to resist them.

The black sickle on Zuo Mo’s body had not yet disappeared. He was tightly bound but his smile became even brighter. From the beginning he knew that his chances of success at defeating Wu Yu with just the Ten Crow Celesetial Domain was not high.

He put his hopes on the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. The Three Thousand Threads of Worry was something that could subdue something as vicious as the Anti Dragon Claw. It shouldn’t have a problem against Wu Yu.

He really had used great effort to bait Wu Yu to come close.

Showing weakness, showing pride …. …

Luckily, the outcome was as he had expected. The Three Thousand Threads of Worry could shift from being tangible and intangible.

The two of them were both restrained but one could not forget that they were still inside Zuo Mo’s Ten crow Celestial Domain.

Zuo Mo had expended great effort to lock down Wu Yu. He did not hesitate and the killing moves came right after.

The ten suns in the sky suddenly spun.


An extremely faint flame suddenly sprouted from under Wu Yu.

A blue light rose on Wu Yu’s body that stopped the flame.

Inside the blue energy, Wu Yu’s expression was terrifying. His body was soaked in blood. A furiously murderousness flashed through his eyes as he bit his tongue.

The blood on his body suddenly moved as though it was alive. Mo insects the size of a thumb climbed out of his blood.

These mo insects were completely covered in Wu Yu’s blood and mo matrices could be seen on them. They quickly moved on Wu Yu’s body.

As the blood mo insects moved, a thick layer of blood coloured light was released from them which shrouded all of Wu Yu’s body.

At this time, the blue light could not withstand the faint gold flame and crumbled.

Zuo Mo had a bad feeling. This blood coloured light was very hardy. Even though it hissed as it was being burned and slowly decreased in size, the speed was very slow.

The faint gold flame was one of Zuo Mo’s last tricks.

The Sun Crystal Seed was inside his body, and the shen power he cultivated had merged into the Ten Crow Celestial Domain which caused unexpected changes to happen to this Ten Crow Celestial Domain.

The Sun Shen fire was one of those.

Originally, the flame of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain should have been the seventh-grade Golden Crow Feet Fire. The legend had it that the golden crow was covered in fire, and the three wisps on its feet were the most powerful. Those were called the Golden Crow Feet Fire.

But Zuo Mo had an immature sun in his body. This Sun Crystal Seed formed the crux of Zuo Mo’s Ten Crow Celestial Domain which caused it to rise in power.

But what really caused this change was Zuo Mo’s shen power merging into the mo physique. When the Golden Crow Feet Fire was touched by shen power, it underwent an innate change which caused this newborn fire to be peerless in its dominance.

This kind of fire had never been recorded before so Zuo Mo called it the Sun Shen fire.

The Sun Shen Fire was more domineering than all fires that Zuo Mo had ever seen. If Zuo Mo hadn’t formed this fire, he would not dare to touch this fire at all.

The Golden Crow Feet Fire was already seventh-grade. This Sun Shen Fire far surpassed it so it probably was eighth-grade. Even with its uniqueness, it was still being stopped by this layer of bloody light. How could Zuo Mo not be shocked?

What was this ghastly thing?

Behind the curtain of blood, Wu Yu was even more astonished. These blood mo insects were his ultimate life-saving measure. They were called bat blood insects. He usually fed them with all kinds of poisons, and varieties of bat blood, including his own blood.

These bat blood insects were considered immortal. Unless it was a marshal, normal mo weapons and flames were ineffective against them. These bat blood insects could also travel through space at will and were hard to predict and defend against. If it burrowed into the body of the enemy, it would suck the other’s blood and energies.

Wu Yu’s cultivation had grown in these years and rarely fought. However, he had carefully raised these bat blood insects.

In this emergency, he released these bat blood insects. But he had not expected that the blood layer formed by the bat blood worms could not stop the advance of Ten Crow Celestial Domain’s fire!

His first reaction was, ‘this was impossible!’

While the Ten Crow Celestial Domain was the first domain in general level, Xiao Mo Ge definitely had not reached its complete form. The power of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain resided in its ability to channel the power of the world, not in its fire. How could it have such a powerful flame?

What he found even harder to believe was that the thin invisible strands on his body actually restrained the bat blood insects!

All of the bat blood insects were tightly restrained and could not break free and move through space!

Watching as the blood barrier was slowly burned away, his hopelessness grew.

“Someone, come! Quick, help!”

A wail echoed through the Ten Crow Celestial Domain but it could not pass out of the domain.

Zuo Mo also felt extremely panicked. Right now, all of his power was focused on powering the Sun Shen Power and he did not have any attention to spare. If someone really came to help, then it would not be good!


Ding Dong had stopped and fled once Wu Yu had thrown out the Blackheart Treasure Coins and set up the Ineffectiveness Realm. He had been unable to breathe under A Gui’s storm of attacks and he finally managed to calm his mind slightly.

Watching as Wu Yu easily restrained that terrifying and ugly woman, Ding Dong felt excited.

Wu Yu Daren, as expected of the first seat of the Ten Yu Frontier Guards!

His power was really unfathomable!

He felt even more anticipation when he saw Wu Yu Daren easily playing with Xiao Mo Ge inside the Ten Crow Celestial Domain. Due to the fright and humiliation he had received, he wanted to kill this group with his own hands.

Yet he was left gaping at the following events.

In a flash, Wu Yu Daren was heavily wounded and unable to move?

Watching as Wu Yu Daren was swallowed by the flames, Ding Dong was so frightened he almost turned and fled. Fortunately, the blood light that came after stopped the flames.

Ding Dong was a very smart person. He quickly saw that while Xiao Mo Ge’s Ten Crow Celestial Domain suppressed Wu Yu Daren, the two were in a deadlock.

A daring thought flashed through his mind.

If he could save Wu Yu Daren, in the future, he could do what he wanted under the command of Marshal Yu! Wu Yu Daren was the first expert in Marshal Yu’s command and the person most trusted.

Finding riches in danger!

When he thought of this, Ding Dong gritted his teeth. He turned and charged towards Zuo Mo.

“Ha, you want to do something sneaky?” The black gold seal soldier had a disdainful expression. Because Wu Yu did not have the attention to spare, he had used a way to break free of the [Bat Sickle] on his body.

He looked at Ding Dong with a malicious smile.

Ding Dong’s heart went cold. How could he have forgotten this calamity?

Qian Qing had died by the hands of this strange mo puppet. Even he had been shocked at the power that Qian Qing had concealed. But even so, he had died terribly at the hands of this dark gold mo puppet.

Damn it!

The black gold seal soldier’s grin was terrifying in Ding Dong’s eyes.


Woosh woosh woosh!

Dozens of figures flew out of the Yu Frontier Guards. They saw that Wu Yu Daren was in danger and came to help.

Shu Long and the others also flew out when they saw this.

The two sides started to fight in the sky.

Shu Long and the others could be considered of above average power in the mo territories, but they had just fought and this was the moment they were most exhausted. At this time, they were just fighting by risking their lives. Adding on that they were skilled in cooperating, they managed to block this wave of attacks.

The intensity of the battle in the air was almost unimaginable.

The other people were watching entranced. Everyone was shocked at the hardiness of Xiao Mo Ge’s subordinates. They had thought that these subordinates were tired after a hard battle but they were still unrelenting when facing the famous Yu Frontier Guards.

Where had Xiao Mo Ge recruited such strong subordinates from?

Many people found this hard to comprehend. They had all personally experienced that hard battle against the Ming Bandits. Other than Zhu Ke and a few other powerful people, all of them were tired and completely drained of strength.

Suddenly, a strange sound in the air rang over the entire battlefield.

The Ineffectiveness Domain set up by the Blackheart Treasure Coins was divided in two from the middle as though two enormous hands had ripped it apart. The scenes inside the Ineffectiveness Domain disappeared. With a whine, the seven blackheart treasure coins landed with dimmed lustre on the ground.

A Gui stood silently in the air.

This sudden event immediately changed the situation on the battlefield.

Shu Long’s side was naturally cheering while the Yu Frontier Guards had ashen expressions. They had seen how powerful the woman was just now!

The Yu Frontier Guards immediately retreated.

At this time, a sigh sounded across the entire battlefield.

“This marshal is very disappointed in your performance. Does this marshal have to personally fight?”

The Yu Frontier Guards who had been demotivated immediately flushed. Their eyes filled with blood as they moved forward to engage in battle again. The elite soldiers of the Yu Frontier Guards back in the ranks could not stop themselves from entering the fray.

In a blink, the Yu Frontier Guards had the advantage.

Yet just at this time, no one noticed a sharp light flash across Bie Han’s eyes.

Translator Ramblings: While Zuo Mo’s fight is dangerous, I think that visually, invisible threads flailing about isn’t as spectacular as watching the black gold seal soldier eat everything.

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