Chapter Six Hundred and Forty Two – Wu Yu

When Bie Han saw Zuo Mo and A Gui move to act, his eyes narrowed into thin blades.

He perceptively realized that the Yu Frontier Guards were unable to control themselves. While their ranks still looked orderly on the surface and unchanged, Bie Han could feel the urges under this calm.

This was an intuition difficult to describe.

Bie Han’s mind gradually calmed and his gaze deepened.

When the enemy could not resist from acting, it usually meant an opportunity would appear.

He did not have as much manpower as the enemy and he needed to capitalize on an opportunity.


Wu Yu decided to act.

If he did not act, Qian Qing and Ding Dong would both die on the battlefield. The Ten Yu Frontier Guards had already lost Mister Tong today. If Qian Qing and Ding Dong were also lost, then it really would be a heavy blow.

It was not so easy to recruit experts of this level.

“Miss, have mercy!”

Wu Yu was very fast and suddenly appeared near A Gui to try and rescue Ding Dong.

A Gui and the black gold seal soldier were strong and each had their skills but he did not fear them. He was halfway into marshal level, and could be called a quasi-marshal. He would be considered a top tier expert in the Hundred Savage of the Dark.

When he stepped into the air, a feeling of extreme danger rose.

His heart shuddered and his right hand reflexively struck out from his side.


His hand shook and he had to channel his mo skill to suppress this strange burst of energy.

Was this shen power?

Before he could think further, A Gui’s attacks came in succession.

A Gui’s hands slapped at the air but did not make a sound or any light. However, Wu Yu felt like a mouse caught in the stare of a cat. His hairs stood on end and there was a feeling of extreme danger on his mind.

Wu Yu recognized the severity of the situation and his expression turned grave. His right eye suddenly lit up and a cool blue light shot out.

The air in front of him became as hard as iron.


The air exploded. Cold flows of air gusted out in all directions.

Wu Yu was shocked but his gaze became even hotter. As expected of shen power! His move just now was called [Ice Blue]. It was extremely cold and could even freeze air until it was as hard as iron. If one was caught by it, they would most likely die immediately.

A Gui’s attacks were hard to predict and wondrously powerful. He hadn’t thought that [Ice Blue] would be defeated so easily!

But even so, Wu Yu was happy. His hopes of stepping into marshal level finally showed hope. If he could comprehend shen power, he would benefit greatly and entering marshal level would only be a matter of time.

Wu Yu was very experienced in battle and his power was great. With Ice Blue blocking the attacks for a moment, he managed to steady himself.

On his back, a pair of pitch black bat wings spread. The edges of his wings were covered in blood red bone spikes. Light flowed like fire. He also held a string of copper coins that were round on the outside and had square holes on the inside. There were seven coins that were strung together with a black string.

He snickered and threw the copper coins into the air.

“Black Heart Treasure Coins!” Zhu Ke’s pupils shrunk and his expression changed slightly.

When the words were spoken, many people immediately changed expression.

The sky mo weapons were the top tier of mo weapon and up until now, there were only twenty articles that qualified for this rank. Some mo weapons were wondrous and powerful. While they were not as mysterious and incomprehensible as the sky mo weapons, they were still top grade mo weapons. The owners of those articles were all powerful people or the lord of a territory. These top tier mo weapons that were ranked just slightly below sky mo weapons were called earth mo weapons. They were treasures that countless people in the mo territories dreamed of.

There were twenty sky mo weapons and one hundred and eight of the earth mo weapons.

The Blackheart Treasure Coins were one of those earth mo weapons.

No one had thought that the common-looking copper coins on Wu Yu’s hands were the infamous Blackheart Treasure Coins!

There were seven blackheart treasure coins. No one knew who had made them, but this mo weapon could form its own domain called the Ineffectiveness Domain. Inside this domain, the five elements would be thrown into chaos, even yin and yang would be reversed.

The seven treasure coins that flew into the air suddenly disappeared.

The scene in front of A Gui changed. What was under her feet was the blue sky and above her head was the great earth.

Wu Yu smiled. Shen power was strong but it was direct. In his eyes, shen power lacked transformations. He had ways of dealing with it.

Once the Ineffectiveness Domain formed, even gods would have a hard time escaping.

Yet just then, a crack came from nearby. Wu Yu stopped and then reacted. His expression changed and he had a bad thought.

As expected, when he turned around, he saw Qian Qing with his neck twisted.

The black gold seal soldier snickered at him.

Wu Yu’s face darkened. Marshal Yu was here, and they had lost so many people. With so many people as an audience, it would not be good if the news spread. He knew that Lord wanted to recruit Xiao Mo Ge’s group, but if it became too ugly, then it would not be beneficial for anyone.

A pity!

This mo puppet was very intelligent to have defeated Qian Qing. It was rare to see mo puppets of this level. However, while he felt regret, Wu Yu did not have any intentions of holding back. He needed someone to make an example of!

This would stop now!

He snorted coldly. The bat wings on his back flapped.

The smile on the black gold seal soldier’s face suddenly froze. He seemed to be restrained by something and was unable to move.

No matter how he struggled, he was unable to break free.

The black gold seal soldier panicked and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Big Bro, save me! Save me!”

Wu Yu laughed when he heard this. This mo puppet was really interesting. But his expression turned heavy. “No one can save you!”

He suddenly laughed. He was explaining this to a mo puppet, how stupid!

The black gold seal soldier was like a still pillar of gold, unable to move, and could only shout at the top of his lungs.

Then a slightly hoarse voice came from behind Wu Yu. “Really?”

Wu Yu was startled. Before he could react, the scene in front of him suddenly changed.

A dark red sky with ten suns suspended high up, a cracked earth desolate and endless as fire erupted from it. There was nothing that lived here. White bones piled up everywhere. A feeling of this being the end of the world rose.

Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

Wu Yu’s expression turned stern.

Xiao Mo Ge!

As he expected, a thin figure with the enormous Anti Dragon Claw on his back appeared nearby.

Wu Yu’s expression quickly recovered as he examined Zuo Mo curiously. “Oh, you just had a breakthrough? As expected, you are very talented! I noticed that you were at the threshold to completing your Ten Crow Celestial Domain. Now you are able to create this, that wasn’t easy!”

He smiled calmly as the black bat wings on his back slowly flapped.

Small flows of air blocked the burning air.

“You are a talented person.” Wu Yu said to himself as he flapped his wings. “Young yet having accomplished so much. It is the first time I have seen someone like you.”

It seemed to be praise. His expression was filled with disbelief.

“You also cultivate shen power. Something that many people dream of. You are very lucky.” He shook his head and said seriously, “But today, you only have one path. Obey and surrender, swear fealty to my Lord. In the future, we will not treat you unfairly. If you persist in resisting, do not blame me for being vicious. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am also skilled in the secret technique of searching souls.”

Wu Yu suddenly smiled lightly. “Isn’t it very hard?”

Zuo Mo’s body imperceptibly shook.

“This Ten Crow Celestial Domain far surpasses what your power can support. You are very talented to have comprehended to this level. But it is a pity that your body cannot tolerate it.”

Wu Yu said lightly, “I am only giving you this chance because you are talented. If your Ten Crow Celestial Domain is complete, you might be able to restrain me. But right now, you are not a match for me. Surrender, you don’t have a chance.”

“You really are too mother***ing chatty!” Zuo Mo forced himself to snort. His right hand shook slightly behind his back and he suppressed it.

Wu Yu shook his head. “The smarter the person, the more likely they do not know when to give up.”

Finishing, his wings suddenly flapped.

A whirlwind appeared in front of him.

The wind spun rapidly and the pillar of wind became thicker. It started to suck up the sand and stone on the ground. In a blink, this pillar of wind became dozens of zhang tall and was still increasing in size!

Zuo Mo did not speak. The ten suns in the sky slowly revolved.


Suddenly, dozens of fire pillars erupted and swallowed Wu Yu.

“It is useless.”

Wu Yu’s voice came from behind Zuo Mo.

He appeared behind Zuo Mo, untouched by the flames. That pillar of wind also absorbed much of the flames and formed an enormous pillar of wind that was over five li in diameter. It was like a pillar continuously reaching into the sky. Even the suns in the sky lost color in its presence.

Sand and stone moved. The earth shook like dice.

Zuo Mo’s expression became uglier but he still put all his power into the revolution of the ten suns.

The suns were burning!

The earth started to melt. The stones started to melt. Lava erupted from the cracks. In a blink, the lava flowed into countless rivers that crossed each other.

“You disappoint me,” Wu Yu said indifferently. Almost at the same time, a cold light flashed across his eyes.

He had discovered Xiao Mo Ge’s position.

Ever since Wu Yu stepped into the range of Xiao Mo Ge’s domain, Xiao Mo Ge’s position had been uncertain. The Ten Crow Celestial Domain was Xiao Mo Ge’s domain and his presence had always been hidden well. Wu Yu had been using his speech to disturb the other so he would expose his position.

While his words were easy going, he was actually very wary of the Ten Crow Celestial Domain. It was the first ranking domain in general level and it was very powerful. If he faced it head on, even if he won, it would take great effort.

And if he could find Xiao Mo Ge’s position, then he would definitely win!

When he discovered Zuo Mo’s position, he did not hesitate in attacking. While he had said those words, he did not spare anything and used a killing move!

He did not have any intentions of leaving Xiao Mo Ge alive!

[Bat Sickle!]

Zuo Mo felt his body freeze. His body was restrained by a strong power around him. This power was very strange. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break free.

Woosh, Wu Yu suddenly appeared behind Zuo Mo. His bat wings were like two great swords that sliced towards Zuo Mo with green light.

Wu Yu had the confidence that he could cut Zuo Mo in half.

At this time, Zuo Mo did not seem to notice of the danger from behind him. A smile suddenly came onto his face.

Translator Ramblings: A bit of an info dump chapter.

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