Chapter Six Hundred and Forty – The Black Gold Seal Solder VS Qian Qing

The long sleeves blew in the air and rippled in waves. Ceng Lian’er stood serenely.

There wasn’t a sound on the battlefield.

The Palm Eye Cliff was defeated as simply as this!?

Everyone’s expression was shocked and they were left speechless. Even though they did not personally experience Mister Tong’s Palm Eye Cliff, but the cold killing intent and cold presence that radiated off it was felt.

The ones who knew about the Palm Eye mo skill were shocked speechless.

Ceng Lian’er gaze moved around and she smiled under everyone’s shocked gaze.

At this time, her beautiful face bleached white. She could not control her body and suddenly dropped out of the sky!

Several figures leapt out of the Yu Frontier Guards. They were extremely fast as they shot towards Ceng Lian’er!

Zuo Mo’s eyes gave off a sharp light as he snorted coldly. His figure flashed disappearing from where he was. Almost at the same time, A Gui’s body also disappeared.


A figure grunted as though he was hit by something heavy and flew away.

A Gui appeared in front of this group of Yu Frontier Guard experts like a ghost. There seemed to be an unspeakable presence on A Gui’s wooden and lifeless face. The purple energy in her eyes was clear as she looked indifferently at the experts flying towards her.

Her posture was extremely strange, one foot was placed high and one was placed low as though she was stepping on a stair.

That pair of flawless feet held an eerie beauty.

The remaining people were intimidated by A Gui’s uncanny attack and didn’t dare to charge forward.


Zuo Mo grabbed the unconscious Ceng Lian’er. He then sighed a moment later. She was just tired. Even though he didn’t have a good impression of Ceng Lian’er, they had known each other for some time. Additionally, Ceng Lian’er was so cooperative and listened to his requests to the extent that he couldn’t even complain.

A few strands of the Three Thousand Threads of Worry nimbly wrapped around Ceng Lian’er freeing up both of his hands.

Looking at the people facing A Gui, murderousness boiled in his eyes.

The moment that Ceng Lian’er had her breakthrough, the shen power in his body had been stimulated. It had started to circulate on its own. Many of the things that had been difficult for him to understand flowed easily through his mind and it was a joy.

However, want he hadn’t expected was that the change in his shen power had not benefited his shen power, but his mo physique instead!

Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!

If his body was completely naked now, people would clearly see that all ten suns on his body were brightly lit up.

The brightest was the sun script between his brows. The dark gold script which was complex and exquisite glimmered like there was gold flowing through it.

With the Anti Dragon Claw on his back, Zuo Mo already gave people the feeling of being domineering. Adding on the blinding Sun script on his forehead, he seemed even more like a god descended to the mortal realm. He was someone that people could not directly stare at.

The active and restless shen power flowed from his right hand into his body. The ten sun matrices were like whirlpools that continuously absorbed shen power.

Zuo Mo did not now what would result from this change.

Shen power and the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus were silently merging together.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath. This was not the best moment for a breakthrough. That would wait until he finished taking care of these people!

At this time, a ripple suddenly came from his ring.

The black gold seal soldier appeared next to A Gui. He looked around sneakily and drawled, “Born To Battle.”

When he saw the mo steeds of the Yu Frontier Guards, his eyes lit up. His expression immediately became excited. He licked his lips and puffed out his chest. He said with a righteous tone, “Sister A Gui, I’ll help you!”

A Gui did not turn back to look at him.

The black gold seal soldier had one hand placed on his hip and one hand pointing as he started to swear, “Hey! You insignificant peons, move to the side, don’t waste ye’s time. Ye has been hungry for a long time … … cough cough … … ye’s hand has been itching for a long time!”

Qian Qing and Ding Dong were the two in front of A Gui.

The two looked with shock and uncertainty at A Gui. Just now, they had seen their other fellow die to A Gui’s sudden attack. A Gui’s attack had come without any warning or movement. Just like Ceng Lian’er, it was uncanny and unpredictable.

Was this another person that cultivated shen power?

They two didn’t even look at the black gold seal soldier.

Mo puppets existed in the mo territories but most of them were nothing special. Mo puppets couldn’t influence a battle at this level. It was much harder to create a mo puppet that could fight against top generals than it was to cultivate to become a top general.

While the black gold seal soldier seemed lively, the two did not place any importance on him.

But clearly, the black gold seal soldier was very displeased with how they dismissed his presence.

The dark face that mirrored Zuo Mo’s face bared its teeth viciously. “You dare to dismiss ye? I’ll eat you!”

Finishing, he charged at the two!


A figure returned next to the chariot and reported in a low voice, “Mister Tong is dead.”

“It really is a pity. Mister Tong was a rare expert to have been able to cultivate the Palm Eye mo skill to such a level.” The voice from the chariot was slightly regretful.

“Shen power is as dominant as expected!” This person was called Wu Yu. He was the most powerful expert under Marshal Yu’s command and highly trusted.

There were many experts in Marshal Yu’s service and there were ten that were called the Ten Yu Frontier Guards. Qian Qing, and Ding Dong were among them. Wu Yu was the first of the Ten Frontier Guards and let them. Mister Tong had ranked sixth out of ten. Qian Qing ranked seventh, Ding Dong fifth. The person that A Gui had killed had been called Song Long and ranked tenth.

The Ten Yu Frontier Guards had an elevated status. Each one of them had been experts that were regional commanders and Marshal Yu had spent great effort to gather them.

“I had not expected that Xiao Mo Ge would also have many experts in his command,” Marshal Yu said slowly. “So young, yet so able. As expected, an accomplished youth!”

Wu Yu smiled and said, “When this subordinate was at his age, my time was spent in the pleasure quarters and bars. Compared to Xiao Mo Ge, that was a total waste.”

Hearing Wu Yu speak so roughly, Marshal Yu chuckled. “If Ding Dong and the others hear you say this, wouldn’t they be ashamed?”

Wu Yu smiled.

Marshal Yu suddenly said, “You seem to be entering marshal level soon.”

Wu Yu grimaced. “The time has not arrived.”

Marshal Yu said lightly, “I will make a copy of the shen power for you. It will be up to you if you can break through or not.”

“Thanks, Lord!” Wu Yu suddenly became excited. He had been stuck at the peak of general level for a long time but had been unable to find a solution to break through to marshal level. He knew that if he kept on going like this, his chances of a breakthrough to marshal level would decrease.

“Helping you is also helping me. When you are in marshal level, I will be able to relax.” The voice inside the chariot held tiredness.

Wu Yu’s expression was solemn. “This one will not fail what Lord has given!”

“Qian Qing is about to lose.” Marshal Yu was slightly surprised. “Xiao Mo Ge has such a powerful mo puppet?”

Wu Yu stilled and his mind turned back to the battlefield.


Qian Qing had never been in such a sorry state. He had never thought there would be a day when he was being beaten by a mo puppet and by such a large margin!

This mo puppet was extremely strange. When it fought, strange characters would appear on its body. Even Qian Qing who was knowledgeable didn’t recognize any of them.

But it was extremely dangerous!

He didn’t dare to touch them.

After a few rounds, he was suppressed by the black gold seal soldier.

Qian Qing was of high birth. The bloodline of the Bright Void Cicada Mo gave him unparalleled speed. He was also able to tear apart space at will. [Space Tear] could enable a weak mo to become an expert that killed without a trace.

He would appear out of nowhere and out maneuver his opponent. But no matter how he tore and jumped through space, the black gold seal soldier seemed to be able to predict his movements and those two fists were waiting for him.

Damn it!

He didn’t know what the characters on the fists of the black gold seal soldier were. Every time Qian Qing looked at them, he was unable to suppress a thread of terror.

Qian Qing was talented and experienced. He knew what this thread of unknown terror meant.

Only something extremely dangerous could make him instinctively feel danger!

How was it possible?

Wasn’t this black guy in front of him a mo puppet?

Had he met a peerless mo puppet?

Qian Qing was both shocked and furious!

However, if he left the battlefield now, his situation would become extremely terrible. His ranking among the Ten Yu Frontier Guards would quickly fall and most importantly, the Lord would lose faith in him.

There was nothing scarier than that!

The bloodline of the Bright Void Cicada Mo was noble but they were no longer had the great numbers of the past. The reason that the clan had prospered in these past few years was because he had managed to find shade under the great tree that was Marshal Yu.

He was a smart person and he understood Lord’s like and dislikes very well.

If he died in battle, his family would still receive the care of Marshal Yu and would not fall into decline. If he ran from battle, he would lose everything he possessed now!

In a short moment, Qian Qing made his decision.

He stopped. The wind blew past his face as his panicked eyes calmed down.

[Space Tear] was the talent that all Bright Void Cicada mo experts had, and the most famous ability of the Bright Void Cicada mo clan. He was very familiar with the technique, but this was not his only offensive attack.

Relying on only just [Space Tear] he entered the top ten of the Yu Frontier Guards.

There were not many that knew of the mo physique he cultivated or the [Domain] formed by his mo physique.

This was his secret!

Compared to their current low numbers, the Bright Void Cicada mo had once existed in great numbers and produced many experts. They were natural-born assassins, and served many factions. But in secret, they had gathered mo skills from every place they served.

The experts of each generation would use these mo skills and the Bright Void Cicada mo bloodline as the foundation to created many mo physiques.

These mo physiques were endlessly varied and each had their own attributes.

Even within the Bright Void Cicada mo family, there would rarely be people who would cultivated the same mo physique. Because of the decline of the Bright Void Cicada mo, the mo physiques that the clanspeople cultivated were not kept secret like in the past. But no one knew the mo physique of one person, Qian Qing, the most accomplished Bright Void Cicada mo of the present!

He hadn’t thought that the first time his mo physique was seen in public that it would be to face a mo puppet.

The terror on Qian Qing’s face disappeared. What replaced it was strong confidence!

Translator Ramblings: The Black Gold Seal Soldier is Zuo Mo without a filter on his mouth.

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