Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Six – A Sudden Appearance

“Today’s battle has awakened me! Today, I finally understood that, with these lowly tactics, I cannot create a true army.” Ming Hui’s gaze was determined as he said, “I will release the jinzhi on your bodies now. If you want to leave, leave at your will! I have decided to remake the battalion, not as bandits, but as the Ming Battalion! If you are willing to stay with this Ming Hui, I will not fail you!”

As he spoke, the commanders shook and their expressions were disbelieving. Ming Hui had released the jinzhi in their bodies just as he said.

Some people raised their hands in a bow towards at Ming Hui before turning and leave. Ming Hui did not stop them. In a blink, there were only about three thousand people left.

The Ming Bandits who found that their jinzhi had been taken off immediately lost the courage to fight and fled.

Ming Yu Wei said in a very low voice, “Brother, it is not good to release the jinzhi at this time … …”

If the jinzhi were not released, they could buy more time for their escape.

Ming Hui smiled darkly and said in an even lower voice. “Do not worry, I have my own plans. I have been exceptionally kind in not killing the people who left, it will be their fate if they die in the hands of others … …”

Ming Yu Wei felt a chill rise from her back. Brother seemed to have left them a road to life, but was actually pushing them towards death.

Even if the disorganized Ming Bandits could flee the mysterious battalion, they would not be able to escape the experts of Great Peace City.

“Brother, you are waiting for Bu Heng?” Ming Yu Wei suddenly asked.

Ming Hui smiled coldly. “Not just Bu Heng! This battalion is strong but there are countless others who desire something as great as the Anti Dragon Claw! Bu Hen is a smart person. He obtained the information and then spread it. From the beginning, he knew that the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion was not something that he could touch.”

The coldness in Ming Hui’s eyes grew. He snorted coldly, “The chaos will not end as easily as this!”

Finishing, he ordered the battalion to retreat. Ming Yu Wei was silent. She was skilled at being a battle general, but her grasp of grander schemes was not as good as her elder brother.

She didn’t know if this defeat was good or bad for Elder Brother … …

Ming Yu Wei felt slightly worried.


The abrupt collapse of the Ming Bandits was unexpected to everyone.

In a blink, Miao Jun and Shu Long felt the pressure on them lessen. They did not understand what had happened but in order to help Sin Battalion, they had faced enemies numbering multiple times their own. They were exhausted.

Even though the enemy crumbled now, they didn’t even have the energy to chase them.

Shu Long and the others sat down and started to recover. Miao Jun also ordered those in his command to rest immediately but his gaze unconsciously looked towards Bie Han in the sky.

Bie Han had stayed for a long length of time in Great Peace City. All the major powers knew of this person, and also that he had a battalion called Sin Battalion under his command. But no one had thought this cold and proud person was so powerful, that this unknown battalion was so terrifying!

Miao Jun had paled when he saw the series of attacks just now.

As a gold battle general, he knew more than others and even he had never seen such a vicious style of fighting before!

Bie Han was definitely at the level of the top battle generals!

When he thought of this, his gaze reflexively landed on Zuo Mo thoughtfully. Shu Long and the others had not concealed anything from Miao Jun and Miao Jun had heard long ago that Xiao Mo Ge Daren also had an invincible battle general called Gongsun Cha and an invincible battalion called Vermillion Bird Camp.

After Miao Jun became familiar with Shu Long’s personality, he didn’t doubt the ability of Gongsun Lil’ Miss.

Adding on Bie Han, Xiao Mo Ge Daren possessed two top tier battle generals!

In the enormous mo territories, the number of factions who were at this level could be counted on the fingers.

Adding on A Gui and Ceng Lian’er with their unfathomable strength, as well as Xiao Mo Ge’s own great power, Miao Jun suddenly realized that a faction like this probably qualified to start spreading their own influence in the chaotic and war-torn state of the world.

His gaze flickered as he thought.


Princess Xia and the others gaped with wide eyes. The situation had reversed so suddenly that they could not keep up. Many people still didn’t understand what had happened.

Xiao Mo Ge had told them to retreat in this direction and received everyone’s consent.

But when the majority of the Ming Bandits locked onto them, they had all paled. They thought that they would not have any way left to escape. But in a blink, Sin Battalion had erupted and cut the Ming Bandits into pieces.

Those with clear minds couldn’t help but look at Zuo Mo with a thread of terror.

He had such a powerful battalion in his command but he had managed to keep it a secret. He had gathered the people to set up an enormous battle formation belt, all for the purpose of misleading the Ming Bandits. In order to create a chance for Sin Battalion to strike a fatal blow, he even threw everyone, including himself, out as bait.

“Such deep cunning!” the middle-aged attendant sighed with suppressed astonishment.

Princess Xia’s gaze had not left Zuo Mo’s face. When he noticed the hint of shock in Zuo Mo’s eyes, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Maybe this is an accident.”

“An accident?” The middle-aged attendant looked with slight surprise at Princess Xia. Princess Xia who was usually peerless in intelligence seemed to have become dumber. She shook her head and said, “It cannot be a coincident. The actions were all related and the setup perfect in timing and action! We were unknowingly used by him to be bait. This boy might actually reach high heights!”

Princess Xia smiled brightly.


What no one knew was that Zuo Mo’s shock wasn’t any less than theirs.

Bie Han was so ferocious!

He was dumbstruck!

He had carved the mo matrices for Sin Battalion and knew Sin Battalion’s strength. But the power that Sin Battalion had in Bie Han’s hand surpassed his predictions.

If he knew that Sin Battalion was so powerful before, did he need to set up so many things?

His initial plan was to continuously weaken the Ming Bandits to give Sin Battalion a chance to carry out an ambush. That would create a short period of chaos. However, the fatal attack would be him leading all the general levels to charge straight into the core of the Ming Bandits and taking down their leader!

He even prepared to take the princesses and the leaders as hostages if Zhu Ke and the others did not agree.

Yet the changes of the battle completely was out of his expectations. The Sin Battalion led by Bie Han was unstoppable and beat the Ming Bandits into submission!

Zuo Mo grimaced inside. If he knew this before, wouldn’t everything have been resolved if he let Bie Han out?

Watching as the danger was resolved, Zuo Mo’s tense nerves unconsciously relaxed and he exhaled deeply.

But when he looked at the chaotic crowds, he sighed again.

Truthfully, he had purposefully left an opening in the battle formation belt he had set up because he knew, no matter how many people there were, these normal people who had never been trained could not stop the Ming Bandits.

Of his preparations, some were cruel, some were useless. Many people had died, but they had won in the end.

The majority were able to survive.

“Haha! Brother! I just knew that you could do it!” Lan Tian Long’s loud laugh came from behind him. The people behind him also couldn’t suppress the expression of happiness.

Zuo Mo turned around. He wanted to smile but wasn’t able to.

He didn’t feel any great sadness, but there wasn’t much joy neither.

Lan Tian Long darted forward to give Zuo Mo a big hug. The other people took turns to come forward and hug him.

Just as one of the people was preparing to hug him, the Anti Dragon Claw on Zuo Mo’s back suddenly shook and Zuo Mo was startled.

Almost at the same time, he felt a stirring of danger!

Without thinking, the [Reversed Stellar Revolution] on his hand was thrown forward as he darted back.

An extremely dark and cold black energy brushed past Zuo Mo’s chest from bottom to top. The dark and strange aura caused Zuo Mo’s hairs to stand on end.

The ambusher hadn’t expected that Zuo Mo could react so quickly after he had relaxed!

The two were very close and he had thought there would be no reason for him to miss at such a close distance. But the other had detected his intentions.

When his attack missed, and before he could escape, the [Reversed Stellar Revolution] appeared in from of him like a spray of sparks.

His expression changed. Could he not recognize the killing move that Xiao Mo Ge had used to defeat the [Peacock King Plume]?

But the two were too close, so close that he didn’t have any time to react!

Under his terrified gaze, the Reversed Stellar Revolution turned to sparks and landed on the assassin’s body. He didn’t even have the time to scream before he was burned into dust!

The sparks returned to Zuo Mo’s hand and became a slowly spinning star bracelet again.

Lan Tian Long and the others paled. This had occurred so suddenly. In a flash, the ambusher had been burned to dust!

“He is An Qi Gong, why would he try to assassinate you?” Lan Tian Long reacted and a hint of anger flashed through his eyes. An Qi Gong had clearly intermingled among them in order to take advantage of his relationship with Xiao Mo Ge. Someone had schemed against Old Long! Lan Tian Long suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Do you want me to go investigate?”

In that moment, Zuo Mo had been frightened but at this time, he quickly calmed down. He shook his head. “There’s no need.”

After a moment of thought, he said to Lan Tian Long, “Go find a few people and help maintain the order. Prevent people from taking advantage of the chaos.”

Lan Tian Long said heavily, “Alright! If Old Long finds the person responsible, I’ll make him wish for death!”

Finishing, he turned with a dark expression.


Bie Han narrowed his eyes and looked at the remaining three thousand Ming Bandits in front of him. Behind him, Sin Battalion was still harvesting the lives of the Ming Bandits at an astounding rate. A light flashed through his narrowed eyes. He was like a tiger that had been caged for a long time. The brief battle that had just finished could not satisfy him.

However, the Ming Bandits who had fled suddenly ran back in panic.

“Boss! Not good! Not good! Marshal Yu! Marshal Yu has come!”

Marshal Yu!

Marshal Yu!

This name which caused the Ming Bandits to panic caused cheers to rise among the crowd. Many people even cried from joy. The reputation of Marshal Yu was completely the opposite of the Ming Bandits. No matter what, Marshal Yu would not act against them.

Zhu Ke and the others also relaxed. Their families were on good terms with Marshal Yu and there would not be any problems to their own safety.

Only Princess Xia’ expression changed slightly and she looked worriedly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s face suddenly darkened. The incoming forces were not an allies!

Murderousness flashed through Ceng Lian’er eyes. When it had been her crucial time of breakthrough, the people that Marshal Yu had sent tried to use her to threaten her father. There was a chance to settle accounts today!

Bie Han did not feel any fear. He was still hungry after the fight with the Ming Bandits. He gaze with narrowed eyes at the horizon, fighting spirit rampaging through his body!

Don’t be too weak!

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