Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Five – The Blade Unsheathed

Numerous figure suddenly leapt out from the panicked crowded under the Ming Bandits. In a flash, the dark figures covered the sky.

The black shadows were extremely quick. The sound they produced was like a blade slicing through air, humming deeply in waves with a mind-stunning power.

Those that heard it all changed expression and their scalp prickled.

Yet before they could react at all, an enormous wave of power condensed and smashed heavily into the middle of the Ming Bandits’ ranks.


The shockwaves twisted everything in view.

The middle-section of the Ming Bandits’ ranks did not have the time to make a sound when the ripples passed through and their bodies were disintegrated from the attack. The powerful mo physiques of the Ming Bandits turned to ash like a snowman in the sun.

Ming Yu Wei’s expression was ashen. A battalion! They had been ambushed by a battalion! The enemy had actually had a battalion!

However, the Ming Bandits were highly experienced, and vicious on top of that. Even though they were surprised at the suddenly appearance of a battalion, they quickly calmed down after the initial panic. The Ming Bandits that were closest to the middle sect unhesitatingly charged forward in hopes they could slow down this battalion. If this attacking battalion was dragged to a stop, then it would definitely die!

From every angle, there was nothing to criticize about the Ming Bandits’ response. Only true elite mo with rich combat experience could react so quickly right after being attacked.

But all of the Ming Bandits underestimated the strength of this unknown battalion!

They also underestimated the strength of Bie Han, who led Sin Battalion!

Bie Han’s face was icy but his gaze was full of spirit. There was a small flush on his face. He had been waiting too long for this battle!

He had waited from the moment he learned to be a battle general, from the moment he commanded the Sin Battalion, from the moment he was imprisoned on mountain, from the moment he had returned to the mo territories. From having no place to go, to finding a place. Jiang Zhe, who he had been said to rival, was dominating and was attracting the attention of the world. Jiang Zhe seemed to be the premier battle general of the Four Realms. Yet his own journey was full of setbacks and detours. He met a obstacles everywhere he went, and after so much hardship, he had never even had his first battle!

He had waited for far too long!

The large axe in his hand was hungry, and the sword was wailing sorrowfully and discontentedly from the sheathe.

This battle was fated to be renowned throughout the world! The light of an ultimate battle general would shine over the world!

A kind of light called confidence flashed in Bie Han’s cold eyes.

The xiuzhe were most skilled in “divination.” This was a very broad concept. It included judging and predicting the actions of the enemy, searching for and exploiting weaknesses in the enemy’s formation and how to express the full power of their battalion. It was a field that every xiuzhe battle general had to learn. Bie Han who had learned the battle methods of the xiuzhe from his childhood was skilled in this.

But Bie Han’s command style was completely different than Jiang Zhe who was of the same sect. Jiang Zhe was balanced in all aspects, meticulous and rarely showed weaknesses. When Bie Han had been at the mountain, everyone who saw him compete would say the same phrase.

“This blade is inauspicious!”

His command style was vicious and harsh. Compounded by his cold personality, he would do anything for victory, including sacrificing his own troops. He was someone that people were wary of.

A mistake, such as underestimating your opponent, was an opportunity that could change the entire battle for a battle general of Bie Han’s calibre!

Even now, the Ming Bandits did not understand the skill level of the battle general they were facing and the skill of the battalion.

Just as the Ming Bandits near the middle section started to ready themselves to charge, the next attacks from Sin Battalion arrived.

In Bie Han’s hands, Sin Battalion which had undergone an increase in power had demon-like powers. They were like ghosts but their strikes were as impactful as heavy broadswords. The several hundred members of Sin Battalion moved past each other in criss-cross patterns. An extremely strange scene occurred! The Ming Bandits who were about to charge suddenly stared with wide eyes. Several lines of blood criss-crossed on their bodies as though they had been sliced with sharp thin threads.


Blood sprayed from the blood lines and turned to a blood mist in the air. The bodies of these Ming Bandits fell apart into seven to eight pieces. Every cut and wound was as smooth as glass!

Even those as cruel as the Ming Bandits were astounded when they saw such a scene and lost their concentration for a moment.

Bie Han was unaffected, and only his eyes were as sharp as a blade. In front of him, all other obstacles were swept away, and the exposed backs of the Ming Bandits appeared in front of him.

All of this happened in just one moment.

Before the dismembered limbs and the bloody mist could land, before anyone could react and move, Bie Han released his long-prepared charge!

The Ming Bandits at the front turned and their faces immediately filled with terror and hopelessness.


Like a blade entering flesh, wherever it passed, flesh and bone separated.

The Sin Battalion still cultivated mo skills and the modified jinzhi on their bodies caused their mo skills to increase greatly. After undergoing Zuo Mo’s engraving of new mo matrices, these battle monsters with incomplete souls had become even stronger!

Their speed was extremely fast making their movements hard to predict. When they attacked, their strength was domineering, and also hard to predict.

What was scariest was that they did not hold one shred of fear. They would meticulously and faithfully carry out Bie Han’s orders. They did not seem to feel it even when the attacks of the enemy landed on their bodies. Sometimes, they didn’t even dodge. They were like a group of monsters.

The experienced Ming Bandits had never seen such a determined charge before!

The Ming Bandits at the front panicked. They tried to fly forward to avoid the charge behind them. Some of the smarter Ming Bandits sprinted in other directions. The formation of the Ming Bandits immediately dissolved.

The Sin Battalion was unstoppable where it passed. Blood and flesh. The power of an individual was as minuscule as an ant in front of the vast power created by a charge like this. Just being brushed lightly was a heavy blow that would cause one to be thrown into the air, their bones completely shattered, and they would be dead where they landed.

This all happened in a flash!

The Ming Bandits in the rear were still charging forward, the middle section of their formation had fled, and in a blink, the Ming Bandits at the front had crumbled as the blood of their companions flowed in rivers.

This change had come too quickly that many people didn’t even understand what was happening.

Even the Ming Bandits were stuck dumb by this crazy ambush.

They watched as the Sin Battalion hunted and killed the fleeing Ming Bandits. Sin Battalion never attacked lone Ming Bandits. They would moved around each other as though they were creating a great net. No matter how Ming Bandits struggled in the net, they would but cut into pieces by this sharp net.

Sin Battalion coldly harvested lives. Dismembered limbs flew in the air as sprays of blood sprouted.

The scene was so bloody it was intimidating. It was so cruel that even the Ming Bandits could not suppress their disgust. Many people started to vomit.

Ming Hui’ expression was ashen. He looked in disbelief at this scene in front of him. Just a moment ago, everything had been within his grasp, and the Anti Dragon Claw was right by his hand. In a blink, half of his Ming Bandits were gone.

His gaze was blank and unfocused. The remainder of the battalion were intimidated by the cold presence and unconsciously retreated hundreds of zhang!

How could it be like this?

Ming Yu Wei’s expression was ashen as well. Her eyes were terrified as she said in a trembling voice, “Brother, we cannot win against this person!”

Cannot win?

Ming Hui’s expression suddenly changed from blank to crazed. He shouted harshly, “Cannot win! What do you mean cannot win! We are the Ming Bandits! We are the invincible Ming Bandits! Sister! I believe in you … …”

“Brother, it will not work.” Ming Yu Wei’s voice still trembled slightly but her expression had recovered greatly. She shook her head and said, “I am not a match for him. Since the ambush in the beginning, he had planned this entire string of events. He was still at such ease in such a chaotic situation. He is too scary, I am not a match. Also, this battalion is stronger than ours. This person can rival those famed generals.”

“Sister is better than those famous generals … …”

“Brother, he might be able to step into Glory Hall!”

Hss, the commanders in the surroundings inhaled sharply and each of them had an expression of great shock.

Glory Hall!

The mo territories were not as large as the xiuzhe territories but it was still vast. The Hundred Savage and Nether had as many battle generals as the stars, innumerable. But there was a place that was the holy ground of all battle generals, Glory Hall.

Glory Hall was open to all visitors, and there was an endless stream of people that came to visit. Glory Hall was not vast, it was just a little stone hall that was a few dozen mu in size.

Glory Hall recorded every battle general in the past that could be identified. It was founded by historians. At the start, it was not famed. They carved the name of the strongest battle generals of each generation on the halls of Glory Hall. What really made it famous was that the results of multiple wars were the exactly same as their predictions. As time went on, the successive masters of Glory Hall continued fairly. The names that were carved into Glory Hall underwent even stricter requirements, and all of them were battle generals that were publicly known as the strongest in their generation.

Over time, Glory Hall became the holiest place for battle generals. Many battle generals when they first started to learn how to be a general would dream that, one day, their names would be carved into Glory Hall.

That represented unparalleled achievement and glory!

So the shock that Ming Yu Wei’s words caused could be imagined. The last time that Glory Hall had engraved a name had been twenty years ago. Ming Yue Wei thought that this person had a chance to step into Glory Hall. How could they not be shocked?

But they knew Ming Yu Wei very well. She was intelligent and strategic. She was the strongest battle general of the Ming Bandits. Her words were fantastical but half of the group believed.

Ming Hui looked dazedly at his younger sister who had a serious expression. The fury on his face unconsciously disappeared.

He suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself multiple times.

“Brother!” Ming Yu Wei was frightened by Ming Hui’s action. The other commanders all paled greatly.

Ming Hui had hit himself hard, and his face was covered with bright red hand prints. His gaze became calm once again. He looked at the slaughter occurring in the distance and said gravely, “I, Ming Hui, will remember the humiliation of today! Sister, do not be demotivated, so what if he can step into Glory Hall? From childhood, I believed that Sister will definitely enter Glory Hall! I have confidence in you!”

Ming Yu Wei bit her lips. Tears rose in her eyes, and her hands unconsciously balled.

Translator Ramblings: I just imagine a paper shredder whenever someone mentions cutting off limbs.

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