Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Four – Cut Off

Gold battle general!

There were many that saw this attack. Those that were gathered here were the best experts of Great Peace City, who wasn’t knowledgeable? But no one had thought it would be Miao Jun. In a flash, people finally recalled Xiao Mo Ge and Miao Jun’s battle. In the past, people had only known that Miao Jun had lost to Xiao Mo Ge. Many people had seen the battle in person but no one had thought that Miao Jun was also a gold battle general.

Many people showed expressions of vexation. It had to be said that in this present chaotic state of affairs, a gold battle general was much more valuable than an expert.

There were also many people that had thoughtful expressions. They found to their shock that Xiao Mo Ge had experts among his subordinates, and strong generals! Some other people were pondering had Xiao Mo Ge realized that Miao Jun was a gold battle general back then?

The intense battle quickly caused everyone to suppress their puzzlement and turn back to observe the battlefield.

The ongoing battle was important to them.

Ye Ling’s [Mist Hand Seat] covered all of the center formation. With the help of the mo embryo, Ye Ling had managed to cultivate his mo physique. If his Grey Camp was present, his offensive capabilities would be multiple of what it was before. Right now, he could only squander his talents doing what he had.

But the grey mist gave the best concealment to the middle formation.

Including the position where Shu Long was.

Shu Long’s Guard Camp was just one hundred people, yet these one hundred people were much stronger than they had been previously. Shu Long had also processed a mo embryo. A Wen, Nan Yue, and the other core members had also exploded in power.

But after Shu Long’s shout of “Kill,” they became a silent beast hidden in the mist.

Several of the enemy attacks entered the grey mist and didn’t even cause a stir.

Under the grey mist, Guard Camp was like a black hole that could swallow everything.

The Ming Bandit commander’s expressions became grave. At this time, they had the advantage of offensive capability. They did not fear Xiao Mo Ge and the other fighting back but they feared that there would be ambushes and traps inside the mist.

The waves of attacks were swallowed and didn’t cause any response. The damned grey mist made it impossible to see what was happening inside.

Old Tu hesitated slightly before he quickly made a decision. Charge!

He understood Ming Hui very well. Ming Hui appeared as though he was a very relaxed commander, but at such a crucial time, if they did not do their best, Ming Hui would execute them without even a frown.

But Old Tu was careful and not as rash as Bao Xiong. He only had one hundred mo soldiers leave the ranks and leap into the grey mist.

Old Tu’s eyes were cold. Even if these one hundred mo soldiers were the elite of his subordinates, his expression didn’t change at all.

He stared closely at the grey mist and waited for the moment his subordinates charged into the grey mist.

The other nine hundred people silently waited.

One hundred mo soldiers howled angrily as they charged crazily at the grey mist. Their faces were twisted, madness, hopelessness, and bloodthirst mixed together in their reddened eyes.

It was just one hundred people charging but there was suddenly a suffocating presence.

The grey mist remained strangely quiet.


The strange blue blade energies shrieked as they viciously pierced Da Hong’s battalion.

Pew pew pew!

Countless bloody flowers blossomed in the air. The sharp blade energies easily penetrated the bodies of the Ming Bandits.

Wails sounded, and seventy to eighty figures lost control and fell down.

Da Hong’s battalion was left missing a piece as though it had been bitten off.

A blue energy suddenly flashed pass Da Hong’s face, and caused a small bloody mark. His expression was dark. The other was stronger than he had imagined!

Gold battle general. As expected of a gold battle general!

The other’s moves were much more skilled than his. Both sides had attacked at the same time and the other’s second attack wave had come so fast that they were unable to react. His subordinates didn’t have the time to dodge or fight back before they were hit!

Other than some that had high level mo skills and managed to stop the attack, almost all the other mo soldiers died where they were.

The other’s ability as a battle general far surpassed him!

Watching from afar, Ming Hui’s eyes moved. These people fighting back were much hardier and stronger than he had predicted. When Miao Jun acted, all the commanders in the Ming Bandits changed expression. Ming Yu Wei’s expression also became serious. They only had one thought, it was lucky this person did not have many people in his battalion!

If this gold battle general had two to three thousand people in his battalion, then the Ming Bandits would suffer great losses this time.

Fortunately, everyone had clearly saw that Miao Jun only had seven hundred or so people.

Even the cleverest wife could not make a meal without any rice. No matter how strong a gold battle general was, if he did not have a matching battalion, his threat level was much lower.

“Gui San, go help Da Hong.” Ming Yu Wei did not hesitate and ordered.

“Yes!” A man with stark features came out and acknowledged.

Everyone finally sighed in relief. Ming Hui’s expression cleared up slightly. With a nod, he said, “Da Hong is good on the front lines, and there is nothing more to be said of his individual bravery. However, he is slightly lacking as a battle general. It is normal for him to lose slightly against an expert like this.”

The expressions of other people eased when they heard this.

They had also been slightly scared by Xiao Mo Ge’s endless bag of tricks, their confidence unconsciously being damaged. Only when Ming Hui said this did they manage to realize it.

Yes, no matter how many tricks the other had, he didn’t have an outstanding battalion. With only commanders and no soldiers, he was just struggling for nothing.

“Yes! No matter how many tricks they have, when our army charges, everyone will turn to ashes!” a subordinate shouted.

Everyone’s expressions eased and they nodded in agreement.

Just at this time, wails suddenly came from the grey mist. Everyone tensed.

Supported with just his own power, Ye Ling’s Mist Hand Seat finally could not tolerate the charge of Old Tu’s battalion and crumbled. The scene inside the mist was displayed in front of all the people.

Yet everyone was stunned by this scene!

Countless dismembered limbs were scattered near the center formation. Shu Long’s troop had set up a very strange battle formation. At some unknown time, many strange pillars -carved in script had appeared around them.

Old Tu seemed crazy as he charged at the battle formation. However, this battle formation that was just made up of one hundred people was like a meat grinder. No matter the number of people, they would be ground to paste as they charged in.

Bloody mist exploded and then rained to the ground successively.

Under the feet of Shu Long’s battle formation, blood flowed like a river and the soil was dyed red. The fishy tang of blood spread. The ground covered in broken and cut limbs made this place seem like hell!

Old Tu had gone crazy due to the scene. He continuously charged the other’s battle formation as though he didn’t want to live!

Yet the other’s battle formation was as steady as rock, unmovable.

Ming Yu Wei’s expression really changed this time as she exclaimed, “Mo Grinding Disk!”

She paused and it appeared as though she didn’t dare to believe her eyes for three whole breaths! But she was had extraordinary composure and quickly recovered. She shouted harshly, “He Lang, reinforce Old Tu from the side!”

“Yes!” A man with a cold expression affirmed.

Ming Yu Wei suddenly gritted her teeth and raised her head. She said with determination, “Big Brother, we should charge!”

She had a bad feeling.

Ming Hui stilled. The situation was not clear yet. Even he felt slightly scared at the other’s endless tricks. His original intention had been for his subordinates to test the waters and after the enemy strategy was clear, then he would crush them in one go.

But he was a ruthless and formidable person. He knew that if his younger sister recommended this, then it really was a pivotal moment. He knew that he was not his younger sister’s equal at directing battle and he usually followed what his sister said.

Hearing this, his gaze became stern and murderousness flashed. He nodded without hesitation and shouted, “Prepare to charge!”

Everyone’s hearts shook, and they roared their acknowledgement!

At this moment, Shu Long and Miao Jun’s battalions surged with power; unleashing powerful attacks. In that moment, they actually suppressed the Ming Bandits that were now twice their number!

All the Ming Bandit generals paused with disbelief. No matter how many tricks they had, they could not do something like this!

Ming Yu Wei reacted the fastest. “Careful, they are about to flee!”

As expected, the two troops at the center formation dropped everything and charged towards a group of fleeing Great Peace City citizens.

They wanted to use the chaos to escape!

A cold smile floated on Ming Hui’s lips. He suddenly shouted, “Kill!”

The Ming Bandits responded and all of them accelerated. Like a thundering flooded, they headed to Xiao Mo Ge’s group.

The two sides were extremely fast. Ming Hui’s fighting spirit boiled and only Xiao Mo Ge was inside his view!

His gaze was tightly focused on the dragon claw shaped object on Xiao Mo Ge’s back. The Anti Dragon Claw! Starting from today, the Anti Dragon Claw was his!

With this thought, his body felt heated, and his gaze also burned.

Xiao Mo Ge and the others were also fleeing very quickly and had almost reached the crowd.

They wanted to flee?

A dark and cold smile floated on Ming Hui’s mouth. He seemed to not see the panicked crowds along the way and his gaze was closely locked onto Xiao Mo Ge! The Ming Bandits also ignored the crowds that they flew by.

Xiao Mo Ge and the others were clearly slowed down by the speed of the princesses. The distance between them quickly decreased.

The Ming Bandits charged at Xiao Mo Ge and the others with a destructive presence.

Every battle general gave their all at this time. Their gazes were excited as fighting spirit burned. The attacks on their hands were waiting to be let out. When the distance grew closer, their attacks would drown Xiao Mo Ge and the others.

Under such an attack, no one would manage to survive!

Xiao Mo Ge and the others had entered their range of attack but Ming Hui did not give the order to attack. He licked his lips like a cunning wolf waiting for a chance to give a fatal strike.

A bit closer, just a bit more, and their attacks would manage to completely cover all of them!

At this time a vast cold killing essence suddenly covered the Ming Bandits, like the icy wind that rushed upwards from the ground!

This wave came very suddenly without any warning. The killing essence was so cold that in one instant, the Ming Bandits found that a layer of frost had appeared on their bodies.

An enemy attack!

Ming Hui’s mind rang out.

“Kill!” The cold voice seemed to be filled with a strange power. Everyone’s hearts jumped.

Before the sound dissipated, the unrestrained killing essence was like an exploding volcano that shot at them.

The next scene caused their souls to almost leave their bodies!

Editor note (WanderingGummiOfDoom): So many of you got that there was a trap somewhere, but you were calling it a bit early. Forcing your opponent’s move is super helpful in laying a trap.

Translator Ramblings: Ye Ling finally gets to show off … … it’s been so long since he was introduced.

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