Qinshan was merely standing at the windows like a lone pine, as if he hadn’t seen the Dragon Gate Sect disciples pressing on him.

The Dragon Gate Sect knows I have the spirit ginseng. Who told them? Sick Yellow Tiger? Fancy that I saved your life.

The hot anger of betrayal soared up, but the corner of his mouth drew a small curve instead, exposing teeth eerie white. Liu Hong’s heart lurched as he watched from the side. What a heavy murderous aura!

“Bang!” He lifted a foot and kicked it on the thick square table in front of him. The table was big and wide. It weighted over two hundred pounds, was built from jujube wood, and was easily able to accommodate a meal for ten persons. His kick sent it up flying and cras.h.i.+ng toward the Dragon Gate disciples with an extremely fierce momentum.

Chi Da bore the blunt of it. He never imagined such a martial move and watched with terror the square table rush toward his face. But he also reacted quickly. He discarded his sword and brandished his fists, operated his internal strength, and slapped the table.

Li Qingshan sneered. A mantis trying to stop a chariot!

Chi Da’s two arms broke at the same time, and his chest sagged inward from the collision with the table. He abruptly spurted out fresh blood while a burst of crunchy noises from bones shattering into pieces rose at the same time.

The square table didn’t stop after neutering one man and carried seven or eight Dragon Gate disciples with it as it whistled through the air. It broke through the railings and dropped downstairs with a huge rumbling sound.

There were also guests downstairs. They were originally wondering who was going to meet with bad luck when they saw the Dragon Gate Sect disciples go upstairs looking awe-inspiring and murderous. They one and all stuck their heads out to watch the show, but they suddenly saw a table drop down along with seven or eight Dragon Gate Sect disciples. They ran away shrieking in fright.

They only encircled forth with fear and doubts after the table hit the floor. Chi Da had already breathed his last. As for the other Dragon Gate disciples, good or bad they had Chi Da as a barrier so they’d avoided dying on the spot, but they still incessantly groaned in pain as they suffered from broken muscles and fractured bones.

The guests watched with stupefaction one and all. When’d they seen the Dragon Gate disciples with such an appearance. Just who exactly was it upstairs?

Li Qingshan remembered bowling out of nowhere. Those Dragon Gate disciples were clothed in white from head to toes, weren’t they just like bowling pins. Too bad it wasn’t strike.

The remaining five or six Dragon Gate disciples weren’t struck out by the table, but they were all drenched in cold sweat from the scare. They stayed blankly where they stood and had actually no idea how they should react. Those disciples from wealthy family trained in martial arts, but when’d they experience genuine battles.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Almost no one had time to react yet that the situation had already reversed itself in this split moment. The originally overbearing disciples of the Dragon Gate sect had been swept in half in the turn of an eye.

There was only Liu Hong who’d clearly seen Li Qingshan’s movements. His expression was solemn as he thought about whether he could have blocked it himself, or dodged it himself. The verdict was bleak, and his eyebrows bunched even tighter, but the derision on his face also became heavier. It seemed as if he’d been mostly compensated for the face he’d lost to Li Qingshan today.

Li Qingshan didn’t care about other people and walked with great strides toward Yang Jun.

Yang Jun was sprawled on the floor at this moment. Li Qingshan had kicked the square table cras.h.i.+ng his way just then, but there were Dragon Gate disciples in-between who served as meats.h.i.+elds and gave him time to react. He’d sprawled on the floor at the critical juncture and escaped a disaster.

At this time he still couldn’t believe this was real. Those he brought with him were all experts of the sect. There were three third-grade masters among them, while the others were also proficient fighters hard to come by, but half of them had been killed or injured in the s.p.a.ce of one move. He’d led a punitive force to chastise offenses, but it’d become an extremely ironic joke.

Watching Li Qingshan walk his way, he suddenly remembered the several dozen bandits who’d died under Li Qingshan’s hands, remembered this person’s fearsome ominous fame, remembered that his own martial arts were still far from enough. He frantically pulled his sword out: “Kill him!”

A sword pierced toward Li Qingshan, and at the same time five treasure swords stabbed toward Li Qingshan from the left right front and back, flickering with cold glint. Those Dragon Gate disciples who’d been staring blankly had also recovered. They were elder and junior brothers who trained together all year round, and their cooperation wasn’t bad even if they had little experience with genuine battles.

The speed of this offensive wasn’t lacking in the slightest. It caged Li Qingshan in a net of swords.

“Careful of the sword formation!” Dragon Li warned loudly, but it was already too late. Six longswords stabbed at the same time into Li Qingshan’s body.

Pleasant surprise floated on every swordsman’s face. It seemed none of them had thought they could obtain results in such a simple manner. My Dragon Gate Sect’s sword formation is indeed extraordinary!

No one could know whether the expression that appeared on Liu Hong’s face was mockery or regrets. Too tender, too little experience fighting in the martial world. In a situation where victory was certain, he unexpectedly gave his enemies an exceptional opportunity to besiege him, sending himself to the land of the dead.

However, apart from regrets, there would always be some relief every time an old hand of the rivers and lakes like him witnessed the downfall of a young prodigy. He very much wanted to say proudly, look, it’s still old ginger that’s the spiciest. The strongest ones weren’t necessarily the ones who survived to the end.

The sword tips pierced an inch inside the skin and couldn’t move forward any further. The swordsmen’s pleased expressions became consternation. They madly poured their strength into the swords, but only managed to bend the tough longswords into arches.

Liu Hong was greatly alarmed: “Could it be that he already trained his enduring martial arts to the realm of being impenetrable by sword and spear.” Not to mention, fine steel treasure swords with internal strength focused inside were on a whole different level compared to ordinary weapons. This young man had given him too much amazement.

Li Qingshan slowly said: “No wonder people say that it’s hard for two fists to contend with a crowd. This kind of combined offense is on par with an all out attack from an exceptional master.” An evil and alien red light difficult to distinguish with the naked eye flowed inside his gaze. “However, how could such weak and powerless swords injure me!”

The true qi in his body spewed madly. Inch after inch of longswords fractured. Every swordsman toppled over and flew out together while spitting blood. There were only faint white traces left on Li Qingshan’s skin.

Yang Jun felt an extremely turbulent true qi rush into his body. The internal strength he’d painstakingly cultivated for so many years actually couldn’t block a single shred of it as it bashed sideways and collided head on inside his body, tearing his innards.

He was just about to fall downstairs as well when the shadow of a man flashed and came behind Yang Jun’s body. He flapped his sleeves and steadily dropped Yang Jun on the floor.

Li Qingshan’s face exposed a little solemn vigilance. He saw the newcomer’s actions but he wasn’t capable of following this kind of movement technique. His defensive ability was high enough to astonish people, but speed was his greatest weakness.

Yang Anzhi clasped Yang Jun’s wrist. His face was cold. Yang Jun’s meridians were in a total mess. His martial arts could be said to have been abolished.

Yang Jun called “father” before pa.s.sing out. Yang Anzhi watched Li Qingshan, fearsome murderous intent bursting from his eyes. There wasn’t any shred of his refined appearance left. His heart was fully flooded by remorse and hatred. He’d come to the restaurant for a while already, but presumed that Yang Jun and the group of disciples he led were enough to capture Li Qingshan.

It would have been a little awkward if he met with Liu Hong, so he directly hid on top of the restaurant to deal with any situation should they arise.

But how could he have foreseen that things would change so fast. He’d intended to act when Li Qingshan had kicked the square table over and cleared half the Dragon Gate disciples from the field, but then Li Qingshan had been ensnared in the sword formation immediately afterwards, his death certain.

Even one who’d seen Li Qingshan’s fierce “enduring martial arts” like Liu Hong also believed that Li Qingshan was dying with no doubt, let alone he. Hence he’d stopped his actions, but this delay caused him to be too late.

Liu Hong chuckled and said: “Brother Yang, long time no see. How’d it suddenly become such a great disturbance, what’s the real reason?” Li Qingshan noticed that Yang Anzhi’s face was half similar to Yang Jun’s. Added to Liu Hong’s words, he knew that the one in front of him was the Dragon Gate Sect’s suzerain, the first person of Suncheer’s martial world.

Yang Anzhi was afterall one who’d traveled the rivers and lakes for many years, and his will was firm and unwavering unlike this group of aristocratic disciples. He put his son down, didn’t even look at Liu Hong, saying to Li Qingshan instead: “I originally intended on persuading you to honestly take the thing out and wasn’t planning on injuring you. But now I’ve changed my mind. My son has no grievance and no hatred with you, why did you use such a cruel hand?” He couldn’t restrain his sky-vast fury as he spoke on, his appearance fierce and sinister.

Li Qingshan laughed instead when he heard those words: “Didn’t intend to injure me? No grievance and no hatred?” There was no telling how much humiliation and torment he’d have suffered if his martial arts were a little weaker and he’d fallen into Yang Jun’s hands. It was also almost certain he wouldn’t have been able to preserve this life.

On the mountain path, that high and aloof att.i.tude of threat and humiliation, perhaps it couldn’t be counted as grievance and hatred! Perhaps Yang Jun also felt very much wronged. That’s right, I just said a few words, it’s not like I really cut your hand off.

“I only want to ask you, who told you about this thing? No matter, I’ll ask him face to face! With a dad like you who can’t distinguish between rights and wrongs, it’s no wonder you’d teach this kind of son and disciples. Today I’ll just kill you and remove the root of troubles from now on! Before stamping out the Black Wind Camp, I’ll first use you as a sacrifice to victory!” The crimson light within Li Qingshan’s eyes was even deeper.

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