Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Nine – Fight!

Zuo Mo stared dazedly at the crowd in front of him.

Looking out, almost half of all the mo in Great Peace City were gathered in front of him. One hundred thousand? Two hundred thousand?

When the numbers reached a certain level, the atmosphere it produced was shocking. Zuo Mo was shocked by this ocean of people in front of him.

“How come there are so many people?” Zuo Mo pulled Lan Tian Long over and asked in a low voice.

Lan Tian Long’s expression was slightly smug. “Ha, we were stupid, not many paid attention to us when we first tried to recruit people. Then someone asked if we were in the same group as you, and then I realized why we are failing. So I used your reputation and it became like this!”

“My reputation?” Zuo Mo gaped and was speechless.

“Brother, everyone saw how you stopped Lin Qian’s sword strike. Now that the city master is gone, the one with the most reputation is you. Ha, well, everyone believes in you!” Lan Tian Long patted Zuo Mo’s shoulder and said seriously, “Brother, everyone’s lives are now in your hands. No matter what, try to save as many of them as possible!”

Having reported in, he jumped away.

Looking blankly at the sea of eyes filled with anticipation, Zuo Mo felt his throat getting dry and was at loss at what to do.

He had told Lan Tian Long to call some people over as a way to increase his presence. At an important time, they could also act as cannon fodder.

He had not thought of saving other people.

But now, when he saw the dense sea of people and the faces that were looking at him, for some reason, his heart felt suffocated!

Why was it like this … …

Zuo Mo lost his concentration.

He was not a saint and he did not uphold the precept of justice nor did he believe he was a hero. He even felt that he was a scoundrel.

He was selfish, greedy, cold hearted. He could do anything for victory, sacrifice people unconnected to him to save his people. He didn’t feel any pressure or guilt when he did that.

When the world was like this, who could be responsible for others?

But looking out at the the sea of quiet people, with hopeful eyes and faces covered in dust, he could not bring himself to say those words.

Completely silent.

The crowd was so large that they had to stand on the ruins and at the corners. Some people were alone, some were hugging each other. They were looking up. Tens of thousands of people were looking at Zuo Mo.

They were waiting, waiting for a miracle to occur.

In their minds, Xiao Mo Ge was another term for miracle. On him, the light of miracles repeatedly flashed. People hoped that a miracle would occur, just like in the past.

They were waiting, waiting for Xiao Mo Ge to say something.


Princess Xia and the others looked at the densely packed crowd, and then at the tiny figure in the sky above the crowd. Their expressions were filled with shock.

They were astounded by the scene in front of them.

They had also underestimated Zuo Mo’s influence.

“The times create heroes!” Zhu Ke couldn’t help but murmur.

No one could take their gaze away from that youth carrying the Anti Dragon Claw on his back.

A strange look flashed through Princess Xia’s eyes. She seemed to murmur to herself, “You can always bring hope and bravery to others … …”

Xiao Mo Ge’s figure in the sky suddenly moved.

Everyone unconsciously stopped breathing. They had a feeling that a scene that they would never forget was about to begin.


Zuo Mo moved, and the Anti Dragon Claw on his back also moved.

He faced the gazes of the people and slowly spoke. His voice was hoarse and deep as it passed through the air.

“You have surprised me, I am shocked and speechless. I do not know why you have chosen me. I do not understand.”

He shook his head as though he was narrating or speaking to himself.

“You leave me not knowing what to do. Truthfully, it is very rare for that to occur to me. You do not know me, we are not personally connected nor have we interacted before. I’m very shocked that you have chosen to put your trust in me. But I have to tell you I don’t have a good solution.”

Many people showed disappointment but they were still silent.

“Outside the curtain are the Ming Bandits. You know better than I do how cruel and vicious they are. If I had a battalion of the same scale on my hands, maybe I would have some confidence, but I do not. I am just like all of you; afraid, terrified, and hopeless. I know that the possibility of breaking through is not high. They have never taken hostages. I will die, just like all of you.”

Some people started to tremble, some had hopeless expression and some started to cry and sob. The pairs of eyes that had been bright with hope gradually dimmed.

“Yes, they are the Ming Bandits. In front of them, we are weak like newborn lambs. In their eyes, we are newborn lambs. They are waiting for the curtain of water to disappear and then have a full meal. We will definitely die.”

Zuo Mo’s last sentence was like the call of death. Many people were unable to bear it any longer. They fell to the ground and sobbed.

“We are definitely going to die.”

Zuo Mo seemed to repeat this like he was speaking to himself but his words caused many people to raise up their heads and look at the youth in the air.

“But I do not plan to stop resisting. I do not plan on delivering myself under the butcher’s knife like a weak lamb, and let them swallow me down. Yes, they are strong! Yes, they are savage! Yes, we don’t have any chance at all! Yes, we will die! But so what?”

With the last words, Zuo Mo’s tone suddenly became excited. He glared, his expression twisted, the tendons in his neck bulging. He was like a wolf forced to the corner.

“But so what!”

He suddenly increased his volume. His angry shout echoed in Great Peace City like thunder.

Everyone was shocked by his words. They stopped crying, they raised their heads again and they held their breaths.

Zuo Mo’s gaze swept across the crowd. His face was twisted and his voice seemed to come from his chest, deep and with all the power he could muster, trembling.

“Yes! But so what! Yes! We don’t have a solution but so what! We are too weak, but so what! I don’t want to sit here and wait! I don’t want to wait to be captured! Other than fighting, do we have any other choice!?”

Zuo Mo looked at them and then shouted harshly, “Do we have any other choice?”

The mo below stopped crying. They wiped away the tears, those on the ground stood up and gripped their mo weapons. They raised their faces. The terror and hopelessness on their faces slowly faded. The light of determination crept onto their faces.

Yes, did they have any other choice?

When people find that they don’t have any other choices but to stand and fight, their terror would fade.

“We don’t have any other choice! Nothing! I don’t know why you have chosen me, I don’t know why you believe in me, I don’t have a good solution, I don’t have a miracle, I can only lead you to do one thing!”

The light in people’s eyes grew brighter like there was a flame flashing deep inside.

Zuo Mo’s eyes were burning, his features twisted as he forced the words out between his teeth slowly, “To fight!”

“Fight! Continue to fight! A fight that will end in death! A fight that will not end until death! We will fight to declare to those bastards ‘so what if they are the Ming Bandits!’ So what if they are stronger than us!”

He looked crazy, his tone was crazy, he was like a burning ball of flame that illuminated the surroundings.

Fire burned in the eyes of everyone in the crowd. The fire burned fanatically. They felt that their blood was boiling. Among the hopelessness, an excitement they never had before exploded from deep within their hearts!

“We can still fight! We can still fight! We can still mother***ing fight!”

Zuo Mo suddenly grabbed the Anti Dragon Claw and raised it high up. He shouted angrily, “Fight!”


What answered him was an exploding volcano, a tsunami of angry shouts, fists raised in the air like a forest of fists!

“Kill’em!” Zuo Mo shouted angrily!

“Kill’em!” Countless voices shouted at the top of their lungs!

The ground was tremblings, angry waves formed on the ocean, the most minute power was burning!


“Quick quick quick, faster!”

“One thousand people to a unit, faster!”

“Remember who your unit commander is, what you need to do is follow him. You will attack in whatever direction that he attacks!”

“During the fight, no matter the reason, do not retreat! Even if you are wounded, even if you are about to die! If you retreat, your unit commander will execute you immediately!”

All of Great Peace City became busy than ever before. Everyone was furiously learning, trying their best to learn how to listen to the orders of their commander and go through the most basic training.

The power that the hundred members of Guard Camp could produce in this fight was too small. Zuo Mo decided to use them as the skeleton of their group and made them troop commanders.

One thousand people per troop, this was the largest unit ever.

But even so, there were not enough unit commanders. Zuo Mo had to pick some experienced mo to act as commanders.

Regardless of how chaotic or busy it was, his expression was calm from beginning to end. If he had the time to spare, he would patrol with the Anti Dragon Claw on his back to raise morale.

Even though everything was still a mess, the morale was high.

After realizing their hopes of survival were non-existent, people were not left in terror any more. The residents of Great Peace City had mostly come here for the Mo Skill Steles. They each had some power and backbone. When they realized that they would undoubtedly die, their spirits were aroused.

Since they were going to die, they would pull some down along with them!

Fire burned in their chests.

All of Great Peace City was like a burning furnace that accumulated power under the black curtain of water.

The Ming Bandits were waiting. But they were also waiting!

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