Chapter Six Hundred and Twenty Five Assimilation

Surprise flickered across Lin Qian’s mind.

He was not threatened by the power of these attacks but what he was surprised at was that the mo skills and yao arts these people cultivated were not normal!

It was just because they were not strong enough yet to express the power of their mo skills and yao arts that he was able to deal with them.

Who were these people?

Lin Qian was slightly shocked but with the stone stele within reach, he did not plan on wasting time on these questions.

The Tai’a sword did not waver as it stabbed forward!

The spear energy, the purple arrow energy, the green-grey ripples, they all seemed to sink into a bog and suddenly slowed down.

The Tai’a sword also shook once.


The lights shattered. A Wen and the others were sent flying as though they were hit with hammers!

Lin Qian’s body wavered slightly.

His expression changed slightly. When the Tai’a sword had come into contact with the energies, he found that there was a layer of a faint and strange power covering them. Even so, he had the power to defeat them but he hadn’t expected that the restraining power that came from under him was acting one wave after another, in the form of three waves!

With the two other waves interfering, he had lost slightly.

His mind shook. He knew that he had underestimated these people. These few were not strong but their teamwork was good. He also had let down his guard after the hard fight just now.

Damn it!

Lin Qian’s retaliation was unusually strong. Including the black smoke yao, everyone was thrown far away as though they were hit by charging wild beasts.

Attacking in anger, Lin Qian’s attack was very exquisite. Killing them was not as important as getting the stone stele!

But when two figures suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lin Qian’s pupils abruptly contracted!

For the first time, he stopped moving.


A strong suction force suddenly formed from the spirit consciousness and ling power inside Zuo Mo’s body. The slender threads were immediately pulled into his body without any warning.

There was no change in his cold thinking. Like a puppet, Zuo Mo controlled his body.

There were three treasures in the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.

When Zuo Mo saw the thin strands covering the Anti Dragon Claw, he realized that these slender threads restraining the Anti Dragon Claw was the third treasure!

In an icy state, Zuo Mo was unusually sensitive.

The stone stele had reminded him that he could only find the “world” in this icy state. When he confirmed that these slender threads were the third treasure, he thought that obtaining these threads would be related to his icy state.

The icy state was produced because his spiritual consciousness and his ling power continuously went into his body. These slender threads definitely had something to do with spiritual consciousness and ling power.

The slender threads continued to burrow into Zuo Mo’s body. His thoughts were still calm.

Zuo Mo’s daring surpassed Pu Yao and Wei’s expectations. They gaped with wide eyes as they looked at Zuo Mo’s mad action. They almost didn’t believe their eyes. Zuo Mo was slightly fickle but it was rare to see him do such a crazy thing.

Was this the influence of his present state?

The two did not know but their hearts were in the air.

“This guy is crazy!” Pu Yao’s voice trembled. It wasn’t that he had never seen treasures before. He had been a sky yao. But because he had seen many treasures, he felt that Zuo Mo was insane!

The more powerful the treasure, other than chance encounters, the more strength one needed. The top treasures all had intelligence and chose their masters. Those without strength would not be able to even tolerate the power of the treasure and would die immediately.

Seeing a good treasure and charging up to grab it was the best way of dying immediately.

Thinking how Zuo Mo was just in general rank now, his heart trembled.

“This guy is greedy to the bone! He doesn’t want to live!” Pu Yao gritted his teeth and shouted. He and Wei were both in Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness. If Zuo Mo died, they would naturally turn to dust with him.

Wei was silent for a moment and then said with a smile, “Don’t you feel that he has the same mannerisms as Master?”

Pu Yao stilled. That face appeared in front of his eyes. He blinked, and a thread of pain in his heart dissipated. He said coldly, “She was marshal level!”

“The Anti Dragon Claw should not end up in the hands of anyone else.” Wei raised his head and murmured as he looked at the enormous Anti Dragon Claw.

The words voiced what Pu Yao thought. He was silent.

“It is definitely impossible for a general to subdue the Anti Dragon Claw,” Wei said directly. “I experienced the entire process of Master subduing the Anti Dragon Claw. With her marshal strength, she still almost lost her life. The key to subduing is on the Three Thousand Threads of Worry!”

Pu Yao was still silent.

Wei raised his head to gaze at the Anti Dragon Claw and said, “Shi Zi Ming is a true genius and found something that is a bane to the Anti Dragon Claw. Three Thousand Threads of Worry, it really is true to the name, even the most brutal power cannot hold against threads of worry!”

Pu Yao said solemnly, “I do not know much about the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. I just know that it is one of the most mysterious yao star cores. There are some rare mentions of it in history but just a few mentions. It is said only those that cultivate both spiritual consciousness and ling power can see it.”

Wei nodded. “A Zuo’s strategy appears to be correct.”

“This boy is filled with strangeness.” Pu Yao’s tone became normal. After some thought, he suddenly said, “There is a stupid method to taking a yao star core, it is to assimilate it.”

Just as his words came out, a light flashed across Zuo Mo’s cold eyes.


At this time, countless thin strands headed into the depths of his body. They were just like Zuo Mo’s consciousness and ling power. Following the rush of threads, Zuo Mo suddenly felt a thread of thought that was slightly timid.

The yao star core!

Zuo Mo didn’t hesitate and the Soul Setting Divine Light inside his body flowed like a fish along Zuo Mo’s arm into the yao star core in Zuo Mo’s hand.

The yao star core suddenly froze!

Three Thousand Threads of Worry was suddenly filled with terror and panic. It was like a child that was scared and didn’t dare to move. Even the slender threads that were moving into Zuo Mo’s body froze.

The Soul Setting Divine Light pulled the yao star core slowly into Zuo Mo’s palm.

“Soul Setting Divine Light … …” Wei looked dazedly at this scene. The Soul Setting Divine Light’s inheritance had always been with him but he had never comprehended it and didn’t know that it was so powerful.

Pu Yao was also slightly dumbstruck.

Even the Three Thousand Threads of Worry was so docile in front of it!

The yao star core merged into Zuo Mo’s left palm.

When it completely merged into Zuo Mo’s palm, Zuo Mo felt all the pressure restraining his body disappear. A handful of slender threads came out of his body and connected to the Anti Dragon Claw.

At the center of the sun script on Zuo Mo’s left hand, there was a little star. It would be extremely hard to notice if one did not pay attention.

Zuo Mo was not content. Taking advantage of the chance, he raised his head and his cold gaze swept across the mountainous Anti Dragon Claw.

The Anti Dragon Claw shook!


Zuo Mo had accepted Princess Xia’s arrangements but out of consideration of safety, he still decided to bring A Gui and Ceng Lian’er along.

At this most important time, the two appeared.

Ceng Lian’er was dressed in black as she stood. Her gaze was blurred as she said serenely, “Kun Lun sword xiu, why come to our mo territories to steal our treasures?”

A Gui did not speak and looked expressionlessly at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian’s expression was grave and he did not seem to hear it. All of his ling power was channeled. The Tai’a sword was held horizontally in front of him. A thread of blue appeared in his right red eye and a flicker of fire appeared in his blue left eye. His expression was devout.

“Kun Lun!”

As though he used all the power in his body, the shout that came from his chest was forceful.

Ceng Lian’ers onyx eyes suddenly became as bright as stars. Her serene voice was uncertain in the air, “Kun Lun sword xiu, so vicious, are you not afraid of karma?”

Her sleeve seemed to flow weakly towards Lin Qian.

Just as Ceng Lian’er acted, purple energy flashed across A Gui’s eyes. Her hand suddenly flicked at Lin Qian.

The moment the two attacked, under the sword wheel, Zhu Ke and the middle-aged attendant’s expressions changed. Xia’s body shook slightly. None of them had expected the two females with Xiao Mo Ge to be so powerful!

For the first time, they felt wary of Xiao Mo Ge. What was the origin of this youth?

Lin Qian ignored the attack from the two. His gaze focused on the Tai’a sword as he cut down without hesitation!

Under this chop, all the air within ten li seemed to solidify!

In the world, there was only the Tai’a sword!

The power from the three collided in a show of strength.


The deep explosion exploded in people’s minds.

In this moment, everyone seemed to lose control of their body. Their blood and muscles shook. When the sound dissipated and they recovered, their expressions changed.

On the battlefield, Ceng Lian’ers sleeve had exploded up to her elbows. A large hole that was fifty zhang was under A Gui’s feet. Other than the stone stele, everything else had been torn to pieces!

A thread of blood flowed out of Lin Qian’s mouth as he stared with his red and blue eyes at the two.

He reached up to wipe the blood from his mouth. With his right hand holding the dimmed Tai’a sword, he said coolly, “I hadn’t expected to encounter two experts that cultivate shen power.”

When these words came out, all the mo present were shocked.

Shen power! These two females cultivated shen power!

Ceng Lian’er was intimidated. Lin Qian stated the two of them cultivated shen power because he wanted to make them the targets. If the other mo had other desires, the situation would turn to chaos again.

She detected the gazes that had all focused on her. Everyone’s gazes became suspicious and hesitant.

This man was really powerful and cunning!

She knew that nothing she could say now could help. Once the seed of suspicion was planted, it could not be killed.

“So Kun Lun sword xiu make a living based on their mouth!” Ceng Lian’er said cooly. Her hands moved into a strange position.

The purple energy in A Gui’s eyes increased.

Lin Qian did not fear her and said with a smile, “You might cultivate shen power but it is a pity. One has just started and the other’s soul is corroded. You do not qualify to stop me.”

At this time, a cold voice suddenly came from the sky.

“Qualifications? What qualifications are needed to kill the people of Kun Lun?”

Translator Ramblings: Three thousand threads of worry … … well, I’m not sure if it is referencing the poem or the fact that people who become monks/nuns cut off their hair to throw away mortal entanglements. Three thousand threads of trouble might be more accurate but it just doesn’t seem to have the same gravity.

Also, some of you were right, the light does play a role.

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