Li Qingshan kicked away the corpses beside him, saying while baring his teeth: “It’s much quieter this way. Come, camp master Xiong, I’ll give you a clean death!” He faintly frowned: “And the one behind, you come up together!”

The second boss dressed as a scholar didn’t have any of his elegant manners left. His head turban had fallen down and he was soaked in cold sweat all over. He was lucky to escape unharmed from Li Qingshan thanks to his decent movement technique, but his guts had already been scared broken. He retreated a step as if struck by a thunderbolt when Li Qingshan threw him a glance sidelong.

“Camp master, I don’t want to die here yet, my resourcefulness can’t be wasted!” The second boss turned around and escaped as he finished saying those words, his light body leaping up, reaching the front of the camp gates with only a few jumps. The other bandits also broke from the ranks as they followed behind and fled toward the gates.

“Trash you’re all tras.h.!.+” Xiong Xiangwu yelled out great curses. He’d have liked nothing better than to kill those traitors with his own hands if not for Li Qingshan blocking his way.

There was a dark green blade edge that slipped quietly through the second boss’ neck just when he was on the verge of escaping out of the Black Mountain Camp.

On the one hand, he didn’t the same kind of skill as Yang Anzhi, and on the other hand his courage had already died. He cared only about fleeing with his life. How could he guard against the small knife coming from within the darkness. Fresh blood splashed out and his pupils spread open, unaware of whose hands he’d fallen to even until the moment of death.

The other bandits trying to escape also stepped on his trail toward death. The pitch black camp gates seemed to have become death’s boundary.

Xiong Xiangwu wasn’t sure what had happened in front of the camp gates. He could only faintly hear the sounds of heavy objects “peng peng” falling to the ground, and knew that everything pointed to disaster for those men. His heart went cold: “What did you do?”

Li Qingshan smiled flamboyantly: “Of course it’s killing you bunch!” Little An didn’t fear blood energy anymore after he cultivated the , but the murderous atmosphere had pierced through the sky just like a war during the fight to the death right now, and Little An could only hover at the periphery, unable to come near. However this way he had been able to stay hidden and mount an ambush just at the right occasion.

Those bandits b.u.mping blindly in the darkness were simply the best of preys. They had no way to retaliate in front of him and could only stretch out their necks, waiting to be executed one by one.

Xiong Xiangwu’s eye sockets cracked open. The foundation he’d prepared for so many years was destroyed just like that, ruined in the hands of such a kid. Every bandit was guilty of evil crimes, and now there was only him left all by his lonely self. Such a great Black Wind Camp had been killed in a mere moment into a land of ghosts. There was only the whistle wind and snow left.

Li Qingshan swiftly sank his spear down. “Come then!”

Xiong Xiangwu stared deathly tight at Li Qingshan as he slipped his trembling hand inside his bosom. He took out a yellow paper talisman whose color had become faint, as if it were the most precious of items. He’d obtained this talisman by chance, and it hadn’t been easy. It was a genuine life-saving straw. He hadn’t expected he’d come to this point so he hadn’t had time to use it yet. Now he couldn’t care about much else.

Li Qingshan clearly saw the bright spiritual light on the paper talisman. His heart s.h.i.+vered. The spearpoint flickered, the true qi gushed out as he displayed the last move of the Tyrant Spear Art, also the one with the greatest might, “Tyrant Dominates The World.” He pressed forward bravely, splitting through the air with a stab.

Xiong Xiangwu bit on the tip of his tongue and sprayed the blood on the paper talisman. His hand printed back on his own chest. A bunch of spiritual light burst out, enveloping him inside as he shouted crazily: “I’m going to kill you!”

“Clank!” The cry of intersecting metal sounded. The Tyrant Spear that nothing could stop was blocked by the layer of golden spiritual light, unable to penetrate an inch inside. Little An originally wanted to go forward and lend Li Qingshan a hand, but he couldn’t go one step nearer under the s.h.i.+ne of that golden spiritual light.

Xiong Xiangwu grasped the tip of the spear. Li Qingshan felt a giant force transmit forth, unexpectedly not inferior to his. He almost couldn’t control the spear and immediately used the “Bull Demon Hoof Stamp.” His feet bit into ground, his gaze unwavering as a dragon, absolutely not retreating a single step.

The two men wrestled, and the iron spear thick as a bowl was twisted into an exaggerated curve.

The distance gradually closed. Five steps, three steps, one step.

Xiong Xiangwu fiercely raised his hand and slapped it down toward Li Qingshan’s skull. This hand of his was stunningly big, like the fan of a bear palm, not in line with his body’s proportions. It seemed even bigger right now, shrouded as it was in a layer of spiritual light.

The palm hadn’t landed yet that the mad whistling wind was already pressing on Li Qingshan until he couldn’t catch his breath. He let go of the Tyrant Spear and hurriedly retreated back. The palm sc.r.a.ped him, and the thick heavy iron armor broke into pieces like a paper stick. There was a burst of fierce pain on his chest, even stronger than the chop of blades and swords.

“Bang!” Xiong Xiangwu slapped the ground as if he couldn’t control his own strength, creating a loud noise. The surface of the ground collapsed down deeply, the momentum even higher than Li Qingshan’s Bull Demon Hoof Stamp right then.

Li Qingshan finally couldn’t refrain his surprise and said: “What’s this?”

How would Xiong Xiangwu explain. He shouted explosively: “It’s the time of your death!”

“Strong Diamond Talisman, when used it’s as if the body is protected by diamond, while giving the strength of an ox!” No one knew from where the green bull had drilled out from as he calmly explained.

A bull that could speak. Xiong Xiangwu was stunned in a flash.

“Brother bull, why are you here?”

The green bull said: “Hurry to kill him, there’s still important things to do!”


Li Qingshan grabbed the remnant of the iron armor on his body and pulled it off, then walked in great strides toward Xiong Xiangwu: “What diamond protecting the body, watch me break your turtle sh.e.l.l!”

Xiong Xiangwu fan-like palm slapped down, thinking you’re looking for the road to death on your own. Li Qingshan’s true qi inside his body churned violently and the Bull Demon Strong Fist fired from the bottom up, exploding with all of his strength.

Palm and fist collided. A great sound echoed. Li Qingshan’s foot sank down and the ground caved in, the rocks shattering in pieces. The bones all over his body groaned in pain, his muscles felt sore and numb, but he actually didn’t care in the least and shouted: “Come again!” Another fist fired out.

“Boom.” A huge palm slapped down, and Li Qingshan sank a little more into the ground.

Xiong Xiangwu wanted to flatten Li Qingshan and slap him into pieces, but Li Qingshan was like a piece of raw iron. No matter how hard you tried, he was braver the more he fought.

Palm and fist intersected more than ten times. Li Qingshan’s calf had already sunken entirely into the soil, while his nose and mouth oozed with traces of fresh blood, but his expression was increasingly firm.

Xiong Xiangwu was drawing from external forces when all was said and done. Although his strength was endless, he couldn’t catch his breath fast enough, and he finally exposed his flaws. How would Li Qingshan let go of it. A punch bombed out, but it was once again dispelled by that spiritual light.

Xiong Xiangwu laughed madly: “It’s useless, you can’t injure me!”

“I want to see how many punches you can block!” Li Qingshan didn’t give his enemy any opportunity to rest. His true qi burst out entirely and strengthened the might of his fists as he fired out ten punches in quick succession.

The spiritual light shuddered again and again under the blows, becoming increasingly fainter. Xiong Xiangwu retreated back again and again, a trace of fresh blood seeping from the corner of his mouth. The spiritual light obviously couldn’t dispel the entire might of the blows, and his heart and lungs were wounded by the shock.

Xiong Xiangwu knelt on a single knee under the blows, saying furious and unwilling: “You!”

“Die!” Li Qingshan pulled the Soaring Dragon Sword from his back and infused all of his true qi inside. The sword s.h.i.+vered and sang, radiating a sword beam over a foot long. He hacked down with all his strength, cutting into the spiritual light. It flowed down unhindered after a slight delay. A human head fell down. “Gu Lu Lu.” It rolled around a few laps, stupefaction and dread still left on its face.

Li Qingshan lifted the sword high and said, “The Black Wind camp master is hereupon killed, the Black Wind Camp is extinguished!” Then he flicked the sword: “It’s really a good sword!” He hadn’t use the sword from the start but consumed the talisman’s spiritual light first. Otherwise, while the spiritual light was at its most abundant, he would not only be unable to kill Xiong Xiangwu in one strike, he’d only ruin this treasured sword instead.

Although this was also an imitation spiritual weapon that couldn’t even be graded according to the green bull, it was at least a lot more practical than using his hands. “Brother bull, what was the important thing you said?”

The green bull said: “It’s to help the little ghost cultivate the into some shape. Hurry and drag all the corpses over here, don’t waste so many good materials.”

End of Book 1

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