The green bull didn’t talk much further. He only said after Li Qingshan turned around: “You can cultivate the when you go back. Cultivating the bull and not cultivating the tiger doesn’t count as a supernatural skill yet.”

Li Qingshan’s body stiffened but his steps didn’t stop. He would courageously press on no matter where this road led to. For himself, and also for the child in front of his eyes.

The green bull’s entire attention was focused on Li Qingshan. It was also for Li Qingshan that he had conveniently taught the to Little An. Would the he taught Li Qingshan truly be a mere clumsy and crude supernatural skill?

Li Qingshan searched for spoils of war inside the Black Wind Camp. Little An dragged his steps, “pa pa,” and followed behind him. It didn’t take him long to find the grain depot. The granary filled with food rations had been entirely pillaged from various villages in preparation for winter. No one would know how many common folks they’d caused to die of cold and hunger.

Later on he found a warehouse filled with various goods as well as a weapon depot. The warehouse was mostly filled with wine, meat, salt, this kind of things, while the weapon depot was filled with merely ordinary weapons. They couldn’t match the edge of the Soaring Dragon Sword in his hands put together, so he didn’t pay notice to them any further. But searching to and fro he couldn’t find the most important treasury. Instead, he found quite a bit of silver and silver notes in the various bosses’ rooms.

The Black Wind Camp had been entrenched for many years in Suncheer and had acc.u.mulated who knew how much wealth and treasures. Maybe there were even magical talismans among them. It was still meticulous Little An who found an extremely well hidden mechanism in Xiong Xiangwu’s room. A hidden door emerged when they triggered the mechanism.

Pearly rays of light and an atmosphere of precious treasures radiated from the money and items inside when they opened the secret door, almost dazzling the human eye. A wooden box was filled with a pile of silver notes, enough for at least ten thousand taels. But the most precious items were probably those antiques and paintings he couldn’t name.

Even Li Qingshan’s eyes felt a little dizzy. He could casually pick up something at random and appreciate it for half a day, magnifying the nature of a country b.u.mpkin. He’d never seen so much wealth and treasures even adding his two lives together. However, he unfortunately didn’t find any other talisman after searching around for a lap. Then he reflected that even if Xiong Xiangwu really had this kind of good things, he would also leave them on himself as trump cards instead of putting them in this kind of place to gather mold. But he couldn’t help feeling some regrets.

Little An ignored those s.h.i.+ny gold and treasures. It seemed like he’d already had enough after playing with those weapons earlier. Instead he took out scrolls one by one from a great porcelain bottle containing paintings and observed them. He didn’t seem like he was amusing himself, but more like he was earnestly watching them. Some paintings he only took a glance at before throwing on the floor, disregarding them as if he’d recognized them as fakes.

Li Qingshan moved closer forward. He saw that those paintings were either landscapes of mountains and rivers, or flower and birds drawn with human figures. Or they were written from some weird calligraphy, and out of ten characters there were nine he couldn’t distinguish. Anyway they were full of antique atmosphere and he couldn’t see any difference.

He suddenly remembered that he could almost be counted as an illiterate in this world. There was neither the opportunity to study nor the necessity to study in the village, and he probably couldn’t even recognize all the characters. He had to carefully make up for this deficiency when an opportunity arose. But still, he felt very amazed in his heart: “You understand them?”

Little An nodded. Although his mouth couldn’t speak out words, he made a few gestures to Li Qingshan and Li Qingshan understood very quickly. Little An had originally remembered many things once again after reaching the beginning completion of the and transforming into a skeleton.

Li Qingshan clicked his tongue: “Looks like you might quickly be able to remember where your home is. You can appreciate paintings and calligraphy at such a young age, there’s certainly a deep relation with your studies at home. It could well be that they’re more than an ordinary wealthy family.”

Little An became confused instead when he heard Li Qingshan say this. Even if he was innocent and naive, he still knew that this appearance of his couldn’t be shown to other people. Would he be able to see his family even if he returned to his hometown?

Li Qingshan said comfortingly: “Don’t worry, I have my ways, you’ll soon be able to become alright. I guarantee you won’t be much different from other kids.”

Little An rejoiced immediately. It just came from his instinctive trust, even if he had entirely no idea what Li Qingshan’s method was.

The green bull heard them outside the door and sneered in its heart. Not only not an ordinary wealthy family, this little ghost’s soul had clearly been purified and strengthened by learned people using great powers. It was the only reason it was so tough and could endure the witch’s chaotic ghost refining without the soul scattering off, gaining the ability to manipulate objects instead.

Maybe Li Qingshan didn’t know, but the green bull understood very clearly what a high level of innate talent was required by the . Even it was a little surprised that Little An could cultivate it so smoothly. This was probably not due to mere intelligence and natural talent, but a spiritual wisdom that’d been opened thanks to some spiritual medicines or daoist technique.

Little An opened another painting. A patch of spiritual light suddenly rose inside the room and overshadowed all the glitter from the treasures and gold.

Li Qingshan felt a patch of cold in his heart, he felt an extremely sharp sword aura pierce his way. It was ten times more terrible even compared to that sure-kill sword strike from Yang Anzhi back in the restaurant. He instinctively grabbed Little An and covered him behind his body.

The painting dropped on the floor, but it didn’t emit the terrible attack he’d imagined. Li Qingshan picked up the painting very carefully after a brief lull. He saw that it wasn’t a painting that was drawn on the painting scroll, but handwritten calligraphy instead. It was flamboyant and extremely disheveled. He really couldn’t recognize a single character.

It didn’t look too much like cursive scrip1 either. The entire roll of characters didn’t have any character shape at all, it was just random brushes and strokes. But the scroll was unexpectedly soaked through with power and had an extremely imposing aura. Every stroke resembled sword scars left on stone walls by a swordsman unrivaled in the world. There was a profoundness that couldn’t be worn down even pa.s.sing through the great changes of time.

The green bull said: “Kid, your luck isn’t bad, you actually found a genuine spiritual weapon!”

“Spiritual weapon!” Li Qingshan felt delighted. He played with the scroll in his hands, his heart filled with happiness. He rubbed Little An’s bony head: “What a really good boy Little An!”

Little An saw him happy and lowered his head, also extremely joyous.

“How do you use this thing?”

The green bull said: “Inject true qi inside and give it a try.”

Li Qingshan had mainly relied on his body’s strength during the great battle at the Black Wind Camp. The true qi in his body hadn’t been much consumed on the contrary, and there was more than half left. But it started to pour crazily like a torrent once he tried to inject it inside the painting scroll. The entire true qi left his body and was sucked inside the scroll.

A brush stroke brightened on the scroll only after the whole of his true qi had been sucked dry. A brilliant light flashed, and an “oblique stroke” flew out, pa.s.sing by a treasure box containing silver and gold before falling on the secret room’s stone wall. There wasn’t any astonis.h.i.+ng noise whatsoever. After a moment, the treasure box split into two sides.

Only then did Li Qingshan recover his mind and go forward for a look. The gold and silver ingots had all been split in two as long that “oblique stroke” had scratched past, the cross-cutting section neat and polished as a mirror. He went to examine the stone wall and discovered an extremely fine and deep scar on the thick stone wall.

“So this is a spiritual weapon’s power!” Li Qingshan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Don’t mention the Bull Demon Skin Refining he was so proud of, even Xiong Xiangwu’s Strong Diamond Talisman could absolutely not block this strike. Moreover, he felt that this spiritual weapon hadn’t even displayed a tenth of its power because the true qi in his body was insufficient. If he could rouse ten strokes at the same time out of the several dozen strokes on this scroll, what kind of might would that be!

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