Chapter Six Hundred and Eighteen – Activation

Zuo Mo’s business was open.

Ever since Princess Xia’s visit, Zuo Mo’s estate had become a popular place. The families that thought themselves possessing some power, all offered olive branches to Zuo Mo. All kinds of mo weapons, all kinds of rare treasures, and some families were so generous as to even give jie to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo accepted them all. He was profusely grateful in words but did not mention anything else.

These factions did not mention it either. This was just them feeling out the road. Zuo Mo was something rare but nothing had started at this time. It was not the time for them to truly give their prices.

As to these things, they were nothing to these large and powerful factions.

Inside the estate, the gifts piled up in a mountain. There were many precious treasures but Zuo Mo was not very happy. There was no news yet of A Wen and the others. They seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Zuo Mo had practically asked all the factions in Great Peace City but hadn’t found anything.

Luo Li Shidi was still in seclusion. Zuo Mo was very worried about his condition. Sometimes, there would be a thread of life, but most of the time, there wasn’t any vitality.

The state of affairs in Great Peace City was complex. Even Zuo Mo could not predict which way it would develop.

He was something rare and desired. In other words, everyone knew him.

There were countless pairs of eyes staring at him openly and from the shadows. With the slightest misstep, he would die. What he was most worried about were A Wen and the others. This mastermind was able to remain so composed and it put great pressure on Zuo Mo.

He could only wait patiently. Other than waiting, there wasn’t anything more he could do. Everyday, he had to suppress the restlessness he felt, be patient, and cultivate.

Yet at this time, an invitation from City Master Shi was delivered to him.


When Zuo Mo arrived at a room hidden deep in the Great Peace Palace, there were already eight people inside.

The people greeted him when they saw him. Right now, everyone in Great Peace City knew that Zuo Mo was a person important to the opening of Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. All the families hoped to develop a closer relationship with him and had friendlier smiles.

Shi Yue Yi, Chang Yuan Hao, Yu Shuang, Princess Xia and the others were among those present.

Moments later, more people came in. About an hour later, the room closed up. Zuo Mo looked around and inhaled in shock. This room contained almost all the important personages in Great Peace City.

What was happening?

Zuo Mo thought inside.

The first to speak was Shi Yue Yi. “I have invited everyone today because we have intelligence on the xiuzhe in Great Peace City.”

Then Princess Xia stood and bowed to the crowd. She said, “Those xiuzhe are very well disguised. If it wasn’t that they first lost to Mister Xiao, it would really have been difficult to detect them. We secretly sent people to investigate all recent newcomers to the city and finally had a result today. However, there is trouble. Many of them are still hidden, and our investigations have already attracted their attention.”

The room was very quiet. The people present were all leaders and naturally could hold their composure.

Princess Xia wasn’t timid at all. She was at ease and her seductive eyes now flashed with an intelligent light. “I suspect that xiuzhe sects like Kun Lun probably had spies in Great Peace City a long time ago. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence that they knew that the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion is about to appear?”

“Hmph! These xiuzhe still won’t give up on eliminating us mo!” Yu Shuang shorted coldly, his expression frosty.

Princess Xia smiled and brimmed with strong confidence. “Elder Yu is right, and we shall give them a memorable lesson.”

“Princess, tell us what arrangements you have. On this matter, there is no reason for us to refuse!” one person shouted.

The others all agreed.

Princess Xia’s eyes turned. “This plan requires the support of Mister Xiao in order to proceed.”

“Me?” Zuo Mo pointed at his nose and looked dazedly at Princess Xia.

“Yes!” Princess Xia blinked her eyes at him.


“You are not kind to drag me into this!”

Inside Princess Xia’s residence, Zuo Mo waved his arms around in displeasure. Princess Xia was smiling in front of him.

“However, aren’t you the person with the greatest grievance against Kun Lun? How can this be called pulling you under the water?” Princess Xia said innocently. Mirth flowed deep in her eyes.

Zuo Mo was unable to form words. He had been the one urging this matter. Princess Xia was correct. But this completely disrupted his previous plans. He had originally wanted to help urge this matter forward and strike at Kun Lun using the mo.

But now, it became him going forward to give Kun Lun a blow. How could he remain calm?

Yes, he had a grievance against Kun Lun. But if he went to make trouble for the other before he was strong enough, that was just throwing meat buns at the dogs. Zuo Mo knew just how vicious Kun Lun would be.

Great Peace City was full of experts but no one had the certainty of victory when facing Kun Lun’s experts.

The xiuzhe were stronger than the yaomo and Kun Lun was the most powerful sect in the xiuzhe realm. In other words, Kun Lun was the strongest sect in the world. The other three great sects were also terrifying titans. Facing the experts sent by the four great sects, other than having an advantage in numbers and being in their territory, the mo didn’t have any other advantages.

This would be a hard battle!

Zuo Mo was able to imagine the ferocity of this battle, he could feel it even in his toes. If he wasn’t careful, his little life would end. This was also why he wanted to borrow a blade to kill someone rather than going for it himself.

Yet what he had never expected was that Princess Xia had put the most important step of the plan onto his shoulders.

This almost caused him to spit blood!

If this was someone else, Zuo Mo would want to kill them.

Almost as though she saw Zuo Mo’s concerns, Princess Xia comforted, “Do not worry, no one would let you die. You are very valuable right now. You did not see those people. They wanted to shove all their guards at you.”

Zuo Mo’s expression almost seemed to cry. “Don’t force me in like this, I only have one life!”

Princess Xia burst into laughter. “As expected, you are cowardly and afraid of death. Adding on your shamelessness, you cannot be saved!”

“Yes, yes!” Zuo Mo’s head bobbed like a chick eating rice. “I’m afraid of death! Very afraid! Princess Daren, please spare me!”

“You truly want to pass upon a chance to capture them all in one go?” Princess Xia looked wryly at Zuo Mo. “For you, I borrowed Xin and Wan’s guards. They are all very powerful experts. Even Qi Diao Yu agreed to help.

Zuo Mo’s mind shifted upon hearing this. He thought of Princess Xin’s guard, Xia, and Princess Wan’s Butler, Zhu Ke. These two were of unfathomable power.

Nothing had to be said more of Qi Diao Yu’s power. He was a top power in Great Peace City. Adding on Chang Yuan Hao and Yu Shuang, the team was pretty terrifying and it should be enough to deal with Kun Lun.

If this was another time, it would not be an easy matter to gather so many experts together!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. “Fine!”

Princess Xia said smilingly, “You really have a deep grudge against Kun Lun!”

Zuo Mo was silent. He had to be even more careful when he spoke to this woman. However, he could feel that Princess Xia did not have malicious intentions so he said honestly, “Yes, deep bloody grudge!”

Princess Xia was a little shocked, before smiling. She said gently, “Then you won’t regret it.”

“I hope so!” Zuo Mo turned his face around. “How should I start?”


Entering the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles again, for some unknown reason, Zuo Mo felt slightly emotional. This period of time had been like a dream and too many things had happened. He didn’t even have the time to sort out his thoughts. The events came one after the next, and he didn’t even have a chance to breathe.

How were A Wen and the others now?

Zuo Mo’s mind was heavy as he slowly walked between the steles. He was in a dispirited mood. Today, there were many people visiting the Great Peace Mo Steles. Ever since the news of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion had spread, the number of people that were headed towards Great Peace Mo Steles had multiplied. Everyone wanted to find clues to the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion from these stone steles.

As he thought, without realizing it, Zuo Mo went deep into the stele forest.

There were not many roaming around here. This was the deepest part of the stele forest. Every stele here was cryptic and profound. If one did not reach the stage, it would be indecipherable. Even the people that copied down the Great Peace Mo Steles were too lazy to copy down all the contents here because for most people, they would never need such profound content their entire life.

Ever since having an epiphany here, Zuo Mo had never come to the stele forest again. Walking here today, he started to browse these stone steles.

The content on the stone steles was not unfamiliar to him. He had a complete copy of the Great Peace Mo Stele Writings, and had memorized the content. He did not understand all of it. He was just at the edge of [Domain] and there was still a long way off from reaching the peak of general. A lot of the content was very profound to him.

Seeing the time was still early, he found a random stone stele and started to read phrase by phrase. Unconsciously, he immersed himself.

What this stone stele was talking about was [Domain]. Shi Zi Ming had his own understanding of [Domain]. Zuo Mo seemed to see an old man talking enthusiastically in front of him. His body was so weak and withered that a wind could blow him over, but those eyes were unusually dark and bright.

A moment later, Zuo Mo gradually recovered and everything returned to normal.

The stone stele was silent. Where was the old man?

Zuo Mo laughed. He had been too immersed, so much that he was seeing illusions.

However, when he noticed the darkened sky in the surroundings, he found it was terrible.

Not good!

He had been too focused and forgot what he had come to do!

A round silver ball appeared on his hand. There seemed to be a layer of light flowing around the silver ball. This silver ball was the most important part of the mission this time.

He was about to crush the silver ball on his hand when he saw a row of characters on a stone stele out of the corner of his eye. He froze as though someone cast a body paralysis curse on him.

He stood there motionless!

Translator Ramblings: Poor Zuo Mo, he ended up in the hole he dug for himself.

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