Chapter Six Hundred and Sixteen – Tattletale

Zuo Mo played with the ring, thoughts of murder spreading in his eyes.

Kun Lun!

He hadn’t expected that it was Kun Lun!

The ring was given to him by A Gui. While rummaging through it Zuo Mo was shocked to discover that its owner had been a Kun Lun xiuzhe. He asked A Gui and naturally did not receive a response. Only when he asked that glutton, Black Gold, did he understand what had happened.

Kun Lun had come to their doorstep!

Zuo Mo’s eyes were dark. Kun Lun was their mortal enemy!

There were a lot of things in the ring, but for the present Little Mo Gei, it wasn’t that much wealth.

Kun Lun!

Zuo Mo smirked coldly. Since they had run into Great Peace City, then he couldn’t be blamed for informing others of their presence.


Zuo Mo sat in front of Princess Xin.

Princess Xin’s and Princess Xia’s auras were of completely different. Princess Xia was seductive and attractive, Princess Xin was elegant and understanding.

“Has there been news of your subordinates?”

Princess Xin’s first words earned good feelings from Zuo Mo. The concern in her tone caused people to feel her kindness.

“Not yet.” Zuo Mo shook his head and thanked her, “Many thanks for the concern.”

Princess Xin said seriously, “If there is some place Xin can help, please speak. Xin might be limited in ability but will not refuse if Xin can help.”

Hearing the sincerity in the other’s tone, Zuo Mo’s heart warmed slightly. “Alright!”

In the sea of consciousness, Wei who was usually calm was filled with disbelief. His expression was as though he had seen a ghost as he exclaimed in shock, “Gravestone Armor!”

Gravestone Armor?

Zuo Mo stilled. A moment later, he suddenly reacted and almost shouted out loud.

But he quickly realized where he was and suppressed the shock in his heart. He asked the other, “Wei, where is the Gravestone Armor?”

There was deep shock in Pu Yao’s bloody pupil.

“In the corner, that armored guard, the armor he is wearing is Gravestone Armor!” Wei’s voice had lost all sense of calm and had begun to tremble slightly.

Armored guard?

Zuo Mo’s gaze immediately moved towards the armored guard in the corner behind Princess Xin.

Gravestone Armor … …


Princess Xin noticed the thread of unnaturalness on Xiao Mo Ge’s face and then watched his gaze move to her guard behind her.

“Does Mister Xiao know Xia?” Princess Xin suddenly asked.

“Xia?” Zuo Mo reflexively answered. He quickly focused and hurriedly shook his head. “No, no.”

Princess Xin smiled. “I see that Mister Xiao is very interested in Xia.”

Having refocused, Zuo Mo’s reaction was quick. He said with a smile, “Yes, heavy armor mo are very rare nowadays.”

“Oh.” Princess Xin nodded and changed the subject. “Mister Xiao is so young and accomplished so much. You must be from a famed house.”

“This will probably disappoint Princess, but even now, this one does not know what family this one comes from,” Zuo Mo said helplessly. Almost everyone would ask him this question. He glanced at the guard dressed in Gravestone Armor in the corner and suppressed his curiosity.

Princess Xin was slightly shocked. She saw that Xiao Mo Ge’s expression did not seem to be an act.

But this was good news to her. Experts without a family were easier to recruit. She was about to speak when Zuo Mo spoke up first, “Does Princess know of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion that is causing such a fuss recently?”

Princess Xin’s back unconsciously straightened. “I’ve heard of it. Is Mister Xiao also interested in it?”

Zuo Mo grimaced. “It is not that I have an interest in it, but it has an interest in me.” Then he counted on his fingertips. “Princess, you have to say there is no reason in this world. I did not provoke anyone, but trouble finds me.”

Not waiting for Princess Xin to speak, he started to complain, “I went to Princess Xia’s to drink a bit of wine, and then Nanmen Xue chased me there. I managed to sneak away but was ambushed on the road. I almost lost my life. When I just managed to return home, my subordinates disappeared. I still don’t know who did it. Not to mention that just yesterday, even people from Kun Lun tried to sneak into my estate!”

Princess Xin finally showed a truly shocked expression. “Kun Lun?”

Zuo Mo’s expression was bitter. “Yes, Princess! Kun Lun also came, I don’t even know what to say!” His tone changed and he said with righteous fury. “I don’t care who has aims on the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, but I am mo, and it is better for this event to benefit us rather than Kun Lun. What is Kun Lun? What rights do they have to target the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?”

“Yes!” Princess Xin’s expression was grave. “I hadn’t thought that Kun Lun would scheme against the treasure of us mo! They have gone too far!”

“Yes, Princess!” Zuo Mo added on. “ The Great Peace Treasure Pavilion is the ultimate treasure that Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming left. Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming is an elder of us mo, what is the rationale in having xiuzhe touch his estate?”

He then said righteously, “I know that everyone is keeping a close eye on me. Even though I do not know the reason, for the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, it is nothing even if I have to make a personal sacrifice. But if I land on the hands of xiuzhe, I will resist to the death!”

Princess Xin hurriedly comforted, “Mister Xiao, do not worry. Great Peace City is the territory of us mo and definitely not somewhere where xiuzhe can step! I think that this is the attitude from everyone in Great Peace City! Mister Xiao, do not be worried. Everyone is on the same side against xiuzhe!”

Beside him, Ceng Lian’er slowly drank tea as though she did not hear. Mirth flashed through her eyes.

“Princess needs to act quickly!” Zuo Mo had a crying expression. “Look at me, I need an escort when I go out now, I’m afraid!”

Princess Xin comforted him some more.

After a while later, Zuo Mo left with Ceng Lian’er.

Princess Xin’s gaze landed on Zuo Mo’s figure as he walked away. She suddenly spoke, “Xia, he is very interested in you.”

“En.” Xia’s voice came out of the thick armor.

“What do you feel?” Princess Xin asked nonsensically.

Xia was quiet for a moment before speaking, “Truth and lies.”

“Just as I thought.” Princess Xin smiled slightly. “I just don’t know why the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion has landed on this person who is so much like a hoodlum.”

Xia was silent and did not respond.

Princess Xin said to herself, “However, this Kun Lun is too daring!”

When she said this, murderousness flashed through her eyes.


“Wei, you said he was wearing Gravestone Armor?” When Zuo Mo left, he immediately asked Wei.

“En.” Wei’s expression was normal and showed none of his former loss of composure.

“Weren’t the Gravestone Armors lost?” Zuo Mo asked curiously, “I had thought that there were no other Gravestone Armors except for you. So there actually are others!”

“I had also thought that there weren’t any left.” Wei glanced at Zuo Mo. “You need to be careful. The inheritance of the Gravestone Armor is very powerful.”

“How powerful?” Zuo Mo thought and then asked.

“The core of the Gravestone Armor is self-sacrifice,” Wei said calmly. “Every Gravestone Armor has an armor soul that had once been a sacrifice. In the ancient times, this was one type of sacrificial worship and also the most difficult kind because it used only one sacrifice, the sacrifice of the self. But the benefits it brings is also great. The Gravestone Armor either has great power, or something unique to it. However, its greatest advantage is the armor spirit. Armor spirits can exist for a very long time. Over the ages it will continuously learn, become stronger, and the amount of knowledge that it can pass down would increase.”

Zuo Mo was silent. He knew what this meant.

“But every thousand years, there is an ordeal for the Gravestone Armor’s armor soul. If they can pass it, they can continue to survive, if they do not, they dissipate,” Wei said lightly. “Meaning the armor spirits that have survived until now are all powerful armor spirits. In other words, only very powerful Gravestone Armors still exist.”

“Even stronger than you?” Zuo Mo didn’t believe it.

“He accepted the Gravestone Armor, you did not.” Wei glanced at Zuo Mo. “In the succession rite, other than knowledge, there is also power granted, the power of the Gravestone Armor! It is greater than you can imagine!”

Pu Yao snorted coldly, “There are always tradeoffs. The power of the succession is not so easy to take. What Gravestone Armor, it is a con that uses easy power as the bait!”

“That is not an incorrect way of putting it,” Wei said with a smile. “It is a con, but it is a con that people are willing to enter into.”

Seeing the two about to fight, Zuo Mo hurriedly interrupted, “Then how powerful is that person?”

“It is best if you do not provoke him,” Pu Yao warned.

“You’ll know after trying,” Wei said with a smile.

The two completely opposite answers allowed Zuo Mo to immediately understand that the person’s power was not something he could match.

He was just curious about the Gravestone Armor. He and Princess Xin were not enemies. Also, Princess Xin was of noble status and it really was normal for her to have a powerful expert.

Thinking about how he had tattled on Kun Lun today, Zuo Mo felt very good.

The matter of Kun Lun targeting Great Peace Treasure Pavilion was something that Zuo Mo thought many people would close their eyes to if no one made it public. But if something was pushed to the open, then every faction would express the same attitude.

After Zuo Mo came out of Princess Xin’s residence, he sprinted for Princess Wan’s residence. Then he also narrated the matter of Kun Lun there. Princess Wan’s response was the same as Princess Xin.

Then Zuo Mo met with Shi Yue Yi and Lan Tian Long.

Very quickly, all the major powers in the city knew that Xiao Mo Ge had been attacked by Kun Lun.

Atnight, Shi Yue Yi invited the major factions of Great Peace City to discuss how to deal with Kun Lun.

Kun Lun’s reputation was so great that no one in the mo world did not know of them. The major factions, with Shu Yue Yi as the leader, knew that Kun Lun was their greatest enemy right now.

Kun Lun was very powerful, and those they dared to sent to Great Peace City would all be experts.

Great Peace City was full of experts, but the true experts of each faction were not here. Facing an existence as terrible as Kun Lun, no one had the confidence. Everyone firmly believed that if they did not eliminate Kun Lun, no mo faction would be able to benefit from the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.

Lin Qian would have never thought that Zuo Mo was arranging such a great surprise for them.

Translator Ramblings: The humor of Zuo Mo slandering Kun Lun while he himself isn’t mo … … Also, a new Gravestone Armor! Wei isn’t unique.

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