Chapter Six Hundred and Fourteen – The Awoken Black Gold Seal Soldier

A lazy yawn floated out of the ring.

Then a figure flashed and a dark gold figure appeared in front of Zuo Mo. The black gold seal soldier! The face that was a mirror-image of Zuo Mo’s instantly smiled and then he rushed over.

“Big Brow, I’m hungry, is there something to eat?”

Zuo Mo’s brow twitched. Eat? This glutton! He had already eaten all two hundred ling beasts in one go and then had slept until now. Once he opened his eyes, what he wanted to do first was eat.

“No!” Zuo Mo’s face was stern as he stared with unfriendliness at the glutton in front of him.

The black gold seal soldier suddenly sniffed. His eyes lit up and then his body disappeared.

Wails from mo steeds came from outside the room.

Zuo Mo smacked his forehead with his hand. He looked upwards and was speechless. Little Mo Ge had always been clever and rarely got involved in unprofitable business. However, he tripped up on this glutton.

A ball of wind blew by and the black gold seal soldier appeared in front of Zuo Mo. He licked his lips and said with discontent, “There wasn’t much flavor.”

Zuo Mo’s already unfriendly glance immediately became even more unfriendly.

He decided to have a good talk with the black gold seal soldier. It was best to adjust the incorrect perspectives of a delinquent youth now from just knowing to eat and sleep.

“You want to eat well?” Zuo Mo had a pure smile.

“Of course!” The black gold seal soldier’s eyes lit up. “Big Bro, where, where?”

“If you want to eat well, you have to work hard. Those that work can eat, those that don’t work can’t, the more you work, the more you can eat.” Zuo Mo said with a smile. His expression was very similar to Wei.

Bam bam bam!

The black gold seal soldier beat his chest and it rang out metallically. He said with bravado, “Big Bro, I’ll do what you say!”

Good, good, this delinquent youth was not at a level that was unsavable.

Zuo Mo rejoiced inside and his eyes moved. “Do you know how to fight?”

“Born to Battle.” The black gold seal soldier paused slightly and then said seriously, “I will fight if there is food, but I will not fight if there is no food. I will fight more if there is more food!”

Zuo Mo’s smile froze on his face.

So other than looking the same as him, this guy was as cunning as he was.

Zuo Mo felt a headache.

Just at this time, Ceng Lian’Er suddenly walked in. She saw the black gold seal soldier with his familiar appearance and had a curious expression.

“What is this?” She pointed at the black gold seal soldier and asked Zuo Mo.

“Miss! Please do not use terms casually!” The black gold seal soldier said seriously, “I am not a thing, I am Black Gold. Oh, Big Bro, who is she? This girl is pretty beautifully, Big Bro, your tastes finally leveled up. However, you abandoned A Gui? Big Bro, how can you do that? You abandoned the first wife, I had a wrong opinion of you! As expected of my big bro, a cruel rake, a libertine, I need to learn from you … …”

Zuo Mo wanted to die.

Other than being a glutton and a sleeper, this was a chatterbox! Heavens, so many valuable materials wasted on creating him, all of it for nothing, truly no profit at all!

Ceng Lian’er looked with interest at the black gold seal soldier.

The black gold seal soldier had keen eyes and rushed to A Gui’s side like a gust of wind when he saw her. “A Gui, A Gui! Big Brother didn’t abandon you! I was just saying, Big Bro is such an honorable person, how could he abandon A Gui. A Gui, A Gui, is there something to eat? I’m so hungry!”

A Gui suddenly turned around and walked outside. The black gold seal soldier immediately followed behind her and started to flatter her.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck.

“He is?” There was a smile at the corner of Ceng Lian’er’s mouth. This caused her eyes to become even more alluring.

“A terrible accident.” Zuo Mo spread his hands with an expression of distaste.

“There are many xiuzhe that have come to Great Peace City.” Ceng Lian’er suddenly said.

“Xiuzhe?” Zuo Mo stilled. After staying for so long in the mo world, even he felt slightly unfamiliar when he heard the word xiuzhe.

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes curved slightly as she said, “It is the four great sects. At least twenty people, and some are very strong. Their disguise is very good, no one has discovered them yet.”

“The four great?” Zuo Mo was surprised and his expression immediately turned grave. “How come the four have come?”

“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.” Ceng Lian’er spat out the four words.

“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” Zuo Mo didn’t quite believe it. What kind of sects were the four great sects. When the Sun Shen Temple in Cloud Sea Jie had opened, only Tian Huan had come. And even then they had sent just one yuanying xiuzhe. For sects like the great four that had a long history, there were very few treasure hoards that they would target.

Zuo Mo didn’t quite believe that the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion would attract the great four.

“I fought against them.” When Ceng Lian’er threw the words out, she scared Zuo Mo half to death.

“You’re crazy!”

Now he believed it and immediately felt a headache. On this side, A Wen and the others had suddenly disappeared and there were undercurrents swirling in Great Peace City. Now, even the xiuzhe had come to participate. Even as dumb as he was, he knew the situation would become even more complex.

He suddenly thought of a question. “What is in the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion? Why would even the four great sects of the xiuzhe come?”

Ceng Lian’er was silent.

Zuo Mo stared directly at her.

A moment later, she said serenely, “Inside the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion, there are three treasures. The other two are unidentified but there is one that many people know of. It is a stele.”

“A stele?” There was a disbelieving expression on Zuo Mo’s face.

“The most crucial stele of the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles.” Ceng Lian’er’s eyes were blurry. Her voice was ethereal. “Ever since the ancient era and after the era of shen power, the xiuzhe, yao, and mo have rose to power. Yao arts, mo skills, xiuzhe spells, these three cultivation methods have been the most popular. The method of shen power cultivation has been lost, but as the cultivation realms increased, the experts of the three races found that they encountered a block in their cultivation. They tried many ways to surpass this blockade but they could not break through this barrier.”

Zuo Mo listened quietly. Ceng Lian’er’s ethereal voice added a faint mysteriousness to these secrets.

“These ancestors traced back to the origins of cultivation for multiple generations and found that the only method of breaking through this barrier is to cultivate shen power. All three powers are derived from shen power but because of this they are all also incomplete. When the three powers are cultivated to their limits, if one wants to increase further in power, they have to return to shen power. However, the way to cultivate shen power was lost long ago. They started to search for all kinds of shen power inheritances, but they are all unable to be connected with the present cultivation systems. The legends say that Shi Zi Ming found the solution. This mo skill stele records his knowledge but Shi Zi Ming did not dare to release the contents so he sealed it in the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.”

“You also have come for this stele?” Zuo Mo stared at Ceng Lian’er.

“I didn’t consider it in the beginning,” Ceng Lian’er said serenely, “but since I am here, why not?”

“You already cultivate shen power, what is the use in having that?” Zuo Mo asked in bewilderment.

“My shen power inheritance is more complete than yours but it has also lost sections over generations. This stele is very important to me, and can supplement my [Moon Shen Records.]” Ceng Lian’er looked at Zuo Mo and said, “You are the most talented person I ever saw in cultivating shen power. Other than you, I have never seen anyone perform shen power breathing. However, you understanding of shen power is not as good as mine, even with your talent you are still only knocking on the door of shen power. Only by obtaining this stele can you finally step through the doorway to shen power.”

Only now did Zuo Mo understand why the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion was causing so many to be obsessed.

“What does all this have to do with me?” Zuo Mo smirked coldly. “I was pulled in. Don’t tell me this is a coincidence.”

“It really isn’t a coincidence.” Ceng Lian’er’s gaze was unfocused as she said serenely. “The rumors are that two keys are required to open the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. No one knows what the first key is, but the second key is supposed to be a special person.”

“Special person?” Zuo Mo stilled. He had never thought it would be such an absurd reason. He pointed at his nose and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Is this special person me?”

“Right now, you are the most likely.” Ceng Lian’er’s eyes curved with mirth.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. “Why is it me?”

“Causing Shifting Star Sands at the Mo Skill Steles. You were the first to cause a worldly apparition there.” Ceng Lian’er’s eyes curled even more. Her flawless face was like a picure. “Shi Yue Yi also seems to have an interest in you. Qi Diao Yu discovered that you cultivate shen power. He also discovered that I and A Gui do too.”

It was such an absurd reason.

“There is something else you missed. When you achieved shen power breathing, the Mo Skill Steles responded to you. The city only suspects that you are that person, but I am the only one certain that you are.”

Ceng Lian’er looked deeply at Zuo Mo and then disappeared.

Zuo Mo was stunned by Ceng Lian’er’s words.


The black gold seal soldier followed behind A Gui and looked around occasionally. He appeared sneaky and his nose moved with hunger on his face.

A Gui did not make a sound as she walked and jumped past the wall, it was as though she was walking on flat ground. She didn’t attract any attention as she walked. The black gold seal soldier sneakily followed behind her with excitement and anticipation.

With a few jumps, A Gui led the black gold seal soldier into a yard.

This was the yard of the Celestial Planet Guards.

A Gui suddenly appeared behind a Celestial Planet Guard like a ghost. With a light touch, this Celestial Planet Guard immediately fell unconscious and dropped to the ground.

Then A Gui pushed open the wooden door that this Celestial Planet guard had been guarding. There were all kinds of mo steeds inside. This was the stable where the Celestial Planet Guard kept their mo steeds. The Celestial Planet Guard was the personal guard of Ceng Yi and their outfitted equipment was topnotch. Their mo steeds were not an exception to this. None of the mo steeds were of a low grade.

The black gold seal soldier’s eyes immediately lit up and started to drool.

He opened his mouth and sucked. Hundreds of mo steeds were unable to react before they drastically shrank and fell into his mouth like a flood of dumplings. In a blink, the full pens were empty.

The black gold seal soldier burped with a contented expression. He went to fawn over A Gui.

A Gui was the best!

At this moment, the smile on his face suddenly disappeared as he turned around.

Murderousness flashed across the dark gold face that was a replica of Zuo Mo’s face.

Someone was sneaking in!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo has created something even greedier… … or is Black Gold just gluttonous? For some reason, I always imagine the seal soldier talking in a drawl, like he’s slightly drunk or too lazy.

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