Yang Anzhi fell on the ground as if struck by lighting as soon as he took a step forward. He trembled from head to toes, fresh blood pouring out from each of his pores. In not long of a time, he had turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y bottle gourd.

Those sword-tip shaped sword qi didn’t distinguish between friends and foes. The only reason Li Qingshan had avoided suffering harm was because of his true qi protecting his body, but what Yang Anzhi had cultivated was merely internal strength. There was a substantial difference with true qi, and it hadn’t been enough to block the sword rays.

The whole of the Ancestor Hall began to produce creaking and groaning sounds. Much dust and sawdust fluttered down. It’s entire structure had been broken by the sword rays and it looked soon to collapse.

Li Qingshan didn’t dare to be careless facing a building of several hundred thousand pounds about to press down. “Little An hurry to leave!” But his own person directly charged toward Yang Anzhi.

The sound of the Ancestor Hall’s sudden collapse spread out more then ten miles outward. The smoke and dust diffused toward the whole of Dragon Gate mountain, immediately alarming the Dragon Gate Sect disciples guarding the mountain. They hurried up one after another.

Li Qingshan’s figure emerged from within the drifting smoke of dust in front of the main hall, a human heart within his hand.

Little An lowered his head, feeling ashamed and guilty. If it hadn’t been for him showing off and clas.h.i.+ng swords with Yang Anzhi right then, the latter would certainly have had no opportunity to escape from the Ancestor Hall, and Li Qingshan wouldn’t have needed to brave such great dangers either.

Li Qingshan rubbed Little An’s head. “No matter!” Just like a father facing the child he doted upon, an elder brother facing his dearly beloved younger brother.

Two sharply opposite traits of cruelty and gentleness appeared on him at the same time. It was extremely contradictory yet rational at the same time.

He’d taken the heart from more than a dozen masters of the Dragon Gate Sect with his “Tiger Demon Heart Scoop” hand technique. The flame in Little An’s eye sockets were much brighter after he absorbed from them. Whether power or speed, they’d both been increased by quite a bit. The rapid pace of progress was indeed worthy of the name of a supernatural skill.

Li Qingshan took that spiritual treasured sword from the crossbeam inside the hall. It was somewhat inferior to the Soaring Dragon Sword, but it was much smaller and shorter, hence it was more suitable for Little An to use and display the might of his sword arts with.

Li Qingshan once again made a search around the Dragon Gate Sect. He found clothes to wear, but he didn’t find the kind of treasure chamber like inside the Black Wind Camp. After all the Dragon Gate Sect wouldn’t have purchased so much silver and tools without good cause. Moreover, the Black Wind Camp was a den of bandits and it wasn’t convenient for them to p.a.w.n off their goods, so they had to deposit them inside a treasure-house.

But he found a dozen bottles of medicine with “Nine Ginseng Autumn Dew Pellet,” “Deer Litter Bone Replacing Pellet” and other such names marked on them. Although they weren’t spiritual pills and wonder herbs from immortals, the Dragon Gate Sect had still paid much money and much efforts in order to refine them and nurture its disciples. Their effectiveness couldn’t match the spirit ginseng’s spiritual wine, but it was still much above wine soaked from ordinary ginseng. It could also count as an abundant gain.

But the greatest gain was on the body of that Dragon Gate young master Yang Jun: a stack of silver banknotes, enough for several dozen thousand taels. Yang Anzhi had already made preparations for retreat and taken out all their savings. He’d let this beloved only son of his take care of them as insurance in case anything happened. But he hadn’t expected Li Qingshan to come so suddenly, and so fiercely.

The Dragon Gate Sect disciples guarding the mountain arrived one by one. They looked at each other, dumbstruck when they took in the sight of the collapsed Ancestor Hall: “What.. What happened?”

They charged into the great hall and were immediately stunned by the tragic scene in front of their eyes. Bodies lay at sixes and sevens, each of them with a hole in their chests. There was only a single figure standing inside with its back to them.

A disciple strengthened his guts and shouted, “Who are you!”

Li Qingshan patted the porcelain jar and pacified the somewhat restless Little An inside. He turned around and said: “I am Li Qingshan. The Dragon Gate Sect is already destroyed, all of you just scatter away!” He then walked out of the hall in great strides when he was done talking.

The Black Wind Camp’s bandits were all replete with evil, they absolutely needed to be killed to the last. Meanwhile, the men of the Dragon Gate Sect inside this hall had already forged a mortal enmity with him and meant to take away his life, hence they also couldn’t be let off. But those ordinary Dragon Gate Sect disciples had been used like cast-offs. Even if he wanted to help Little An recover a body as soon as possible, he still certainly had no wish to kill indiscriminately.

Of course, he would certainly not show mercy either if those disciples dared to pull their swords and try to kill him. Those who lived by the sword died by the sword, and those who killed also certainly understood they could be killed in turn.

Li Qingshan went past several dozen Dragon Gate disciples. They all happened to step away from his path.

Someone pulled his sword with a “shua” when Li Qingshan was soon about to reach the front of the hall’s gates, and roared “I’ll kill you!” as he charged toward Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan turned his eyes back and threw him a mild glance. That disciple’s stature froze at once. This glance full of murderous spirit seemed like a sharp sword, piercing straight inside his heart. The sword in his hand fell down with a clang and he knelt on the floor, saying: “You’re not human, monster, demon!”

Li Qingshan naturally wouldn’t take it to heart. He walked outside the hall easy and confident. He deeply breathed in a mouthful of cold air. Another grudge debt settled.

A group of Dragon Gate disciples followed behind Li Qingshan, trembling in fear on the lonely peak. Li Qingshan reached the edge of a precipice and threw himself down with a leap, vanis.h.i.+ng inside the darkness of the windy snow.

As the saying went, “going uphill was easy, going downhill was difficult.” The road down the mountains Li Qingshan walked on was more treacherous than climbing the peak back time he’d come. He used the “Tiger Demon Mountain Descent” and controlled his posture with all his strength. He had to be cautious in his use of every parcel of power. A little more or a little less would both end up with a broken body and fractured bones.

But he managed to descend the mountain safe and sound thanks to his previous experience. He was increasingly proficient with the use of this [Tiger Demon Bone Refining Fist]. A burst of great gurgling shouts came from his stomach just when he was feeling full of spirit, and he felt the attack of an intense pan of hunger. Last night he’d ran far to raid the Black Wind Camp and fought a great war for such a long time, yet he still hadn’t been so fiercely hungry like right now.

He dashed madly all the way back and returned to Suncheer City. The gates were already closed. He leaped and climbed, and with a flip and tumble he went back to the restaurant.

The restaurant was filled with brilliant lights upstairs, the banquet yet to disperse. Everyone sipped their wine without tasting the savor, chatted a few words without any interest. They were merely waiting for Li Qingshan’s news.

Li Qingshan suddenly appeared in front of the crowd. Everyone was in doubt as to whether he actually went to the Dragon Gate Sect, because he’d only used two hours going there and back. It wasn’t enough for ordinary people to even ascend the Dragon Gate mountain.

However, even though Li Qingshan had used the snow to wash off the bloodstains on his body, that reek of blood was still so thick it hadn’t melted away.

Ye Dachuan said, “Qingshan!”

Li Qingshan said, “My lord please sit at ease. The Dragon Gate Sect is destroyed. Yang Anzhi, Yang Jun, as well as the group of brigands have all been cleanly eliminated. I let the other disciples go away and scatter on their own.”

The people filling the building sucked in a cold breath at the same time. If they hadn’t been intimidated by Li Qingshan’s awe-inspiring might, they would almost be doubting whether he was telling the truth or a lie. What kind of speed was this. He’d spend a day and a night going there and back when he’d gone to destroy the Black Wind Camp.

Ye Dachuan said, “So fast!”

Li Qingshan nodded. Although it had been only a day, he’d already become stronger. First of all, Little An had become a powerful aid after cultivating the [Dao of the Beautiful Bones], and secondly he’d begun to practice the [Tiger Demon Bone Refining Fist] and transformed his body’s power into lethal force.

Out of those present, there was only the Iron Fist Gate master Liu Hong alone who was entirely aware of these kind of changes. He deeply lowered his head. He could only conceal the shock on his own face this way. He presently felt that Li Qingshan was just like a divine sharp weapon with an edge ground out of it, releasing an unprecedentedly dazzling cutting edge.

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