Chapter Six Hundred and Twelve – The Mud Golem Mo Visitor

Why had the other ambushed him?

This thought flashed through Zuo Mo’s mind before disappearing. He closely watched the mud golems that rose from the bog of mud. A strong feeling of danger caused all the hairs on his body to stand on end.

This person’s domain was not as bright and colorful as Shen Yu’s Peacock Eyespot Domain but Zuo Mo could feel that the other’s domain was more complete than Shen Yu’s.

This person was more experienced than Shen Yu. From the ambush in the beginning, to even this action, they were not slow or rushed, he controlled the pace of battle.

This was very terrifying!

Expert! A definite expert!

The Reversed Stellar Revolution returned to Zuo Mo’s hand. The strong power pulling down on his feet constantly disrupted Zuo Mo’s focus.

There was no leverage in the bog. Regardless of how strong Zuo Mo was, he could not use his strength. The mud domain of the ambusher was the perfect counter to Zuo Mo. This was an ambush that had been planned for a long time and the enemy found his weakness.

After this short contact, he landed in a well-planned net.

However, how could he admit defeat so easily?

Waves of heat came from the Reversed Stellar Revolution. The muddy water that flew at him was stopped.

Every spark in the Reversed Stellar Revolution was formed from sun shen power!

The other definitely would not have thought of this.

Zuo Mo smirked coldly and the hand with Reversed Stellar Revolution suddenly pushed into the muddy bog under his feet!


The bog under his feet trembled violently, followed by a sudden scream so loud, it almost ruptured Zuo Mo’s eardrums. Streams of steam rose up, and his vision was shrouded in white.

The strongest quality of a bog was its flexibility. This was something given to it by water.

Water was the greatest bane of fire, but the opposite was also true. If the fire was strong enough, it could subdue water! Zuo Mo’s Reversed Stellar Revolution was made from sun shen power and unparalleled in its fire attribute. There had been many tribal heroes that had been turned to ash under the power of the sun shen power!

When the sparks entered the bog, the domineering fire attribute of sun shen power was completely stimulated.

In a flash, every spark expanded and turned into a ball of fire. Like a flood of fire, the Reversed Stellar Revolution rampaged under the bog. Everywhere it passed, the moisture in the bog dried up. When the dried soil was passed over by the wave of fire, it melted and turned into beads of glass.

If one looked down from the sky, they could see that heat wave was spreading rapidly with Zuo Mo at the epicenter. Everywhere it passed, the mud golems seemed to be paralyzed and immediately lost their moisture as they stood.

The mud golem was stunned and wanted to escape. But the sun shen power was too strong. Before his feet could leave the bog, the sun shen power spread to him.

The mud golem lost moisture in front of Zuo Mo at a visible rate and turned into a statue.

Then the statue started to crumble as though it was weathered by sand. The pieces of mud dropped to the ground and smashed into dust. The speed of crumbling increased and it finally could not stand under its own weight and turned into a pile of dust.


On the dry bog, the numerous mud golems seemed to have received an order and collapsed at the same time.

The scene was spectacular.

On Zuo Mo’s back, Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng were dumbstruck with wide eyes.

Zuo Shixiong … … was this powerful … …

The Reversed Stellar Revolution once again returned to Zuo Mo’s hand. Once it back came to him, Zuo Mo found that the color of the Reversed Stellar Revolution was much dimmer than before.

The scenery around them resumed to normal.

The streets were normal. Those that were walking nearby didn’t even detect that a battle of life and death had occurred here just now.

There was only a pile of mud specks in front of Zuo Mo. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew, and the powder was caught up. It dissipated into the air.

He did not have a smug expression. Zuo Mo cautiously inspected the surroundings, and without a word, started to sprint.


Moments later, two figures appeared at where Zuo Mo had been fighting.

“We underestimated him.”

“Yes, never thought that even the Mud Golem Mo Guest would not be a match for him. The appearance of Qi Diao Yu has proven our speculation. Xiao Mo Ge is that person.”

“Nanmen Xue has been exposed.”

“His original use was to be exposed. He can help attract attention from us when we act.”

“What do we do now?”

“Do not be impatient. One throws a rock to test the road. As the rock is thrown, there naturally are people that cannot bear the loneliness.”



Zuo Mo sprinted back to the compound without any other trouble.

When he reached the compound and saw Shu Long and the others, he finally sighed in relief. Everyone saw Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng who Zuo Mo was holding and perceptively did not ask.

When they returned to the inner compound, Zuo Mo’s mind finally relaxed.

Xiao Guo asked timidly, “Shixiong … …”

Zuo Mo turned his head and smiled at Xiao Guo. “Were you frightened?”

“A little bit.” Xiao Guo timidly nodded. She seemed to have returned to the time of Wu Kong Sword Sect, with that shixiong that kept supporting her having returned to her side. She felt as though she was dreaming. For some reason, the rims of her eyes reddened and her voice went deeper. “Shixiong is very strong … …”

Li Ying Feng’s eyes were also red. The experiences she had were like a nightmare. However, she was trying to be strong and forced it back. She said, “Shixiong, if you have matters at hand, you can attend to them first.”

She saw the people in the yard continuously bowing to Zuo Mo. Even though she was filled with surprise, she understood that Zuo Mo was the leader of this group. The ambush on the road just now had been unusual and Zuo Shixiong definitely had matters to take care off.

“You should prepare. We might leave this place immediately,” Zuo Mo said gravely. Then he turned and walked towards the outside.

Shu Long saw Zuo Mo come out of the yard and moved towards him. “Daren!”

Zuo Mo asked directly, “Is everyone here?”

Shu Long stilled but then immediately understood. Something had happened. He said after a moment of thought, “A Wen, Nan Yue, Cang Ze, Ming Jue Zi, the black and orange yao are all at the Mo Skill Steles.”

“Send someone immediately to call them back,” Zuo Mo said gravely. “Have everyone else pack up. When they come back, we will leave here immediately.”

“Yes!” Shu Long heard the urgency of the commands. Without another word, he turned and left.

Zuo Mo’s face was dark. He had a feeling that a large whirlpool that he could not see was coming closer to him.


The black smoke yao devoutly studied the characters on the stele in front of him. He had an eidetic memory and did not forget what he saw. In these past days, he had visited almost every one of the mo skill steles.

But … .…

His gaze landed on A Wen and Big Orange. A Wen did not pay attention to anything in the environment. His hands subconsciously moved. Even the black smoke yao could feel the hint of profoundness in those normal movements. Big Orange was completely different. He paced in front of the stele like an ant on top of a fire, and then grabbed at his hair. Sometimes, he would talk to the sky. His orange hair now looked like a bird’s nest. He could not just hold still. The lightning, hail, and flames that erupted around his body was frightening which caused the mo skill steles around him to be empty.

These two freaks!

The black smoke yao felt great admiration. These two had the best talent out of the group.

He did not know A Wen well, but he felt deep admiration for how Big Orange, someone with such an unusual mind, had great talent. While he admired it, he felt even happier for Big Orange. Truthfully, when he had first found those cultivation notes, he had discovered that Big Orange had much greater talent than he did. This was also why he had pulled Big Orange along on this journey.

However, the black smoke yao also found that with every mo skill stele imprinted in his mind, he quickly noticed something that was overlooked by all the others. There were some descriptive phrases that would appear on some steles. These phrases were not long, and appeared normal. Some were related to philosophy and others that were hard to understand.

But the black smoke yao was an attentive person. When he found these phrases, he thought of the notes he had found.

Phrases like these had also appeared in the notes. The notes had said that Shi Zi Ming had always been searching for something. He had roamed the three realms of yao, mo and xiu in search of this thing. The followers did not know what Shi Zi Ming was searching for, but he had faithfully copied down what Shi Zi Ming had said.

Those words and the phrases that appeared on the steles were in the same style.

Was there a secret contained in these?

That was the first thought that flashed through the black smoke yao’s mind. He felt very excited by this idea. His cultivation talent was not as great as the oranged haired yao but his intelligence was outstanding.

These phrases scattered on the steles, that did not attract much attention, were like an unknown secret that deeply attracted him.

He started to organize all the stone steles in his mind. His powerful memory was extremely useful. He quickly picked out those phrases that were unrelated to cultivation from all the stone steles.

Consequently, he quickly found that several of the phrases had appeared in the notes as well.

This result caused the black smoke yao to become even more excited. The time of the notes should have been the time that Shi Zi Ming had been roaming. Shi Zi Ming had said these words during that time he traveled, and Shi Zi Ming had only built Great Peace City many years later. He had engraved these exact words onto the Mo Skill Steles.

It was not a coincidence!

There definitely was a deeper meaning contained in these phrases that other people did not know!

Thinking about the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion that everyone was talking about, the black smoke yao’s mind moved. Were these phrases related to the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?

When he had first heard the rumors, he had researched the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. It had existed at the beginning of Great Peace City, but Shi Zi Ming had eventually sealed it and it gradually faded from people’s minds.

Why had Shi Zi Ming sealed the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion? What was really inside the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?

This was a riddle that had never been solved.

When the black smoke yao carefully pondered the phrases he copied from the steles, he seemed to see an almost indiscernible line connecting the puzzle pieces.

Translator Ramblings: Rather than thinking about heat drying out the mud, I keep on thinking about the revolving part of the bracelet and imagining it like a blender … …

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