Chapter Six Hundred and Ten – Drink Wine

Princess Xia looked at Xiao Mo Ge who had a nervous expression on his face. Surprised, she felt interested. The people around her were all young masters, and which one of them wasn’t experienced with women? How long had it been since she had met such a virgin?

Thinking about when she was a child and about the innocent faces around her that did not have fierce desire and thoughts of consuming her. Back when there was only the innocence of childhood, and they were her playmates.

But then, everything changed … …

A certain soft place in Princess Xia’s heart seemed to be lightly touched.

“Are you afraid of me?” she asked lightly.

Zuo Mo who had just opened his eyes and was preparing to utter a challenge had his words forced back by the other’s soft words.

His eyes widened. “Afraid of you?” Zuo Mo did not understand why Princess Xia would have such a strange idea. Did Little Mo Ge look like a cowardly person?

“You are not afraid of me, why don’t you look at me?”

Princess Xia’s words caused Zuo Mo’s prepared words of, “Come, let’s have a fight!” to be swallowed back.

Zuo Mo found that he could not keep up with the other’s thoughts. Oh, why couldn’t he look at her?

He opened his eyes wide and then stared at Princess Xia.

So beautiful … … that … … this feeling … … why would he think of swallowing … …

An illusory spell!

Zuo Mo shook.

Princess Xia saw Zuo Mo’s change and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. In that moment, she was very attractive and her smile seemed to light up the room.

Zuo Mo was almost unable to move his eyes away and his breathing rate increased.

Just … … just an illusory spell … … you want to defeat Little Mo Ge … … but … … so powerful … …

“Come taste this Night Draw Wine, this is a famous vintage in the mo world, and can rival the Granny Meng Ghost Wine. It is a pity that I only have one bottle. After drinking this, you cannot ask for more from me.” Princess Xia poured wine for Zuo Mo with a smile. Her skin was as white as snow, and as fine as porcelain. Her body was slightly tilted towards Zuo Mo and the deep valley in front of her chest seemed to have an unusual power that caused people to unconsciously sink into it.

Zuo Mo felt a wave of heat rise from his lower half. His mouth was dry and he had a strange feeling.

Such a powerful illusory spell!

It was even more powerful that the illusory spells that the paper crane girl had cast in Wu Kong Mountains in the past!

Was this her attack?

Determination flashed across Zuo Mo’s eyes.

How could a true man not receive the move?

Without another word, Zuo Mo secretly cast a [Bone-Crushing Obscuring Flash] with his left hand as he picked up the Night Draw Wine with his right hand and drank all of it.

When the wine entered his throat, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but pause. The taste of this wine was completely different compared to the Granny Meng Ghost Wine. The Granny Meng Ghost Wine was as hot as fire, and burned like a ball of flame when it entered his throat. This Night Draw Wine was cool and light, reaching directly into his mind and making him unspeakably comfortable.

The taste wasn’t bad?

The illusory spell hadn’t been broken?

Princess Xia laughed lightly, “Your rough gulping is suited to drinking the Granny Meng Ghost Wine but not to the Night Draw Wine. Sip, and let the wine swirl around your mouth before slowly swallowing it. Try it, the feeling of the wine will be different.”

Finishing, Princess Xia picked up the wine cup. Her eyes were slightly closed, and her gentle and seductive red lips contrasted against the snowy white porcelain.

Zuo Mo lost focus slightly.

But he quickly raised his alertness and focused. He copied princess Xia and took small sips. When the Night Draw Wine swished a few rounds around his mouth, an unique fragrance spread into his body. In this moment, it was as though he was soaking in cool water, so comfortable that he almost groaned.

“So comfortable!” Princess Xia closed her eyes and said as though she was talking in her sleep, “When I was young, I liked to drink Night Draw Wine the most. Daddy didn’t like me drinking so I sneaked into Daddy’s wine cellar. One time, I accidentally drank too much and fell asleep in the wine cellar. When Daddy caught me with the goods…”

She poked out her tongue like a child that had been caught doing bad things by her parents.

“… he sealed the wine cellar. Even now, it hasn’t been re-opened. Now, no one knows that there is a wine cellar there.”

“I really miss the time when Daddy was here.”

There seemed to be something flashing through Princess Xia’s eyes. She suddenly raised her face and threw back all of the wine.

Putting down the wine cup, her cheeks were blushed and her eyes were dazed.

“What bad things did you do when you were little?”

Zuo Mo could feel the sorrow and longing in Princess Xia’s words. It was like when he thought of the sect leader and the shishu. But it was not something that he could state aloud here. Hearing her question, he shook his head, “In childhood? I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Princess Xia was surprised by this answer.

“My memory was erased and my appearance has been changed, I don’t know anything about my past.” Zuo Mo replied truthfully. Originally, he hadn’t wanted to say it. While this was something that did not have to be kept a secret, he did not want to casually tell other people. However, Princess Xia’s reminiscing seemed sincere to him, so he spoke of it.

“Ah!” princess Xia covered her mouth, her expression shocked. She hadn’t expected it to be such a terrifying answer.

“Sorry!” she said, full of apology.

“It’s nothing.” Zuo Mo shook his head unconcernedly. “In any case, I don’t remember it.”

“It is not a bad thing to not remember.” Princess Xia smiled slightly and then poured a cup for Zuo Mo. “Sometimes, it is cruel to remember.”

Zuo Mo drank the wine all in one gulp. Even though it was better to sip it slowly, he liked drinking it in one gulp better. This made him feel it was very exhilarating. Princess Xia’s words touched him. He thought of the phrase “do not forget” that frequently appeared in his dreams and a hint of bitterness rose.

“However, it is crueler to forget things what one doesn’t want to forget.”

Zuo Mo poured a cup for himself and drained it.

Princess Xia stilled. She almost couldn’t believe that this was something that this innocent youth said. She slowly pondered this and her thoughts wandered. Her mind wandered in this moment.

Moments later, she smiled brightly and raised her wine cup. “For this phrase, drink!”

Then she copied Zuo Mo to drained the cup in one gulp. When she put down the wine cup, her cheeks were flushed red, and her eyes blurred. Her appearance was slightly disheveled and it added even more attractiveness.

Her eyes moved and it became a flirtatious look. Princess Xia looked at Zuo Mo and said lightly, “I’m very curious what you have come to find me for?”

Zuo Mo was slightly tipsy at this time and had long thrown Pu Yao and Wei’s words to the back of his mind. When he heard Princess Xia’s words, he did not avoid it and said directly, “I have come to beg Princess for two people.”

“Which two people are worth you coming to make a request?” Princess Xia looked wryly at Zuo Mo.

“Two of my xiuzhe friends. I heard that Princess Xia saved them so I come to request them from Princess.” Zuo Mo did not avoid Princess Xia’s gaze and said seriously.

“Xiuzhe friends?” Princess Xia was slightly astounded. “I hadn’t thought that you actually had xiuzhe friends. Yes, I had picked two female xiuzhe previously, you have good information sources.”

The last word carried some flirtatiousness, and the eyes were glimmering.

“I coincidentally saved another friend,” Zuo Mo said honestly.

“So you wanted to lure me here?” Princess Xia had amusement on her face when she looked at Zuo Mo.

“Yes.” Zuo Mo docilely admitted.

“Are these two female xiuzhe very important to you?” Princess Xia asked.

“Very important,” Zuo Mo nodded and said without hesitation.

Princess Xia covered her mouth and giggled, “So you like female xiuzhe. If this news goes public, many female mo’s hearts will be heartbroken.”

Zuo Mo choked on the words.

“Haha, let’s continue.” A hint of mischievousness flashed through Princess Xia’s eyes. “I can give them to you but I had planned on using them as maids. Now that I give them to you, what benefit can you give me?”

“Speak!” Zuo Mo’s expression was serious. Even though he was greedy in personality and liked to bargain, he did not have any thought of bargaining on this matter.

“Can I first think about it? Have you owe me a favor? When I think of something then, I will tell you?” Princess Xia had a sly expression.

Zuo Mo was startled and then he reacted after a moment. He said cautiously, “After finding them, I planned to leave Great Peace City.”

“Leave Great Peace City?” Princess Xia stilled slightly and a hint of disappointment flashed through her eyes. She quickly recovered and said with a smile, “So you have come especially for them.”

“Yes.” Zuo Mo nodded.

“I really don’t want to give them to you,” Princess Xia said with a light laugh. “It is not very easy to find a good person to drinking with.”

But when she saw Zuo Mo’s nervous expression, she burst into laugher and said to herself, “It is rare that I am kind, I have to maintain this. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I will give them to you.”

Finishing, she turned and gave orders in a low tone. The middle aged attendant in the corner glanced at Zuo Mo. She did not seem to move but moments later, a servant came in with two other female attendants.

Xiao Guo! Li Ying Feng!

Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly widened. It was hard to control his expression of joy but he suppressed it and did not call out to the two of them.”

“Here, from today onwards, they belong to you,” Princess Xia said to Zuo Mo with a smile.

Zuo Mo hadn’t expected that the matter would proceed so smoothly. Looking at Princess Xia, he gravely bowed. “If Princess thinks of something you need, please request it as long as I have not left Great Peace City!”

Xiao Guo’s eyes suddenly widened and became disbelieving. Li Ying Feng looked at Zuo Mo anxiously.

“Then you will owe me for now.” Princess Xia’s beautiful eyes stared at Zuo Mo as she said with as smile, “I like it best when people owe me. When I think of something, you cannot fail to uphold your word.”

“Never!” Zuo Mo said seriously.

“Take your friends and leave, they had significant hardship on the road,” Princess Xia said with a light laugh.

Zuo Mo also desired to return. He raised his folded hands to Princess Xia. “Farewell!”

He stood with one hand pulling Xiao Guo and the other pulling Li Ying Feng as he prepared to rise into the air.

Suddenly a bright voice sounded in the sky.

“Where is Xiao Mo Ge? Nanmen Xue asks for a fight!”

Princess Xia looked at Zuo Mo’s frozen expression. Her hand covered her mouth as she laughed, “This is not my fault!”

A hint of joy flashed imperceptibly through her eyes.

Translator Ramblings:

Zuo Mo: That was easier than expected!

Three seconds again

Zuo Mo: Not again!

I think what Fang Xiang tried to do is showcase the way that the races are different. With the xiuzhe, it’s focused on sects, contribution points, your own skill set. With the yao, it is the education system, the interchange of information and with the mo, what he’s trying to so is how warlike they are. There’s more to the mo, but at this time, fighting.

Also, we are officially 2/3 of the way through the chapters. Thank you for all your comments and likes. It would be much harder doing this without any support.

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