Chapter Six Hundred and Nine – Princess Xia

“How can we stand by and watch! Everyone, even though Xiao Mo Ge is strong, if we surrender so easily, after this, all three princess will end up in the claws of this man. They will cry for the rest of their lives, just how tragic would it be! We all admire the princesses, how can we stand by and watch?”

A youth talked fervently facing the other youths.

However, while he was fervent, the other people were silent. The fight between Xiao Mo Ge and Shen Yu had stunned them, and planted the seed of terror in their minds.

This person was not demotivated and continued to talk.

“I know what everyone is worried about. This man is vicious and doesn’t bat an eye when he kills. If we face him head on, it is easy for us to be defeated. Therefore, we can only use cunning and not brute force.”

He stated what everyone thought and the crowd raised their heads.

A voice sounded, “Does Brother Wang have a good solution?”

The person that was so fervently speaking to the crowd was Wang Kun. He was a faithful follower of Princess Xin. When he learned that Princess Xin had invited Xiao Mo Ge, he had been furious. In a blink, Princess Wan had also sent an invitation to Xiao Mo Ge and this group of people exploded.

Shen Yu was dislikable but he only had intentions on Princess Xia. The suitors of the other two princess only watched. Shen Yu had been killed, but an even more vicious competitor had appeared, Xiao Mo Ge, and he had received the favor of all three princesses!

Something like this had never happened before! Never!

But everyone had watched the battle between Shen Yu and Xiao Mo Ge. Even the bravest of them did not have the bravery to openly fight back. Also, Shen Yu had been the strongest of them. Xiao Mo Ge had turned Shen Yu into ashes, and none of them were a match.

So their morale was low until Wang Kun revealed his idea and they raised their heads.

Wang Kun became more excited and said, “Xiao Mo Ge is powerful, and we naturally are not opponents in martial power. However, we have our own advantages. Xiao Mo Ge is just a brutish fighter. Would his fist be enough to break through the sky? We are of noble birth, well mannered and cultured, and have mobei, what does he have? His fists? When did we ever have to fight other people with our own fists?”

These young masters were all smart people and their eyes brightened.


When were they ever forced into a situation where they had to fight against other people themselves?

They competed in terms of their father’s status, wealth, servants, and family prestige, when did they ever compare based on their strengths?

Wang Kun said with a cold smile, “Shen Yu thought too highly of himself. The heir to the Shen Family was stupid he went to fight against Xiao Mo Ge! A body that is worth a thousand gold should not put themselves into danger! We are all worth our weight in gold, very valuable. Isn’t it stupid to smash ourselves against trash clay pots?”

“Brother Wang is right!” The people praised. This spoke to their hearts.

“This little brother has just realized this and has come to discuss with everyone,” Wang Kun said modestly. His tone changed and he said, “Since we understand our advantage, then it is easy. The three princesses want to recruit Xiao Mo Ge but he is just one expert. However, if all of us unite, the power that we represent is not something that Xiao Mo Ge can compare to. I believe with the intelligence of the three princesses, it will not take them any effort to realize this!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Yes!, What is Xiao Mo Ge, can he compare to us?”

The people started to grumble.

Wang Kun waited for the noise to die down slightly before immediately following up with, “But we cannot just speak and not act, who will believe us? We need to show our muscle. Everyone, return and send letters home! It is easy to find an excuse. Just say that we are pursuing the princess, and the princess is show slight favor. However, there is a strong enemy and we need the family to send strong reinforcements. Everyone should be very skilled at this, and I do not need to waste my energy speaking on the specifics.”

When the people heard this, their eyes were aglow.

“Brother Wang is peerless in intelligence! This idea is very good!”

“Brother Wang has a clear plan. This one admires you! And once the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion appears, the old people in the family will not be able to sit still!”

“Yes, even more importantly, we did not lie! Haha!”

A thread of smugness flashed through Wang Kun’s eyes. “When the experts from everyone’s families gather, I believe that we can exterminate Xiao Mo Ge with a little finger!”

Everyone roared with laughter. When they imagined that scene, they felt extremely good.

Suddenly, someone suggested, “Why don’t we ally together and swear to kill Xiao Mo Ge!”

The people agreed.

Wang Kun was overjoyed inside and said gravely. “We are all the young masters of our families, and have come for the princess. Why don’t we call ourselves the Gentleman’s Flower Protecting Alliance, what does everyone think?”

Everyone nodded. This name was accurate.

With this The Gentleman’s Flower Protecting Alliance was formed.


“I need to know your plan,” Nanmen Xue said.

“Naturally,” the mystery male said, “according to our information, there is a set of conditions to open the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion. Even now, we do not know what the conditions are, but Shi Yue Yi should know. Therefore, we have been observing Shi Yue Yi. However, he has Yu Shuang and Chang Yuan Hao with him and increased the difficult of this task. We have still managed to obtain some information.”

“What did you learn?” Nanmen Xue asked in a deep voice.

“Shi Yue Yi seems to be very interested in Xiao Mo Ge.”

“That is normal.” Nanmen Xue had a scornful smile on his face. “Xiao Mo Ge was able to defeat the Peacock King Plume and there are many people interested in him.”

“No!” The mystery male was not angry. He shook his head and said, “Xiao Mo Ge was able to cause the Shifting Star Sands but what most people did not notice was that the place where he caused it was the Mo Skill Steles.”

“This does not mean anything,” Nanmen Xue said.

“Qi Diao Yu noticed,” the mystery male said, “and the woman next to Xiao Mo Ge also noticed. The two met at the stele where Xiao Mo Ge had caused the Shifting Star Sands and had a fight. It is a pity that we were not able to hear what they said.”

“So you feel that Xiao Mo Ge is the key to entering the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion?” Nanmen Xue said.

“He is the most likely Shi Yue Yi’s target,” the mystery male said.

“What do you want me to do?” Nanmen Xue was straightforward.

“You will go challenge Xiao Mo Ge,” the mystery male said.


Zuo Mo’s brow creased. In the past few days, he had been pondering how to obtain information from Princess Xia about Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng, but even now, he did not have any good ideas. He shook his head. He could only act according to the situation.

When the servant of Princess Xia saw Zuo Mo, they came forward to welcome him and said respectfully, “The princess has been waiting a long time for Sir.”

Finishing, the servant led the way.

Following behind the servant, Zuo Mo secretly asked Pu Yao and Wei.

“What solutions do you have?”

Pu Yao said coldly, “It would be best if you do not think of trying to hold her hostage. The An Wei family will have arranged for a very powerful expert to guard every generation of princess.”

“Then what?” Zuo Mo asked helplessly.

“Think of a way to move her,” Wei suddenly said.

“Move her?” Zuo Mo was stunned by this way of thinking.

Wei did not reply and Zuo Mo looked at Princess Xia.

Princess Xia was lazily reclining on the sedan. There was only a light layer of silk on her body and what was underneath could be barely made out. Her left hand was propping up her chin, her waist and behind drawing out an arousing curve that caused people to uncontrollably swallow.

When had the innocent Little Mo Ge ever seen such a scene. His face immediately turned red and he stopped in his steps.

However, he quickly composed himself and repeated in his mind

–This was war!

Raising his head, his eyes imperceptibly flickered across the surroundings. As expected, in the shadows close to the sedan, there was a female attendant standing silently.

Zuo Mo’s heart shook. This middle-aged female attendant was most likely the expert that Pu Yao had spoken off. When he paid attention, Zuo Mo noticed that the middle aged attendant did not have any presence. If Zuo Mo’s gaze did not see her, then he would have been unable to detect her.

An expert!

Zuo Mo did not dare to move rashly.


The lips parted and soft words that softened one’s bones came out.

This was war! Zuo Mo recited to himself as he sat down.

“You are very nervous.” Princess Xia looked amusedly at Zuo Mo. The plump and white wrist was propping up an extremely beautiful face whose eyes were full of feeling.

“Hahaha, no no,” Zuo Mo laughed. His mind turned furiously. Move her, how could he move her?

Princess Xia smiled and looked interestedly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo did not know what to say and remained silent.

The room suddenly quieted and the atmosphere became awkward.

In his sea of consciousness, Pu Yao and Wei heartlessly bombarded him.

“You need to speak, speak more, form a connection, do you understand?”

“A Zuo, you cannot move women by doing this! You need to speak more.”

“So embarrassing! Too embarrassing! How can I have such a student as useless as you? You aren’t even able to talk to a woman!” Pu Yao was furious.

“A Zuo, this is a one in a thousand chance!” Wei led on.

“Say what?” Zuo Mo said helplessly.

Pu Yao and Wei’s voices stopped.

A moment later, Pu Yao raised his head and said with a furrowed brow, “Weather? Hobbies? Outlook on life? What do women like? Right, Corps Commander was a woman, what did she like?”

Wei also had a pondering expression. “What did Master like the most … … let me think … … wait! I remember!”

“What?” Zuo Mo and Pu Yao spoke at the same time.

“Fighting!” Wei’s face was excited. “What Master liked the most was fighting! Fighting, endless fighting! Master once said that only fighting could cause her to become excited, only by fighting would she feel that she is different from the common rogue! Oh, but what is a common rogue?”

“It describes women that are unacceptable.” Pu Yao explained with a profound expression.

“Is Princess Xia one of the common rogue?” Zuo Mo asked.

“Of course not!” Pu Yao and Wei answered at the same time.

Zuo Mo immediately realized and nodded vehemently. He said murderously, “I understand!”

Translator Ramblings: AKA the Spoiled Young Masters Alliance. Zuo Mo doesn’t know how to talk to women because he seems to treat them like another species.

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