Empty Slaughter’s expression exposed pride at the success of his trick, but then it changed instantly. Li Qingshan’s left hand was tightly clutching the staff as he knelt on one knee in the heap of rubble, and Empty Slaughter couldn’t budge it a jot no matter how much strength he used.

Li Qingshan had looked like he had been thrashed away by the staff. In fact, he’d stretched his hand out and grabbed the staff at the critical moment, then he’d conveniently b.u.mped on the wall. Ordinary second-grade masters would be injured even if they had displayed this reaction, but he seemed not to have a single of his hair harmed thanks to his bronze skin and iron bones.

His battle experience was insufficient, but he had a genuine gift for actual combat. His tactics and reactions when facing the enemy were all top among tops.

“Hehe, you court death.” Empty Slaughter laughed with incomparable malevolence.

Li Qingshan felt a gust of powerful internal strength transmit along the staff and rush crazily inside his own body.

A contest of internal strength was the most ruthless trial of strength for martial artists. Whichever side took back his internal strength first after being unable to resist would be a.s.saulted by internal strength inside his body, the dantian broken and the meridians torn apart. It was truly a struggle to the death.

Empty Slaughter was confident the internal strength he’d painstakingly cultivated for decades was absolutely not something Li Qingshan could block. In his eyes, Li Qingshan was an idiot who thought himself clever. It made him a little surprised when Li Qingshan didn’t spit out blood and die on the spot, so he increased the output of his internal strength.

If one simply considered strength and weakness, then Empty Slaughter’s internal strength was indeed above Li Qingshan’s. Li Qingshan felt a gust of energy rush into his body and flow inside. This flow of energy was much more dense and turbid than his true qi, and he knew this was the so-called internal strength. Moreover, there was shred of spirituality among the turbidity. Empty Slaughter had almost cultivated to the innate realm, and he was only one step away from turning his internal strength into true qi.

But the problem was that Li Qingshan’s true qi wasn’t stored inside the dantian. Even more so for the meridians, he’d never even cultivated a single one of them. This flow of internal strength was quickly swallowed by the true qi inside Li Qingshan, and transformed into energy for his own body. It not only didn’t cause any harm but benefited him instead. Li Qingshan actually didn’t have any idea about counterattacking immediately and allowed Empty Slaughter to deliver his internal strength over.

Cold sweat poured on Empty Slaughter’s forehead. Why was this kid so strange, was this the spirit ginseng’s effect? He dared even less to relax his hands.

At this moment, a black shadow pounced down from the roof and directly took Li Qingshan’s gourd at his waist. There was actually someone who saw the right opportunity to “seek wealth from danger” and “fish out advantage from others’ conflicts.”

A green light flashed. The black shadow’s entire person flapped down, falling on the ground, already transformed into two halves. Little An emerged and stabbed his sword over through the air, after conveniently cutting off that thief.

Empty Slaughter was startled when he suddenly saw this extremely strange skeleton. The revolution of his internal strength slowed down by a third. He had already been scared by that sword strike that wasn’t inferior to a wholehearted attack from a first grade master, so much so that his soul was about to fly out of his body.

Li Qingshan sensed that Empty Slaughter had taken his internal strength back and was about to give up his staff to escape. How would he miss such a great opportunity. The true qi in his entire body overflowed like a tide breaking through a dam and seize the opportunity to drill into Empty Slaughter’s body.

The true qi wasn’t strong, but it was extremely sharp. Empty Slaughter’s internal strength tried to block it but it cut through like a knife cutting through b.u.t.ter, charging and rampaging through the meridians, dantian, and internal organs.

Empty Slaughter suddenly sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood as he was sent flying out backward, hitting the walls on both sides in quick succession before he ended up buried among the rubble.

Li Qingshan stood up, his eyes still staring straight at that pile of rubble as he exhorted: “Little An, silence them!”

Little An immediately concealed himself inside the darkness. Three miserable screams sounded from three different spots, each separated by but a breath. Apart from this dear friend just now, there were other people who had wanted to try fis.h.i.+ng as well. They had seen Little An’s appearance.


The world exploded in chaos. Empty Slaughter once again stood up, his body tottering about as he watched Li Qingshan with incomparable savagery. He stretched his hand and fished out a porcelain bottle from his bosom.

Speak of the devil and the devil doth truly appear! Li Qingshan clearly saw the spiritual light inside the bottle after the cork was pulled out. Since even a second-grade master like Xiong Xiangwu could take out a “Strong Diamond Divine Talisman,” then wouldn’t those first-grade masters with even stronger martial abilities and a wider circle of friends also have a trump card or two that didn’t belong to the category of martial arts.

Empty Slaughter took out a fiery red dan pill and threw it inside his mouth, biting it to pieces. His stature immediately inflated as if it were filling with air. His arms became twice as thick, and his muscles bunched together, exposing blue veins.

Sudden Qi Body Breaking Pellet!

Empty Slaughter had bankrupted all his properties in order to obtain this pill bottle back then, and he’d even looted thirteen rich households in succession, murdering over a hundred men, before he was able to exchange three pills in return. This pill couldn’t be used to train martial arts with, and it couldn’t heal injuries either. Not only it wasn’t beneficial, it was harmful instead to take it. But it could stimulate the body’s potential in the s.p.a.ce of an instant, allowing one to erupt with a strength resembling that of monsters, demons, ghosts and G.o.ds.

Empty Slaughter issued a wild roar and charged toward Li Qingshan like a war chariot.

Li Qingshan took in a mouthful of air. He didn’t choose to face it head on but took out the [Cursive Sword Script] from his back instead.

Sword qi brushed out.

Li Qingshan walked out from the small alley that had become ruins, brus.h.i.+ng away dust and dirt from his body. “It’s unfortunate I couldn’t leave your corpse whole, and can’t pray for your soul to find peace, and I have even less time to burn sacrificial money for you.” Behind him, the small alley had already become crumbled fences and dilapidated walls. Empty Slaughter’s body, the body of an ominous mad monk, had been obliquely split into two halves. His eyes were still wide open as he died full of grievances.

It hadn’t only been to conceal Little An that he’d told him to silence people, it had also been to conceal this spiritual device in his own hands. He had a feeling that this calligraphy scroll would blow up a storm even bigger than the spirit ginseng if it were to be seen by someone observant.

Li Qingshan lifted the Buddhist staff in his hand. According to the green bull, this kind of spiritual weapons with simply a layer of spiritual light attached over were all bottom level trash spiritual devices, but it was still a spiritual weapon when all was said and done. He wasn’t willing to throw it away. His other hand was holding that porcelain bottle with a pill inside. It was precisely the same kind Empty Slaughter had used.

“So it turns out first-grade masters were only so-so. But I’m probably not an innate master either!” Li Qingshan thought about it with some curiosity. He had confidence he could defeat Empty Slaughter using his martial abilities only, without relying on any external item. And his trump card wasn’t any weaker than others’ either when the time came to use them.

Li Qingshan carried the staff and continued toward the restaurant. Those martial artists who’d observed this battle from inside the darkness were all shocked into silence at this moment. In the battle between the Mad Monk and the Black Tiger, one was a peak first-grade master of outstanding fame, and one was a greenhorn later generation kid. No one had expected the Black Tiger would win, and win so easily to boot.

Liu Hong hurried back to the Iron Fist Gate and reported back to hall master Wu and lord Feng.

“Mad Monk Empty Slaughter! He also came to take the spirit ginseng and break through to the innate realm. Things are really inauspicious for that kid, I guess he won’t be able to live.” Hall master Wu frowned. It would be difficult to seize victory even if he were the one to face Mad Monk Empty Slaughter. Of course he wasn’t worried whether Li Qingshan lived or died, he was only worried about the spirit ginseng. “Lord Feng, what do you think?”

Lord Feng said, “Let’s go take a look. I’ll take care of this monk. He’s made the Eagle Wolf Guard’s list of names long ago already, it was only that my superiors haven’t been able to spare a hand to tidy him up yet. Since we’ve b.u.mped into him today, then the time of his death has come.”

The three of them obtained the news of Mad Monk Empty Slaughter’s death as soon as they stepped out of the Iron Fist Gate.

The expressions on the three’s faces were each different. Liu Hong was the most surprised. In the eyes of a second-grade master like him, Mad Monk Empty Slaughter was fundamentally an unequaled existence, but he’d unexpectedly died in such a short time.

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