Chapter Six Hundred and Eight – Insider Information

Zuo Mo did not know what effects the events at this banquet had had on all of Great Peace City. When he returned home, he instantly settled down and started to ponder on his [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] and the Reversed Stellar Revolution.

Right now, five of ten suns of his Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus mo physique had turned bright. In other words, it meant that half of the suns were lit up. Other than this, he had an unexpected gain in the second transformation of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus: the Sun Hammer. However, what was most attractive to Zuo Mo was the [Ten Crow Celestial Domain] and the Reversed Stellar Revolution.

The Ten Crow Celestial Domain was called the top domain of general level, and unparalleled in its dominance. If he could comprehend it, it meant that he would ascend to the top ranks of general level experts in one leap. However, he quickly discovered that it was not as simple as it seemed. Right now, he had just reached the doorway towards domain, and his own domain had not formed yet.

There was still a long path to walk, but Zuo Mo now had a general notion of what a domain was. There was a profound power between the five suns. This kind of power formed a domain.

These powers were like chaotic streams that had to be slowly organized. When they were better organized and perfected, the domain would also be perfected.

This was something that would take time and there were no shortcuts to take.

What had surprised Zuo Mo the most was the Reversed Stellar Revolution. After he had returned home and examined it in detail, he found the parts of it that were sparks of fire were made from shen power!

Their structure was unique and complex. Zuo Mo wanted to study the structure, but when he reached out with his mind, he felt dizzy. He immediately understood that this was out of his reach at the moment.

Zuo Mo understood that the reason the sparks were powerful was not because they were the Reversed Stellar Revolution but because they contained shen power.

This seemed more like a method of channeling shen power.

He understood little about shen power. He thought about asking Ceng Lian Er but then gave up.

As to the Reversed Stellar Revolution, Zuo Mo had thrown it to the back of his mind. When would he have the time to cultivate a yao art domain? In any case, he did not have the time now!

So Zuo Mo focused on organizing his newly formed Ten Crow Celestial Domain under Pu Yao’s icy smile.

Then he thought about how he could inquire about Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng with Princess Xia when he met with her in three days.

For some reason, that woman gave him a feeling she was not an easy one to deal with.


“What do you think of Xiao Mo Ge?” Princess Xin suddenly asked.

“His power is very strange.” The sound of the heavy armored guard came from inside the armor.

“Very strange?” Princess Xin did not understand.

“En.” The heavy armor guard treasured his words as though they were gold.

Princess Xin’s delicate brow furrowed; but even in irritation, Princess Xin was dignified. Her finger unconsciously tapped the tabletop. “In that case, he is a very good choice.”

The heavy armor guard was silent.

A moment later, Princess Xin made a decision. “Come in!”

A servant pushed open the door and entered. “Princess!”

“Send someone to deliver an invitation to Mister Xiao Mo Ge to attend an evening banquet. The time will be in four days,” Princess Xin said lightly.

“Yes.” The servant acknowledged and left.

Princess Xin suddenly smiled. “A Xia might have some objections about me now.”

The heavy armor guard was silent.

Princess Xin’s mind wandered as she gazed out of the window.


“Grandpa Zhu, are we inviting Xiao Mo Ge?” Princess Wan asked curiously with wide eyes.

“Yes.” Zhu Ke smiled slightly. “His future is limitless, it would be a pity to give up on a talent like this. Also … …”

He suddenly stopped speaking.

“Oh.” Princess Wan nodded, but not in full understanding. She asked with a tilted head, “Then what are we inviting him over to do?”

“Just to eat a meal,” Zhu Ke said with a smile.

“Will Elder Sister Xia blame us?” Princess Wan said anxiously.

Zhu Ke said with a smile, “Your Elder Sister Xia is a very strong person. However, her biggest mistake this time is aiming for too much.”

“Aiming? What is Elder Sister Xia aiming for?” Princess Wan asked curiously.

“Princess will know when it is time.” Zhu Ke put down the pen in his hand. After closely reading over the invitation, he made a satisfied expression. He handed the invitation to a servant that had been waiting at the side as he penned the letter. The servant immediately left upon receiving the invitation.


Adhering to his nomral routine, Zuo Mo went to Luo Li Shixiong’s room. Luo Li Shixiong did not have any signs of energy but his body had not become rigid as was usual for death and was soft as was usual.

Zuo Mo’s worries eased slightly. No one had cultivated the Life-Death Lock before, and he had been worried. If it wasn’t that Luo Li Shixiong had been seeking death, he never would have taken it out.

A Gui’s shen power was increasing rapidly, but what made him happy was that, while the increase in shen power was astounding, the light in A Gui’s eyes seemed to be increasing similarly.

Her eyes were more lively than in the past, and she had more responses.

This made Zuo Mo very happy, even happier than when he had the breakthrough.

But when he received the two invitations, he was stunned where he stood.


“Did you hear, Princess Xin and Princess Wan could not resist! They each sent an invitation to Xiao Mo Ge at the same time!”

“Tsk tsk, this time, Xiao Mo Ge has something to posture about! Three princesses extending invitations at the same time, how long has it been since this occurred?”

“Ha, Princess Xin and Princess Wan are not stupid. It would be strange if they did not try to recruit such a powerful person! Also, the matter of the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion has made such a ruckus, one more expert is one more bit of power.”

“Where did this Xiao Mo Ge really come from … …”

The sounds on the street all fell into Nanmen Xue’s ears. Nanmen Xue had an arm around a beautiful woman as he shook his head and smiled. “This really disrupts one’s dreams.”

“Please! Right now, the entire city is crazy.” The male opposite Nanmen Xue also had a displeased expression. He then smiled strangely and said, “In the past, even Qi Diao Yu did not get this kind of attention!”

Hearing the name Qi Diao Yu, Nanmen Xue glanced at the other. “Do you not want me to have a good day today?”

The other laughed. “I just think that you have sunk and do not have any spirit. I find it strange, why you didn’t try to find trouble with Qi Diao Yu?”

“I’m too lazy to pay attention to him,” Nanmen Xue said unconcernedly. He hugged the beauty at his side, kissed her and said with pleasure on his face, “With a beauty in hand, idleness is the best of life. You guys fight and kill all day, don’t you find it bothersome?”

“That’s true.” The other seemed to agree. “In this world, the strong eat the weak. Right now, you are in Great Peace City and no one dares to target you. However, a dragon is not a part of the scenery. You are accompanied by beauties every day, you look to be carefree, but in truth, you must find it boring.”

The other did not look at Nanmen Xue and said directly, “Those say, drunken and lying in the lap of a beauty, wake with the power of the world in hand, are you someone to submit?”

Nanmen Xue roared with laughed. “No matter how clever your tongue is, what does it have to do with me?”

The other was not angry and said with a smile, “I heard that Shi Yue Yi has been searching for a person all this time.” Then he said meaningfully, “The Great Peace Treasure Pavilion has been sleeping for such a long time, it is time for it to see the light of day again.”

Nanmen Xue did not seem to hear it.

“In the past, Brother Nanmen dominated the Little Sparrow Water’s twelve jie. With one call, the heroes all submitted. But right now, you have lost your spirit and immersed yourself in drunkenness; you are a completely different person.”

Nanmen Xue smiled.

“Other people do not know the reason and laugh at Brother Nanmen for falling off the path. However, I know of Brother Nanmen’s love and your unchanging heart!” This male stared at Nanmen Xue, emphasizing each word.

Nanmen Xue’s smile suddenly faded, his expression turning cold as his presence locked tightly onto the other!

“You investigated me!”

The light words were like the clang of bells and shot to the bottom of the other’s heart. The other felt his blood and energies roil, his breathing becoming difficult. He was shocked. Such terrifying power!

He gritted his teeth and persisted. “Nanmen Xue, do you not want to rescue the person you love?”

Murderousness flashed in Nanmen Xue’s eyes as his hand shot up.

“I have Fire Heart Gall!”

The other’s words caused Nanmen Xue’s expression to suddenly change. He grabbed the other. “Say that again!”

Looking at Nanmen Xue’s handsome features that were twisted, and his undisguised murderousness as well as the presence that was securely locked onto him; the other began to suffocate.

He gritted out, “I have Fire Heart Gall!”

Nanmen Xue’s hand opened and the male collapsed on the ground. He was unable to climb up and the beauty beside Nanmen Xue was unconscious.

“Name your terms,” Nanmen Xue said coldly.

This male panted and his mind was filled with terror as though death was right in front of him.

After panting for a while, this male struggled out, “You have to exchange for it with an item from the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.”

“Great Peace Treasure Pavilion? You believe rumors like that,” Nanmen Xue said with a cold smile. “I have been in Great Peace City for this long and never heard of a Great Peace Treasure Pavilion before.”

“It is true.” The male finally managed to struggle back up into a standing position. “You do not need to know where I learned of the information. I’m also working for someone else.”

Nanmen Xue glanced at the other and asked icily, “What do you want?”

“There are three items in the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.” The male recovered and so did his expression. “Right now, we know that there is a stone stele inside.”

“Stone stele?” A look flashed through Nanmen Xue’s eyes.

“Yes, you have studied the steles of the Great Peace Mo Steles, so you should have already guessed that they are missing one piece!” The male said gravely, “The most important piece. When Shi Zi Ming created the stele forest, he hid the most important piece. Qi Diao Yu is also looking for this stele.”

Nanmen Xue was silent. He was starting to believe the other’s words.

“Our condition is very simple. Use that stele to trade for the Fire Heart Gall.” The male said gravely, “You help us obtain that stele, and the Fire Heart Gall is yours. With the Fire Heart Gall, not just Ten Thousand Year Mystical ice, even the strongest ice energy can be dissipated!”

Nanmen Xue stared at the other. “How can I trust you?”

“Look at this.” The other took out an object and flashed it at Nanmen Xue.

Nanmen Xue’s pupils shrank into pinpoints.

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