Chapter Six Hundred and One – The Intolerant Lil’ Miss

Zuo Mo did not know that Princess Xia already had suspicions about him, but even if he did, he did not have an avenue of retreat. Actually, in his mind, there was still one final plan. Bie Han would take Sin Battalion and capture Princess Xia.

This would be the last alternative because he knew if he really did that, it would be the same as poking a hornet’s nest. They would then have a difficult time moving about in the mo jie. So Zuo Mo did not want to use such an extreme method. However, if the other methods were not effective, he did not object to using this final hand.

Of course, there was also another reason. Bie Han still needed time to adjust to the new Sin Battalion.

Zuo Mo’s mind was completely focused on Princess Xia and did not care about something like the Great Peace Treasure Pavilion.

He decided to be more proactive and hadn’t expected an opportunity to come to him.

“Inviting me?” Zuo Mo looked at the invitation in his hand. After scanning through it, he was slightly puzzled. “Who is this Shi Yue Yi?”

“Shi Yue Yi is the present master of Great Peace City!” Tao Xing had an admiring expression when he saw Zuo Mo was puzzled. The fact he had received an invitation from the Master of Great Peace City indicated that Zuo Mo’s strength had received acknowledgment from Great Peace City.

“Shi Yue Yi … …” Zuo Mo murmured and then he suddenly raised his head. “What is the connection between this guy and Shi Zi Ming?”

Tao Xing felt very helpless about Zuo Mo’s slow wit. “He is Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming’s student. Ever since Grandmaster passed on, he became responsible for managing Great Peace City.”

“Shi Zi Ming’s student!” Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly became respectful. He respected Shi Zi Ming a lot. Even now, he had not finished reading the Mo Skill Steles but just the content he had read so far was enough for him to benefit greatly. Also, the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles were open to everyone to read. It really lived up to the reputation of the great master to be so generous.

“Shi Yue Yi is like his teacher and has never cultivated a mo skill. However, he is truly a wise person!” Tao Xing showed a respectful expression. “His gaze can penetrate the mists and see the heart of a person. After the grandmaster passed, Great Peace City’s reputation did not decline due to Shi Yue Yi’s efforts.”

Then he warned gravely, “Do not be disrespectful to City Master Shi Yue Yi. You cannot imagine how much he is respected in Great Peace City. If you offend City Master Shi Yue Yi, you will become the enemy of the entire city!”

“This serious?” Zuo Mo was slightly shocked.

“He has helped many people, including the top ranked individuals on the Great Peace Mo Rankings. Every one of them has received his guidance. The experts that have received the generosity of City Master Shi Yue Yi would unconsciously protect him and Great Peace City. For example, Chang Yuan Hao, Yu Shuang, Nanmen Xue, they all stay in Great Peace City with the intentions of helping City Master Shi Yue Yi. Remember the person that broke Qi Diao Yu’s mo sound when he entered the city? That was Nanmen Xue!”

Zuo Mo instantly remembered that Qi Diao Yu’s mo sound had affected the entire street. However, a single cold snort had broken the mo sound. He had been shocked at Qi Diao Yu’s strength and had not thought further. Now that he thought back, he was startled!

As expected of the third ranked on the Great Peace Mo Ranking. The strength of Nanmen Xue was unfathomable!

If Nanmen Xue who was ranked third was already so strong, then how powerful was Chang Yuan Hao and Yu Shuang that were ranked first and second respectively?

Thinking about the three indiscernible presences last night, Zuo Mo felt his head swell. There were so many experts!

The fight with Miao Jun made him understand that anyone that was able to enter the Great Peace Mo Ranking was someone strong. No one was weak. So many experts meant that his plans had many hidden flaws.

Zuo Mo now felt that it wasn’t plausible to use Sin Battalion to capture Princess Xia. To say of nothing else, if twenty general level individuals decided to charge at once, there were definitely no battalions that would be able to withstand it.

This was a terrifying power.

Zuo Mo finally saw the power of Great Peace City. When the number of experts reached a certain level, the amount of strength it represented exponentially increased.

Zuo Mo’s expression changed. In the past, he had been confident, but now he found that the matter was more troublesome than he had imagined.

Right now, he had to plan one step at a time.


“This is the Ice Mist Mo Embryo, a kind of mo embryo produced in our Cloud Sea Jie. We found this through the mist people.” Master Ji Wei pointed at something that looked like a ball of cotton. It was faintly blue and slowly moved on the table.

“The greatest use of the mo embryo is to help mo cultivate their mo physique.” Master Jie Wei said slowly and the other people listened to him with concentration.

“The Ice Mist mo embryo is very suited to the mo that can cultivate the Ice Mist mo physique. We have discovered that once a person achieves the mo physique, their strength would multiply. The reason is that the mo embryos have complete mo matrixes. These mo matrixes are transferred to the mo through consumption; the mo matrixes of the mo embryos are absorbed and refined. They would grow alongside the mo matrixes of the user, and form a new set of complete mo matrixes.”

“During this time, through the efforts of everyone, we have continuously analyzed the mo matrix of the mo embryos. We have finally gained some understanding of the mo embryo and mo physique. Mo matrixes are good things, but very rare. Up until now, the ice mist clan has only found three mo matrixes.

“The goal of our next stage is to create objects similar to mo embryos. We do not need them to be as complex as true mo embryos, they only need a few mo matrixes as the core. Also, we needto find mo matrixes which can be outlines for the growth of the mo embryo.”

“Form teams of three ! Every three days, we will have a collective discussion session! All raw materials are available for use and we will try to find any materials you require. You can freely test any ideas you have.”

Everyone’s eyes grew brighter. They felt excited about this goal!

They were not the ignorant country bumpkins of the past. Every person present here was skilled in mo matrixes and seal formations. In any other place, they would be talents that all the factions would fight over.

Of all the camps on Turtle Island, Golden Crow Camp grew in size the slowest. The two masters had strict tests for every xiuzhe that applied to enter Golden Crow Camp. However, Golden Crow Camp’s good atmosphere and the benefits that were unimaginably good earned the favor of all production xiuzhe in Cloud Sea Jie.

For them, this was a difficult and enormous challenge.

But here, no one disliked challenges!

Everyone seated here all knew that if they completed this mission, it would be a great upheaval for the entire world!


“Daren! This subordinate is willing to guard Orchid Home Jie!”

Ma Fan ran to Orchid Home Jie and asked.

“Not possible!” Gongsun Cha shook his head without even thinking. If this chaos rift was lost, the consequences were unimaginable. While Black Turtle Camp had performed well in their last battle, Gongsun Cha was still not reassured.

“Daren! Today, Gu Liang Dao has taken another jie!” Ma Fan’s words caused Gongsun Cha’s expression to immediately darken. No one had expected that Gu Liang Dao, who only days before had been an unknown name, was so ferocious!

“Daren, this subordinate will guard this place and will not attack. Even though Black Turtle Camp is not as strong as Vermillion Bird Camp, with the formations as defense it will not be easy for others to take this place if we do not leave the formation. Also, with Middle Granary Jie at our back, Black Turtle Camp can receive reinforcements at any time. This subordinate has confidence in fighting a defensive battle!”

Ma Fan’s words streamed and he did not retreat. “Also, there is Guard Camp! Even though Shu Long and the strongest members are not present, but there is a significant number of people left. No matter if it is Black Turtle Camp or Guard Camp, they are both battalions skilled in defense. This subordinate does not believe that with these two battalions and the formation defenses, we cannot hold this place!”

Gongsun Cha was slightly persuaded. Ma Fan was right, Shu Long was not here but Guard Camp should not have a problem fighting a defensive battle. With Cloud Sea Jie’s present wealth, they might be able to afford a battle of attrition.

Everyone looked at Gongsun Cha. Everyone knew that Gongsun Cha’s next orders were crucial for all of Cloud Sea Jie!

Gongsun Cha’s gaze landed on the jie map. On the jie map, the jie that Gu Liang Dao had just taken was dyed red.

There were several red jie that had formed a shape. The shape’s outline was like the edge of a blade dyed in blood that pointed directly at the faint blue path as though it would cut the path at any moment!

Gu Liang Dao who had come out of nowhere now rivaled Jiang Zhe in reputation. The title of Xi Xuan Tiger General rang over the entire world!

Lil’ Miss’ gaze suddenly calmed down.

For him, there was nothing more important than Zuo Mo’s safety. If the situation was so extreme that it required using the lives of all the people under his command to exchange for Zuo Mo, Gongsun Cha would not hesitate at all.

This was Gongsun Cha: crazy, obsessive, and at times unreasonable! Maybe his actions would be understood by other people or maybe not, he did not care. He only cared about two things: Zuo Mo and victory!

When Zuo Mo was present, Lil’ Miss’ decisions always looked gentle and harmless.

But when Zuo Mo was not present, Lil’ Miss’ harsh and intolerant style was reflected in every one of his decisions.

Everyone knew that Lil’ Miss had made a decision. They stopped breathing and waited for Lil’ Miss’ decision.


Woosh, everyone suddenly stood up.

In their eyes, Lil’ Miss had a calm expression. His tone was calm but it was one that could not be disobeyed. He said with a decisiveness that was as sharp as a blade.

“Black Turtle Camp and Guard Camp will hold Orchid Home Jie together, Ma Fan has command. Green Dragon Camp will guard Middle Granary Jie and listen to Ma Fan’s orders!”

Ma Fan bowed solemnly to Gongsun Cha and said with a rare expression of graveness, “I will not fail!”

Lil’ Miss nodded and did not speak. He turned and looked at the other people.

“Vermillion Bird Camp and A Zha Ge Battalion, immediately gather. We will depart in three days!”

The cold order was full of fighting spirit.

“Yes!” The commanders accepted. Everyone’s faces flashed with excitement. Vermillion Bird Camp was a group of battle maniacs to start with and Gongsun Cha’s style was deeply imprinted on this battalion. They were like caged beasts after fighting defensively in the past while. The blood inside them had been restless.

Now that they received the order to depart, the fighting spirit could not be suppressed any longer.

Gongsun Cha suddenly smiled like a blooming flower. The light of his eyes were so bright that no one could look at it directly. The smile at the corner of his mouth was as bashful as ever but the words that came out softly caused everyone’s blood to boil!

“We are going to meet Xi Xuan’s Tiger General.”

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