Those first-grade masters had eye sockets about to crack open. They had painstakingly nurtured those disciples and sect members. Many of them were their descendants or heirs. They charged recklessly forward.

Wan Hao hacked another fierce blade down while Li Qingshan was in the middle of his joyous and carefree killing. Li Qingshan didn’t even turn his head back. He clutched a third-grade master and held him behind his back, using him as a s.h.i.+eld.

“Puff.” Wan Hao didn’t even frown as he cleaved the man in front of him in two, continuing his chop toward Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan took advantage of the momentary slow-down of the blade and used the Tiger Demon Stream Leap, pouncing on another second-grade master. There was a faint blade trace left in the middle of his back. He thought, “This old guy is really ruthless.”

“One-Armed Blade, why are you killing our men?!” Lu Tingrui stopped what she was doing. She ignored Li Qingshan and stabbed her sword toward Wan Hao. The one he’d killed was a beloved disciple of hers. He was very charming, and she’d always liked him.

Wan Hao brandished his blade and parried her thin sword: “He was already a dead man after he got caught. I merely gave him a clean death. Woman, stop being so noisy.”

“Fighting among yourselves, do you you all want to die here?” Feng Zhang roared loudly. The light of his blade waved magnificently and forced Little An back. “What kind of monster are you?” His right hand trembled slightly. Little An not only possessed an exquisite sword art, his strength was also very heavy. He was extremely hard to deal with.

“Little An, kill!” Li Qingshan’s hands didn’t slow in the slightest while his mouth was talking. His claws brought the intense sound of the wind as he clutched toward a second-grade master’s sternum, his hand covered with fresh blood. A desperate atmosphere sprung up unbidden. That second-grade master was frightened stiff before his hand even landed, unable to manifest even half his martial prowess.

Several abacus beads shot out. Chu Xin had acted once again. He didn’t aim at Li Qingshan’s major acupuncture points however, but at vital spots like the eyes or the perineum instead.

Hall master Wu followed suit and fired another punch at the center of Li Qingshan’s back. He had been like the Liu Hong from back then, filled with disbelief when that fist earlier hadn’t shown any result. Even so, he tried again without any hesitation.

Li Qingshan abruptly stopped his steps, making those abacus beads. .h.i.t empty air. His feet forcefully twisted around, like a tiger turning its head back. His body revolved back while he sent hit a fist breaking through the air: “Have you had enough yet!”

Fist and fist clashed together. A faint shattering sound came from hall master Wu’s arm as he flew over a dozen feet away. A beam of sword light dropped down from the sky before he had time to stand up, dizzying his vision.

It turned out Little An had immediately understood Li Qingshan’s meaning after hearing his words. He’d leaped up and soared a hundred feet high in the air. His body and sword merged into one as he flew down and stabbed toward hall master Wu.

Hall master Wu was horrified inside. He displayed the quick reactions of a first-grade master, his pair of fists waved wildly as he used a “Thousand Troops and Horses” move. Every fist landed accurately on the sword’s edge.

It made a burst of crisp tinkling sounds. It was only thanks to his fist gloves also being spiritual devices that his arms weren’t broken by the sword.

Little An borrowed the strength of the impact to soar back in the air. A wind blade slipped past under his body. Feng Zhang brandished the wind-st.i.tching blade and chased after him. Little An didn’t want to tangle with him any further however. He flew out like an arrow toward a group of men, thanks to his nimble figure, and started a great slaughter among those second and third-grade masters.

Hall master Wu lay on the ground and panted in big mouthfuls, having escaped a great disaster. There was a splitting pain in his arms, especially in the right arm that had b.u.mped fists with Li Qingshan. It felt soft like mud, its bones entirely broken to pieces. His right arm was already wasted.

Li Qingshan was just thinking of going forward and help him with another kick, but Feng Zhang had already pounced in front of him. Wan Hao and Lu Tingrui ceased their dispute and flanked him from the left and the right.

Hall master Wu took out a medicine pellet flas.h.i.+ng with spiritual light from his bosom and swallowed it down during this moment short as a breath. He suddenly stood up once more. Not only his arms had recovered from their injuries, even his internal strength had been replenished to fullness.

Doping? I have that too!

Li Qingshan broke the porcelain bottle in his bosom and threw the “Sudden Qi Body Breaking Pellet” he’d gotten from Empty Slaughter into his mouth. Who cares what side effects it has, let’s talk about it after solving the present crisis first!

Boom! Boom Boom! Boom Boom Boom!

His heartbeats suddenly accelerated like an engine rotating at high speed. Li Qingshan’s thin body inflated in the s.p.a.ce of an instant, turning him into a burly fellow. The true qi inside him was ten times more stimulated and broke out of his body.

The long blade and the thin sword seemed to strike into a quagmire and were both entirely blocked by the true qi guarding him. Wan Hao and Lu Tingrui were greatly shocked. This was clearly innate true qi. He wasn’t a first-grade master, but an innate master.

“Great Sanction Wind Blade!”

“Break into pieces!” Li Qingshan bombarded a fist out. The iron fist condensed from true qi violently bombed on the wind blade.

Li Qingshan had bewildering strength to begin with. After he’d eaten the “Sudden Qi Body Breaking Pellet,” his strength was even more inexhaustible. He broke the wind blade to pieces with one punch. Feng Zhang flew up high. He roared anxiously in the air, “Everyone is going to die here today if you still don’t resort to your trump cards!”

Wan Hao, Lu Tingrui, hall master Wu, Chu Xin, those four first-grade masters exchanged a glance between themselves. They all had life-saving trump cards, but the values of those things weren’t to be outdone by a fourth of a spirit ginseng. None of them could bear to use them unless as a last resort at a critical moment of life and death. But seeing Li Qingshan’s fearsome appearance, they could no longer afford to lament the loss of their valuables.

“Alas alas alas, today I’ll have to do business at a loss!” Chu Xin sighed in sorrow as he took out a talisman. The movements of the three others were actually exactly the same.

Li Qingshan’s eyes suddenly shrunk. He couldn’t casually let them use these. But a frightful gale rushed his way from behind his back as soon as he lifted up a foot. He suddenly turned his gaze back, and saw that the second-grade master he’d almost done in in one strike had also taken out a talisman who knew when. He’d pasted it on the blade in his hand, and the blade was immediately shrouded in a layer of keen light resembling an astral wind blade. He chopped the blade down.

Li Qingshan could sense he’d be cleaved into two halves by this blade even with a skin of copper and bones of iron.

Li Qingshan had overly underestimated this second-grade master, because he wasn’t holding a spiritual weapon, and ordinary weapons had entirely no way of breaking through his “Bull Demon Skin Refining.” But how could he expect he still had such a move.

It was already too late to dodge. This second-grade master saw his blade about to earn him merit and avenge his sect members, and an ecstatic expression floated on his face. But a beam of blade light streaked across his neck out of nowhere; a human head was sent flying high in the sky by a geyser of fresh blood.

The corpse fell forward under its inertia, uncovering Little An’s figure behind it. His white bones had already been entirely soaked red by blood. Several dozen second and third-grade masters lay dead behind him. His killing efficiency was much higher compared to Li Qingshan with a longsword in hand.

Li Qingshan said with a smile, “Many thanks!” He took that great blade augmented by the talisman while he was at it. The two of them stood back to back, facing all their enemies.

The sky was pitch-black as ink. The night of slaughter was still underway.

Four first-grade masters took advantage of this interval and all bit the tip of their tongues, putting the talismans in their hands to use.

“Clear Wind Talisman!” Lu Tiingrui pasted her talisman on her leg. A stream of airflow twined around her legs. Her movement technique was exquisite to begin with, far superior to the Dragon Gate Sect’s Yang Anzhi. She was even more like a ghost after using the Clear Wind Talisman, floating to Li Qingshan’s side in an instant. “It should be your blessing to be able to die under so many precious talismans, and also that monster with you!”

She pierced her sword forward. Little An was about to parry with his sword, but she’d already floated to another side.

Chu Xin pasted his talisman on his arm. A layer of light enveloped both his arms. He flung off the abacus and tossed his flowery gown aside. All kinds and sorts of concealed weapons hung inside, piercing bone nails1, iron caltraps 2 , golden coin darts 3 too many to counts. His hands waved and transformed into a blur. Thousand concealed weapons fired out from inside that blur, just like a storm of metal.

1. Google tells me those come from a video game and look just like ordinary nails

2. Caltraps are trap weapons made of several nails so that one always points upward when put on the ground. Here’s an

3. Just heavy metal money coins that serve as projectiles… Often with a square hole in the middle in China.

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